Best Stolen Gift

Pairing: Jensen x Reader

Word Count: 599

Warnins: Implied Smut

A/N: Thanks to my sweet lil sis @mysupernaturalfics for betaing for me. And happy birthday to my absolute favourite actor, Jensen Ackles.

“Best birthday gift ever,” Jensen mumbled against your neck, making you giggle, still high on on him and practically still seeing stars even minutes after he rolled off you and pulled you into his arms.

“You say that every year,” you smiled at him, softly pegging his lips making his grin widen.

“And every year it is true,” Jensen hummed, drawing lazy patterns on your naked back, as you ran your fingers through his hair drawing him closer. “You are the best gift I ever had.” Jensen promised, kissing your neck making you giggle again, enjoying the way his stubbles teased your still sensitive skin.

“I am glad me getting stood up brings you so much joy,” you joked thinking back to your first date or whatever you’d call it, making him chuckle and bury his face in your neck.

“10 years and you still don’t know,” he muttered, making you frown and tug his hair gently, making him look at you.

“Know what?” you asked, with a bewildered expression on your face and Jensen’s green eyes sparkled at you making the golden flakes shine even clearer.

“Promise you won’t divorce me?” Jensen asked, with a smug grin on his face and you rolled your eyes.

“I have gotten kinda attached. Two kids and all. Now spill it Ackles,” you fought to keep a straight face but it was hard to be stern when he looked at you like that. With childlike amusement and so much love, an expression only he could master to perfection.

“You weren’t stood up. Well the guy was late, but he showed,” Jensen averted your gaze a little when he saw your confusion, his hand kept drawing symbols on your back as he spoke. “Jared and I were watching you for the first 30 minutes you were waiting. The red rose on the table made it kinda obvious it was a blind date. I told Jared that you deserved better when you were almost leaving and we saw the guy carrying a red rose in the door. Jared just… well… He told me to show you better and he walked up and spilled his coffee all over the guy.”

You eyes opened wide, but you felt no need to scold him. You just couldn’t believe that Jared and Jensen had been able to keep this from you for 10 years.

“So you walked up to me and asked me to come with you to your birthday party?” you bit your lip to keep from laughing and Jensen blushed slightly, still not looking at you.

“Well it sounds creepy when you put it like that,” Jensen muttered and you could no longer hold back your laughter. You tangled hand in his hair again and wrapped your free arm around his shoulder, pulling his closer and into a tender, passionate kiss.

“But you are my creep,” you teased when you broke the kiss, making Jensen chuckle as you lovingly slapped his arm. “I can’t believe you never told me dude! You got a lot of making up to do.”

“I’ll start right now,” Jensen wiggled his eyebrows at you before ducking under the sheet making you let out a squeal and giggle.

“Jay it’s your birthday not mi… arhhh,” your protest turned into a sultry moan as your husband’s sinful lips and tongue found their target. Your last coherent thought before getting completely lost in your husband and the pleasure he brought you yet again, was to remember to thank Jared tonight, after kicking his ass for not telling you about his little matchmaking game himself.

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Let’s talk about how AWESOME worker bees are.

I’ve been doing some research and discovered some pretty intense stuff.

I’m assuming you know about each bee’s hard-core role in & out of the hive; drones mate, workers collect honey, etc. But, my friends, THAT’S NOT ALL! They have SO many more jobs to do than just that, especially worker bees when they reach certain ages.


The way that they go about protecting their hive astonishes me, and those who defend the colony are by far my FAVOURITE. Before going to explore the flowers, they have to inspect EVERY SINGLE BEE that comes into the hive. If it doesn’t have a familiar scent, then that means it’s a foreigner. The only time other bees are allowed into the hive is if they bribe the worker bee with nectar.

But- get this- if there ever is a lack of food in the hive during the winter, the worker bees will literally BLOCK the drones from coming into the hive in general. They won’t even let them in. It’s insane.


