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how much should a kc be? anything 300+ seems bad but i'm not sure

While it depends on how much you personally are willing to pay, and how much value you place in getting your hands on a KC, I myself would only ever be willing to pay MAYBE $100 nib. This is because I do not value the KC model as much as I other furby fans of course, which is why it’s really dependent on you. It is a very rare furby that you are very unlikely to find in a thrift store going for a buck fifty, but it is also still just a furby with the same mechanics as any other furby. Are people wrong to value their KC furbys at 300+ dollars? No, and as I’ve said before it isn’t fair to judge a seller’s price points just because it doesn’t cater to your budget. Either somebody will come along and buy them at that price, or they’ll never sell it if they’re not reasonable enough to drop the price. It is ultimately your choice in deciding what value you place in something enough to buy it at the seller’s value point. And because there’s only 500 KCs out there, I really can’t offer a true definite on its value, because everyone will have a different idea in mind. I just hope that you’ll eventually find what you’re looking for at a price you can afford it at.

I was thinking about the whole “in space everyone speaks English” thing because that’s a common complaint a lot of scifi fans have because stuff like that doesn’t just happen and honestly as a huge fan of world building I can understand how much sheer work it is to not hand wave the hope ordeal

Now. A confusing but cool sentence whose existence prompted me to provide an explanation:

it is not realistic to have things be realistic

I think I want to transfer to UAF or a Washington college.

I’m so pissed off about this writing assignment I have to do for art. It’s not very long and I can probably bs it once I start it, but on principle I’m like ??!!?!??!?? We’re supposed to write about a product we’ve bought based on the design of the packaging or the way it was advertised. I’ve literally, to my knowledge, done that in my entire life. Like, I’ve bought dumb shit before but I’m in college and not living with my family like the vast majority of the students going to this school, I can’t afford to buy anything besides food and household shit like grocery bags. Most of the stuff in our apartment are hand me downs or stuff we’ve owned since childhood. Half our damn furniture was left behind by previous roommates.

whyyyy do i have to be professional and write a whole heckin’ cover letter :((( why can’t i just profess my undying love to pixelberry and submit a writing sample and immediately be granted an interview :((((((((