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10 Easy Changes You Can Make To Your Lifestyle To Be Happier And Healthier Almost Instantly

I’ve been having some issues lately with staying positive and pushing myself to build healthy habits. At times I get too wrapped up in work and friends and my education that I forget that I’m a human being and that I need to put myself higher on my list of priorities. I have a major problems with articles that claim they have “easy” tips for being happy and healthy overnight. It’s really not that simple, and I’m not going to lie, the ones below aren’t a cakewalk for everyone, but I thought they were useful in my own experience and wanted to share them with you. 

  1. Every time you reach for a soda or an extra coffee, switch it out for water. It provides a healthier and more long term boost of energy by clearing out those mentally depressing toxins from your body. 
  2. Meditate once a day. Even if it’s only 30 seconds in the morning after you’ve finished getting ready, take a step back and devote some time to becoming calm and clearing your head to increase focus and encourage a peaceful mindset. 
  3. Exercise. Don’t create a hardcore 2 hour daily workout routine right off the bat after months of little to no activity. Start small, maybe 10 abdominal exercises, 10 leg exercises, and 10 weighted tricep curls on each arm paired with a 15 minute walk around the block. There. That’s only roughly 30 minutes of your day and you’re not even sweaty enough to have to shower afterwards. 
  4. Use natural ingredients as skin care. Moisturize with coconut oil, make your own essential oils and charcoal face wash, soap, and bath bombs, and maybe devote 1-2 days of the week to wearing no make up (if you wear it every day) in order to let your skin breathe. 
  5. Keep your space organised. When you’ve just changed and that sweater you wore today is on the floor, take the two extra seconds to hang it up or fold it and put it away. When you’re done with your meal, rinse it and put it in the dish washer. It’s not that difficult to prevent your home from becoming a pig sty. 
  6. Make your bed every morning. It’s a good habit to have, it makes your room look nice and clean, even if there are some things on the floor, and it makes it look even more appealing when you look over at 11 PM and decide whether to watch another episode of your Netflix obsession or get some beauty rest. 
  7. Speaking of sleep, do it! Regularly! It is essential to your health and happiness to get a good amount of sleep every night. 7-10 hours is the recommended amount of nightly rest you should fit in, so set a bedtime and your alarm and get that shut eye. 
  8. Spend the time to treat yourself. If you think a 20 minute sheet mask or some extra time to have a cup of tea and read your latest pick from the library shelves, set that time aside to enjoy yourself and wind down. You need the time to recharge, so keep that high on your priority list.  
  9. Keep a planner. It may be something you’re already doing, but if you’re not, this is a life changing habit to have. Every morning, write down your to-do list, your schedule, and any reminders. Save some room on your calendar for any plans that may pop up and your life will instantly be more organised and you’ll be way less likely to forget that really important due date.
  10. Don’t push positivity if it isn’t there. Nobody is happy and bubbly and super motivated all the time, so don’t spend all of your time reblogging positivity quotes on Tumblr or trying to ignore every emotion that is “negative”. You’re human. Life happens and sometimes you’ll be just plain blue. It’s healthy to acknowledge the feelings that make you feel hopeless and unmotivated and seem all too frequent. The sun will shine tomorrow and you will find more and more reasons to fill every moment with meaning every single day. 

Here’s to future health and happiness for you all. Cheers! x

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Farm Witchcraft!!!

I always see posts talking about urban/city witchcraft, but I’ve never seen one about living in a rural area. So I made one myself! This is just a list of ideas for witchy things to do on a farm or in the country.

