Dear Anonymous,

They made all that based on our trials?  How could they possibly have done that without our knowledge?  And what could their reason be?

I’ll see for myself if there’s any truth to what you’re saying, but I doubt there’ll be any need to take legal action unless they’re somehow making a profit from it.  We might have some reputation as attorneys, but I can’t think of anything that would make us very marketable as video game characters.

-Phoenix Wright

How To (Really!) Use The Law Of Attraction!

Powerful attracting action steps:

1. Write your goal out by hand everyday.
Anything you will not write down by hand on paper, isn’t something you really want.

2. … Write out your goal with your non-writing hand everyday.
This activates new neural pathways in your creative brain and tells your subconscious mind you’re serious.

3. Brainstorm different plans, however unrealistic they seem.
It costs you nothing to imagine.

4. Read up on people that have had similar success.
Even if their successful in a different industry, it feeds your brain with “like images” it can begin to create.

5. Stuck? Ask the Universe a question and then forget about it.
Questions stir your brain to search for the answer. If it cannot answer, it will connect with Universal Intelligence to find an answer.

6. Do something that feels good. And repeat.
We have desires because we think they will make us feel good. By feeling good now in whatever small way, we align with our dreams.

7. Fall asleep asking yourself one question: if my wishes were fulfilled how would I feel?
Your subconscious mind assumes you want more of what you want when you fall asleep thinking about it as if it’s already done.

8. Team up with a law of attraction based Life Coach. Let them unlock your potential.
If I can help, please see

what makes a good day?

- about 20 blueberries, freshly washed

- the warmth of the sun on the back of your neck

- walking by a rose bush in bloom

- having a good, tiring, loud laugh

- fried bananas, drizzled in honey

- hearing an old song that you listened to during a happy time in your life

a glitch

I’m getting more and more into reality-bending horror and just weird horror in general, and of course what better way to try these things out than drawing @therealjacksepticeye and Anti with them in mind. And this is a side of Anti’s alter-ego-ness that I feel like is underrepresented: the fact that he’s not supposed to be there. We are really welcoming of him as a character, but with time he’s started to feel right, yknow? I wanna break out of that a bit. So here that comes.

i only have two settings: 1. unconscious and 2. terrible