When a worker bee is first born, they instantly develop the knowledge of cleaning their cell. They do this so that new eggs, nectar, and pollen can be stored. But get this- if they do it wrong, the Queen tells them to do it ALL OVER again!! This is a very human-like characteristic that’s fascinating to see in insects.


The job of the undertaker doesn’t happen until the worker bees have matured a bit. Due to a number of bees in the hive, eventually a few will perish. So, to ensure that there are no possible health threats exposed to the colony, undertakers will remove and dispose of all dead or diseased bees or embryos. It’s sad, but it’s something they have to do to ensure the hive is healthy.


These bees really do deserve their names. They take on the task of incubating and caring for the larvae, along with feeding the queen larva royal jelly. According to BBC Earth, they also “prescribe” different types of honey to bees that are sick, as a way of giving them medication.


Worker bees can start to make wax flakes from consuming plenty of honey & nectar, their food, at the age of 12 days old. This is what ultimately creates the shape of their hives, which truly is an engineering masterpiece as Charles Darwin has said.

These are only a few that I’ve discovered. But the more I research them, the more I realize how intelligent they truly are.

Bees are cool. Let’s save them.

hope this helps

“I’m not a fan of this group” I fucking hate this group, I’m an anti. bloop. frick frack i hate u.

“I’m not a fan of this group” = good music, cool ppl, just not my type, i have another group i like, hope ya understand. 

¯\_(ツ)_/¯  (holy mcflurries it ain’t that hard.)

FFXV: Mystic Messenger AU


This AU takes place in the city of Insomnia before Noctis receives the news of his marriage with Luna. The game plot is unchanging for all but the following routes: Noctis, Luna, and Ardyn. The after story follows Ardyn’s route. 

You, the Main Character, are the new hire at the Citadel. Your job requires you to work alongside Ignis Scientia in arranging the Winter Gala, and which he has appointed you in charge of contacting politicians, advisers, and other members of royalty- but he doesn’t go about this lightly upon introductions. 

Should you leak any confidential information, you will be incarcerated for the rest of your life.” 

With working alongside him, he invites you into the private group chat with him and his friends, who will also be helping in the gala arrangements. All is going well, but you can’t help but wonder about the unknown user who pops in to the chat to talk with you in the middle of the night. No one knows how he got in, nor do they know how to track and block him. And this AU does indeed involve phone calls! 

It’s up to you to decide who you want to get close to. 

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Snow flake.

I don’t care if thinking that guns should be regulated, that a flag is just a piece of cloth, that a racist shit shouldn’t be president, that police who abuse their power should be punished and thinking of immigrants as human beings, black lives matter and being a feminist makes me a snow flake. Then fuck it im a snow flake tony lasagna

New Visitors (Vladimir x Reader) II

Prompt: kind of tension between them and when she get separated from her overprotective brothers he approached her and is very intimidating, but she’s afraid of him and she kisses him? Lots of fluff and smut maybe (if you’re ok with it)” (requested)

Word Count: 1,290

Warnings: swearing, implied smut I guess but not really tho. 

A/N: i’M SO SORRY ANON, I know that you requested this a while ago but I just wasn’t able to think of a situation for them but I eventually did! I’m actually quite happy with how this turned out so I hope everyone enjoys it!

Part I

He has been watching her throughout the week, there was something about her that attracted him, he wanted to stay close, to touch her, every time she was in the same room he could feel his instincts kick in but whenever his mind started to drift to her he would have Edward at his side threatening him. He was patiently waiting for a moment where none of her “brothers” were next to her to get close and when the opportunity presented itself he couldn’t believe it.

She was sitting alone on one of the stools from the kitchen isle, she was writing something on a paper, he could hear her humming a song he didn’t recognize. She looked extremely small in his eyes; he could easily break her in two if he wanted to. He felt the corner of his mouth going up, turning into a small smile.

