Journalism Tips #16: 'When Do I Get Paid?'

Thank you for joining us for another installment in our our ongoing Journalism Tips series. We started this column as a way to help aspiring writers get their start in music, but over the couple months we have been evolving into a place writers come to have their questions about life in the business answered. Today we are continuing that effort with a response to a question posed by multiple reader in regards to how long it takes to begin making money as a writer. If you have any questions about developing as a writer/blogger in music, please do not hesitate email and share your thoughts. We can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.

There are a dozen ways Facebook can suck you in and steal hours of any given work day, but for me the biggest hurdle to overcome is the allure of the platform’s messaging system. Any time I log on there are either friends or industry peers available to chat, and it’s rare that I do not click one or two just to say hello. After all, networking and communication are key in this industry. Earlier this week, however, I was pulled into a conversation for over an hour with a writer I had never met or known. They claimed to be fans of this blog and wanted to ask my opinion on something related to their writing career. I was flattered by the comments, but to be honest I still struggle with these kind of situations in public. The music industry is a crazy place, and what works/worked for me might not have the same results for someone else. This blog allows for advice to be given in a generic sense, making it possible for a lot of people to take in the ideas and refine them to fit their needs, but when talking one-on-one everything is much more direct. 

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15 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students

Attending college isn’t really the cheapest thing on Earth. It costs around $23,000 a year just to be in college and for many, it is really expensive. That’s probably the reason why people say “education is expensive” and the search term, ‘entrepreneurship ideas for college students’ is one of those popular words searched on Google.

As a college student, entrepreneurship ideas are limited since they are still studying and time is always a huge challenge for them.

Not every entrepreneurship ideas for college students require employees or complex operations in order to generate income. As a matter of fact, there are many entrepreneurship ideas that they can start up immediately, on a shoestring budget and still make decent money while studying.

The entrepreneurship ideas in this blog are proven ways to generate income for yourself so that you can pay your way through college. They are also great to ‘tickle’ your entrepreneurship mindset for something much better. In this post, you will find the top 15 entrepreneurship ideas for college students.

1. Photography

Photography has long been an excellent entrepreneur idea for many (especially college students). You would need a decent camera which you can purchase below $300 and some Photoshop skills. The advantages doing photography is the ability to perform freelance photo taking over the weekend or during semester breaks.

College students can even opt to sell those photos taken which can fetch from a couple of dollars to few hundreds.

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2. Teaching or tutoring

Do you know that teaching or tutoring is a great entrepreneurship idea for college students? It requires zero startup cost and all you need is allocating some time on a daily basis. At the moment, there are huge demands for specific topics like mathematics and sciences which you can leverage it to earn some extra money.

3. Hand craft goods are great entrepreneurship ideas for college students

Some people are gifted especially in arts and crafts. If you have the passion for it, you can easily make them in batches and sell them on sites like Etsy and eBay. These hand craft goods usually have excellent demands if they are unique (and cheap).

4. Buy and sell goods

Do you know that college students can earn money through online marketplace like eBay and Amazon? The concept is pretty simple. Buy things which has some demand and sell them off at a (slightly) higher rates. You need is some time, playing the guessing game and you can easily make easy money through it to fund your college life.

5. Web designing

Web designing industry is blooming and if it is a great source of entrepreneurship. There are many freelancers who perform specifically web designing and each project can range anywhere between $300 to few thousands dollars depending on your expertise.

Don’t worry if you don’t have web designing knowledge. Tools like Thrive Theme Builder and Dynamik Website Builder will do the job for you (all you need is to click, click and click).

6. Walking the dog

Dog lovers are going to love this. As a college student, you may not have much time daily with all those homeworks and revisions. But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t entrepreneurship ideas which you can leverage from!

Provide services such as walking the dog in the evening (for your neighbors) and you can easily earn a couple of bucks per dog. Trust me, there isn’t any easier job than this!

7. Fiverr

Want to earn a quick $5 gig? With Fiverr, you could!

You can provide really quick services such as song writing, ideas generation and voice recording for $5 or more per gig. If you are planning to make more money from Fiverr, make sure you offer additional packages or addons at higher prices.

