Test subject Request #3: permafrosttale skelibros~! For @rememberangels232

I wasn’t quite sure if they had a sleigh, but I kinda liked the idea~

Judgement time!

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Carpool to Salt City by Youssef Ahalla - on Bookshelves
Carpool to Salt City by Youssef Ahalla - Read for FREE! Details at

BOOK OF THE DAY July 20 – Short Poetry Book


*Carpool to Salt City* by Youssef Ahalla

If I remember correctly, this book makes two firsts for Book of the Day. It is the first poetry book. And it is the first book this short.

This could make a really cool Book of the Day because it is so easy and quick to read that we can all read it today and have some actual discussions about it today. I’ll post some discussion links in the comment later today :)

This is a great example of Kindle Unlimited being useful. This book is free with Kindle Unlimited. You can try Kindle Unlimited for free for a whole month, and after that it costs less than Netflix. Either way, here is the link to get this short poetry book now:

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Free to play:

Good luck!