He slowly got close to her, he didn’t want to make her know that he was in the same room, he knew that she was scared of him, he could see it in her eyes every time she looked at him, and that made him feel powerful, he liked knowing that he had an effect on her.

When he got close enough he pressed his hand on her shoulder making her jump a little, when she turned her face to see who it was he saw that she went a little bit paler than she already was and her eyes grew wider.

“W-what are you doing here?” He knew that she wanted to sound more confident than that, but her voice flaked, making her stutter, at that his smile grew wider.

“Well, I’m currently living in her for the moment, don’t you remember, dear?” his words sounded harsh and cold, his accent more prominent than ever.

He knew she was trying to appear like she wasn’t afraid, but she failed.

“I know, but you are not supposed to be here, everyone went on a hunt.” she said, making him look at her with an eyebrow raised “Well, y-you should be there”

He let go of her arm and moved slowly until he was only a couple of centimeters from her, she moved from where she was sitting to stand up, giving him the perfect opportunity to move closer until his hands were at her sides grabbing the countertop of the kitchen isle, she was trapped between the isle and his body. Her scent filled his nostrils and that wild instinct inside him became harder to contain.

“Yes, I know” he paused to scan her face, she was biting her lip and he noticed that her eyes traveled from his eyes to his lips and vice-versa. “But I had in mind another prey”

He leaned closer to her face, smiling as he felt her move under his body, never in his long years of life he felt so powerful and slightly turned on. He hated and loved the effect that she had over him.

When she didn’t respond to his comment he began to back away slowly from her, releasing her from his body, she moved her arm to grab the other and began rubbing it, she was nervous and oh, he loved it.

He took her silence as a cue to speak again.

“You know, it’s quite difficult to get to you since your brothers are always on your side” he spat and she flinched a little, he quickly moved his hand to caress her face. Her skin was smooth as silk and he loved how warm she was.

“Yeah, they are protective over me” she whispered and if he wasn’t a vampire he was sure that he wouldn’t be able to hear it.

“Yes, I knew that the moment Edward grabbed me by the throat and almost slammed me onto a tree” he heard her laugh softly but as soon as she saw her serious face she stopped. “But, I can’t stop thinking about you, (Y/N), and it seems that angers your brother”

He suddenly got closer to her and trapped her again between his arms, she tried to make herself smaller but failed since he leaned forward and again their faces were so close he could feel her breath on his face.

“Especially when my mind starts to show me images of you lying under me” he felt how she stopped breathing for a moment and her eyes grew wider, anyways he continued “he gets really mad when I think about touching your body in ways that I’m not supposed to, but I can’t help it”

He slowly moved his hands from the countertop to her waist, he saw her eyes giving a quick glance to his hand but continued to look at him, her lips slightly parted driving him insane; his other hand was still grabbing the isle and without even doing and effort he pushed her closer to him with the hand that was grabbing her waist, by impulse she placed her hands on his chest but she wasn’t pushing him away, she only let them there.

He glanced at her hands and looked at her again with a huge grin on his face, again she was left without any words, his self-esteem was at its highest, and he never felt that confident before.

“Sometimes I do it to make him mad, but most of the times I do it because I enjoy imagining you in that position, begging for me” with the hand that wasn’t on her body he grabbed her hands and placed them on his neck; she didn’t even say nothing, she only stared at his eyes; he took advantage of this moment and placed his other hand on her waist bringing her closer to his body.

When the silence became too much for him he started talking again.

“I always imagined having you between my arms, not like this-“

He was abruptly cut off when she placed her lips on top of his, this caught him off but he quickly took the lead and his hands travelled from her waist to the back of her neck pushing her onto his body, he felt her hands tugging at his hair and he moaned into the kiss, that little action made his instinct kick in fully and he suddenly grabbed her by the hair with one hand and the other one went to her back and her waist only to go a little lower grabbing her ass.

