make your own lotion

Here, have a thing

make your own aromatic massage lotion!

Dilute 6 drops of sandalwood essential oil with 4 tsp of sunflower, almond, or olive oil.

Rub a few drops on your hands and arms.

Breathe in the amazing scent!

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Good sunday beauty lovers 

I’m Valeria and this is my beauty blog LEARNTOMAKEUP!

Before starting with this tutorial remember that I’m doing a MAC LIPSTICKS GIVEAWAY and you can enter here 

In this post you will learn 7 WAYS TO USE YOUR FOUNDATION. 

Foundation is one of those makeup products that’s pretty much a staple in anyone’s collection. 

It’s definitely a staple in my beauty bag, but lately, I’ve been more into light-coverage products like BB creams and just some concealer and powder. 

It’s rare these days that I apply a full face of foundation unless I have a special event or something. But I don’t want my foundation to go to waste so I’m working on other ways to use it. 

Most beauty products have multiple uses, and foundation is no exception.

If you want to find out other ways to use your foundation keep on reading.


The benefit of a creamy blush is that it stays longer and can be much bolder and more versatile than powdered blush. 

If you’re looking to make your blush last a little longer, mix some with your foundation to create a custom cream blush.


If you don’t have super oily eyelids, you can get away with using your foundation as an eye primer instead. 

Just apply a little to your lids, set it, and then apply your eyeshadow as usual. This will also help make your color stand out more.


You’ll just need two ingredients: moisturizer and foundation. You can either use a small glass bowl to mix your tinted moisturizer together or simply mix together on the back of your hand. You can also use a sponge blender or a foundation brush or just your fingers to apply.

That’s it. That’s how simple it is to make your own tinted moisturizer! No more worrying with trying to find the perfect shade since you can quickly and easily make your own with products you already have and love.


Apply foundation on your lips before you apply any lipstick. Not only will this help your lipstick last way longer, it will also make your lipstick show up more boldly because it’s being applied to a skin-toned shade instead of your lip color.


Mix foundation with some bronzer to create your own contouring cream. Powders can be a little tricky to contour with while creams are easier to blend and shape, but you don’t need to buy a separate product!


Use foundation on your body to cover up any bruises or marks if you want. You can also mix old foundation that you don’t want on your face with body lotion to create a sheer coverage lotion for your body.


Highlighter is one of our beauty secret weapons. Add a touch of light-reflecting shimmer in the right places and you have an insta-contoured, glam look. 

You can add an illuminator or any light, shimmery pigment to your foundation to create your own highlighter from products you already have.

*As always I’m open to suggestions and opinions so if you need information about an specific topic don’t forget to tell us! *

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Love you all, Valeria.

Emma Stone Would Make a Great Beauty Editor

Oscar-nominated actress and star of Woody Allen’s new film, Irrational Man, Emma Stone is on the cover of WSJ. Magazine’s June/July 2015 issue, and over a plate of oysters and a glass of Sancerre, she divulges some interesting thoughts on beauty and confidence to interviewer Josh Eells. We know she’s busy working on a musical in addition to promoting the new movie, but Stone could probably come up with some great beauty editorials and stories given the chance.

Emma Stone’s Makeup Artist Shares Her 5 Red Carpet Beauty Tips
The Breakdown: Emma Stone
How Emma Stone’s Team Gets Her Red-Carpet Ready

Emma Stone in WSJ. Magazine June/July 2015

On mortality and beauty: One time, Stone was doing a press event for a Revlon mascara launch and instead of sharing her application tips she ended up talking about the infamous catacombs in Paris instead: “Everyone at the table, all these 25-year-old women who worked at beauty websites, were just jaws-open horrified,” Stone told the WSJ. “But it’s true! We’re all going to die, and we’re not going to have faces anymore. So do what you want with your face, because it will be a skull pretty soon.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

On why she passed on the new “Ghostbusters” movie: “The script was really funny. It just didn’t feel like the right time for me. A franchise is a big commitment—it’s a whole thing. I think maybe I need a minute before I dive back into that water.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

On her relationship: “It’s so special to me that it never feels good to talk about, so I just continually don’t talk about it.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

On anxiety and confidence: Growing up in Scottsdale, Arizona, Stone suffered from recurring acne, anxiety, panic attacks. Acting actually helped her learn to focus on the moment: “The first time I had a panic attack I was sitting in my friend’s house, and I thought the house was burning down. I called my mom and she brought me home, and for the next three years it just would not stop. I would go to the nurse at lunch most days and just wring my hands. I would ask my mom to tell me exactly how the day was going to be, then ask again 30 seconds later. I just needed to know that no one was going to die and nothing was going to change.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