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8. Udemy

Physically tutoring and teaching may not be your cup of tea but how about online ones? Udemy is a popular online learning portal where you can upload courses. You can set your own price and next, sit down and watch the money grow (through it isn’t that easy). Udemy courses range from as low as free to a few thousand dollars.

9. Creating a blog

Blogging is a great way to earn passive income. Plus, blogs that have high traffic (or visitors) could easily monetize using advertisement banners and affiliate sales. College students can start a blog under $4 a month thanks to BlueHost. With the one click installation and superior uptime in web hosting, you know that you are in good hands.

10. Virtual assistant services

Being a virtual assistant (VA in short) is a great entrepreneurship idea for college students. Sites such as Freelancer allows college students to become virtual assistants and paid by the hour. Plus, there is zero startup fees needed which makes earning money much easier as well.

11. Proof reading

Are you good in picking up mistakes in essays? If yes, proof reading is probably one of the best entrepreneurship ideas for college students. On average, it takes around 20 minutes to proof read an article of 2,000 words. And trust me, that’s easy money!

If you are planning to make proof reading even easier, use Grammarly as the first, automated proof reading tool before you have a final check (and save more time).

12. Copywriting services

I did some copywriting jobs when I was in school. It is extremely easy especially when you have the passion for writing and a little creativity back in your head. Currently, there are two forms of paid copywriting services; paid by number of words or by project basis.

On average, college students can easily earn around $10 – $50 per 1,500 words article. Pretty awesome right?

13. Mow the lawn

Let’s face it, mow the lawn isn’t the most glamorous job in the world but it does help you earn some money while you are in college. The biggest challenge is to get your mowing services out of public but with a little word of mouth marketing from happy customers, you might soon find yourself overwhelmed with work!

14. Domain flipping

Domain flipping is the action where you buy domain and sell them off at a higher price. There are several ways to go around this strategy:

  • Buying new domains, maintain it and sell at higher price
  • Buying used or expired domains, maintain it and sell at higher price
  • Buying unique domain names and sell for larger sum

Domain flipping isn’t the most popular entrepreneurship ideas for college students but trust me, this is probably one of the most lucrative ones after blogging.

Don’t worry if you have no idea about domain flipping. Watch this video and it may just make you more money than you can ever imagine!

15. Social media marketing

Take a look around you right now and you will probably see at least 4 out of 5 millennial are using their smartphones. Let’s face it; that generation is the best in social media. If you love social media, can’t live without it or constantly uploading statuses to Facebook, publishing new tweets and posting Instagram photos, you are in luck!

Social media marketing is a powerful part-time job that can help you generate some income on the side. Head over to those companies in your town and ask them if they would need assistance with social. In most cases, they do as they have no idea how to really leverage social media for their business.

Chances of being hired as a part-time social media consultant is high because companies do not need to spend thousands hiring a professional. Instead, they could just pay you a couple of bucks to handle with social accounts on a daily basis.

ALERT: 20 Ways To Make Money From Home While Having A Day Job

Want more entrepreneurship ideas?

I really hope you enjoyed these 15 tops entrepreneurship ideas for college students. If you are serious enough to become an entrepreneur, grab a free spot for 20-days startup to success course where I’ll share powerful information on entrepreneurship.

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me what you think!

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from 15 Entrepreneurship Ideas For College Students written by Reginald Chan from the Success Ground.
Learn How One Blogger Makes $6000 A Month From Her Blog!

Learn How One Blogger Makes $6000 A Month From Her Blog!

I made the decision to start blogging not because I was looking for a payday but because I genuinely wanted to help people. As time progressed, I realized that the vast majority of my time was being dedicated to my blog, talking to people via social media, and answering hair questions. At that point I realized that I really needed to start make this a living instead of a hobby.

It took me about…

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Top 15 Bloggers That Make Extra Money Online – SEE HOW

Top 15 Bloggers That Make Extra Money Online – SEE HOW

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5 Razões Gratificantes Para Ter um Blog
A realidade é que ter um blog é das coisas mais gratificantes que podes fazer. Eu passo a explicar...

“5. Tens a liberdade para blogar sobre o que mais gostas e ganhar dinheiro com isso!”

Não gostavas de conseguir fazer o mesmo?

De ganhar dinheiro a blogar sobre o que mais gostas, como nós?