She pulled apart with her eyes closed and her breath was shaky, but he was completely fine, being a vampire he could be kissing her all day he wouldn’t get tired.

He pressed their foreheads together but maintained his eyes closed enjoying the moment; he felt the air that was coming from her mouth hitting him slightly on his face. His hands never moved away from her body nor he wanted to and it seemed that (Y/N) thought the same because her hands never moved from his hair.

“I’m sorry, I don’t know why I did that” her voice flaked and she tried to move away from him but his grasp tightened, not allowing her to move; her eyes were still closed and he assumed from embarrassment.

“Well, I’m not sorry” he whispered leaning against her while she opened her eyes only to close them again when he smashed his lips with hers but this time more fiercely.

He got so lost in the kiss that he didn’t hear when the door of the house opened and footsteps made their way to the kitchen, he only realized this when they heard an angry voice shouting at them.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?” he instantly knew that was Edward.


while discussing a possible london catastrophe scenario wherein one direction are rescued in a helicopter that only has room for one other item, one direction confer nonverbally for a while before:

louis: one item?  one box—one box of cereal.  you never know how long you’re going to be in the helicopter for.
andy: what is the—the cereal of choice for one direction?
harry: [turning to louis] corn flakes is always a standard.
louis: it’s a standard, but it’s not a favorite. [hamish and andy laugh] i’m a big cereal lover!
niall: ‘cause everyone likes corn flakes.

there are many excellent elements to this video.  first, in a scenario in which the entire city of london is engulfed in flame, louis’ main concern is having a box of cereal for the helicopter ride to safety, a decision he is willing to make for all of one direction.  second, one direction have had enough discussions about cereal to find which cereal is most agreeable to all of them.  third, louis defends his strong opinion on corn flakes by saying, “i’m a big cereal lover,” as in, “i’ve thought a lot about this. i think about cereal eight hours out of every day.”  he also makes sure to put corn flakes in their place by letting them know that while they are one direction’s cereal of choice, they are no one’s favorite.  louis will carry cereal to safety, though; it is all he needs by his side.  very beautiful.

Strawberry Wine - Part 1: Restless Summer

Characters: Y/N (Reader), Dean Winchester, Bobby Singer, Charlie Bradbury, Benny Lafitte, Reader’s mom (mentioned)

Pairing: Eventually Dean x reader

Warnings: Age gap (bare with me just read it), mention of character death, loss of parent, abandonment, very sexy looking Dean, insecurities (mostly caused by youth),  

Wordcount: 3400ish

A/N: I am really excited about this series! The first 4 parts will be based off Deana Carter’s Strawberry Wine which also titled the series. The next too on Dean Brody’s Another Man’s Gold and Zac Brown Band’s Chicken Fried. It is a story of unlikely love and it beating the odds basically. Fluffy mostly, with a few tears and some smut.


Thanks to @for-the-love-of-dean and @mysupernaturalfics fics for betaing (read: Sass for Rach’s concern) this for me. You girls rock.

You watched the pine trees rush by the windows of the tour bus. You were coming home, back to your family and you took a deep breath and let out a small sigh as you like so many times before recalled your summer 10 years ago.

You thought about the young man that had worked on your grandfather’s farm that year. Your finger’s instinctively found your wrist and your started twisting your silver bracelet as you let your mind wander.

The old black muscle car he drove everywhere. Green eyes and freckles. A smile that made any girl weak in the knees. Smart and caring.

“That’s beautiful. A new song?” Charlie, one of your backup singers fell down in the seat next to you.

“What?” You send her a confused look. You hadn’t realized you had been singing and Charlie grinned at you as she started singing a few of the lines back to you.

“I was caught somewhere between a woman and a child.

When one restless summer we found love growing wild.

On the banks of the river on a well beaten path,

It’s funny how those memories they last.”

