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I need a “tinder” specifically designed to match littles.

Like Bumble BFF but better.

“Congratulations you and ____ both like stuffies and board games! Don’t be shy!”

“You have a match! You and ____ both love tea time and dress up. Say hello!”

Want to chat?

Wheather you are looking for an internet friend, someone to talk to for the day, night, week. This is the place to find people. I created this blog one day when I was going through the motions of the day and wanted to find someone online to chat with. None of the post or blogs I saw were what I was looking for.

This blog is purposed to help people connect with other people when they want contact. Just submit a post/ask/or message with the following information:




Languages comfortable chatting in?

Casual conversation, long-term/short-term chat partner, no preference.

Fandoms, general interest, hobbies (this can be short and simple or long and detailed, whatever you want, no anxiety needed)


The intent of wanting to talk?

What do you want to get out of the conversation

Fun fact about yourself

Preferred traits of who you want to talk to

Things you want to or enjoy talking about


*I know it is a sensitive subject, but the purpose of this blog is to reduce anxiety (and other feelings of such) that limit or hold people back from reaching out and allowing them a safe place where there are no expectations or the expectations/comfortability zone are outlined before the conversation to avoid stress. SO, if you have any triggers, anything that is off limits to talk about, or want to go ahead and let people know why you struggle/ what makes reaching out conflicting for you, you can put this in the profile as well. The intention of this is to reduce feelings that are not positive when reaching out for the human contact we all crave. ONLY if you are comfortable with this though, I just wanted to let people know their options. I will message you and CONFIRM that you do or do not want me to include this info in the post if you submit it.

(Also if you do not want everyone to see your triggers or something else but still want to be connected to people that share this with you, just add a note to your submission and I WILL NOT put the information in the post, it will be kept in a personal document of mine and I can discreetly message you when someone with similar experiences submits something.

If anyone who submits and I post gets unkind messages from someone who saw the post just let me know and I will take care of them.


Update:  Don’t stress about how you submit the profiles/answers or about them being disorganized when you submit it. You can send it to me via message, ask, submission, even on my main account. No stress :)


Update: Please do not reblog this post with your submission attached to it. Explanations for why can be found here. Feel free to contact me with any questions. 


dazzling, stunning, sublime, gorgeous… (for @jjiminssi ♥)



Things to Remember When Singing

1. You don’t always have to be soprano, altos are fucking awesome too
2. Do not hurt yourself to be a soprano (your throat will hate you for that)
3. If your throat does hurt take shots of honey
4. Belting is fun
5. Belting also hurts your stomach
6. So basically, belting is a masochist

11. There will always be a prima donna. If she/he’s a bitch mentally punch them.

12. If you are a prima donna, don’t be an asshole.

13. If you don’t know what a prima donna is look at Carlotta from Phantom of the Opera


15. Do not sing while your sick unless you absolutely have to (see #3.)

16. It’s okay if you don’t always get the part. It’s all a part of life. You don’t always get what you want, but it’s okay. It just shows you either have to keep trying or audition to someone else. Audition and sing until someone realizes you’re amazing and then only good things come.

17. Try to join a band. More experience and recognition!

18. Puberty is a curse or a blessing. It can change your pitch to something completely horrendous or gorgeous. Depends on the Gods of Song.

19. Punch anyone who tells you you’re not good enough. You’re good and let no one say otherwise.

20. Always accept critiques, techniques, and lessons on how to improve even if you’ve done everything under the Sun.

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Lesbian Instagram Following Train 🚂

Not too sure if this will pick up like the last lesbian following train did..but I’ve had a few request to do something like this. Hopefully it takes off, I need some more cuties on my IG feed 😉

So here’s to a lesbian Instagram following train✊️🚂 Comment your IG name below and I’ll follow.

I guess I’ll start it off, my Instagram name is Jessiicaa94