make your ex girlfriend regret leaving you


(Platonic) Daveed Diggs x Reader 

Note: This wasn’t a request I just kinda came up with the idea and thought I’d be fun while I’m stuck halfway through two fics I’m trying to write. Anyway I hope you enjoy Daveed acting like an overprotective big brother! 

Word Count: 1,390

You really did not want to be out tonight. All you wanted was to sit at home with a nice big tub of ice cream, the saddest songs on your phone and your most comfortable clothes to cry in. But when Daveed had found out your boyfriend, now ex boyfriend, had cheated on you he had declared that there was no way you would be sitting at home alone tonight.

“It’s your birthday! You’re not staying home because of that asshole on your birthday!” He had almost shouted when you called him and tried to cancel the plans he had already made for that night.

As the two of you walk into the overcrowded bar you feel instantly uncomfortable, the air is thick and full of sweat and the combined sound of people talking and the music blaring through the place makes it hard to think straight. Daveed guides you, with his hands on your shoulders, towards a table near the back where a few others are waiting for you.

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pairing: taehyung x reader
description: tae’s hearbroken and you’re the only one he knows he can talk to.
genre: angst
word count: 3.2k 

gd — untitled, 2014
rm, v — 4 o’clock
kard — rumor
seventeen — my i
blackpink — stay
bts — butterfly (prologue mix)
bts — let me know
agust d feat. suran — so far away
2ne1 — come back home
bts — what am i to you

notes: listen this is sad and angsty and i wanted to cry like 7 times after writing it. it’s my first one-shot like ever and it’s a mess of feelings and sadness, really. i wanted it to be with tae cause he’s bae and bias numero uno and, uhh, please give it a chance.

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Make Ups and Break Ups (Kai x You)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 2,487

Note: This came out way longer than I thought, but this was supposedly a “drabble” to make up for the lack of updates and the lack of fluff on this blog. Just based on a thought (what would happen if your new ex is dating the ex of your past ex?). I promise to write more for members that aren’t Jongin. ;~;


Anger seethes from your eyes as you crane your neck to catch of a glimpse of the happy couple seated amidst the many others in the cafe. With your back pressed against the wall of the store beside the cafe, you make sure not to be seen as you trace the figure of Oh Sehun through the broad glass windows.

Once your loving boyfriend, now a terrible, terrible ex.

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Ex-Girlfriend- Eisuke Ichinomiya

All he could ever think about was you. The letter you’d left him was always with him, your picture still lined his wallet, everything was about you, about winning you back, one day you’d join him again.

Whenever someone hurt you, it hurt him, he knew where you were, he knew what was going on in your life, but for now he was content with waiting for you to come back to him.

You’d walked out of his life, with such a sad smile gracing your lips, tears trailing down tainted cheeks. He couldn’t even really remember why you’d decided to leave that day, but the visions of Navy, suit cases resting beside you. Memories racing, remembering the exact moment when he’d watched you get into that black taxi, being driven from his life.

Making you his Ex-girlfriend, his ex that he wants back, no matter how much he attempted to deny it to begin with, he felt as though he needed you back with him.

Then the news came, and in a manner he regreted having watching you over so closely.

You’d found someone new, you’d been seen with him on dates for weeks, but it wasn’t until a photo of you kissing the scum of the earth, he realised that these weren’t just rumours, you’d found someone else. He was done. Done with being content. Done with patient.

You were his, plain and simple, even if you’d broken up with him, he was going to get you back.

The first days, he just sent flowers, with small notes, nothing particularly sweet but you were going to have to understand that he was going to make you come back. With his name signed, he knew you’d understand just how seriously he was going to work to win your back. Then the flower boquets got bigger, and every two days jewellery arrived alongside. Again, the same notes, but the words seemed to almost hold a sweet undertone, even going as far to tell you he loved you. Tearing your heart, how were you meant to move on when all he was doing was trying to drag you back into him.