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The City (Part 1)

Dean X Reader

Warnings: Swearing

Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8


The valet takes the keys to the Impala out of a very begrudging Dean’s hand, as I take in my surrounding on the sidewalk. I can hear Sam and Dean talking in the background, but all I can do is feel happy and normal for once in life.

“(Y/N) lets go!” Dean stands in front of the door to the nicest hotel in Boston, looking incredibly out of place in his hunting clothes, but still managing to look like he came from the cover of a magazine. A smile spreads across my face, too amped up to even reply to him. My feet carry me into the lavish entrance, up the stairs, and into the lobby where all of these fancy looking people stood and talked while they checked in.  

For the first time since hearing we are spending a night in a fancy hotel and going to a concert, I feel the smile slip off my face. Standing in my ripped, slightly dirty jean shorts, and my black tank top with a flannel tied around my waist; I felt so out of place, I almost wished we were just back at the bunker. Staring at my black combat boots, I feel Deans hand on my back.

“Hey, you okay?” Glancing up, I see concern and a little mischief in his beautiful green eyes. He cocks his head to the side, making him even cuter. I realize I was staring way too long, so I clear my throat and look away, mumbling “nothing.” I start heading to the bathroom, giving a quick goodbye without looking at him; thankful for the large signs across the room, making it easy to beeline straight to them.

Looking in the mirror, I see what I already knew would be the case; my cheeks are bright red. I splash some cold water on my face, cursing internally at what just happened. I have had a crush on Dean, from the first day we met. We have always had a connection that was indescribable, deep and unspoken. Unfortunately though, he only strongly shows it when he is drunk; saying things like “your so hot” and even going as far as to say “I’m going to fuck you.” on multiple occasions. The last time I was interested in a guy, he spent almost an hour asking me questions and saying things like; he is going to show up to the restaurant we were going to, just so he could meet him. No one knows I feel this way about him, except my oldest friend from high school Liz; who will probably never even get to meet him.

I look back up from the sink, noticing my face is no longer red. Sighing in relief, I take one more deep breath and head back out the door.

Walking across the lobby, I can feel the judging eyes follow me. I get to Sam and Dean, who are just finishing the checking in processes. A woman who is clearly head over heels for the two boys, hand them the keys, finishing whatever she was talking about.

Dean turns and greets me with a smile while handing me the key to our room. Turning back around, he smiles at the receptionist, who smiles back as brightly as she can. Dean and Sam walk away, and I shoot the woman a thankful smile, when her face turns to a deep scowl, and her eyes say “What are two guys like them, doing with a girl like you.”

My happy light feeling is officially gone, as we reach the elevator bank. The boys are happily chatting as we wait for the elevator to arrive; completely oblivious to the self-deprecating thoughts taking place in my head.

Stepping into the elevator, there is a sensor with a plaque that reads: “Elevator for guests only. Please place room key on sensor to use.” next to the floor buttons. Holy crap, this place is so nice you can’t even use the elevator if you don’t have a room key. I have never seen anything like this; I’m slightly shocked. Sam informs me we are on the fifth floor, and the Calvins are right next to us. I nod in understanding, taking my mind off the sensor thing; I start to think back to how we got here.

We are in Massachusetts, ironically on a witch-hunt; when we ran into three other hunters. At first we thought they were civilians at the wrong place at the wrong time. The older man and woman were dressed to the nines in some of the nicest cloths I have ever seen. There was also a girl who looked about my age, dressed more stylish, but clearly all designer. We tried to get them to leave the abandoned house, but they pulled out guns and a bag full of salt and informed us, that they too, are hunters.  

Fighting the ghost together, we made three new friends. After all of the craziness, the six of us went to a bar. We found out the man was named Rob, and the other two were his wife Kim and his daughter Alyssa. Over the course of the evening we were all laughing, drinking and having a truly joyous time. When the night came to a close, we all walked back to the only motel in the area.

