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SPN 12x19
Dean & Cas

12 x 19  Dean & Cas

The Mixtape Scene

ahhh is it too late to join the party?

this is for @destielonfire cuz I saw your post about how deep and husky Jensen and Misha’s voices were during this scene



Seriously considering hunting this Aussie breeder/handler bitch down and punching her in the throat. Call my baby dog “nasty” one more time I fucking dare you.

I posted a pic of Marvel and she suggested I “take a steak knife to his tail”. I’m not even against tail docking but like really ? He is a sport dog and has a perfectly useful extension of his spine , why take that away?

That was honestly the most fucked experience I have ever had with purchasing a ticket for any sort of concert, but at least I got one in the end. Ya girl is going to BTS and will be seeing Jeon Jeongguk’s thighs in the flesh, pals!