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Since you're gonna watch season 3 episode 4 of black mirror, you might as well also watch season 2 episode 1, which has hayley atwell.

The fact that some of you guys still think there’s even one thing on the internet starring Hayley Atwell that I haven’t seen (Conviction doesn’t count, I’m getting there) is incredibly cute and funny.


Agents of SHIELD’s ladies in 4x05: Lockup

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Ooh, familiar with KHR too? Alright, how would Hisana fit into that world? And how would all the characters there face her?

I’m sorry, I just had the mental image of Hisana as the school nurse of Namimori High School and


“Gokudera-kun, I understand that you’re new to this school but I suggest that you learn what the term ‘in moderation’ means, because if I have to treat yet another dozen students with third-degree burns I will personally show you exactly how hard burns are to recover from.” 

“…Shamal-san, is putting your hand on my waist your way of telling me that you don’t need that particular limb anymore? Because if so, I would be happy to remove it for you.”

“Reborn-san, I understand that you have a job to do but with all due respect, this is my school, these students are under my care, and it is therefore very much my business what you get up to here. Now, you may be the World’s Greatest Hitman but I have been looking after Sawada Tsunayoshi since long before he entered this school and I assure you, if any harm comes to him because of you, I will take the deepest pleasure in ascertaining just how much damage the world’s purest sun flames can heal.” 

“Don’t you ‘voooiii’ me! Like hell I’m going to let you fight these kids to the death over some stupid jewelry! You want a fight that badly? Well I’ll give you a fight, gonna shove that sword of yours so far up your ass you’ll be tasting metal for weeks, you–”

To summarize, Hisana is 100% done with this shit which has the side effect of making her at least somewhat terrifying (she becomes the first and only staff member to earn the title of ‘carnivore’ from Hibari). The Varia tries to recruit her at least three times. Reborn privately refers to her as ‘that crazy-ass bitch’ in his head. Bianchi tries to poison her and when that doesn’t work out, asks her out on a date. After the fifth try, she accepts. Somehow, everything works out. 

i have been so exhausted these past several weeks and i know i have a lot more deadlines coming up but i just want to be happy for at least just this moment bc i know how hard i worked and despite my grade not being above and beyond spectacular i don’t think i’ve been so satisfied bc i genuinely thought i was going to get a D at most…

i’m just… so… i’ve been so overwhelmed—and still am—like i’m crying again (ofc typical senior year jieun) but this time it’s tears of not necessarily happiness, but content??? idek how to explain it but i feel like i can finally breathe again and smile like i actually mean it.


here’s a short little test animation i did to try and figure out toon boom

i think i like this software

Alice in Wonderland is an incredibly amazing book, story, concept etc. but it’s kind of annoying that all this art that takes Alice in Wonderland as its inspiration turns it into some kind of drug-fuelled frenzy. Like….Alice is sniffing coke in Wonderland?? Oh, oh, oh, or ALICE WAS HIGH THE WHOLE TIME??? THIS WAS JUST A FEVER DREAM??? SHIT!!!! Thanks, Banksy.

For Just A Moment

Had no idea what to draw today but I came across lots of love songs soooo…

Inktober 25