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What's your opinion on DIY band tshirts? I really love this one band and have the opportunity to make a DIY band shirt with their name but I'm now worried it'll come across as disrespectful to just copy their logo onto a shirt with paint. I want to support them and buy a legit shirt off their website, but I'm in the middle of moving across the country and have very little money. Do you think it's ok to make my own shirt? Sorry for bothering you, I just respect your opinion and want your thoughts

Honestly I would say go for it! I know lots of people that do the same. If you got the money to spare then it’s always important to support you favourite bands (especially local ones), but if you haven’t got anything to give then you showing your support is good too! Honestly it’s no different than painting them on your jacket really!

Learning Graphic Design On Your Own

A Quick Note…

Everyone learns differently. Some people like to ask questions in class, others like to watch videos that they can pause and replay, and even more people could prefer to just tinker and see what happens (I’m personally a tinkerer). The first thing you should do when learning on your own (so probably online or through books) is to do some research and know how you like to learn.

So, let’s start with… what even is “Graphic Design”?

Let’s get this straight… graphic designers aren’t fine artists. They are problem solvers, visual communicators, and sometimes curators of information in an aesthetically pleasing way. We organize information and try to make the world an easier-to-understand and more beautiful place. Of course, there are other fields like advertising where we communicate to customers why they should buy certain products. Or there are User Interface/Experience designers that will develop websites and video game interfaces and design how you interact with it. Look into graphic design and see what field you want to be in. What do you want to do with graphic design?

Fun fact, the google definition says: “the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books.” and to that, I’d like to say we do SO MUCH MORE.

Now that you know what you’re doing…Here’s the VERY BRIEF process!
(I may make individual posts for each step later on)

  1. Learn the basics
    1. Typography, how to use the basic principles of line, shape, color, and so on is usually for everyone no matter your field.
    2. Basics like composition are also very important. If you’re into editorial then typographic spreads will be more of your focus. If you’re in web design then seeing how websites are typically laid out will be a thing to look into. Basic typography, color theory, and principles still apply!
    3. Basics and principles are a google search (or a book) away! Everyone talks about these things ALL the time.
  2. Look up inspiration and develop an “eye” for design
    1. Follow design blogs! Follow other designers! On all of your social media! (There are so many Tumblr blogs and Instagram accounts solely dedicated to graphic design curation).
  3. Look into the big names of the industry
    1. Why were they remembered? Everyone else in the field probably remembers them for that, too.
    2. What was so great about them? Apply what you learn to your own work!
    3. If they’re well known, they probably have at least decent work to get inspired from!
  4. Research is done… time to do some work!
    1. If you’re just starting out, there are some things you’re probably not used to. Doing things by hand with sharpie markers on paper will definitely help train your eye and mind to think more about communication, not pretty things. 
    2. Abstract things down into simple shapes. Then try communicating that same object with fewer shapes. Maybe only lines? Geometric style? Play around with communication! This is key when you get into icons, logos, and other visuals that require a more minimal look. 
    3. Remember, you make information more easily accessible. The best logos are easy to remember because they are simple and effective. Your work may one day need that kind of punch!
  5. The jump from traditional to digital
    1. It’s time to learn about your program(s) of choice… my biggest piece of advice would be to just mess with it. Learning on your own by trying to make something is one of the best ways to train your mind and body on how to use the programs.
    2. Try every tool. Try making basic shapes. Then make basic objects with those shapes. Then try making a person or something more complicated. Try to test every tool to see what you’d use it for!
    3. Don’t know anything or how to do something? Google it! If you’re asking there’s probably 5+ different YouTube videos, 3+ articles, and 100+ tutorials on how to do it.
  6. Let’s work on projects!
    1. Now that you’re familiar with the history, principles, other designers, and the programs… just keep on making stuff!
    2. Making your own projects (make your own website, business cards, a flyer for a club, a T-Shirt, and so on…) is my biggest recommendation on how to learn graphic design. Actually applying everything you’ve learned will make you think in a problem-solving way! Also sharing things that you’ve made that actually matter is way more fun than sharing a fancy circle you made with no context. (You can say “look at this T-Shirt I made!” instead of “look at this weird circle I made!”)
  7. Get feedback from designers and non-designers
    1. Once you’ve made stuff… ask everyone! Non-designers will give you a client’s perspective of your work. A designer’s perspective will help you grow as a designer and they may see things that you and your average person wouldn’t have noticed. (you’re always free to ask me if you’d like!)
    2. Please remember to not take feedback personally (unless they’re being rude, then just ignore them). You’re learning and growing and there’s always room for improvement. A lot of feedback is not a bad thing!
  8. Stay determined!
    1. Being a designer isn’t easy. That T-Shirt you made that took you a couple days? Someone could say they don’t get it. Other designers could say there was a better way to execute your idea. Another person may even say it looks like something else!
    2. When you design you have to expect to make revisions, rethinking, and making more revisions until it’s at a good enough place to publish. But no matter what, you have to remember that it’s not about PERFECTION. It’s about getting it DONE and learning to grow. No one is perfect, and it’s mostly subjective, so just take the criticism you agree with and don’t apply what you disagree with. As a designer, you should know what’s right, wrong, or what you should consider bringing up to other designers.
    3. KEEP MAKING MORE STUFF! You can even remake older stuff as you go on! Just keep going!

