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                            I liked classic music since I was young. When my mother turned on classic music, I stopped crying. […] I didn’t have interests in hip hop. However, I listened to background music of my friend’s blog and I thought it was really my style. I thought that hip hop could be sentimental like that. 

  • keith:mullets are... like onions.
  • lance:they stink?
  • keith:yes---- no!
  • lance:oh, they make you cry?
  • keith:NO! layers! onions have layers. mullets have layers. they both have layers!
  • lance:...alright, but i think i brought up some fairly valid points

lets be real here. lance has a huge family. 

direct or distant, it doesn’t matter.

I come from a place where you had family, most distant but you still had them. so! some will be adorable and most will make you possibly cry sorrynotsorry

  • he has like three sisters, one older and two younger, but like four older brothers and one baby brother 
  • his older siblings like to tease him, but he never doubts they’d be there for him 
  • his two younger sisters force him to have tea parties or something girly, hence the little embarrassment he has to somethings
  • he hasn’t met his baby brother yet. the baby was just a little bun in the oven when Lance left earth. 
  • his older sister, lets call her Ross, is a famous pilot, for normal jets, rather than spacecraft. she loves flying and told lance all about the sky and how, when he grows up, he’ll be able to touch it. 
  • their family are all okay surfers, but Ross was the best and taught lance everything she knows. 
  • the family find her, in the middle of the night, sitting on her surf board, in the middle of the wide ocean, looking up at the sky. 
  • his brother were all in the military, Michael and Javier, the two oldest, were in the Air Force and Jose and Sam were in the Navy. 
  • his two younger sisters are still in grade school, Lilia in 2nd grade and Karla in 7th
  • they all miss him and Lilia and Ross, when she’s not out in the ocean, lay in his bed, in the midst of his surprisingly tidy room and just sleep, waiting for their brother to come back 
  • i don’t believe that middle children are ignored. at least not in big families. if somebody sees you, they include you. so when the family reunion rolled around, everybody wanted to know where lance was, where was mi hijo? 
  •  his tia’s, all four of them, who coddled the kid, who picked him up from school, the youngest of the four always sneaking him on her motorcycle, sobbed when they heard he had gone missing 
  • his parents had to call the Garrison and the Garrison had  to answer, lance’s parents wouldn’t give in and you had better bet lances mamma stormed Iverson’s office because he was in charge of her baby, where is her baby
  • of course, when lance does come back, he lands the Blue Lion right there on the beach and it’s Ross, it’s always Ross, that comes racing from the house, kicking up sand, sobbing, screaming.
  • they all hug him as tight as they can
  • it’s their lance
  • hes back
  • and OF COURSE they welcome the other paladins in with open arms, i mean, what’s a few more to their huge family?
  • don’t forget allura and coran 
  • cant forget them of course

well, that’s all for today folks. how was that, @bae-llura

Oh man you guys. Max has been messaging me nonstop about the pjo zombie au… and let me tell you, my heart is breaking with every scene he’s wrote me. I’m half way though one of the more heartbreaking and angsty scenes, and oh gosh. OH GOSH. Do you guys even like this au? Cause if you do, I’ll continue with it. But if not, then I’ll suffer in silence and not bring out the older brother percy angst. Cause OH GOSH.
Happy Birthday Alex

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Happy Birthday! I got this weird message today. I think it’s for you?


i know you were talking about a Jaig Eyes tattoo and I had an idea, so here! I could also do the letters in aurebesh if you wanted to see that version. <obviously this is just a concept but I thought you might like the idea. I hope it’s nice to look at regardless>


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Dude, that is so cool!

(And you remembered something I mentioned?! Gah. I love when people do that.)

I would love to see what it looks like in Aurebesh, or – even fucking better – Mandalorian font.

*continues to drool all over this* Have I told you lately that I love and cherish you, Lace? Because I love and cherish you.


Did you have a hard day?
You can complain to me.
Did something make you almost cry?
It’s alright, look at me.

Starting from now, think of three really good things.
The warm air, the dazzling weather, and me outside your window.

I told you, you can see brightness only when it gets dark.

At the place where the starlight gathers, I’ll be waiting.
Close your eyes and fly, I’ll hug you.

Ride the moonlight that colors your windows.
Are you coming to me?

At the place where the starlight gathers, I’ll be waiting.
Close your eyes and fly, I’ll hug you.

When my song ends, the sunlight will be dazzling.

Happy Birthday, My Dear Yesung. ♡

I hate you for breaking my heart.

I hate you for giving you the power to hurt me.

I hate you for making me feel this way. I hate you for hurting me.

I hate you for making me cry.

I hate you for leaving me just like anyone.

I hate you because i don’t have the right to hate you.

I hate you for not saying anything.

I hate you for still wanting you.

But i don’t hate you, i just hate that i’m hurting even though i shouldn’t.

And i hate that i can’t do anything to lessen the pain.

Please say something…

me before you is one of those movies that are made /specifically/ to make you cry and im like NO THANKS i have enough of that in my life i don’t want to waste my tears over a mediocre love story written exclusively to break my heart you can keep it to yourself next time thank you very much

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I LOVE I Give up and fluffy, sweet Baek but I'm kinda hoping for an angsty ending where they break up or something. Does that make me terrible?

I’ll make you all cry pretty soon. But if I end this story on angst what happens to me? Do you know how freaked out everyone was when I threatened to hurt baek? Dood….the fires would consume this whole blog.


