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After today there will be no more bts snapchats no more pranks on set no more late night shoots or fraturdays. It's been 7 years and I can honestly say I have enjoyed your tumblr so much and I thank you for staying on the PLL rollercoaster as much as the show disappointed us all at times. I'm going to miss the theories and the excitement of waiting for next weeks Tuesday when it's all over.

oh goddddddd are you trying to make me sob like a baby?!?!?! ;_; 

Thank you <3 Thank you to everybody who stuck with me even though, as you said, it’s been a roller coaster. I’m going to write a long post myself soon about what the show has done for me and meant to me and what all of you have meant to me <3 


I’m almost done with the Sherstrade call fic… This is the paragraph I wrote today and now it’s just nearing the ending! 

Greg felt Sherlock shake around him as the last of his orgasm went through him and soon Sherlock was collapsing on top of him, totally blessed out. Their cum was sticky onto their stomach and Greg nudge Sherlock off him, nestling the man beside him as he reached out for his shirt to clean them up.

So, It’s almost over! The idea of spell checking this baby is making me slightly nervous but it has to be done! 

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I'd like to personally thank you on behalf of everyone that flips a little when Shiro calls Keith "cherry bomb." I know I'm not the only one. It's far too wonderful for people not to. So, thank you for the single best sheith pet name besides "baby."

Oh, man. That nickname makes me wanna go to church, I swear. Thank you for loving it, and thank you for reading the update. I gotta post a link to it now. I just didn’t wanna post it on Tumblr at 3 AM.

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baby: all i wanted to do was make everything better (for me) all you had to do was go to the scooping room so we could wear your skin and be free but you couldn't even let me have that, COULD YOU? oh... you had to play bloody cat and mouse,DIDN'T YOU?! while people where trying to work yeah, now we're all going to pay the price cause'CAUSE WE'RE ALL GONNA BLOODY DIE! you didn't think you were the first,DID YOU?HA HA HA NO NO NO 5TH NO I LIE 6TH perhaps it's best to leave it to your imagination

guys plz have mercy on me I haven’t played Portal 2 yet

i’m so mad at brooklyn 99 for referencing the baby-sitters club and making me gain interest in it again and reread all my old books like the obsessive person i am