That’s my super brief process!

Now honestly, I could’ve gotten down into the nitty gritty details of each step, but this is basically how I’d suggest going about it if you want to get a head start before getting into college, or you want to just learn on your own.

If you guys have any additional questions or want me to go more in-depth about anything, feel free to let me know! :)

How to Start Your Own Clothing Company

A clothing company can be a huge income source if you’ve got the right creative eye. It can take a lot of money to start a clothing store though, doesn’t it? Not just anyone can make one…


If you’re seriously looking to create a brand of clothing, there are some things that I had to learn the hard way that could benefit someone just starting out. Here they are.

1. Do your research on the feel of clothing you want to create. Brands like American Eagle and Vans have a target audience that they know and cater to. Figure out who your audience is and what they’re already wearing. Design like that. Designing clothes you yourself would wear is a really good place to start.

2. Use GIMP to start out with if you can’t afford good software for design. Start each image out with the appropriate dimensions for the graphic. This will cause some research on your end, make sure you write it down on a post it on your computer. Typically they’re about 12″x12″ and at least 150ppi… These things can be set right when you start a new document. Save as .pngs and you’ve just created a t-shirt graphic!

3. Sign up for (This will cost $30 a month but they don’t take your first-born if you start making bank, just $30. Other companies take a percentage.

4. Match the theme and look of your website to your brands feel. This will create a great legit company looking website.

5. In the app section, download the Printful app. This is a company in CA that prints your shirt out and ships it to your customer. This takes out you having to front $200 to get 30 shirts from Vistaprint, etc… No inventory… No risk for bad designs (other than bad designs)… You sell the shirt for $21, they charge you $11 and you keep $10. You can even change those prices as high or low as you want. I would suggest getting a sample sent to you, so you can see your graphics in person.

6. When an order comes in, the print place handles the print and ship part… They’ve never missed a shirt or order in the year we’ve used them for – Though you do need to pay attention, if an address is incorrect they’ll email you.

7. Use the profits from this adventure to purchase shirts from, they’re the cheapest place I could find online and they’re good quality. The profit margin is considerably higher if you sell a shirt for $21 that you only paid $3 for instead of Printful’s $11… You’ll have to do the shipping yourself, but it’ll help increase your profit to expand however you see fit.

You can also just maintain the one website without bringing in inventory.
They do shirts and tanks and hoodies.

Good Luck!
I hope when you’re up and running, you consider advertising in the magazine!


Don't Tell Him

Pairing: Tyler/ Reader(ish), Josh/ Reader// Warnings: Smut, Spanking, Fuckboy Josh kinda, Cheating kinda please don’t kill me it resolves itself I promise.// Rating: Mature// A/N: This was a request and there will be more than just one part.//

