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“Mum, dad, thank you.”

Remember when they didn’t allow her to be a singer? Remember when they said they’re gonna give her one last chance, and if she still failed the audition, they’re not letting her go on anymore auditions? Now here they are, her parents, in her mv, watching their daughter grow as a singer. Thank you Yong parents for giving Yongsun one more chance. Thank you RBW for accepting her in. Thank you Yongsun for persevering on☀️️

(fun fact: i searched the whisper photo to know who are the guys in the background and shut-your-ass that’s elijah wood i just made my everything-is-fucking-connected todd brotzman face)

Burn rewrite

Hello! I rewrote this, but I’d really prefer if this stays anonymous, please! You can post it on your page under your own account, if you want, just say that someone else wrote it~

(also, for the sake of syllables, Mallory would be pronounced maal-ry lol)

I saved every email you wrote me
From the moment I read them
I knew you’d hate me
I think you’d agree
We were enemies

Do you know what Elizabeth said
When I told her that we were soulmates?
She said, “I’m happy for you, my love: but I won’t let him make a mistake.”

You and your touch flooded my senses
Our recklessness caused an explosion
You gave me miracles in an empty world
You gave me color

I’m rereading the emails you sent me
I’m searching and scanning for answers in every line
For some kind of sign
And when you were mine
The world seemed to burn

You told us that you broke our family
You told all of us that you messed up
In clearing your name
You have ruined our lives

Do you know what Elizabeth said
When she’d heard what you’d done?
She said, “You have chosen King Midas:
he prefers his gold riches instead.”

You and your words: destroyed by your history
Your excuses border on senseless
And you are paranoid with every step you take
That’s why you cheated
You, you, you…

I’m erasing myself from the narrative
Let our future daughter just wonder
What her future could’ve been
With two happy fathers
You have torn it all apart
I am watching it burn
I’m watching it burn

That girl has no place in your heart
That girl has no place in our bed
She leaves now, or you leave instead
I’m burning the memories
Burning our promises
That might have redeemed you

You forfeit your place in my heart
You forfeit your place in our bed
Go sleep with your Mallory instead!
With only the memories
Of when you were mine

I hope that you burn

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RFA reacts to MC planning a surprise picnic for Valentine's day with food she made

Thank you for your request and i hope you like it!


  • It’s Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him in the park…
  • He’s already excited!
  • It’s his first Valentine’s Day with someone…He is nervous, but he also has sure that this will be awesome!
  • When you reveal to him what is the surprise, his jaw dropped!
  • You made that??! WOW!
  • Looks so good!
  • He’ll eat this food so quickly because for him this is too delicious!
  • But he’ll feel bad that he ate too fast so this date will have to end sooner 
  • But when you reassure him that this is ok, he smiles, so relieved…
  • Your attitude in doing all these things…This beautiful picnic makes him be so emotional…
  • He’ll not sleep this night because he’ll keep playing the memories of this date with him!
  • He’ll definitely some good breakfast for you tomorrow, with a lot of love!


  • Really MC?
  • A surprise picnic? Romantic.
  • Did you make the food? Romantic!
  • Wow, this is so perfect, why he didn’t have this idea!
  • Well, he actually knows how to cook, but your food tastes delightful!
  • And he’ll try to feed you, every time is getting annoying, but you know, romance!
  • He just finds this like a fairy tail, you and him, in nature, eating a good meal, with the wind blowing in your hair!
  • We need to take a selfie!
  • He takes so many selfies that the food is already cold when he’s going to eat it.
  • -_-
  • After all, he loved this surprise, it was what he wanted, a romantic Valentine’s Day.
  • Well, now is your turn to see what he has prepared for you!


  • When she saw what you planned, she gives you a genuine smile.
  • This is such a good idea MC!
  • And she really keeps complimenting your food with so many cute compliments, you just can’t stop smiling!
  • That was so simple, but it was so good.
  • You two spend the evening just eating some casual food, looking around and talking.
  • Looks boring, but it was pretty good.
  • You never saw Jaehee smiling and laughing that much, this really made you feel so happy about all that.
  • She knows this was a surprise for Valentine’s Day and everything…But she really wants to do this again, you know?
  • You make something, she makes something…Everything will be perfect!
  • It will be a pleasant time, like always.


