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winteriron neighbours au bucky is 28 or 29 and tony is 24 or 25, where bucky and tony live next to each other and tony is scared of him. bucky is always grumpy, angry, glaring at everyone. tony thinks bucky is a serial killer. one day he just blurts it out and bucky is very offended. that's how they start talking. later when they start dating steve still can't get over the fact that tony had thought that bucky was an assassin. he still laughs at them because of that. happy ending.

Resting Bitch Face/Bucky will always be one of my top pairings lmao. (Man I had plans for this and then I threw in angst lol I’m a failure.) Look out for under the cut!

You can also find this on Ao3 here.

Tony was pretty sure his neighbor was a serial killer.

Like, he’d done the proper thing his mother had said to do, introduce himself to his new neighbors (he had a standing offer to have coffee with Bruce anytime), but when he’d knocked on the door of 4D, a man had answered looking ready to commit murder. There had been bags under his eyes and his eyes were red and his hair was a mess. He’d grunted out a terse ‘the fuck do you want’ and Tony had been able to do nothing but squeak. And then the door had been slammed shut in his face.

Which, you know, might have been a little rude; no one looked good first thing in the morning and Tony had clearly blind-sided him. But the guy hadn’t had to slam the door in his face. He had planned on just nicknaming him ‘Rudy McTrudy’ and moving on with his life.

Except sometimes Rudy McTrudy came home late at night clutching his left hand with a towel that was stained with blood.

Tony nicknamed him ‘Murder Guy’ instead.

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florence + the machine starters


  • “Leave all your love and your longing behind.”
  • “I wish that I could just be brave.”
  • “This is a gift, it comes with a price.”
  • “I’m not calling you a liar, just don’t lie to me.”
  • “And I love you so much, I’m gonna let you kill me.”
  • “If you could only see the beast you’ve made of me.”
  • “Sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell.”
  • “You left me in the dark.”
  • “I’m gonna drink myself to death.”
  • “But I like to think at least things can’t get any worse.”
  • “And I never felt so alive, and so… dead.”

LUNGS - the b-sides

  • “I was drinking, and now I’m drunk.”
  • “I was a heavy heart to carry.”
  • “Who is the betrayer?”
  • “Are you hurting the one you love?”
  • “That’s the last song you’ll ever sing.”
  • “I loved you from the start.”


  • “Tell me what all the sighing’s about.”
  • “And every demon wants his pound of flesh.”
  • “And I’ve been a fool and I’ve been blind.”
  • “And I’m damned if I do and I’m damned if I don’t.”
  • “Oh, my love, don’t forsake me.”
  • “Would you have it any other way?”
  • “I’ve been losing sleep.”
  • “There’s no salvation for me now.”
  • “I’d do anything to make you stay.”
  • “Tell me what you want me to say.”
  • “Heaven help me, I need to make it right.”
  • “Would you leave me if I told you what I’ve done?”
  • “Holy water cannot help you now.”
  • “I don’t want your money.”
  • “See I’ve come to burn your kingdom down.”
  • “I’ll be dead before the day is done.”
  • “Say my name.”
  • “And we will never be afraid again.”
  • “I’m gonna lose my mind.”
  • “You can call me anything you want.”
  • “Make me your Maria.”
  • “I’m already on my knees.”
  • “I’m not here looking for absolution.”


  • “Some things never sleep.”
  • “Come on, is this what you want?”
  • “You got a hold on me.”
  • “'Cause there’s a hole where your heart lies.”
  • “I never thought I’d be a killer.”
  • “Let me leave or let me love you.”
  • “Wasting my goddamn time.”
  • “Now here comes the crescendo.”

A little bit of Wanda in my life, a little bit of Maria by my side
A little bit of Tasha is all I need, a little bit of Sharon is what I see
A little bit of Angie in the sun, a little bit of Peggy all night long
A little bit of Pepper here I am, a little bit of you makes me your man.

bedroom hymns - chapters 1-4

Alright. It’s done. I sucked it up and realized it’s okay to go out of order without any kind of attempt at a plot. So. Here ya go. Bedroom Hymns. I hope you enjoy this, @the-orgasmic-cypher and @karilando777. *chanting intensifies*


This is as good a place to fall as any
We’ll build our alter here
Make me your Maria
I’m already on my knees

At some point, Yoongi and Hoseok realized their relationship needed something. Jimin was that something. (And maybe also a whip or two.) This is the very out of order story of their lives as a triad.


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Admin please rec many good suho fics paring with each exo members pls pls pls~

any? any pairing with Suho?

well, here is a list of 20 or so assorted Suho fic. Go wild~

Operation Senpai Notice Me

Make Me Your Maria (I’m Already On My Knees)

Don’t Go (¼)

Tasteful Peacocking

Stress Reduction-Bang Head Here

lost and loaded

Reverse Exode

The Side Effects of Mushrooms

so long gay boys

so pent up (I was coming home to you)

Love No Matter What

Persuasion; or, the Fine Art of Diction

my submission is your addiction (look through all the au!fucktoy fic by inkin_brushes, it is AMAZING)

spin the bottle

Sex Kitten

Butterbeer and Broomsticks

to the moon

Dream House

treasures of the heart

Material Girl