On DIY skincare: The actress has late-night online shopping amnesia (us too!) and makes her own skin products—or at least, like many of us who spend too much time on Pinterest, she’s tried: “There was a point during Cabaret that I was on steroids for like a week because my voice kept going out, and you can’t sleep on steroids, so one night I was up at 3 a.m., and I must have read some article about how to make your own body lotion, because three days later all these boxes from Amazon showed up. I had ordered so much.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

On how she selects roles: "Recently I’m starting to enjoy having experiences that I wouldn’t allow myself to have in real life—like Sally onstage, and the kind of mental breakdown she goes through.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

What director Woody Allen thinks of Stone: “I think Emma has the potential to be one of the biggest female stars for years.”

Source: Yahoo Beauty

At this point, we’re very familiar with the naturally blonde Stone’s deceivingly ginger hair, but the tousled wavy bob is a low-maintenance version of the Old Hollywood waves she’s been rocking on the red carpet for years.

Source: Yahoo Beauty

The Revlon spokesmodel is well known for pulling off every single lip color imaginable, from bright reds to deep purples. The entire shoot is boho-beach, especially since it was on location in Malibu, so it’s only fitting that Stone rocked a coral-orange lip shade.

Source: Yahoo Beauty

anonymous asked:

do you know any tips on being able to read or concentrate on books/films/etc? my issues in my mind stop me from being able to focus long enough to even read a line of text or a few minutes of a movie. thank you if you can help :)

I find a cold glass of water and minimal surroundings help me, though it may take you a while to find what works for you personally and it sounds like what you’re experiencing is more severe. 

I’m mostly going to be listing grounding techniques and study tips for you, but I’d suggest doing more personalized research if you have a diagnosis or more articulated symptoms. (If you’re not able to focus on doing that, feel free to send another ask with more information!)

Learn what worsens your lack of concentration

When you find yourself unable to concentrate, do your best to note what’s going on around you and within you. If you’re able to, make a list of internal and external factors of the situation, like: tired, hungry, stiff posture / noisy room, harsh lighting, bright colors. If you notice any trends in these lists after several different situations, avoid the repeating factors when possible. 

Blocking out unneeded information

For reading, the paper technique! Take a piece of copy paper and cut out a section big enough to show 1 or 2 sentences of the text once you lay the paper on top of it. You can move the paper down as you finish reading. The giant block of words is now narrowed down to what you need to focus on, and hopefully less distracting!

Write down distracting thoughts

If you’re experiencing anxious thoughts that are distracting you from focusing, write down what you’re thinking about. Organize these thoughts on paper in a way that makes sense for you- personally, i find writing clearly and to the point with bullets helps best. Writing down your nagging thoughts, concerns, or things you’re worried about forgetting may calm you down and clear up room for focusing on a task. 

Breathing techniques

I know it sounds corny, and I groan every time a therapist brings it up, but closing your eyes and breathing deeply while counting your breaths helps a lot of people ground themselves. Put on noise-blocking headphones or music if it helps you, and take 60 seconds to focus just on your breathing and how it moves through your body. 

Repeated affirmations

If you’re having trouble separating from flurries of thought or worry, repeating a phrase along with a visualization may help you sort of bring yourself to the present or task at hand. For example, close your eyes or focus on the palms of your hands and trace the lines, and repeat a phrase as simple as “I can do this. I will be okay,” visualizing in your mind getting through the situation unharmed (or whatever relates to your phrase). When you’re starting to feel better, take a deep breath and try what you were working on again. 


If you’re not able to focus on books/films/etc, see if you can focus on your surroundings in bits and pieces. Count purple things, windows, lightbulbs, trees- anything you’re able to focus on. Work your way up to counting slightly more complex lists, like squares to windows to things with glass. The idea is to become familiar with your environment and cancel out things to distract you, while retraining yourself to focus on specific tasks. 


If you just need a little kick to get you back on task, certain smells can jolt you back into focus. I find sharp, earthy scents to work best; pine, mints, and basil seem to have a dual calming and energizing effect. Try sachets, lotions, or perfumes- you could even make your own custom! I found a few perfumes at the dollar store the other day that were actually nice and long lasting, so it doesn’t have to be high end, either. 

Hopefully one or more of these helps you! You may need to try more than one, and if any of them worsens your condition, stop and try something else. 


August 24th 2015

Calendula! The plants are finally happy, with blossoms jumping up all over the place. I don’t know if it’s normal for calendula to start blooming this late in the year, or if we planted a bit late, or if the weather has just been so off this summer. We will definitely be growing calendula next year, and use the dried petals in our lotion bars!