  • Use various chicken/guinea feathers laying around for spells.
  • Draw a sigil in the hen boxes to promote healthy egg-laying.
  • Perform a safety spell anytime one of the animals is pregnant.
  • If you have an excess of eggs, bury one at each corner of the property for protection.
  • Use fresh milk to make your own soap, infused with herbs!
  • GrOW HerBs

things framework grant ward has probably googled at some point:

  • why do strangers hate me
  • is it cheating if you wake up in bed with a different version of your girlfriend who’s from another world where she hates you and you aren’t together and you’re actually just an avatar in a virtual reality
  • am i real
  • can soap make you evil
  • blue soap conspiracy
  • how to make your own soap
  • tips for successfully overthrowing your evil government and bringing peace and stability back to your country
  • earthquake puns

anonymous asked:

you said you have hcs for yoosung and i'm curious now omg. if you don't mind saying, what are they?? aa

i don’t mind in the slightest! i know i’ve made a headcanons list for him before but i can’t find it at the moment, so if there’s anything that sounds familiar i apologize in advance!

  • yoosung has console emulators on his phone and it’s what takes up most of his memory. he starts getting rid of some games when he needs to make more room for pictures of mc.
  • people always talk about how he looks like his mom and one day saeyoung slapped one of his wigs on yoosung and it was so real that mc had to try not to see his mother when they made out for the next week
  • when yoosung moved out of his dorm and into an apartment with mc, he refused to let go of his figurines and mc discovered his secret shoujo collection
  • secretly mc reads some of the shoujo too just to surprise him
  • there is food on the ceiling because yoosung is not good at flipping food and they haven’t been able to get all of it down. is that an egg on the ceiling? yes.
  • has the Worst Knees ever when he gets up after sitting for four hours his knees crack and it’s always from sitting too long… even after he has his practice u can hear distant cracks in the background
  • it’s already canon that he can make soaps so you bet your sweet ass he makes his own soaps and they smell 10/10 and he makes them for mc too
  • speaking of… has a lot of weird hobbies because of his mom? like he doesn’t know how long to microwave corn but he knows how to tie up a boat? and he has sea sickness?
  • mc and him have a secret handshake just in case because saeyoung and mc pulled a prank on him saying that saeyoung was finally able to clone people and cloned mc
  • animals love him and they always come up to him which can kind of be inconvenient when he’s slightly preoccupied with mc and lisa comes strolling on in
  • once a week his mom sends a text asking him when he’s going to give her grandchildren and it is. gravely embarassing for all parties
  • super dedicated to his patients. when he can’t save them it’s always a sad time and on occasion you’ll see him tearing up in the office a little
  • he keeps a photo of sally and rika in his office
  • always loses his goddamn glasses like. he’s had the whole office searching for his glasses once and he had them in his back pocket
  • and he didn’t even fucking know until he sat on them
  • super dedicated as a vet and spends a lot of his time in his office, sometimes even brings work home with him if he feels it’s necessary
  • has a bad habit of schlumping as soon as he gets home on any flat surface so mc sometimes has to drag him to bed when she found him randomly on the living room rug snoring away
  • he sleep talks and it’s not even anything cute it’s literally just him reciting LOLOL rare items or the recipe to create lavender soap. sometimes it’s the recipe to cake but he doesn’t even bake so??? what
  • lisa takes nice long naps on his lap when he’s doing work and it’s the purest thing. yoosung takes time out of his day to take selfies with lisa while she naps on him. 
  • but once he bothered her too much so he got scratched on the cheek

We’re constantly encouraged to “learn new skills” for the sake of finding a job, and I really hate the idea of skill learning being reduced to what is profitable and exploitable under capitalism, so this is going to look like poor people tips, but I want to talk about learning skills that will be usable directly for your life and make you less reliant on capitalism! 

