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Marco and Sergio, make up

Whenever it was too hot or too cold outside and their were ants in their pants from sitting inside for too long, Marco and Sergio did blind make up applications on each other.

Lipstick on eyelids. Eyeliner used as messy lip liner. Eyeshadow as highlighter. And once when Sergio was convinced he was applying to his lips, he went a little too low with the electric purple liquid lipstick and under Marco’s eyelid. Marco had a purple eyeball while they waited in the hospital emergency room, Sergio looking like a Picasso painting, explaining why that ever happened.

Lancôme lance son premier filtre make-up Snapchat

L'application au petit fantôme dévoilera, ce soir, un tout nouveau filtre make-up signé Lancôme.

À l'occasion de la sortie de son nouveau mascara, Monsieur Big, Lancôme lance son propre filtre Snapchat. Soyons honnêtes, on a toutes déjà tenté de se dissimuler derrière un joli filtre coloré pour envoyer une version améliorée de nous-même. Des oreilles de chat, une couronne de fleurs ou une peau zéro défaut… les possibilités sont nombreuses. En effet, Snapchat a plus d'un tour dans son sac pour sublimer nos selfies.

Un look sur mesure

Pour son premier filtre, la marque qui compte Julia Roberts et Kate Winslet parmi ses égéries mise sur le make-up. Une nouvelle qui va en ravir plus d'une puisqu'il permettra ainsi d'essayer différentes combinaisons de produits Lancôme. Les utilisatrices pourront créer leur propre look maquillage, sur mesure et selon leurs envies. Une fonctionnalité assez pratique, qui permet de tester virtuellement certains produits pour les yeux, les lèvres et les joues.

Encore un peu de patience, le filtre sera actif à partir de ce mardi 27 juin, minuit, et jusqu'au lendemain à la même heure. Il sera ensuite accessible via un Snapcode pour une durée de trois mois. À vos applis !

Quand les célébrités s'amusent avec les filtres Snapchat

Découvrez cent ans de maquillage et de coiffure

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Paupière flashy et bouche bicolore, un peu d’excentricité maîtrisé
Thylane Blondeau : le nouveau visage du parfum Lolita Lempicka
Comment appliquer de la crème solaire quand on est déjà maquillée ?
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you mention making a magazine in your about but!! where!! is!! it?? I wanna see it ahaha

Yes, I am!! I´m currently making the website, making the logo, setting up applications for jobs you can do (writer, photographer, illustration, graphic design!!!) and really make it all work so I can present it to you guys. You don´t know how excited I am for finally doing this, haha. 

I will probably post something about it in 1-2 days, so stay tuned anon! 

Bathroom selfie, post make up application of course! I’ll happily go without make-up, but I will not deny that I feel better with some on!
This was taken before dinner with my boyfriend and his family in Portugal! My freckles are out in full force. 🌞🌞🌞

I don’t tend to wear foundation, I am more of a powder girl as I think it looks more natural. I have said before that despite my wanting to sometimes, I will not edit my photos. There is definitely a pressure to look perfect, and social media gives that pressure. You’ll all have the pleasure of seeing me as I truly am! (including spots and any eye bags my concealer fails to conceal) I want to offer my followers an authentic account, we don’t need to be perfect❤️

My powder is Nars in Laguna
My bronzer is Nars in Mountain
My concealer is Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Beige
My lipstick is Clinique Chubby Stick in Chunky Cherry
My eyebrows are shaded in with Bobbi Brown ‘saddle’ eye shadow
My mascara is Nars 'Audacious’
My eyeliner is white, from Mac. No idea of the number or name haha it’s just white!


Practical Demonstration | Cameron Jane Make-up Design Pty Ltd

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Divine House of Makeup by Isang presents… DHM MASTERCLASS London🇬🇧

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lolol i know nothing bout makeup. i just knew we shouldn't share cushion lolol that's new for me too haha thanks!

haha! it’s alright! i hope i didn’t come off too mean but like i expected more of those guys djkds 

but yeah, don’t share make up application tools like applicators/brushes/puffs/wands because they carry bacteria (from u or the user, u dun wanna cross bacteria!!) and clean them regularly too so they it doesn’t become a huge breeding ground!

also don’t share products that comes in pots/jars or cream formulas too they’re like petri dishes sometimes (esp eye products!!)