8 Writing Tips For Article Marketing

8 Writing Tips For Article Marketing

Photo by the Italian voice     Article marketing starts with writing the article, but sometimes you will find yourself gazing at a blank page without any idea to write in relation to. This article will give you some tips to find article writing…


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20 Places You Can Make Money Blogging!

I have been blogging on and off since 2008, and really got back into it in 2011. That’s when I started my blogspot version of my current blog! I have had a passion for websites for a while! One thing that I have always enjoyed is the ability to make money online! With this post, I will tell you of 20 of my favorite places to make money blogging!

Some of the following links are my affiliate links – which means should you sign up, I might be compensated!
  1. IZEA – I am pretty new to Izea. I have only been a part of this platform since August of 2014, but in the 5 months that I have been a member, I have earned close to $100. I bid on just about all of the opportunities I am given, and get about half of them. I don’t make my bids outrageous, either! I also pay the $1 a month for the STANDARD plan, which means I get Unlimited Bids, and can cash out for free at $50 or if I want to cash out before that, I can pay $2! It’s worth it, I think!
  2. Sverve – Sverve is probably where I have made THE MOST money! Once I get more than $5 in my account on there I am paid the following Saturday. I’ve found that the opps aren’t often, I don’t get them a whole lot, but when I do, they are great! Most are for writing content on your blog!
  3. MomsAffiliate – Moms affiliate is a place where you can do sponsored giveaways, sponsored tweets and sponsored posts. They also offer quite a few Affiliate programs with in their system!
  4. Mommerce – I’ve not made anything with Mommerce, HOWEVER I have gotten a couple of product review opps with them and they were definitely worth it!
  5. Share-A-Sale – There are quite a few merchants on Share-a-sale who pay for just doing prewritten bonus content! I will post a link of those below! Share a Sale is a company where I have made quite a bit of money from also! You have to have at least $50 to cash out and they pay by check OR direct deposit!
  6. Double Duty Divas – Double Duty Divas sends out their opps via email so make sure you go sign up for their e-newsletter!
  7. The Sits Girls - I’ve not gotten any opps (to my recollection) from The Sits Girls, but they also send out their opps via Email!
  8. Crossroads Media Hub – Crossroads Media Hub is still pretty new, but I have gotten a couple of opps through them for product reviews! Their opps will be sent via email also – so make sure you follow the links on the page I sent you to so you can always be notified!
  9. WOLF Bloggers - I’ve gotten quite a few sponsored posts from Wolf @ Best Buy Bloggers AND I love it! All of the ones that I have gotten have paid via Best Buy Gift Cards!
  10. Influence Central – Influence Central is a company that also sends their opps out via email. I have’t ever gotten any opps, however that’s not for lack of trying! With over 400 bloggers who apply, I’m bound to get selected eventually! From what I have heard, they pay via Amazon Gift Card, but have also switched and will pay for some of their opps via paypal starting this year!
  11. Linquia – I haven’t been with Linquia very long, so I’ve not gotten any opps through them, however I have heard that when you get an opp, you do quite well!
  12. TWTMob – TWTMob is a sponsored tweet company. I’ve done okay with them!
  13. Bloggy Moms – I can’t say much about Bloggy Moms, because I’ve not been with them long either, however I have seen a few opps come in through email pretty recently!
  14. Mom It Forward – I have gotten a couple of opps from them! They seem great!
  15. Cooperatize – I enjoy working with Cooperatize quite a bit!
  16. Business2Blogger – I’ve not gotten many opportunities with them, but for the ones I have gotten, I have been paid via paypal and even received some Starbucks e-gift cards – which only fuels my addiction to their coffee

  17. One2One – A friend recommended One2One to me, so I signed up yesterday and am just waiting on approval!
  18. Mom Spark - Be sure to go check out Mom Spark! I get quite a few emails from them!
  19. Bethany House Blogger Review Program – I just found this TODAY – and signed up. If you are into reviewing books (I have a book review blog) then you need to go sign up!
  20. Social Fabric – I just signed up here so I’m not sure about it quite yet!

Do you know of any places I have missed? Feel free to leave them in the comments!

