Twitter - April

quick doodles, some of the ladies from Ranma ½ with absolutely SFW intent in mind. First tried to draw them from memory but I had to check some official art in the end… I forgot just how bad Takahashi could get

I’d probably put some more obvious changes on the ladies if I draw them again in the future

Gonna start posting more stuff starting this week, stay tuned


My Persona 5 OC who doesn’t have a name yet. Al Capone is his persona and his codename is Moon.

drew some designs for teen AJ and Rarity, they’re like 14 or 15 I don’t know. Can’t even tell if they really look like teens but whatever.  Don’t let that smile decieve you, they are experimenting an endlessly suffering right now, they hate the world and themselves.

AJ is a ridiculously tall girl with a lot of insecurities who feels like she can’t fit at all and wish she would have a more “common” body. She just, doesn’t know what is wrong with her and why she isn’t like the other girls who are feminine and crush on cute boys and such. She also wish she was invisible so other students would quit looking at her or judging everything she does

Rarity cries over boys like, all the time, while dealing with her thousand insecurities about her body, her glasses, her brackets, her existence… She wants to be popular but she can’t because she looks like a nerd and you know want happens to nerds in high school. Rarity tries to make herself stand out, but fails miserably, and it’s like, highly ignored or laughed at

I’m still not sure if they should know each other. They could be like girls in different classes who deal alone with the daily shit of high school .Maybe they just have their school lockers together, or even barely walk past each other, I dunno… What do you think? Any suggestions on what their interactions could be like?? :0