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do you think magnus could have survived the activation of the soul sword? or would his demon blood have overridden his angel blood?

That’s a good question! First off, I should clarify that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood at all; it’s specifically the blood of a fallen angel. A popular conception – which the books seem to hold to – is that fallen angels are responsible for having created the first demons. This means Magnus doesn’t have regular demon blood like other Downworlders, but something much more potent and closer to the source. 

What’s significant about this – and this is something the books failed to explore – is twofold:

  • it suggests that your blood doesn’t define who you are no matter how little or how much “demon” you have in you
  • it suggests that downworlders and shadowhunters are really two sides of the same coin because everything originated from the angels; fallen or not, the seven princes are still archangels

As a result, I want to say there are certain things Magnus might actually be more susceptible to, including weapons specifically meant to destroy or harm demons like the soul sword because his blood is so closely aligned to the original fallen angels. Whether this is true or not ofc we don’t know, but I wish the show would consider it because it’s a good way of giving him a kryptonite without taking away from his power in silly ways like having a couple of vampires cling to his hands.

But I also think in his hands, he’s equally capable of wielding them, if that makes sense. Like, his fallen angel blood would have allowed him to activate the soul sword but with different results than Jace with regular angel blood did, much in the same way that the witchlight glows red for him, not bright white.

But yeah! Basically I think it’s important to distinguish that Magnus doesn’t have angel blood like Clary or Jace because if he did, it’d undermine him as an example of someone whose birthright doesn’t define him; he’s specifically the son of a fallen angel/prince of hell and he’s learned to embrace his power without becoming dark and evil like his father.

Making of an Eldritch
Making of an Eldritch

Okayyyyy I’ll post it publicly why not!

A little fansong of sorts for Black Hat!

( Flug | Dementia )

Some notes:

  • My voice does not have the best range in the world I’m sorry if I make your ears cry
  • I wasn’t really sure what the subject would be about and as I wrote it, it ended up being like… an ‘origin story’ about how Black Hat got his powers? As in, if he wasn’t always the way he is. Blah blah headcanon blah
  • Lyrics below the cut! (There are a couple of Spanish lines, with translations–I hope they’re right, or at least in the ballpark. My Spanish is rather rusty)

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@hanbamblr replied to your post “Listening to some of the mental health podcasts by people of…”

Wow that’s so weird. My therapist was completely supportive when other people were to blame. Acknowledging when people have done something wrong and confirmed your negative thinking, is the best way to tackle it. People don’t just start randomly thinking, ‘I can’t trust anyone. Everyone wants to use me and then leave me.’

Wellllll, my theory with that specific prof (a psychologist) is that his “never let your client blame anyone” attitude? Was very helpful for him in his previous work.

Before teaching at my school, he was employed by the US Army to provide community mental health support on military bases circa 2005-2010

So I can imagine it would have worked for him and his employers if he always told his clients, “Don’t blame the Army or your CO or the command structure or your training or the rules of engagement or the war for your problems.” Like, “Your child isn’t acting out because his parents keep getting deployed; he’s acting out because he makes bad choices.” Or, “Your spouse might be acting differently since their concussion in Iraq, but don’t focus on brain injury; do couples’ counselling.”

I cannot promise it was true; I didn’t see him work in his former position. This is merely the scenario I inferred from the way he talked about it, and my knowledge of many veterans’ and military families’ experiences with US military mental health resources.

He taught me a lot. Not about the course material, which he was notably bad about imparting, but about power and its uses, and the dangers of complicity in my profession.

Supersomething- Chapter 3- Super Cheesy

Fic Masterlist! 

Word Count: 1200

Dan speedwalks down the street towards the movie theater. He’s going to meet Phil, and he doesn’t want to be late. Sure, he could just go back an hour or so and force himself to get ready earlier, but he’s had about enough of his powers for the week. 

Many times he’d tried to catch Plantman and many times he’d failed. Somehow, he always seemed to be one step ahead of him, which doesn’t make much sense considering Dan’s the one with the power to turn back time. At this point, he’s feeling a bit dejected; he’s devoting most of his time and energy to catching one villain but he can’t manage to do it. 