@fooferah That is an excellent question! Anyone wanna fancast that movie?😂

@potterjames Aww, I didn’t mean to make you cry. 😚

@junebugninja Heh, we are pretty cute.😉

@jenndoesnotcare Ngl, the main reason I tagged you was that photo of my brother!🚬☠🎸 (It’s hard to represent the concept of ‘hessian’ in emoji.)

@organasoloskywalker I ALMOST TAGGED YOU. #lexi it’s your RL OTP💏😹

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웃 Last thing you remembering thinking before you fell asleep last night. ☿ Something that scares you to your core. ♒ A memory that still makes you cry. ☑ The biggest regret of your life.

Kane was just getting back into camp after a long day and it was then his little sister popped up beside him. She asked a few questions that caused him to stop walking. He turned to stare at the girl with narrowed slits. “What are you getting little duck?” He asked curiously before letting out a sigh. “The last thing I remember thinking of last night is how my brother was doing. He hasn’t sent a letter recently and I’m just wondering how he’s doing.”

It was then he thought of the next question that caused him to close his eyes. He took a step back moving to place his hands in his back pockets. “I have a few little duck, one of them is the thought of you or Reylain dying. The other, is my children dying to this… I don’t really care for much else. But I don’t want to lose what little family I have left.” He forced a smile on his face not sure how he’d be able to answer these two questions.

“I… can’t talk about that one just yet; give me a little bit more time. The biggest regret in my life… is the same memory that can still make me cry. I can’t answer these last two little duck, I’m sorry.” Kane stretched his arm out and patted her head softly and lowered to rest on her shoulder. He lowered his head and began to walk towards the camp once more.

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Happy Birthday @captainhoranxx

Dear Nurf aka @captainhoranxx,

       It is now your birthday in the pacific time zone (by the time i got to the 2nd paragraph it was 4am) so i guess right now is a good time as any so say Happy Birthday. 

      I’ve been thinking about what I was going to do for your birthday for the past 23 days, i managed to do the count down on your Tumblr without exposing myself too much XD. But i didn’t think a countdown was enough y’know, so yesterday i realized maybe the most special way to say happy birthday is the old fashion way…which is writing a really long text post about you in an attempt to make you cry happy tears. Soooooo here it goes :

OMFGGG BISH ASKBGASHJG I LUV YOU SO MUCH FBASVHJDA HONESTLY BDAHJVB FJVBAEJ. I didnt think i could make such a great *friend like you in the span of now 5 months but i did and just,,wow. Ok so just to warn you this is going to get cheesy real fast, but, im pretty sure i wouldn’t be able to live without you. Every single day you make me happy and you make me look forward to the future (2020 goin be lit) and its really nice knowing that i have a friend like you to always cheer me up, and likewise i hope.  

            When we first talked i thought you were amazing, i thought you were a wonderful blog and person. You seemed like one of those blogs that was always about positive shit and peace and love and all that (”we’re all about swag swag and positive vibes here at @captainhoranxx “). You were so sweet when you talked to me, ngl it got a bit awkward at times but it was really…idk how to exactly describe the feeling, it just felt…nice.  I remember right after you went to bed the night we talked i made a post about you, and the post said that i had made a new friend, and it was true.

      I remember at the start i didnt get to talk to you like E V E R because i hadnt learned what time zone you were in (its 7:08 am for you rn) and it got really annoying. I also remember leaving my shite friends to talk to you whenever i could, on the library computers (best decision ever) and not even having a second thought. E V E N T U A L L Y i got my phone replaced (we both know what that was like #fightingUPS) so i didnt have to use the library computers anymore. You trusted me enough to give me your phone number, we had talked for less than 2 months and we already had a strong friendship :)))))))). idk that just makes me go wowowowow inside.       

        Ofc now since its been a few months i know you’re actually a hoe in disguise pretending to be a really sweet tumblr blog and that you will willingly cut any bitch that stands in the way of you getting the amount of sugar daddies you deserve. I mean,,,youre still a kewl dude, just a v nastee & gay kewl dude. Like now that i know you i can list every single thing wrong with you

1. Nothing




5. Nothing


….yeah, now that i know you i know you are pretty much the bestest person ever.

     Ok but seriously, i love you so much like omfg! And you know that i hate the word love, i hate it with every fiber of my being,,,well i hatED it, not anymore, or at least not as much anymore. I guess maybe i didnt like the word because i was never able to say it to a friend, ive never had a friend like you. My “friends” rarely act like friends, sometimes i feel like i have friends, but then something happens and life is just like LMaO yOU tHOUghT!!!! My friends irl dont like me. So many people have just stopped being my friend for no reason other than the fact they dont like me and honestly, you are the only reassurance i have that people can like me and that i can have great friends. At times when i wallow in self pity or i feel like i have no friends i remember i have nurf :)

      I feel i have yet to achieve my goal of making you cry happy tears because im so damn awkward but anywayyyy i would just finally like to say thank you, thank you for being my friend and always supporting my weirdness and always knowing when to tease me and shit, and also for having the hottest sisters ever and for always saying you lube me back. Thanks best friend. And Happy Birthday! Im posting this at the end of your bday but i hope youve had the bestest day, i can’t wait to celabrate many more bdays with you as my friend. I Love You

……….lol jk BitTch Happy Bday oLd ass gay HOe


Ocean Eyes

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by Ahkimoto

( Song fic based off Ocean Eyes - Billie Ellish )
( Oh and some characters are a lil ooc sorry :( )
You really know how to make me cry when you give those ocean eyes.
I’m scared.

Words: 2189, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

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