although most products that come in a pump are generally the safest to share


✨don’t let GOLD DUST WOMAN intimidate you, blending this golden pigment with grapeseed oil makes it a light silky moisturizer and the perfect skin primer before your make-up application.😘 #gonzoface #gonzofacenyc #handmade #crueltyfree #crueltyfreebeauty #highlighter #liquidhighlighter #liquidgold #highlight #makeup #cosmetics #crueltyfreebeauty #crueltyfree #ethicallymade #ethicallysourced #makeuplover #makeuphowto #makeupartist #makeupblogger #plantbased #plantbasedbeauty #veganbeauty #veganproducts #testedonhumans

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Training is everything this is a different job it’s like nothing else I have been hit two times this week both by inexperienced drivers. The second hit the trainer just sat there didn’t care that his trainee was upset as was I my truck had 22000 miles I’ve never had a week like this. I love this job it’s all I’ve wanted to do since I sat in my brothers first truck I’m 54 now. I m not ashamed I am proud of my work I do have a college degree I’m a US Army vet I know this makes no sense but it’s better than drinking please people slow down pay attention when you are driving put your phone down stop eating cereal no make up application just drive

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No it's not Cole. It's her bf who is also skinny with dark dark hair. The laundromat guy is way too short to be Cole. Also Duan is such an attention seeker she definitely would've said "Cole" or something to let us know it was him

Ah touché and thank you. I’m frankly stunned she has time to do laundry, what with her busy schedule of vapid make up application videos and all


Rick Owens Fashion Film CFDA Geoffrey Beene Lifetime Achievement Awards 2017. @rickowensonline
Producer & Creator : @nplusnfilms
Director : @tal_yarden
Make up application : @sammymourabit
Hair : @lordofthesalad
Stylist : @richaybar
Drone : @brooklyndronesnyc
Starring @nanakeita @llienee @tinaveshaguri #cfda #cfdaawards #nplusnfilms #rickowens see full film on #shauna_l_maguire #wschneiderman

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Another One Bites the Dust - AbbyCatsUK

So I’ve just managed to break the straps on my wig, so my wig now has a mind of it’s own! Still what do expect for a cheap wig, just an excuse now to go out and buy another one.

So I doubt anyone can really tell any difference in my photos from one to the next but I thought I saw an improvement today. I used a primer for the first time today, it really helped with make-up application, everything went on very smoothly. I also went back to using my translucent powder and I think that set my foundation. I also change the tones of matte powder I used, I went a little lighter all over and I’m happy with the result.

Feel like I’ve taken a step back with regard to my beard cover though. The tips of my stubble is breaking the surface all over my beard, very annoying grrrr ha!

{Curious Plots: fangirling} [Closed rp]


“Miss Countess,” a timid stage hand interrupted the make-up application process. Rara opened her eyes and met the mare’s eyes through the mirror. She spoke “Yes?”

“Princess Twilight and her fiance are here are here. They’d really like to meet you.”

Coloratura sighed. She played it off as exasperation. As being above this moment of pandering to fans. But inside she was truly screaming in terror. What if she did not size up to what the Princess expected? What if she was too short? Or not pretty enough? Or not larger-than-life enough? Or just plain boring?

But what was she supposed to do? Say no?

Se simply nodded.

“Don’t bother me again. The make-up needs to be finished.”

The stage hand nodded and left and the artists went back to work.”

Rara closed her eyes and retreated back into herself, pulling the Countess back out. She needed to become the Countess for the performance both for the Princess and the audience and for her new paranoia that some pony was going to jump out of the crowd and try to finish what those thugs had started during the Carnage rampage. 

“Stop,” she commanded and reached into the purse sitting next to her chair. She popped another anxiety pill and downed it dry. 

Outside the dressing room she was ready, as far as costume and make-up went. But mentally she still needed her good luck ritual. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath.

hairdressing seems virgo. the exact nature, mercury rules the hands and its precise movement, the perfection and intricacy. i’ve met a lot of virgo hairdressers. it’s so fiddly and ornate

taurus is the masseuse. they are so familiar with the form of the human body, they are so aware of what feels good on very natural and organic levels, so they know what makes others feel good. they know the contours and the maps in your spine, they read the body like a book, and the taurean hands are firm and soft, they turn something like massage into an art form.

neptune is all about illusions and cinema. i’ve noticed pisceans are really good at make up application, real naturals, especially with eye make up! they can always make eyes look striking