make your own burger

You know, sometimes I just crave a big, greasy fast food meal. And that’s fine, because you can totally make a healthy homemade version of it that gives you the same satisfaction! Healthy eating should be fun and exciting enough to be sustainable long-term.

Here I have a spicy Tesco Vegan Mexican Bean Burger which I baked from frozen (you can definitely make your own veggie patties too if you want!). I made my burger with wholewheat toast and filled it with with some kale and sliced tomatoes. I served it with a side of homemade potato and carrot chips, which I prepared by cutting a medium-sized potato and carrot into wedges, and coating it with olive oil, paprika, dried herbs and onion powder. Then I baked it in the oven at 200 degrees Celsius with the burger for 20-40 mins (the burger was done first after 20 mins, so I left the chips in the oven to crisp up).

So delicious and definitely satisfied that fast food craving of mine.

It would be a long one, but I might get the recipe up for these adorable burger cakes that I made a while ago. They didn’t take to long to make consider all the different parts to them and they’re so fun for party’s !! 🍫🍔🍰🍴✨