make your own burger

You know, sometimes I just crave a big, greasy fast food meal. And that’s fine, because you can totally make a healthy homemade version of it that gives you the same satisfaction! Healthy eating should be fun and exciting enough to be sustainable long-term.

Here I have a spicy Tesco Vegan Mexican Bean Burger which I baked from frozen (you can definitely make your own veggie patties too if you want!). I made my burger with wholewheat toast and filled it with with some kale and sliced tomatoes. I served it with a side of homemade potato and carrot chips, which I prepared by cutting a medium-sized potato and carrot into wedges, and coating it with olive oil, paprika, dried herbs and onion powder. Then I baked it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius with the burger for 20-40 mins (the burger was done first after 20 mins, so I left the chips in the oven to crisp up).

So delicious and definitely satisfied that fast food craving of mine.

It would be a long one, but I might get the recipe up for these adorable burger cakes that I made a while ago. They didn’t take to long to make consider all the different parts to them and they’re so fun for party’s !! 🍫🍔🍰🍴✨


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Hi there can I request a sceanio where you and jk get in a agreement so he tighten all the jar in attempt to get you to talk ^_^^_^“

genre: fluff?

“___, you can’t keep giving me this silent treatment, eventually you’ll have to talk!”, Jungkook called from the kitchen as he tightened all the jars in the cupboards. You simply showed him your middle finger from your spot on the dining table, you were focused on your phone, so you didn’t even notice what he was doing.

“Babe, seriously, why are you even giving me this kind of treatment.”, Jungkook pouted as he took a seat next to you. You looked up at him for a split second and went back to staring at your phone. “Hey, was it that bad? You know I don’t mean shit when I’m drunk, besides it was just the two of us last night.” You got up from your seat to grab a cup of hot chocolate and muttered to yourself, “You said I wasn’t your girlfriend and that you were gonna run away with IU and then you tried to fight me like for real. Stupid muscle pig tryna beat up his girlfriend.”

“Am I hearing, right? You can talk?”, Jungkook sarcastically remarked as he got up to move into the living room to play Overwatch. As soon as you made your hot chocolate you walked over to join your boyfriend in your living room, “Oh, so you’re not gonna talk to me but you’ll follow me around?” You rolled your eyes at him as you placed your cup on the coffee table. “No hot chocolate for me?” You began to ignore all of his little comments, you knew you were being super childish but you wanted to get back at him for almost beating you up.


Time passed and it was finally dinner time, you walked into the kitchen and took out all of the ingredients you needed. You were going to make Jungkook’s favourite homemade burgers, you were preparing all the ingredients and placing them on plates so the both of you could make your own burgers but when you reached for the pickle jar, you couldn’t open it, it was sealed shut.

You didn’t want to give in to the silent treatment but you really wanted the jar open. You walked up to Jungkook who was just lying on the sofa playing on his phone at this point and poked his face. He sat up and looked at you with a confused look on his face, remembering he had tightened the jars to make you speak. “What?”, he asked you as he took the jar from your hands. You signed for him to open it but he shook his head and laughed. “No, you gotta say it babe.” This time you shook your head and took the jar, attempting to open it again.

“Seriously all you gotta do is ask.”, he laughed as he watched you struggle. “Fine, you win, open the damn jar.”, you said, giving in to his trick. “You fucking tightened it, didn’t you?” “You know me so well.”

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may i ask, how do you make your own veggie burgers?

i usually make mine with black beans, corn, red pepper and sometimes some brown rice or mushrooms. put the red peppers and mushrooms in the blender, half the black beans in the blender too. us it as a binder and leave everything else whole. garlic and oil and chipotle peppers to taste. then sear them in a pan. nomnomnomnom