But at the moment, he’s a bit more invested in making it to the movie on time. Dan’s never been the most punctual, but it’s only his second time meeting Phil, so he doesn’t know that yet, and Dan would definitely like to keep it that way. 

Dan finally reaches the theater only a couple minutes later than their original meeting time. He leans up against the door, panting heavily. “Hey, Dan.” He pivots to see Phil standing about a foot away from him. “You good?” 

“Yeah,” he pauses to take a breath. “I’m fine,” he chokes out, still trying to calm his heart rate. 

“Well, what movie do you want to see?” 

Dan can’t believe they haven’t already discussed this. By the time they pick a movie, it’ll have already started. “I don’t know. Let’s check the list.” 

They immediately discover the flaw in their plan when finding that almost every movie playing is about halfway over. There are only a couple of choices that are starting around soon. “Batman vs. Superman or some romcom?!” Phil spluttered, clearly angry. 

Dan cocks his head to the side. “I really don’t get why they show those superhero movies in this city.” 

“Yeah; we know superheroes and supervillains better than the producers do. It’s probably a bad idea.” Phil pauses, unsure of what to say next. “Which do you want to see?” 

The thought of seeing a superhero movie terrifies Dan; he can’t help but worry he’ll blurt out something he shouldn’t and give away his secret identity. As much as he doesn’t want to see a romcom, he feels it’ll probably be the least awkward and dangerous of the two. “The romcom, I guess.” 

Phil walks up to order the tickets. “Two tickets for…” he hesitates, and Dan realizes Phil doesn’t even know the name of the movie they’re going to see. To be fair, neither does Dan. Phil glances at the board before continuing. “Moonlight Dreams, please.” The teen cashier doesn’t even seem to notice; he just sighs, mindlessly takes Phil’s money, and hands him the tickets. 

“Thanks for buying the tickets. Dan chuckles. “Especially because neither of us are even that excited about the movie in the first place.” 

“Hey; we get to hang out, and that’s worth the money in my book.” 

“We could have just gone somewhere else, you spork!” Phil laughs, and Dan notices him pull his sweatshirt sleeves over his arms. Phil really likes sweatshirts. “Are you cold?” 

“What?” Phil glanced around the room, his colorful gaze finally falling on his hands. “Oh. No; I just do this sometimes.” Phil blushes, causing Dan to furrow his brow. Phil’s acting a bit off, but he decides to let it go as it’s their turn for concessions. They order a large popcorn, (despite Dan’s argument that it’ll probably be gone within five minutes) a couple drinks, and a huge box of gummi worms. 

Checking his phone, Dan discovers that showtime is only a minute away. “Previews start in a minute.” 

“Yeah, but the movie doesn’t start for ten.

Dan almost snorts the sip of his drink in his mouth. “It’s true, but that doesn’t mean you should say it.”

The two laugh and make their way to the theater. They take seats near the front in an attempt to avoid the teenagers that will probably be making out a few rows back and settle in as the lights dim.

Dan doesn’t pay much attention to the movie; it’s cheesy and he has to roll his eyes at a pun at least once every minute or so. The guy and the girl fall in love just like usual. Dan wishes they could have a gay love story… Just once.

After about the fifteenth love-related pun, Dan groans out loud. “It’s so cheesy.”

“Yeah.” Phil hesitates, as if he’s battling himself about whether or not to let the words out of his mouth. “I wish there was a gay romcom. Just for something different, you know?”

Dan’s eyes widen. “I was just thinking that!” He opens his mouth, but doesn’t speak; the words on his tongue are risky enough to hold back, but after a moment of thought he decides to let them out. “Are you…” 

“Yeah,” Phil mutters awkwardly. “Are you?” 


