make love a verb

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Hello, Mr Peterson is the verb "to sleep with" as in you know *wink *wink, ses op. Because the phrase "Ai na ses yu op" would sound hilarious. Also the word "sexy" would be "sesi" maybe? Because I pronounce it that way and I don't plan to stop!

So, no, that wasn’t how you said it, but, I mean, you make a compelling argument, so…

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Canon! I love it! The verb, at least. The adjective…not so much. It wouldn’t come out as sesi. :( (Consider the name Lexa.) I mean, you can still use it, but we need something different for canon-Trig. Something fitting… Something like…fanas. lol I like that. I hope you do too. :)

Not that this needs to be the only word, of course. Much sexy time! Much words! We can do it!

(Also, I’m this close to making -as a productive adjectival suffix. I think that would both make sense and be hilarious.)

You know what I love about English? How easy it is to make nouns into verbs at the drop of a hat. “I’m going to Frankenstein that cosplay together out of three different dresses.” “I need to coffee myself up before work.” “This space opera isn’t gritty enough; let’s Deep Space Nine this shit.”

BAM! Verbed.