When we started to split up, Rob called us back over. He informed us that him and the family were actually going into Boston the next day for the Zac Brown Band concert at Fenway. They were going to go with some of their family in the area, but apparently they backed out a few days ago. They have two rooms reserved at a hotel next to Fenway, and they have three extra tickets.

Dean and Sam looked hesitant; I on the other hand had to keep myself from screaming yes and jumping up and down. Dean starts to decline when I grab his arm and give him my best puppy dog eyes. A soft look, almost like love flashed across his face, so fast I’m ninety-eight percent sure I imagined it. He finally concedes and agrees to go.

Alyssa bounded over to me, jumping up and down in excitement; as you would expect a twenty one year old girl to do. I couldn’t help my self as I joined in on the quick and high-pitched plan making. Out of the corner of my eye I can see Dean glance over at me, and smile. Finally we all say goodnight and head into our respective rooms, excited for the next day.

The elevator dings, signaling that we reached the fifth floor. My mood is slightly elevated from the memory of last night, making my smile grace my face again, as I take in the lavish clean hallways.

This is nothing like the places we have ever stayed in. Reading the signs we take a left, and walk halfway down the hallway to our room. Dean puts his key card up to the sensor on door number 544, causing it to make a long buzzing noise and light up green. Pushing the handle, Dean and Sam enter like they aren’t about to see the nicest room in their life.

My mouth is hanging open as I walk through the threshold. The walls are white, and the floors a grey carpet. Walking further into the room, I see that is the color scheme of everything, with little pops of color here and there. I love it. This is my aesthetic. Tumblr mixed with pinterest, and a little crate and barrel. The room is classy and elegant; while also clean and trendy.

Two giant white beds sit against the wall on the left, with a table between them. I gap in awe when I see that in place of a usual alarm clock, there is a tablet displaying the weather, the time, and even our names! There is a giant flat screen T.V on the wall facing the beds. Having every channel, including premium movie ones. The mini bar that is classily tucked into a cabinet that is fully stocked with all kinds of drinks and food, with a sign stating it was free.

Flipping on the bathroom light, I see beautiful black and white granite counter tops, with double sinks that have shiny silver faucets, so clean they look brand new. The floor was magnificent white and black granite, with gold flakes; making me wonder if the gold is real. The tub is large enough to fit three adults, with two waterfall type showerheads. Touching the towels I gasp at how soft they are, it was like touching a month old puppy. How do they make them this soft? What is their secret?  

Turning off the light I enter back into the main room, admiring all the little details that they even put in the hallway. From the mirror choices to the little rack they store all of their room service menus in. I sit down on the bed furthest from the door. The afternoon sun is shining through the floor to celling windows, bathing me in a golden light.

Feeling amazing, I close my eyes; breathe deeply and just feel. Wanting to stay in this moment, I almost start to cry; knowing this is a big, once in a lifetime scenario, I never want to forget.

Flaming Fire Flakes

Not as good as the ones they do in the Fire Nation, but quite tasty ;)

15 dl (6 cups) plain cornflakes
6 tbsp sunflower oil
1 - 1,5 tbsp smoked paprika powder
3 tbsp ground cumin
1 tesp chili flakes
A good pinch of cayenne pepper
Ground black pepper
1 tbsp sugar
1 crushed garlic clove (it doesn’t make the flakes taste like garlic, I just think it gives them a nice punch. But if you don’t like garlic, it’s fine to exclude it)

Preheat an oven to 130 ºC (260 ºF)

Mix the corn flakes with the oil, put to the side. In a small bowl, mix the spices and sugar and garlic. Sprinkle the spicemix over the oiled cornflakes, mix well, make sure every flake is coated in spices. Taste, see if it needs more seasoning. Dress two trays with baking paper, and spead the flakes over them. Bake in the oven for 15 minutes, until crisp and golden. Let cool down on the tray, store in a jar.

In high school I LOVED jthm and I was obsessed with this OC I made his name was Bird and he had a talking dachshund named Ronaldo and remembering this is making my skin flake