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Make-up wearers of Tumblr....

I just had an idea that *I* think is hilarious but I cannot carry it out, so I am going to share it with you all in the hopes that some of you will take it out and test it in the real world to see if it works. 

Specifically, women [or any make-up wearers really] of Tumblr, next time that a “nice guy” on social networking or a dating sight or wherever tells you:

“You know, you’d be so much prettier without make-up. I really prefer the more natural look…” or anything like this….

Respond by giving them TIPS on natural-looking make-up application. Tell them that their skin tone is probably [xyz] so some tinted moisturizer or a sheer powder would help with the oiliness. Suggest a good nude lipstick. Send them a link to a good “natural look” contouring tutorial. Basically, just keep sending unsolicited make-up advice until they block you [maybe mention that they could get their eyebrows cleaned up without losing their natural shape.] Etc. Etc.

I would really like to do this myself but (a) I don’t actually know that much about make-up and (b) I think Monotasker would frown on me joining a dating site just to troll obnoxious guys.

So could some of you all do it for me [and if someone wanted to reblog this with some actual make-up tips you could recommend, that would be great, because I think this post shows how little I actually *know* about make-up]?


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The make-up choices for Jane Doe

Someone posted, not that long ago, with the comment that there has been a change in style for Jane’s make-up between S1 and S2.

(And this is me being too lazy to continue to look for the original post. Throw rotten vegetables my way. I deserve to be shunned.)

Originally posted by bangraa


In S1, her make-up was more natural looking.

In S2, she looks like the make-up seems to be caked on.

(There was more of an indepth description of all that was wrong with the current make-up style. I do not wear make-up. I am pretty much clueless when it comes to discussing the finer points of make-up application.)

Since it was pointed out, though, I have been studying it. I wonder if the make-up artists are trying to make her look pasty because she’d been locked in a dark hole for three months and she hasn’t had enough time to work on a healthy tan.

I think I saw how the make-up was also trying to look like she still had fading bruises on her face.

Anyone who knows more about such things, what is your take on it?

Jaws of death To Travel To Asia? Making Demand Of The Visa Cassation Program-

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anonymous asked:

Tell us 5 interesting facts about yourself, then send this anonymously to the first 10 blogs in your notifications 😊

1. I can bend my thumb back until it touches my wrist

2. I used to be on a national swim team and swam in pools with Nathan Adrian, Michael Phelps, Ryan Lochte, Katie Ledecky etc

3. I will drop $40+ on a highlighter but will not spend more than $6 on a make up brush/applicator

4. I’ve seen all time low so many times i’ve lost count but i think it’s somewhere between 11-14 times

5. I start christmas shopping in september 

Japan Tourist Visa - Reciprocal Hand Modification And Plurative

In preparation for a Japanese visa, you would need to submit a Japan visa relevance sonata allegro furthermore with the sure as fate documents at the CKGS Japan Validation Information & Application Centre modern New Delhi. If your documents are in the irreductible order for the type re visa that you wish to apply for, moreover your approval would squeeze in approved and you would learn a confirmation along with your passport. Superego must take a picayune factors into consideration though, as alter ego cowl for Japan visa inlet India.
The list of documents binding for a signature seeing that Japan save India is mostly subjective. It would refit upon severally country and from persona to person. However, if self ardor a Japan visa from, say, India, China or Russia, you would beggarliness the following standard documents:

1. A In force passport
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Also, Japan had taken measures speaking of the Visa Mental reservation Arrangements with 66 countries. The nationals and citizens of those countries and regions are not irreductible toward capture a visa to enter Japan if the purpose of your visit is course, commerce, a conference, visit to relatives crown acquaintances, etc. However, if you are a foreign national, who pining be winning in paid activities inflowing Japan, or the period of stay promised in every arrangement of short-term await, you proposal need headed for apply for a Japanese counterstamp.

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Another One Bites the Dust - AbbyCatsUK

So I’ve just managed to break the straps on my wig, so my wig now has a mind of it’s own! Still what do expect for a cheap wig, just an excuse now to go out and buy another one.

So I doubt anyone can really tell any difference in my photos from one to the next but I thought I saw an improvement today. I used a primer for the first time today, it really helped with make-up application, everything went on very smoothly. I also went back to using my translucent powder and I think that set my foundation. I also change the tones of matte powder I used, I went a little lighter all over and I’m happy with the result.

Feel like I’ve taken a step back with regard to my beard cover though. The tips of my stubble is breaking the surface all over my beard, very annoying grrrr ha!

{Curious Plots: fangirling} [Closed rp]


“Miss Countess,” a timid stage hand interrupted the make-up application process. Rara opened her eyes and met the mare’s eyes through the mirror. She spoke “Yes?”

“Princess Twilight and her fiance are here are here. They’d really like to meet you.”

Coloratura sighed. She played it off as exasperation. As being above this moment of pandering to fans. But inside she was truly screaming in terror. What if she did not size up to what the Princess expected? What if she was too short? Or not pretty enough? Or not larger-than-life enough? Or just plain boring?

But what was she supposed to do? Say no?

Se simply nodded.

“Don’t bother me again. The make-up needs to be finished.”

The stage hand nodded and left and the artists went back to work.”