That was probably the most awkward coming out Dan’s ever experienced. But now he’s left drowning in his own thoughts. He’s one of those people that doesn’t begin to fall for anyone until the thought is suggested or until he’s sure he has even the littlest of chances. It’s probably something others would beg for, but it’s still not Dan’s favorite thing to deal with. But a little bell just went off in Dan’s head. 

He’s gay. Phil’s gay. That’s a lot of gay. Is it possible… even the littlest bit… that Phil has a crush on him? 

Dan shakes his head. He’s acting like a schoolgirl. There’s literally no reason to believe that Phil likes him. But Dan knows himself. Does this mean there’s a possibility that he likes Phil? Yet again he shakes his head, trying to knock the thought out of his ear. As expected, it doesn’t work. 

He spends the rest of the movie imagining him and Phil as the characters in the movie. It’s not a repulsive thought; in fact, it’s quite comforting. By the cliche sex scene that Dan attempts to ignore, the popcorn bucket is starting to run low. Dan knew they should have gotten two. He reaches in to get a handful of popcorn, but ends out pulling Phil’s hand out instead. “Oh; I’m sorry.” Dan blushes, a feeling of warmth rushing through his veins. He tries to pull away from Phil’s hand, but Phil doesn’t seem to want to let him go. 

“No; it’s fine.” Phil looks up, making eye contact with Dan. The dim light reflecting off the movie screen lights up his eyes so that Dan can see the tiny streaks of yellow through his blue-green irises. “I hope you don’t mind this.” 

“Not at all, actually.” Dan leans on Phil’s shoulder. After a moment, he looks up at Phil. “I hope you don’t mind this.” He leans up, pressing his lips to Phil’s. The warmth of Phil’s touch intensifies, filling Dan with a sort of happiness he’s not sure he’s ever experienced. 

They split apart, and Dan stares at Phil’s pearly, white smile. “That was so cheesy.”

Dan’s mouth curves into a smile of its own. “Maybe cheesy isn’t really that much of a bad thing.”

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please come back

honestly I salute all of you who still stick around following this blog when the only activity is some very sporadic submissions (I just found a few old submissions in my inbox which I queued up so there will be a tiny amount of content forthcoming), but at this point I think the probability of this blog becoming active again is like… 0%

mainly because over the past year running this blog and making content for it has sunk way way down on my list of priorities (the last original image I made for the blog was at the beginning of last August) until now it basically doesn’t even register on my priorities. Which is kind of sad in a way because running this blog was a huge part of my college (and my first couple of post-college) years, but maybe now I’ve just grown old and joyless and don’t see the humor in a lot of TFLN content anymore (outside of a few classics–the phrase “powerful lesbian wizard” is now forever etched into my mind)

I’m still going to keep the blog around for people to backread content, and for people to submit stuff so that I can publish them whenever I remember to, and to answer directly blog-related asks every now and then, but that will probably be it. You can find me on my personal blog @serenitas​ if you’d like… but that’s a much different blogging experience than this one is lmao

Famous Jewelry of Middle Earth

There is actually a lot of really important jewelry in Middle Earth’s history. I’m just going to list the pieces below, in no particular order:

  • The Rings of Power: 19 rings of power were made by Celebrimbor and the elves of Eregion during the Second Age. The rings had the (general) ability to bring about what its wearer most wanted - in men, this meant an extended life. In dwarves, this meant increased gold and jewels. And in elves, this meant the preservation of the land (less death and decay.) Only the three most powerful of the rings were given names (that we know of) - Nenya, Narya, and Vilya, and all but these three rings were lost to Sauron or dragons by the end of the Third Age.
  • The Nauglamir: A fabulous necklace made dwarvish smiths in the First Age, using mainly gems and jewels brought to Middle Earth from Valinor by the Noldor. Later, one of the silmarils was also added to the necklace. The Nauglamir’s fate after the First Age is unknown.
  • The Ring of Barahir: This ring was originally given to Barahir, lord of the House of Beor, by Finrod, prince of the Noldor, after Barahir saved Finrod’s life in battle. The ring became an heirloom of Barahir’s house, and eventually found its way into the hands of Aragorn in the late Third Age.
  • The Elfstone: Tolkien wrote a couple versions of this, so the Elfstone (also called the Elessar) might be one gem or two different ones by the same name. But it was a brooch with a large green stone that was said to make its wearer feel young again, and even apparently had some healing power. It was made in Gondolin in the First Age (and, if you believe in the version in which there were two Elfstones, the second one was made by Celebrimbor in Eregion during the Second Age.) The later stone was given by Galadriel to Aragorn.
  • Necklace of Girion: This was an emrald necklace found in Smaug’s horde in Erebor and given by Bard to Thranduil as thanks for his help. The necklace had originally belonged to Bard’s ancestor Girion, who traded it with the dwarves of Erebor years ago.
  • Arwen’s Necklace: This was a white necklace that Arwen gave to Frodo to comfort him when his old wounds haunted him.
  • Star of the Dunedain: This wasn’t one specific piece of jewelry. Rather, it was a type of brooch that the Dunedain Rangers of the north wore on their cloaks to identify themselves to other rangers. It was silver and in the shape of a many-pointed star. Later the symbol was used by Sam Gamgee.
  • Star of Elendil: This was a crystal white gem set on a circlet made by the Noldor and originally worn by Silmarien, daughter of King Tar-Elendil of Numenor. The stone was taken from Numenor by Elendil (a different Elendil) before the island’s destruction, and it became an heirloom of his house. It was lost when Isildur was killed, and a replica was made and worn by the kings of Arnor, all the way down to Aragorn. (Eventually the original was found hidden in Isengard.)

I think I got everything!

SOURCES: LOTR, LOTR Appendices, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales

If Hitsugaya gave Ichigo his (original) powers...

As (not at all) requested by anon. :)

So…this anon wanted me to imagine what would happen if various other people gave Ichigo his original power-up instead of Rukia. But after days of trying, I can’t make it work - it’s like a bunch of lists rolled into one. So instead, I’m going to focus it down into imagining that Hitsugaya gave Ichigo his powers. If it works out, maybe I’ll do a couple more!

1. Ichigo would know about bankai from the beginning.

Because no way is Hitsugaya giving up his powers without going into bankai first.

Ichigo: Whoa! That shinigami’s sword just became an ice sword!

Ichigo: Whoa! That shinigami just grew ice wings!

Ichigo: OMG is it is snowing?

Ichigo: …this fight is going to take more than an episode, isn’t it?

2. Aizen would have to send a much tougher hollow.

Because again, bankai. So if Aizen wants the resident soul reaper to kickstart Ichigo’s powers, he’d have to send something more than a run-of-the-mill hollow.



Gin: Told ya it’d work, Captain!

Tosen: Could someone please tell me what’s on the viewscreens?

3. The adorable introduction scene would be - less adorable.

There’s the great moment when Rukia explains that her name isn’t “shinigami” but rather “Kuchiki Rukia.” That moment would go slightly differently with Hitsugaya.

Ichigo: Give me that sword, shinigami!

Hitsugaya: My name…is….not shinigami…



Ichigo: Um…okay?

4. Hitsugaya’s loss of powers would be linked to his guilt over, um, his grandmother’s death?

I don’t believe child Hitsugaya’s nightly power emissions actually killed his grandmother in canon Bleach - just made her really chilly. But Hitsugaya needs some sort of massive guilt so that the hogyoku will helpfully remove all of his powers - as happened to Rukia because of her guilt over Kaien’s death. So I guess we’d need Hitsugaya to have actually killed his grandmother by freezing her every night. So then he’d have the necessary guilt to give Ichigo all of his powers.

Byakuya (much later): I understand, Captain Hitsugaya.

Byakuya: That boy looks…just like her.

Hitsugaya: Um, what?

Byakuya: Yeah, this really doesn’t work at all.

5. Hitsugaya wouldn’t sleep in Ichigo’s closet.

No. He’d sit all night on the roof. Up until the point that he realized that humans can’t actually stare moodily into the distance all night and woke up confused on the ground.