Then you started writing back to him, the letters started, filled with pain, telling him how you didn’t want him to carry on, slowly morphing into romantic phrases about how much you missed him being with you, the kisses, the way he’d hold onto you, and even just sleeping next to him. Whenever he read the sweeter letters he found himself thinking he was just locked inside of his dreams, going so far as to cause himself pain to make sure he wasn’t just dreaming again.

Eisuke wanted nothing more than to show up at your door, pull you into him, and claim you all over again, he was waiting though, attempting to keep himself locked in work, sending you presents, he didn’t realise how slowly he was creeping back into your heart. Without you his world had breifly felt as though it was crashing down, and yet as you slowly seemed to be falling for him again he could close his eyes, and watch you walk back into his life, looking more beautiful than he even remembered.

Maybe, it was because he’d been chasing you around, he’d never expected to be chasing anyone like this, he still found himself wondering if you were even going to come back, all he knew is that he really needed you, he needed you to come back to him. There was nothing left in the world that he wouldn’t do to win you back, for you to believe that he needed you back.

He couldn’t take it without you anymore, all this time the both of you were having apart, as the letters became sweeter, the pain, the fear of coming back became even clearer, and he just couldn’t figure out what this was even for anymore?

And then, he found you standing at his door, face flushed, dressed head to toe in a violet dress, you dove into his arms, placing your head into the crook of his neck, whispers of love slipping through your lips, he found himself standing shocked momentarily.

His arms locked around you body, holding you tightly, closely, clinging to your form, never wanting to let you go again, all he was left to do was to hope he wasn’t just dreaming.

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*Homegirl is back ya’ll*

N: N is not about to let his ex-grilfriend try and humiliate you, let alone diss you in his presence. He would keep you from retaliating, and tell you that he can take care of the situation. N would give his ex-girlfriend a piece of his mind in accidental humiliation form and after that you shouldn’t be humiliated again. “Look at me. You remember this face? The same face you used to wake up to, and the same face that made you feel like goo. The only face you wake up to now is your reflection in the mirror next to your bed that has jealous bitch written all over it. Stay away from my girlfriend.” (DearlyB: Dayuuuuumm.)

Leo: Leo would become extremely frustrated with his ex-girlfriend acting out by trying to humiliate you. Heck, he’d be more ticked off than you! With that said, Leo would quickly thwart Homegirl’s name calling and other forms of humiliation by verbally giving it to her straight. It might even get a little physical…k-drama style. “And this is why I’m so glad I found someone much better than you.”

Ken: Ken would momentarily become an idiot and suggest that everyone calm down, so that everyone can become friends by working it out. Well, when that doesn’t work, he’d simply just drag you away from Homegirl. If you fuss about him not standing up for you, then he’d gladly march right back to Homegirl and tell her to stfu in the nicest way possible. After that, he would probably make fun of her weak humiliation attempt. “Don’t let her get to you! Besides, I guarantee you that she stole all of those insults from Family Guy and South Park.”

Ravi: Ravi seems chill most of the time, but seeing his ex-girlfriend humiliate you might bring out a side of him that the both of you have yet to see. He would no doubt tell Homegirl to chill the heck out, and remind her to leave the both of you alone. In that moment, Ravi would exude so much manliness while defending your honor that you would absolutely want to jump his bones when the two of you got back home. “*in that low Ravi voice* You have five seconds to apologize to my girlfriend, or I will make you regret your decision to even open your mouth to say those things.”

HongBin: HongBin does not have the time or energy to tell his ex-girlfriend off. However, since you are his bae, he has to step up and protect you from the verbal wrath of Homegirl. He would most likely pull her to the side to tell her off, so you won’t be ashamed of the things he will tell her. “I don’t have time for this. I really don’t. So, let me make this quick: Grow the hell up!”

Hyuk: Hyuk is not going to become frustrated, he will not pull anyone off to the side in order to tell them off, and he’s not dragging you away from the situation. He would simply stand there like a sponge and soak in all of her insults that were directed at you just so he can return them back ten-fold. Hyuk will be the one to make Homegirl walk away first. “I can see that your mouth is moving, but all I can hear is bull shit. Off you go.” (DearlyB: Oh snap!)

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