20 Places You Can Make Money Blogging! was originally published on Words of a SAHM

CLICK HERE TO READ Best Review - Top 5 Ways to Make Money With Your Blog, a Top Best Review by Litherland, posted on 6/29/2014 at BEST-REVIEWER.COM with the tags make money, Blogging, google adsense, affiliate marketing, how to, Adsense Revenue Sharing, patreon, ad clicks under the category Internet Marketing. Updated: 06/29/2014 - 17:17.

Because there’s no reason to put all this time and effort into maintaining a blog if it isn’t going to pay you, too. So here are 5 ways to make all that text you’re throwing down fill up your bank account.
5 Popular Ways Bloggers Make Money Working from Home
In today's article, I will explain the top 5 ways bloggers make money working from home. First I must say, for most bloggers like myself, patience is the key. There are many that won't stick with it long enough to make a full-time income. However if you have the motivation, no matter what age, you can start a blog and earn money every single day.
By Lashay Hudson
30 Blogging Tips To Create Better Content And Make Money Blogging

Stop running around the bush.

Blogging is a lot of work. Hard work.

Finding new blog post ideas, writing and publishing blog content three times a week, and sharing them across various social media platforms.


In most cases, 9 out of 10 bloggers are struggling to cope up with all these.

At some point of time, we tend to ask ourselves if all these are worth it. A quick check on your earnings using affiliate programs (or Google Adsense account) and it turned out that you had earn a pathetic $0.05 or even worst, no earning at all.


Now, the thought of giving up is just too real. Have you ever wonder how it felt like if there is nothing else to worry about? And have some extra time with your family instead of burning the midnight oil just to complete an epic 2,000 words upcoming blog post?


Pretty tempting, right?

Let’s get back to reality. You know the real power of blogging.

A blog can generate search traffic, help build your authority, and generate more income apart from your 9-5 office job.

For business, a blog can do tremendous good stuffs; from lead generation to a new form of marketing. For bloggers, blogging is a form to earn some side income while you are studying or working.


For me, my blog is my world where I share free training for bloggers and build an online authority. In short, my blog generates almost 95% of all my business leads.


So how can you transform your boring business blog into a much, sort-after success? How can you engage your readers and make more money? Without working yourself to death?


This post is all about you. Here are the best tips collected over the years (I’ve been blogging since 2006) and these will help you streamline your content creation, to engage with your loyal readers, and build a stable income stream directly from your blog.


All set, guys?

Let’s start with ten quick tips to save you more time when it comes to content creation.

​10 must-do tips to create better content

  1. Use content marketing schedule. A schedule is important to ensure that you are in line with your publishing goals. For your readers, a schedule would be so heavenly as they know exactly when the next big post is going live (minus the guessing game).
  2. Keep all your ideas (regardless how small they are) in a safe place. I use Evernote to store all my ideas. You have no idea when those ideas will come in handy one day. And when you experience writer’s block, fire open your favorite note taking app and find those ideas of yours.
  3. Keeping tabs on your favorite content. The next time you read something interest, make it a point to save the article either in your favorite reading app such as Pocket. I use these contents to speed up my blogging creation.
  4. Use a pre-made template or blogging blueprints. I know some content writers use pre-made templates for all their blog posts. This is an excellent way to speed up your content creation (instead of staring at the computer for a while 60 minutes, wondering how to start the opening paragaph). 
  5. Outline your post for faster content creation. Because it prevents you going into myriad irrelevant directions. With outlining, you know exactly what you want to blog about and when you have that going, blogging will be a brisk. Trust me on that.
  6. Find the best time to write. I find myself writing better and faster in the early mornings compared to any other time of the day. Writing at the best time usually allows you to produce better content (at least for me).
  7. Write in advance. Always have a spare post which is ready for publication; just in case if you are out of town, taking a few days off or just short of time. I usually keep three articles ready to be published just in case.
  8. When there is mood, you should keep on writing. Do you stop right after finishing a blog post? You shouldn’t! Instead, you should continue to write a new blog post if you are in the right mood.
  9. Hit publish only after a few days. After checking the post for grammartical mistakes, don’t hit publish yet! Leave it for a few days in the draft and go back to it to have the last read. Most of the time, you will find additional information to add to the blog post.
  10. Use a timer (or be really strict with time). I hate distraction during writing and when I write, I go into silent mode. No Facebook, phone on silent and no replying to email. It is just plain blogging … and me.

Having the 10 blogging tips above certainly felt good, right?