Ichigo: Dude, what are you doing on the ground outside my house?


Hitsugaya: Um, nothing having to do with falling asleep and rolling of the roof, that’s for sure!

6. Hitsugaya would have a harder time stalking Ichigo at school.

Seeing as he’d be assumed to be a grade schooler ‘n’ all.

Keigo: Yo, Ichigo, why does that grade schooler keep following you home from school?

Ichigo: No reason.

Keigo: [gasp] Oh my god, are you tutoring him?

Keigo: A-are you a mentor?



[Ichigo on Keigo violence!]

7. Hitsugaya would be in Karin and Yuzu’s class.

Because yes.

Yuzu (whispering): Karin! Why are you staring at that silver-haired boy?

Yuzu: You like him, don’t you???

Karin: I DO NOT

8. Three words: Canon soccer game.

But I swear this post is about Ichigo and Hitsugaya *cough*

Hitsugaya: Yes, can we please get back to that?

Karin: …who are you talking to?

9. Hitsugaya would explain everything to Ichigo upfront.

Rukia tended to give Ichigo information as he needed it - or slightly after he needed it, as when she didn’t bother to tell him that he wasn’t actually killing the hollows during his fight with Orihime’s brother. Hitsugaya, on the other hand, is big into explaining - as we saw when he explained the classification of hollows to Ichigo. So I think Hitsugaya would just give Ichigo all of the information upfront.

Hitsugaya: Okay, so that covers the organization and purpose of the Gotei-13 and a basic overview of Soul Society and reincarnation.

Hitsugaya: Next up, hollows!

Ichigo: Are you sure I can’t just whack things with my sword?

10. Isshin’s whereabouts would be dramatically and prematurely discovered.

Because no way Isshin could keep himself out of the house every single time Hitsugaya was there…especially if Hitsugaya was sort of living in (or on) Ichigo’s house.

Isshin: I’m hoooo-

Isshin: [sees Hitsugaya]




Isshin: ..

Isshin: I am going to kill Urahara.


French photographer Olivier Ciappa has launched a photo project called “IMAGINARY COUPLES,” in which straight celebrities pose as same-sex couples in order to portray positive, recognizable images of homosexuality. 

“The celebrities that I shot are heterosexual, but it was essential to me that you would believe these imaginary couples and families they portray were real,” Ciappa told The Huffington Post. “If you couldn’t identify with their love and feel it was real, then I would have failed. And to show that love is love, no matter who [is involved], the exhibition also features real gay families, straight ones, single parents, disabled, people of different skin colors and origins, different religion, young couples, old ones… All of these pictures, imaginary or real, have the same glamorous and warm monochrome style that makes them look not only appealing but timeless.”

I’m sharing this not because I think it’s “bold and powerful,” as the Huffington Post called it, but because it really rubs me the wrong way. I’m sure this photographer and the people being photographed mean well, but uplifting straight folks pretending to be gay is not the same thing as uplifting LGBT people who don’t have to pretend. 

Why is it that using pictures of heterosexual celebrities is the only way the public will be able to identify with images of same-sex families? 

Why would this be more effective than using actual photos of actual same-sex couples, whether or not they’re famous? 

Why is it considered bold and powerful for straight people to pose as gay in the name of visibility, but it’s still too much to ask to feature LGBT people in our own stories? 

I just don’t understand. 

Written by DAN JURGENS
Art and cover by LEE WEEKS
1:25 Variant cover by TONY S. DANIEL
On sale OCTOBER 14 • 32 pg, FC, $3.99 US • RATED T

 → Following the epic events of CONVERGENCE, here are the adventures of the last sons and daughter of the Krypton and Earth as they try to survive in a world not their own. But can they keep this world from suffering the same fate as their own? Can this Superman stop the villains he once fought before they are created on this world? What is Intergang, and why does Lois’s discovery of it place everyone she loves in jeopardy? What will happen when their nine-year-old son learns the true identity of his parents? Make way for the original power couple, for better, for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do them part!