all that time playing trumpet in the band finally pays off!


“They say that taking pictures of that cemetery is bad because you’re also going to being the spirits back home with you” -according to my aunt when I was in Hong Kong and say that cemetery on the bus ride.

But I came up with a somewhat of a horror story with Max and Chloe because why not?? Sounds fun that way to me haha. 

Also, I’m bad at making comics but I SHALL LEARN AND DO WELL.


Domestic life 

Barista!Michael was just trying to get through college. That’s why he took this job in the first place. But one night, you had a 10,000 word research paper due that you really shouldn’t have procrastinated on and so a huge cup of caffeine sounded like a great addition for your all nighter. You came in just before closing to find a tall pale (cute) boy in the middle of the shop, mopping the floors, earphones in his ears and playing a Blink 182 song so loud you could hear the music from where you were standing. You had to bite your lip to keep from smiling when he started singing along to the guitar riffs. You gently placed a hand on his arm and let out a small laugh at his startled jump. “Sorry, I know it’s almost closing but I really just need something to keep me awake tonight,” you hastily explained. “Oh uh yeah sure thing,” he stammered out, nervously trying to tame his bright hair after he realized how cute you were and how long he’s been staring. He’d ask for your name to write on the cup and you’d let out another laugh as you raised an eyebrow at him. His pale skin made sure his entire face and neck grew red when he realized there’s no need for that because the shop was closed and it was just the two of you in the shop, but he really just wanted to know your name. He’d make dumb conversation as he made your coffee, just because he thought your voice was cute, like “Are you sure I spelled your name right?” “Can you read my handwriting?” (even though you really couldn’t read it) “What assignment are you supposed to be doing?” He would just desperately try to get you to keep talking and you thought his nervousness was the cutest thing so yeah you kept talking to him and in the end, you decided an all nighter talking to the cute rocker boy in the coffee shop was worth the begging you had to do in the morning for an extension.

Barista!5sos with anarchyaustralia wherekatewritesthings

I keep foam stickers in my backpack to give to people who I think need or deserve one and they’re very colorful and I have an assortment of not only aliens but also dinosaurs and like as silly as it sounds I genuinely want to mail one of those stickers to Dan like I dunno if it would help but he could have a little purple dinosaur or a little green alien to stick on his fridge or whatever and I think that’s always a nice thing

Dan if you’re reading this go buy some foam dinosaur/alien stickers and put them on ur fridge like it’s definitely not gonna solve any of your problems but it’ll look super silly and you’ll feel like a seven year old and it’ll be great I promise trust me on this one I’m a scientist


Bechloe AU: Chloe asks Beca on Their First Date.

Beca: [hears Chloe’s voice and smiles]

Chloe: Um so hey I just wanted to ask you something. Is it pos- Do you want to go on a date with me?

Beca: Yeah! I would be stoked…. I don’t say stuff like that….

Chloe: It’s kind of cute… Um anyway I’ll see um.. well tonight?

Beca: Totes [WHAT??!!] Sorry that was bad…

Chloe: I love that you’re nervous.

this is probably such a stupid question but do you think shadowhunters own cars and drive? this is important I just started a fic and magnus is driving and it seems very very wrong and agh it should probably be an au but then I don’t want it to be an au im just very conflicted right now don’t mind me


Lawyer, detective, prosecutor, paralegal and.

..i made a wallpaper.. .1366x768 pixel. Plz feel free to use. ( or if you want some other size, plz ask me :)))


Star Trek AU with Captain Louis W. Tomlinson, Commander Harry Styles, Chief Engineer Niall Horan and Chief Medical a Officer Liam Payne.

“Where are we goin’ today, Mark?”

“Outer Space.”

“We should go explore Uranus, Commander.”

“Is that a phaser in your pocket or are you excited to see me, Captain?”

Chapter One