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An Honest Affilorama Review - Is it Legit?

An Honest Affilorama Review – Is it Legit?

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An Honest Affilorama Review – Is it Legit? A Closer Look on How to Make Serious Money as an Affiliate with Affilorama

Okay, you’re a smart marketer. A simple Google search about ‘Affilorama’ will lead you to a bunch of mixed results — some of which are downright nasty.

You might encounter a few headlines such as “Affilorama scam” or something similar. Now, as someone who’s personally…

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An In-Depth Wealthy Affiliate Review

An In-Depth Wealthy Affiliate Review

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An In-Depth Wealthy Affiliate Review The Real Score Behind How to Unlock Online Riches Through Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve read that sub-headline and thought to yourself that I’m going to be spending this entire space talking about how you can get rich through affiliate marketing or how to do affiliate marketing the right way, then I’m afraid to disappoint you…

I’m not here to…

wealthy affiliate review

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Come meet and learn from Jackie Aina, as she leads the workshop on Why & How To Get Started With Vlogging.

To see the full line-up of bloggers and speakers at the FAB Counsel Event (Oct 7th 2014): 

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Jackie Aina of Makeup Game On PointFor those of you unfamiliar with Jackie, she has been providing her audience beauty tips & tutorials in hair and make-up both on her blog and YouTube. In fact, this woman has amassed over 230,000 followers on social media and over 166,000 just on YouTube alone. Aside from her work as a digital influencer, Jackie is also a professional makeup artist specializing in editorial and commercial work. We can’t wait for Jackie’s workshop Why & How To Get Started With Vlogging.

Journalism Tips #16: 'When Do I Get Paid?'

Thank you for joining us for another installment in our our ongoing Journalism Tips series. We started this column as a way to help aspiring writers get their start in music, but over the couple months we have been evolving into a place writers come to have their questions about life in the business answered. Today we are continuing that effort with a response to a question posed by multiple reader in regards to how long it takes to begin making money as a writer. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

There are a dozen ways Facebook can suck you in and steal hours of any given work day, but for me the biggest hurdle to overcome is the allure of the platform’s messaging system. Any time I log on there are either friends or industry peers available to chat, and it’s rare that I do not click one or two just to say hello. After all, networking and communication are key in this industry. Earlier this week, however, I was pulled into a conversation for over an hour with a writer I had never met or known. They claimed to be fans of this blog and wanted to ask my opinion on something related to their writing career. I was flattered by the comments, but to be honest I still struggle with these kind of situations in public. The music industry is a crazy place, and what works/worked for me might not have the same results for someone else. This blog allows for advice to be given in a generic sense, making it possible for a lot of people to take in the ideas and refine them to fit their needs, but when talking one-on-one everything is much more direct. 

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