  • Learn to tamper with your clothes. You’ll be able to buy clothes anywhere (thrift shops, second hand shops) and modify it so it fits you perfectly and looks like it was made for you, while saving loads of money. Tampering is not hard! You don’t always need a machine, even a needle and thread can hold most materials, not to mention how environmentally friendly this is
  • Learn to identify all edible plants in nature. If you’re living in rural area or close to any forest or field, you’ll be able to gather your own tea, salads, medicine, fruit if it’s summer (wild strawberries, blackberries) sometimes even full meals if it’s autumn (mushrooms, chestnuts, edible flowers). Make sure your plants are coming from a clean place though! Don’t collect close to roads or railroads.
  • Learn to make origami. This sounds ridiculous but the number of times I was able to make an origami box out of an old newspaper and use it to store nuts and seeds and all kinds of food, or even just to not make a mess while peeling enabled me to save on bags, boxes, paper towels. Also make your own decoration, right now I have a paper vase full of origami flowers, origami shades on my lamps which makes them look artsy and trendy even though they were the cheapest lamps available
  • Learn to grow vegetables, berries, and beans. If you have any kind of land, use it to produce your own food, even if you start by only planting some strawberries this can easily turn into garden, which means you have fresh, healthy food and don’t have to buy it. If you don’t have your own land, but have access to a balcony or any place where fresh air and sunlight can reach, buying some pots and planting some basic edible plants can be really worth it. 
  • Learn basics about nutrition and cooking. If you know what nutrition you need you can focus on buying and cooking exclusively the food that will keep you strong, vital and healthy. Becoming a vegetarian or vegan saves a lot of money for example, meat and animal products are always more expensive than vegetables and fruit, and your body doesn’t actually need them, all necessary nutrition is found in plants. You will save both on food and future medicine bills, as you have much bigger chance of staying healthy. Not to mention you are actively fighting against animal slavery, saving water, land, trees, labour, and being as good for environment as possible.
  • I could go on about making your own soap and shampoo, cleaning supplies and learning to fix every machine in your home but I wont because I haven’t tried all that yet :) I also want to recommend learning new languages, not for the sake of a job but because understanding what words mean is so freaking cool! Knowing more about other cultures is so freaking awesome! Being able of communication with more than just people from your own country rocks! You don’t have to use this for capitalism, you can use it to improve the quality of your own life.
  • add more!

Point is, we need to take back the means to have our own lives outside of what capitalism can dictate to us, fuck em up by being as self reliant as possible and you’ll have to work less, earn less, and enjoy more leisure time! 