  • He didn’t want to come here, but is Valentine’s Day and you said you had a surprise for him
  • What is surprising? He doesn’t know, but he sure want to
  • When you said it was a picnic, he thought this was too simple for this date
  • But before he could even say something you said that you prepared that food, he made sure to shut the hell up about it
  • When he starts to eat it…He almost doesn’t believe that you prepared that, something !it was too good!
  • When he asked what was your secret you just replied with “love”
  • That made him think…And then he realizes he has been a dork all this time.
  • It doesn’t matter if is big or small, simple or not, the feelings…The meaning matters.
  • And you made this with so much love that not even the best chefs could so something so delightful 
  • He smiles so much that evening, he didn’t even look like that important Jumin Han.
  • He sure wants to do this again, he can even something!
  • Oh, and can Elizabeth come or this is a bad idea?


  • You finally manage to make him leave that bunker for this one fucking day.
  • He’s just a dork running through the park, you would be embarrassed if you weren’t already familiar with his way.
  • When you reveal to him the surprise, he just gave you a big smile!
  • He already knew it, he watched over you, but he’ll lie and make sure you think he’s really surprised!
  • But happy? Happy he definitely is!
  • “Woow, you made real food for me? That was a miss steak”
  • Yes, he fucking evening is him making you laugh only when you have your mouth full of food.
  • After that, he’ll talk to you, finally being romantic, talking about the sky, until he gets even close to you, putting one hand on your cheek
  • “You know MC…” He got even closer, looking deep into your eyes, “I think we made a nice pear…”
  • You get out a little mad and he is just laughing his ass off
  • “IT’S NACHO YOUR PROBLEM” You yelled while walking
  • He just opens his mouth “…I love this woman…WAIT FOR ME!”

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→ Cheer Up - Hong Jin Young
→ Ave verum corpus, K. 618 - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
→ April Story - April 
→ Algo Contigo - Gente De Zona
→ Next - The Weeknd
→ Dream catcher - Nell
→ Lucky One - EXO 
→ I.D.S.T - Arctic Monkeys
→ Butterfly - f(x)
→ One Dance - Drake 

I’M SO EMBARRASSED like my music taste is everywhere lol my home boy Mozart got in here ; u ; 💛
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Oh this is so random but I was writing about it for class today so it reminded me I wanted to talk about it here! For a class I’m taking rn we brought ~vulnerable~ pieces in to be re critiqued, and I talked to my teacher and then my class about this piece and how I felt like I didn’t get any feedback I needed/ the content was dismissed by my class and oh the crit went so well!!! And I got like a lot of really good feedback and like closure about this painting that made me angry/confused for such a long time!/ it’s really wild how the crit space changes when your peers are receptive to your ideas/ what sort of feedback you need! Inclusive and open critique spaces are so important! I don’t think I’m going to paint for a while/ and generally I want to make more self reflective work/ get back to drawing and like my own hand + thoughts in work but this painting meant so much to me and getting some productive feedback really has put me in an ok/good place about art again! Uh that’s it I wasn’t going anywhere w this just wanted to talk!

Keith being impressed by Lance’s badassery is a thing ...

… or at least, I want to believe it’s a thing. I want to make it a thing, hence why I wrote the Keith unintentionally spies on Lance in the training room fic. I mean, look at this little badass:

Look at Keith’s reaction to them “being a good team” and, yes, I know I’m the one millionth person to point this out, but I feel like there’s respect and camaraderie in that gaze:

(Gif by Jinxette from Voltron’s wiki.)

Except, you know, what I wrote in fic form was less Keith being all good team battle-bud camaraderie and more holy crap Lance is actually kicking ass and taking names so now he should definitely take me — what?