Originally posted by oneanddun

Okay then. I probably will not be doing this justice, but okay.// You are currently sitting between Josh and Tyler while watching a movie in theaters. You rest your head on Tyler, your boyfriend’s, shoulder, and continue to watch the movie; until the arm that separates you and Josh is lifted. You think nothing of it, he was probably just trying to get comfortable. Then, you feel his large hand softly lay itself onto your knee. You lift your head and turn it to look at Josh, but he just shushes you and looks back to the screen. You bite your lip and cock your eyebrow, which is when he slowly starts to drag his hand further up your thigh. Was he seriously going to do this with Tyler right next to you? As the thought crossed your mind, Tyler’s phone goes off, earning loud groans from the moviegoers. “I’m so sorry I’ll be right back” he says, rushing out. You take the opportunity to turn your head to Josh. “What the hell are you doing” you whisper yell to him. “Just having some fun” he says, an arrogant smirk present on his lips. His lips. Oh God. Tyler comes back in and leans down to whisper to the both of you. “Hey, I’m needed to record some more of my lyrics, they deleted them on accident. Can you take [Y/N] home, Josh” Even in the dark, you could see his smile. “Of coarse dude, good luck” he says. Tyler kisses you goodbye and walks out. You pout and put the armrest back down, earning a chuckle from Josh. He doesn’t mess with you for the rest of the movie, or in the car on the way back to your house. As soon as you’re there, you jump out and head for your door. Once it’s opened, you hear Josh running in behind you and pushing you against the now shut door. “Ohh, come on baby, you’re not being very fun” he says. “Josh, I am with Tyler, whom I love very much” you say, trying to push past him. He blocks you in by pressing his hips to yours rather rough and pins you to the door. “Now, you can’t deny the way you look at me, sweetie. I see it, and I see the way you have to rub your legs together and hide it from your little boy toy” he says, whispering the last part into your ear. Before you can say another word, Josh forcefully kisses you, making your head hit the door. You kiss back, not being able to fight the feelings anymore. Tyler was a very sweet boy, and the sex was good, gentle. But you could just tell how rough Josh could give it to you. Josh pulls you from the door and pushes you back onto the couch, the armrest making you fall back and trip, so you’re now laying down. He doesn’t hesitate to rip his shirt from his body, and looking down at you, the smirk having returned. You take off your own shirt before Josh goes back to making out with you, cupping and squeezing your breasts through your bra. “That’s no good.” He says, ripping your bra completely off, without unclasping. Just tore it off your body. You let out a loud gasp and glare at him. “You owe me a new one” he laughs and continues with his mission, moving down from your mouth, to your jaw, and to your neck, finding a sweet spot. “Oh God, yes. Wait. No, Josh Tyler will know he didn’t do that” you breathe out. “Listen, tonight, you’re mine. I’m going to leave marks, and you’re going to deal with it.” He says, before sucking on your neck once more. You moan and run your fingers through his hair. He grabs your hands and pins them above your head with one hand, and uses the other to unbutton and slide off your pants. He brings his hand up to your mouth, and you open, letting him slide his fingers in. You go the extra mile to be sloppy and make them as wet as possible. He drags them back down and moves your underwear off, before sliding his fingers into you. You let out loud moans as his fingers explore your insides. While Tyler had longer fingers, Josh’s were thicker and he moved them faster, like he knew what he was doing. He pumps his two fingers, before leaning his head down to lick and suck on your clit. You feel your hips buck, trying to get him to go faster, but he only bites you softly, as if to warn you. You whimper when he pulls away, but you quickly move out from under him and push him back on the couch. “What are you doing?” He asks, as you unbutton his pants and slide them down, along with his underwear. “We should both be wet” you say, looking at his long, throbbing member. You lean your head down and start licking his tip, lightly and softly. “God you’re a fucking tease” he says, grabbing you by your hair and urging you to start sucking him. You take his hints and relax your jaw, letting him shove himself deep into your mouth. He starts hitting the back of your throat, causing you to gag. “Yeah? Too much for you?” He says, letting you move so you can breathe again. “Who’s bigger?” He asks. “Josh..” Josh takes you and puts you on all fours, and slaps your backside. Hard. “I asked you a question.” He says. You bite your lip and don’t answer, earning yourself another hard hit. “Ugh God, okay. Josh, you’re longer, Tyler is thicker..” you say. He pauses for a minute, before flipping you on your back and thrusting himself into you, without warning. “Fuck, Josh” you grab him and try to adjust yourself to be more comfortable, but he just pins you down again, leaning over so he can thrust harder and deeper. You bite your lip as Josh crashes his lips into your sloppily. He moved your thighs so they were now wrapped around his waist, so he could thrust deeper. You bring your hand down and start rubbing your clit, to help push yourself along. As you feel your orgasm beginning to hit you, your front door swings open. “Hey babe, why is Josh’s car still OH MY GOD” Tyler’s voice rings through the entire place, and Josh jumps off of you and moves over to grab a blanket to cover himself, and hands you your jacket. “Are you guys fucking kidding me?” Tyler asks, taking a step towards you. “Tyler, I’m so sorry. I shouldn’t have done this, I know. But” he cuts you off. “Just go upstairs. I need to talk to Josh.” You nod and rush upstairs, not wanting to make the situation any worse. You put on some underwear and one of Tyler’s shirts and sit on the bed, waiting for something, anything. It seems like years pass before Tyler opens the door, followed by Josh, now in his underwear. “[Y/N] we have a crazy idea, but just hear us out. I don’t want this to be a relationship anymore.” You physically feel your heart break inside of you and you start tearing up. “Tyler, please..” you plead, beginning to sniffle. You her Josh shift and Tyler comes over and wraps an arm around you. “Baby, just listen. I know you love me, and I know you like Josh, and, I can’t believe I’m even saying this. I want you to be 100% happy. So, I was thinking. You could be in a relationship with the both of us. You can have sex with both of us, and go on dates with both of us, just everything.” You wipe your eyes and look at the both of them. “Is this a joke?” They both shake their heads. “What do you say?” Josh asks, finally speaking up.
Melting Magnets (M)

Requested by anon (thank you for your patience) ♥

→ Reader x Kai 

→ College AU; in which you and Kai don’t get along at all- or do you?