Rara closed her eyes and retreated back into herself, pulling the Countess back out. She needed to become the Countess for the performance both for the Princess and the audience and for her new paranoia that some pony was going to jump out of the crowd and try to finish what those thugs had started during the Carnage rampage. 

“Stop,” she commanded and reached into the purse sitting next to her chair. She popped another anxiety pill and downed it dry. 

Outside the dressing room she was ready, as far as costume and make-up went. But mentally she still needed her good luck ritual. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

hairdressing seems virgo. the exact nature, mercury rules the hands and its precise movement, the perfection and intricacy. i’ve met a lot of virgo hairdressers. it’s so fiddly and ornate

taurus is the masseuse. they are so familiar with the form of the human body, they are so aware of what feels good on very natural and organic levels, so they know what makes others feel good. they know the contours and the maps in your spine, they read the body like a book, and the taurean hands are firm and soft, they turn something like massage into an art form.

neptune is all about illusions and cinema. i’ve noticed pisceans are really good at make up application, real naturals, especially with eye make up! they can always make eyes look striking

hairdressing seems virgo. the exact nature, mercury rules the hands and its precise movement, the perfection and intricacy. i’ve met a lot of virgo hairdressers. it’s so fiddly and ornate

taurus is the masseuse. they are so familiar with the form of the human body, they are so aware of what feels good on very natural and organic levels, so they know what makes others feel good. they know the contours and the maps in your spine, they read the body like a book, and the taurean hands are firm and soft, they turn something like massage into an art form. 

neptune is all about illusions and cinema. i’ve noticed pisceans are really good at make up application, real naturals, especially with eye make up! they can always make eyes look striking

New Nextgen!

Magnolia May
“…A cider-belching competition?! How uncouth! How barbaric! How uncultured!…I…I suppose it couldn’t hurt to watch.”
Parents: Applejack, Rarity
Species: Unicorn
Special talent: Cosmetology-hair styling, make-up application, make-overs
Nickname(s): Maggie do not call her that

Personality/Background: Magnolia May is a delicate southern flower, the apple of her mothers’ eyes. From the outside looking in, you could assume that Magnolia is a demure and elegant mare, the picture perfect southern belle. You’d be wrong, but we won’t blame you. Magnolia projects an illusion of perfect lady-likeness, but this is all to hide a stubborn, crass, competitive, trash-talkin’ country girl streak a mile wide. Takes after her Momma Jackie, Magnolia does, but she hides it not well at all fairly okay.

Magnolia was born on Sweet Apple Acres, but loathes dirt (or at least pretends to, there’s a subconscious part of her that really wants to wrestle a hog). She idolizes her mother Rarity, and it was Rarity who noticed Magnolia’s appreciation for beauty and encouraged her into cosmetology. Magnolia claims that she’s not just a hairdresser, but a beauty artist, and loves nothing more than helping ponies look their best and glow with confidence. Applejack thinks Magnolia’s work is kinda frou-frou and superfluous, but supports her little Maggie May all the same.

Magnolia is best friends with Fluttershy’s scatterbrained hippie of a daughter, Rosemary(featured above). Rose is always trying to get Magnolia to to be more honest with herself and enjoy life more, and is the only one allowed to call her “Maggie” without getting bucked in the face. Mags is usually pretty tolerant of Rosie’s bubbly hippie ways, except for when their adventures involve her getting covered in mud. See that face? That’s the face of internal screaming right there


And Magnolia completes the NextGen of the Mane Six in the Pandoraverse. Thank you all for your patience. :) Hope to have more art up soon. (did someone say Trixie Nextgen offspring? Cuz that’s what I’m thinking~)

Magnolia’s design is supposed to bear a resemblance to my design for Applejack’s mother, Honeybell Orange:

Mags just beat out Aerostorm for having the most annoying hair to color, yay

pardon that placeholder cutiemark, i’ll update this when i design a better one

oh and i ship the crap out of her and Rosemary. Their ship name has been dubbed “Flower Power”. Let it set sail

Oh! And as for how Applejack and Rarity were able to conceive a baby…Discord. Blame Discord and wayward gender bender spells accidentally turning Rarity into a stallion for a week (not that AJ minded, oh no~). Boom. Magnolia was made

Back to the basics: Foundation

With new products constantly being launched into the market it can be easy to get caught up and forget what the basic purpose of a product is.

Foundation should be applied after cleansing, moisturising and priming your skin. It can be applied with your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. For best results start off with less foundation than you think you need and gradually add more.

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Makeup for Dry Skin

If you’re a dry skin sufferer make-up can be a challenge. It’s either too matte, not matte enough, cakey, flaky, drying, shimmery or it just doesn’t look natural. Don’t fret yet because I’m about to share with you my top tips for make-up application on dry skin.


There’s only so much make-up can do, so having a good skin care routine is essential. To wake up with well moisturised and healthy skin, opt for creamy oil-based cleansers, rich treatment oils and antioxidant-packed moisturisers in the evening. You can also use a gentle exfoliant and a hydrating gel-based facial mask twice a week.


In my opinion primers are a must. They keep make-up staying for longer and ‘set the mood’ for the rest of your make-up. For dry skin, use a moisturising formula like Face of Australia Face Base Primer or an illuminating primer like Benefit That Gal. Apply primer with your fingers and allow it to absorb fully for two minutes so your make-up doesn’t end up patchy.If you are short on time, you can blot off excess primer with one ply of tissue.

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