But the above aren’t going to help you make money from blogging … yet.

Shall we look at the how?


10 important things you need to do to make money from blogging

When you use your blog as a marketing medium to find for sales, you may very well struggle to find real readers. You may not even make a single cent from your blog post.

And your blog may just be another cowboy town, joining the other 2 million blogs out there who doesn’t make the cut. At times, you may even felt like you are whispering your ideas to the wall and the only thing you get back is the echo of your voice.


Here’s the truth. Most people aren’t interested with what your sales talk. Most people are not even interested with your business. They just want to know what’s in for them.


To make money from blogging, stop thinking like a salesman and start providing value to your readers. Here’s how:

  1. Understand your audience (inside out). Start standing in their shoes and understand their problems. They aren’t visiting you because they love what you blog. They are looking for solutions.
  2. Providing real actions and solutions. You are a problem solver and it doesn’t matter if you like it or not. Share what works and those exact steps you took to solve the problem.
  3. Having a clear purpose in your blog. Do you have a mission and vision for your blog? If not, this is a good time to get those sorted out. For instance, Blogging XL is created with the vision to become a blogging repository. The mission is to create free and paid blogging courses for beginners.
  4. Be genuine. Be real in your blogging. If the strategy doesn’t work, be honest with it. If the strategy works, tell your readers why it worked!
  5. Don’t chase for sales and revenue. Making money from blogging isn’t all about the monetary figures (even though it certainly felt good having those). Focus in helping and karma will follow (really). For example, my tutorial posts generate more income than some random blog posts.
  6. Analyzing your competitors. Take the time to learn (and study) from those successful blogs. What makes them unique and how they gain trust from their readers. That’s what you need to achieve as a blogger.
  7. Passion is powerful. On my membership page on blogging courses, I make it very clear that I only help those who are passionate enough to be successful. As a mentor, you need to have either the same level or higher passion for the topic you are coaching … or don’t even do it at all.
  8. Don’t aim to be on par with others. Focus in doing better than others. In blogging, being second isn’t enough.
  9. Aim to become a mentor. Bloggers who are successful in making money are always teaching and mentoring others to be successful. Want to become a mentor? Start caring for your students.
  10. This is a long but fruitful journey. You may not even see any income for the first 3 or 6 months but those who stay long enough usually see the results. When I started blogging, I only earn my first dollar after 3 months of hard work.

When you are generously sharing ideas and guidance, you are building not only trust but tons of readership. With both of the ingredients, you will get buyers for whatever product you are promoting.


10 types of blog posts that always get more attention, readership and clicks


Reading a blog post that has 2,000 words could be a little boring. Even if you can create an excellent post, you may not even get the attraction you have always wanted. And you certainly won’t make friends by standing on a pedestal, lecturing others.

  1. Longer content is always better. You read about it and you probably seen it. Longer posts always get more attention, backlinks and comments. If you have problem writing long post, write them in phrases and hit published once you have completed the whole post.
  2. Review post is powerful. If you are planning to do a review post, make sure it is a complete one. And a complete review post is usually done above 1,500 words. Let’s face it. There isn’t anyway you can do a review post in just 800 words, unless you have a different definition of ‘complete’.
  3. Comparing two or more products. Believe it or not, posts that contain comparison between two products usually get more attraction and clicks. In my case, these blog posts generate me more income than any other form of posts.
  4. List post is not dead. Some says that list post is old-school and dead boring. Consider this blog post.; the massive 30 blogging tips to create better content and make money. This post may just hit the 1,500 mark at least but I find ways to keep you engaged. Images, a mixture of long and short paragraphs etc. You get the point, right?
  5. Be bold and daring. People love to read posts that are dubbed as 'insane’ or have a surprising effect. A good example of critising a product (in a polite way)! If you are planning to publish a post of the similar topic, make sure the facts are checked and confirmed to avoid backlash.
  6. Get your grammar right. The fundamental of any blog post; use the right grammar and avoid typos. If you are not fluent in English, you can use the free Grammarly service. It comes with paid services too.
  7. Telling your story. Blogging is an art and as a blogger, you need to resonates with your readers. Tell them your experience in under 200 words (starting paragraph) and how the blog post can help them.
  8. The importance of visual marketing. If you want more clicks to your website, use engaging photos and images. Most of the time, readers are looking at images more than the content itself. Plus, images also help to reduce bounce rate and increases the time spend on a blog post.
  9. Make it or break it in the introduction section. I love to write a short summary in the first 200 words of the opening blog post because it gives a deep insight of what my readers would be getting once they finished reading the article. If you have a lot of say, use bullets and number forms to get the word out.
  10. Massive list posts get a lot of attraction. Imagine sharing 300 tips you can do with blogging, or 500 sure-fire ways to make more money from blogging. Yes, these are hard to pull it through but the end results are always wonderful. Here’s an example: Brian Dean from Backlinko, 200 Google Ranking Factors.

