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Things that make littles feel little
  • Coloring - having lots of color books and colors to choose from are also a very large plus
  • Baths - bubbles, duckies, and any bath toy are an absolute must! It’s pinnacle to have these because oh my goodness they're so fun.
  • Daddy’s clothes - any over-sized clothes will work, but it’s best if it’s daddy smelled. You know you’re doing it right when you waste half a bottle of smell good spray on something you’re giving your little.
  • Books - specifically easy reads and no chapters. It’s much easier for us to understand. If daddy’s reading the book to us, silly voices are pertinent and absolutely amazing. (Especially when daddy laughs at how silly he sounds)
  • Disney - Disney movies, hot cocoa, and blankets fresh from the dryer. Disney marathons are better than just one Disney movie alone. So plan a day to stay in and cuddle while your littles belts every lyric to every song in every one of the movies.

Feel free to add on if you have more

Doodle I did a few days ago. Was going to make it digital, color it and all that, but I couldn’t get comfortable with using a mouse for art. Also not really in a good mental state to learn an art program right now. Maybe at some point.

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hi gonta! what's your favorite moth species? personally, mine is the rosy maple moth!!

“Gonta would have to say the Attacus Atlas! The orange vibrant colors make it look beautiful during the fall season, and said to have gotten its name based on the Titans of Greek myth or for their map-like patterns. Gonta just loves how it looks in general.”

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At least I wasn't one of the people tweeting about it or anything. I did literally say "what the fuck" to my tv when it happened. But that was about it. Yea, I've heard that beauty's on the inside but we're both in show business and if we're gonna be honest we know looks play a role when it comes to Hollywood.

It was nothing really worthy of tweeting about, so at least you didn’t express publicly how devastated you were without my charming self around. There have been fans that have seen what someone is really like and hated them after that is in the show business. I would like to say Justin Bieber is one of those people. Seeing someone’s true colors makes them very unattractive, but maybe that’s just me.  

4. What do you want to make art about?

1) Colors

2) LGBT culture

3) How Humanity is rapidly dying and we as human beings who were created on this beautiful planet need to save it. 

4) People as free sexual beings

5) Things that I see and admire.

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Honestly, the Touch video was so meh. The styling and the background was so weird, I really hope the girls don't use the director again. But the choreography had me drooling!!! I really hated how they put that stupid corset on Perrie, she could hardly move in it; and there are a million and one other ways they could've gone about a corset outfit that would've looked soooo much better on Perrie's fantastic body and would've suited the video aesthetics so much better.

yes!!! i agree with all of this!!! i think director X is fab, hes done a lot of LM videos but this just fell short in so many ways. like they should’ve all been in leigh’s outfit color or white to make the colors pop not trying to do a green/nude/pink aesthetic with all the vibrant backgrounds. so much of this could’ve been solved if they had a different backdrop/scene 

When it’s all said and done
And you’re a little worse for wear
And it hurts having someone take care of you
Never let you go
Never let you go
Even when the madness has broken you apart
I used to believe
That all the absence of color
Would make a difference to my red, red heart
But my perspective has changed
Since I drove you away
But baby everybody’s gotta move
Everyone’s gotta move sometimes
And I won’t see it
Even if I know it’s there
Never let you go
Never let you go
Even when the madness has broken you apart
But I’ll never let you know
I used to be free
Of any fear of emotion
But these skeletons got ways of coming out
I used to believe
That someday you’d see
That baby you got devotion in every little motion

And I won’t see the storm
When the rain’s coming down
Never let you go
Even when the madness has broken you apart

But I’ll never let you know
I’ll never, I’ll never
But I’ll never let you know

I will wait
For the day you come home
And it hurts to see you all over again
Never ever let you go
Never let you go
Even when the madness has broken you apart

@masshirohebi hat auf deinen Chat geantwortet:                    RPer: I format my replies so they look fancy &…                

   … I have read books yes… and some also change styles and such to make their novels look unique ^^ nothing wrong with fancy and pretty buddy. It isn’t about fanciness, its often about uniqueness.   

Yeah but sometimes it seems like some RPers want to create friggin piece of art with their formatting and stuff, some of them even go as far and make their font color almost the same as their blog’s, which makes it almost impossible to read.

white Libtards guilt and white feminist sjw are the really anti-white (wake up call)

every race have that one group who hate their own race and for white people the one who hate white are the white Libtards guilt cuck and white feminist sjw

people of color have Nationalism for their own race but white who try to ruin the meaning of white Nationalism by pretending they are racist and doing racist sign , thousands of white liberals and feminist over they years make hoax crimes to make white cis male look bad the guilt mentally and self hate it’s too strong on white Libtards and feminist mentality , i saw people of color who defending white people and white male more than white do to each other the anti-white are LGBT feminist lesbian and transgender who hate cis white male and sympathy any person of color they see especially black making people of color a historically oppressed by mentioning the bad side of white history what about the bad side of people of color 

look how  white liberals guilt and feminist attack white sports players even attacking movies , shows , art , history…etc that have only white or majority white forcing diversity at white people only , asian or black or brown have their own countries , sports players jobs , movies . games and anything without diversity with white

white liberals guilt and feminist hate their whiteness so much and they love victimize people of color they see Successful of white people because they have it easier than people of color but even people of color can be Successful there is smart and stupid in every race they see it racist if white preference to date their own race and even people of color preference on dating their own race

they don’t was see countries or areas for only white but it’s okay for people of color to have their own countries or areas if white say europe is white countries that will be racist in white Libtards guilt and white feminist logic they covering and justify people of color crimes , hate , racism towards white people

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i can only eat vanilla [cup]cakes bc otherwise it tastes really weird and makes me gag. i also can only eat vanilla frosting bc otherwise im ":/ bleh". also, an unpopular opinion: hot pink (vanilla) frosting is the best because the food coloring makes it taste slightly different and its real good

coloured frosting always tastes better, but only in the case of vanilla or whipped cream frosting. coloured buttermilk frosting makes me bleh even more than regular buttermilk frosting