Or something like that ;D

I followed through on my promise to gather it all up as a one-shot (with a newly added epilogue), and posted on AO3: 

Like a Bolt from the Blue …

… because Keith felt attacked by his sudden feels/desires for Lance since they came out of nowhere for him. Poor Paladin ;)


Whitney storms back into the apartment, livid with her daughter. Ivory sighs, knowing she deserved her mother’s disgust and anger. Nicole deserved to know who her father was, but Ivory was too afraid to tell her. Ivory also had to admit that she didn’t want to upset Nico Holmes. She was still madly in love with him, and she would do anything to stay by his side now that he was back in her life. Including keeping their young daughter a secret. 

Ivory’s cell phone begins to buzz in her hands. She is shocked when she sees Nico’s number on the screen. She hesitantly answers the call.

Ivory shaky: Hello?

Nico’s deep voice comes through, causing Ivory’s heart to jump wildly in her chest.

Nico: Ivory. I’ve given it some thought. What happened today. And I want to…make things right.

Ivory quickly: Nico- you don’t have to do anything. We agreed-

Nico interrupts: I want to get to know your daughter. I mean, our daughter. Nicole. I’d like to get to know her. If you think it’s not too late.

Ivory breathless: Nico? Are you sure? What about Allison?

Nico: I’ll tell Allie in time. But that’s not your concern. Can we talk about this at work tomorrow?

Ivory: Of course. But Nico-

Nico abruptly hangs up. Ivory puts her hands to her forehead, trying to decipher Nico’s tone. Was he angry? Irritated? Maybe…happy? No, he didn’t sound happy.

Ivory: My God. What a mess.

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Depression is a choice. It's literally something you can choose not to be. Just like everything else in this world. Now, I'm not telling you to stop being depressed, because of course it doesn't just happen that way. But I am saying that you have the power to not be in that predicament. Just like being depressed is a choice, to be happy is a choice too. You just have to want that for yourself. And once you start to want it for yourself, you'll make sure you get that for yourself. It gets better!

Depression is a choice well aren’t you smart well just to let you know a few years ago my best Tyler he put a gun in his mouth and killed him self in front of me and his mom. And Bc of that I have ptsd and if you look up the system you get from ptsd IF YOU LOOK IT UP
YOU GET Ill copy and paste what I found fir you. Symptoms may include nightmares or flashbacks, avoidance of situations that bring back the trauma, heightened reactivity to stimuli, anxiety, or depressed mood. Depression, OH SHIT depression

Now if you think about it having PTSD is not a choice it’s not a. Decision to have and when you have ptsd you have depression so if you think about it it’s not a fucking choice is it? Waking up freaking out is not a choice being happy is not a choice when your fucking depressed all the time
When you watch your best friend kill his self all of your joy and happiness drains from you

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So I met this girl and I'm like 99% sure she's gay, but she's currently in a beard relationship. I like her, and don't want to mess up whatever she has going on, I just want to casually ask her about it. How should I go about it? She's shown interest in me and I want to be respectful about her being in the closet.

I’m not trying to be mean to you, but how do you know her current relationship is a beard relationship? She could be bi? Like you really should not be making assumptions about people, their relationships and their identity, let that person tell you themselves. 

I’m not really the type to encourage people to get involved with someone who is already in a relationship. It’s ultimately your choice on how you want to handle this situation. But my advice? Hang back until she decides on what she wants. 

-Mom Em

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number 11 for the kiss

11. after a long discussion of what a kiss might feel like

“Have you kissed anyone before?”

“What?” The question is sudden and outlandish. It has her sitting up in the grass to look down at the doe eyed boy who’s still staring up at the clouds. He looks calm and nonchalant, but when she gives him a hard stare he avoids her gaze. There’s a faint tint of pink splashed across his cheekbones and the tips of his ears are rosy.

“You heard me…” Jungkook starts again, trying to sound sure, but really he’s not. She knows this because the only thing he’s ever sure of is what ice cream flavor he wants. Everything else just seems to make him dizzy.

“I know…I just can’t believe you asked me that.”

“Well…have you?” Jungkook tears at the grass at his side and he drops it into her lap in a fluttering mess.