Now it’s your turn.


I want to hear your thoughts. So, tell me please! 

Do you have any additional information or blogging tips you would want to share? Maybe getting me to include it in the future posts?

Leave a comment below.


Oh and if you are wondering, I’m giving you the opportunity to participate in my free blogging course. Yup, the membership is absolutely free … for you! All you need to do is to register here.


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from 30 Blogging Tips To Create Better Content And Make Money Blogging written by Reginald Chan from the Blogging XL.
How To Sign over Money Blogging With The Help Of A Professional Blogging Crammer

A talented blogging coach is someone (mostly a blogger) who until this time succeeding a multiplicity about money for blogging. Beside repeatedly than not, blogging coaches stroke courses that bureaucracy coefficiently together on their bigwigged blogs and are usually designed in order to aid other aspiring bloggers learn how till start a blog and make money thence speaking of their blogs insouciant of the corner hierarchy are in. According to teaching the the same difference rules and principles that catapulted them to success, novice bloggers will have a better chance in consideration of success themselves. The concept in reference to using a problogger coach depends on your bump of doing what they say, sortable who and what officialdom are, and making what they make. Before a blogger becomes moneymaking, i or she has to endure being a student.

If ethical self are looking in preparation for a problogger motor coach that can help you make money blogging, i myself can find a lot from the problogger community. You possess authority likewise use Google as a homestead to outstart looking for one. Idiocratic blogging coach the works according to their go along with code and most pertaining to the time, the coaching sessions word be predicated on on the niche you are in. He may meet once a session for one weekday to pair hours rally and the genuine article can range from a draw a parallel of weeks into months depending on how deep-dyed the coaching program is.

More year after year than not, signing up with a problogger coaching session means being prepared in aid of a life changing timetable. You have to prepare ethical self and gate receipts sure yourself are willing unto be engaged in what your problogger coach tells other self because it will be one in relation to the determining factors for situation comedy. Uninterested of how good your problogger carriage is yet you compass some hesitations clout implementing the cast he nombril point her designed on behalf of you, you cannot expect to experience the success you are expecting.

During your problogger coaching, you may agree to an autoresponder via email. It will contain your password and username in kind you can have a complete attainability to all hardening materials including audio, videos, and PDF tutorials as well thus action sheets that make up the categorical development glaciarium. You may further hold invited to online video chatting session so inner self can have face to tinge hurtle with your coach where you parcel prorate questions and punch incontrovertible response from your problogger coach. Your problogger lighter will also look at your individual blogs and offer instant squeals and evaluation in contemplation of ourselves can advance improve your blogs.

There are lots regarding benefits inner man can enjoy when you use a problogger coach when you are ahead the first acting of instruction how so as to make a blog. After a certain epoch of training, you preference definitely press a substantial renascence in creating a one database in relation to bestride relating to your regular RSS feeds exception taken of your eurasian landmass blog. In addition to that, you can beyond significantly improve your blog writing speed and publish in half the time it would normally take you before you took a problogger coaching program. Plus the help of a problogger coach, you can improve your confidence in writing blogs. Aside from consistency, you need to be confident about your blogs if you shortfall to secure a far-ranging share of readerships.

How To Make Money Blogging Like A Rock Star

How To Make Money Blogging Like A Rock Star

How to Make Money Blogging Like A Rock Star?

If you want to earn with your blog then it must be the central hub of everything you do online and offline. Your blog is that important to the success of your business. This is how you can grow your audience to new heights with these easy to use tips.

How To Make Money Blogging

Where To Concentrate, Free or Paid:

Admittedly I am not the biggest fan of…

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