Tips and reminders for the signs

Aries: have you eaten today? Strawberry banana smoothies are very nutritious and tasty. Add a few strawberries, a chopped up banana, and some plain yogurt then whip it all around in the blender. If you have energy, you’ll feel better. Please don’t forget to eat. I love you and I want you to take care of yourself. It’s always really exciting to find something new to be passionate about. Maybe you could experiment with making your own soap! The Internet has tons of cheap fast recipes for it and molds aren’t very expensive. You need to find something to get excited about, find something that makes you feel alive again.
Taurus: the days are very busy, but you need to find time to take care of yourself. Have you brushed your teeth this morning? Combed your hair? What about putting on those really comfy socks you like? It’ll make you feel better. Every step you take will be a squishy, soft step on a cloud. Maybe when you get lunch you could make yourself a little treat. Like chocolate cover strawberries! Those are wonderful and you deserve it. Eat two. And don’t you dare feel guilty about it. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself and taking care of your mental and bodily health.
Gemini: start reminding yourself everyday that what you have to say matters. Ignore all the people who want to judge you based on your sign. You’re cooler than them anyway. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel like you’re less than you are. Go to the store and buy yourself a brand new pillow. It sounds stupid but at the end of the day we all just want to be comforted and a super fluffy pillow will make you excited to come home. My brother taught me that, and it has helped me so much. You have to have something to look forward to.
Cancer: don’t forget to call your family if you live away from them. They love you and miss you and you aren’t alone. Maybe you could go outside and find some cute bugs and name them! I have a bumble bee in my yard that I’ve named Bernie. It’s always really exciting to see him, it makes my day better. Maybe having a little buddy outside could make your day a little better too. Don’t isolate yourself. You need love too.
Leo: don’t forget to change your bedsheets. I know it’s aggravating and it feels like it takes forever, but I promise when you lay down tonight in your cosy clean bed you’ll feel refreshed. Maybe make a little time today to go out buy yourself a sun catcher to hang in the window. Sometimes we forget how beautiful things are and little things like sun catchers can help remind us. A little beauty goes a long way.
Virgo: when was the last time you did something for yourself? Go online and find a few coupons and go out and buy yourself some nice smelling bubble bath or new soap or lotion. I know it doesn’t seem like much, but sometimes we just need something to look forward to. Even if it’s just a bubble bath with your new soaps, it’s exciting and you can stay in the bath for hours to read and relax. You could use some relaxation. Don’t push yourself so hard. You’re doing just fine, I promise.
Libra: it sucks, but maybe a little de-cluttering is what you need. Rearrange your room. Change something. Get rid of all that clutter that has been nagging at you in the back of your mind for months. Clearing out some space to work or dance or draw will help you so much. You’ll feel productive and proud of yourself and you should be proud of yourself. You’ve made it so far. We’re rooting for you. We’re all so proud of you.
Scorpio: please please please get out of the house. I know things seem pointless and exhausting but you can do this. Go look at the sky, go have a picnic or see a movie with friends. You aren’t alone, don’t let your mind trick you into thinking that you are. Buy that neat new thing you’ve had your eye on, you deserve it. Don’t forget to let yourself be happy. I know you feel strange without your sadness, but you deserve everything life has to offer. You’re going to be okay. You’re going to be better than okay.
Sagittarius: you don’t have to do everything that is expected of you. Learn to say no. I know that it makes you feel like a disappointment, but no one should have the the right to make you do things that make you unhappy. Slow down, life is passing and you don’t want to miss it. Find something beautiful and let it make you feel beautiful too. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Stop living for the future, it’ll make you miserable. We believe in you. You can do whatever you want. You are enough.
Capricorn: when was the last time you actually sat back and relaxed? Wal-mart sells wonderful flower bouquets for pretty low prices. Buy your favourite and put some flowers on your table or your bed-side nightstand. Read that book you’ve been pushing to the side. Make time for yourself. Your life does not have to take the backseat to your career and you are more than you think. Go to the farmers market and buy some of your favourite fresh fruit and vegetables. It’ll give you something to look forward to. You deserve to be happy.
Aquarius: stop trying to be what other people want you to be and start being who you are. You are magnificent and we all love you. Wear that outfit that you’ve been too afraid to wear and rock it. Stop telling yourself that you aren’t good enough. A lot of places have U-pick farms where you can pick fresh fruit. Look up the closest one to you and go. There’s something so wonderful about picking your own fruit; it makes you feel proud of yourself and I know you could really use that feeling right now. Maybe you could bake yourself a pie with your fresh fruit and watch a new movie while you eat it. Learn to enjoy your own company.
Pisces: no one knows you better than you know yourself. It’s time to put your foot down and start standing up for yourself. You deserve to be treated better and you know it. Get out of bed. Laying down and thinking all day will only make you feel bad. Go to Hobby Lobby buy a new candle. Their app has coupons and you can get one product for 40% off if you’re tight on money right now. You need to let go. You are your own worst enemy and I think it’s time for you to put that part of your life away and become your own best friend. I believe in you.


I found this really cool video on youtube and she makes her own bubble machine! I’m not sure how well this would work since I haven’t made one though. It also shows how to make your own bubble soap in one part.

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Your earrings are so pretty and I love that you make goats milk soap from your own herd, wow! I love goats and I love goats milk soap :)

awww! thanks!!! I do make soap, although not since i have moved, it’s all packed up. I havent posted any soaps yet as i’m working on packaging and labeling :) but thanks for all the comments, you are the best!

My beloved followers, I request that you all stop buying exfoliating microbead facial scrubs from big brand names like Clean and Clear and Nuetrogena. Not only do they have microbeads which are too small to filter and are becoming a water pollutant, who knows what kind of chemicals and acids are in those artificially fragranced soaps.
I urge you to make your own body/facial scrubs! I personally use Epsom Salt in Coconut Oil. Cheap, easy to find, easy to make, and its good for your skin. Coconut oil can also be used in your conditioner, as a toothpaste, for cooking, and so on. Nature is amazing like that. There are tons of recipes for body/facial scrub, soap, shampoo, and so on on Pinterest.

Go explore the heavenliness of Pinterest for all of your home, beauty, fashion, and witchcraft desires!!! Yes I am on there :)