Y/n leans back on her arm and in a quiet voice responds, “No. Why?”

Jungkook shrugs, “Just wondering. I haven’t either.”

Y/n flushes down to her collarbones and the thin tee feels too warm despite the fact that it’s a fresh spring day with a cool breeze. She has to keep herself from fanning her face. Jungkook would never let her live it down if he saw.

“What do you think it’s like? You know, to kiss someone you really like?” Y/n asks absentmindedly. She’s leaning on one arm, hovering over him and he’s watching her carefully, wide eyed and curious.

For a moment it seems like he’s in awe and it makes her insides fuzzy. He has a habit of doing that to her.

“Its probably really nice…like you’d get that stupid smile on your face.”

“It’s probably wet.”

“…and warm.”

“…you’d feel it in your toes.”

“…and in the air.”

“Like static.”

“I hear your bones feel like jelly.”

“Your heart feels like it’s swelling.”

Y/n doubles over and laughs, “Do you think we could float away and disappear then?” Her forehead is almost touching his and she can feel puffs of breath brushing against her skin. It makes her skin buzz, her insides soft, and it makes her blood rush. If being close to someone feels like this, then she wonders what a kiss really feels like.

“Maybe…” Jungkook’s voice is soft and when she blinks down at him she finds their noses bumping. There’s nothing graceful about it, his chin knocks into her face at a funny angle and he catches the corner of her lips. It feels like a jolt of white hot electricity and warmth trickling into her limbs.

She turns her head, the angle feels odd, but she feels her body shiver when she slants her lips against his. They’re wet and warm. He smells like grass, dew, and something woody. Y/n wonders if all kisses are like this or if this is unique to Jungkook.

When Jungkook pulls back, he sighs and his face is beet red. It’s boyishly charming and it makes her bashful.

“Do you feel like you’re floating? Because I do…”

He’s trying to hide his smile behind his hand, but Y/n pulls it away and pecks him once more. It puts him at ease.

“It definitely feels like floating…”

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Ocean’s Fave ao3 Klance Bookmarks: A FIC REC

I’ve been working my way through the klance tag on ao3 for a while now and am always sending links to my friend so i thought i may as well compile a bunch of my faves here! these are pretty much all my bookmarks atm but there’s so many more i want to read… i’ll probably reblog this and add more as time goes by (or make like a part 2?)

almost all of these are set in the canon universe or canon divergence because.. it’s my fave universe. what au is better than space?????? nothing. space is the best setting for anything to happen! (space opera au’s have always been my favourite) all fic on this list is complete and any heavy nsfw fics will have an * beside it so it can be avoided if you wish!

so without further ado, In alphabetical order -

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can we be fucking real for a minute here and say that if you want to make a good LP you don’t do it on your first playthrough

like i get why people do it, for video views on new games obviously, but it just makes for bad videos if you’re stumbling around having no semblance of what to do, missing stuff all over the place, etc. the value of people having your first impression just doesn’t make up for all the downsides from an objective standpoint and it more often than not weighs the video down.


year 2016 & bts

  • 50% of the Killing Stalking fandom: uwu friendly reminder that this obviously unhealthy content is bad. Let me reiterate this 900 more times. Don't ship anything or you're problematic.
  • 40% of the Killing Stalking fandom: Damn B I'm so dirty and messed up for liking this??? Like I've never seen a horror movie in my life. This is the first sin I've ever committed. So dirty, so bad.
  • The other 10%: pls stop, I just want to see some content.

*inhales deeply* SO back in 2013, I made a shitty Ace Attorney PowerPoint so my bf could have context to all the shitty AA doodles I did. I’ve dug up this relic and decided to update it with all the hip and happening characters and plot. It’s spoiler free imo, except Mia, but it’s like known by anyone who has played past case 1-1, so….

AAI slides were done primarily by @doodleblah because I never got around to playing those and she loves them. Not everyone is on here because they’re just the characters I primarily draw so sorry von Karma, Kristoph, Dahlia, Fulbright, etc

My life goal is to adapt every meme

If you enjoy it, it’s not a waste of time.