→ Warnings: Smut: rough sex.

Word count: 1,8K

Your relationship was complicated. 

“Hey there snow sock.” 

Very complicated. 

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Bellamy X Reader

Request? No

“Bellamy, please!”

It’s dark out, the moon barely visible behind a thick layer of clouds. He continues to hammer away, barely even glancing at you. No one, not even you, could convince him to take a break. He’s been reinforcing the wall around camp for days, dead set on the belief that grounders will be coming any moment, regardless of the fact that no one has caught sight of one for a week.

“You’ve barely slept for three days! You need a break!”

“I’m fine, Y/N!” he bellows. You take a step back. It’s been a while since he’s yelled at you. He pauses and clenches his jaw, glancing at Murphy, who’s holding a log in place. Murphy’s eyes are hooded, his movements delayed with fatigue. Bellamy has kept him right by his side for the past few days. Murphy refuses to complain, though. He thinks the wall is just as necessary as Bellamy does.

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Wanna give a BIG shout out to our costumes department on #jurassicworld2 for bringing #WHATSMYSNACK nation to life with these awesome t shirts. They are limited edition once in a lifetime shirts that you cannot order online sorry. And if you make your own t shirt like this I will take you to court. Straight up sue you. Probably take everything you own or ever loved. Because I trademarked #WHATSMYSNACK and you owe me $50,000 for even reading this instagram post. Rules are rules. #sorrynotsorry bro. Read the fine print.

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Any advice for punk on a budget?

pick up some acrylic paints ((black, white and red)) at a dollar store, cut up some old black shirts//pants and you can make your own patches that way!!!! you can print out stencils on card if you want them to look more clean i guess. you don’t even need thread to sew them on, you can just use dental floss.
safety pins!! make every item of clothing look more punk!!
thrift stores are your friend. seriously. i got a leather jacket ((that i didn’t know was real at the time)) at a thrift store for literally €10. you can find cool shit!!! any denim jacket that isn’t too small for you?? cut off the sleeves, now you have a denim vest and some scrap fabric for patches!!
join buy//sell groups on facebook. you may find some gems.
i found my new rock boots on a secondhand site for €40. which is incredible. new rock boots are NOT cheap, and these were perfect condition too.
a lot of punk is DIY – and yeah, maybe you’re not so…….. creative?? like myself?? but honestly, my crust pants?? every patch on them ((so far)) has been made by me.
cut//dye//shave your own hair. SERIOUSLY. or go to a barber. salon places charge so much?? but don’t be afraid to colour your own hair. i mean that, you will be overcharged otherwise. here, i can pick up good bleach for less than €10. and i really recommend manic panic hair dye. cruelty free, vegan, and the colour payoff is 11//10. they’re not expensive at all either, and a little product goes a long way.
a lot of punk is anti capitalist. the best way to be anti capitalist is to be as self reliant as possible, buying from thrift stores and secondhand places and etsy stores which WILL help the people your money is going to, instead of going straight to big corporations who have more money than anyone could ever spend in a thousand lifetimes.
whenever you need anything, you should think first: is it something you can do//make yourself??
you can make almost everything yourself, like even laundry detergent!! but from small//family-owned businesses as much as possible, and avoid big companies like the plague.
this turned into a rant i think lmfao i’m so sorry

Competition - Theo Raeken (Smut)

Howl - Florence and The Machine

If you could only see

The beast you’ve made of me

I held it in but now it seems

You’ve set it running free

Warnings: Rough, Choking, Dom!Theo, Blood and Injury

❀ Gif credit to owners/creators ❀

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Fun fact: the cool thing about Zazzle is you can legit just make your own t-shirts with any text or images you want on them, and considering kittyit doesn’t own any of the phrases on the @zazzle-poetry shirts if you really like one you can absolutely just type up the text word for word and make your own shirt and it’s 100% legal and that way you won’t be supporting a violent transmysogynist who lied to trans people about being an ally to make money


Inquisitor Jacket walktrough!

First of all, on the top pictures the jacket is blue + the bottom of the sleeves are a little different. This is because I have made two inquisitor jackets! but the pattern is the same!! so no worry!

Second, I know the pictures are bad! I just took them in the kitchen and the Jacket is super wrinkly after having been messily folded in my suitcase. I might chance the photos later.


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How to make your own Homestuck Shirts

I’m a Homestuck cosplayer who don’t live on the U.S. and find whatpumpkin shipping very expensive!! (also a lot of things that comes from the u.s. has expensive shipping!) So when I need to cosplay my favourite trolls or kids I need to make my own shirts!

So I’m posting how I make my shirts:
You’ll need: a shirt, contact paper, scissors, acrylic/fabric paint, pencil or markers, imagination, patience and love.

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