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Hey with the new safe mode out, just thought I’d make a suggestion to everyone else who is 18+.  Turn it on for a moment and scroll through your dash. If something is fuzzed out, go ahead and click and then answer the “Yup” or “Nope” option below on if it is sensitive content.  

Everyone has probably heard about how the filter isn’t working exactly as planned at the moment. Giving tumblr more accurate data to work with should help with that. A little bit of time could go a long way to making sure this actually works as advertised instead of censoring ducks.

Fragments - Part 9

Word Count: 5766

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Canon typical violence, Canon divergence 

A/N: Unbeta’d. Any mistakes are mine.

Comments and constructive feedback always welcome

Fragments Masterlist

Sam was normally the first one up every day, but today Dean and you were in the kitchen at the table way before Sam. Dean was playing Words With Friends with Mary while you were infatuated with sending snaps to Donna. “Dean!” You grabbed Dean and pulled him over, holding your phone out to take a selfie. “Flower crowns! Strike a pose!”

“Y/N.” Dean groaned but posed with you anyway. He secretly loved it, not that he’d ever admit it. “How did you even find out about Snapchat?”

“Donna downloaded it for me.”

“Remind me to kill her next time we see her.”

“Sure thing. Except you love it.” You smiled and batted your eyelashes. “Don’t think I haven’t seen you checking yourself out in the filters on my phone. You make an excellent duck face by the way.”

“Shut up.” Dean abruptly turned back to his game and laughed, sending a message to Mary. You peered over his shoulder, seeing that he played the word twerking.

“How are you gonna play a word that didn’t even exist when she was alive? That’s cheating.”

“It’s in the dictionary.” Dean shrugged. You scoffed and went back to playing with Snapchat filters, moving on from the flower crown to the puppy face.

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Steve wakes alone. Again. He sighs and rolls onto his back, staring up at the ceiling and hating how cold the other side of the bed feels. He had hoped when he went to bed the night before that maybe Danny would come around, that he had calmed down and Steve wouldn’t have to wake up to an empty bed. He should have never got his hopes up.

It’s all his fault. If he had just told everyone that they were dating like Danny had asked him to he wouldn’t be left wondering if he still even had a relationship to be worried about. Instead, he let his fear get the better of him and denied he was dating anyone right in front of Danny just so some random waitress wouldn’t know he was gay. He feels like punching himself for his own stupidity.

His phone rings before he can sink any further into his self-loathing and he crawls out of bed as Duke tells him about a new crew of drug smugglers that HPD just got wind of.

He leaves a bag of malasadas on Danny’s desk and waits for him to come in, watching out of the corner of his eye as Danny walks into his office and pushes the bag out of the way. At least he didn’t throw them away today, so that’s progress.

“We got a case,“ he says, knocking quietly on Danny’s still open door.

“I’ll be right there,“ Danny tells him but he still won’t look at Steve.

“Danny-” he starts. He knows that he needs to say something, that he needs to at least try and apologize, but he can’t get the words out. He doesn’t know how to start to apologize for denying everything that they have together. In the end, he doesn’t get the change because Danny cuts him off, brusquely saying “I’ll be out in a minute, Steven.”

It takes three long days but finally they track down their smugglers. He and Danny still haven’t talked but between the long nights running leads and the early mornings where Steve has nothing to do but realize how lonely he is without Danny, they haven’t had any time to themselves. He makes a promise to himself that as soon as this case is over he’s going to talk to Danny and do whatever it takes to make things right.

When they find their smugglers packing a new shipment of drugs on the docks he’s eager to start the takedown. SWAT follows his lead, Danny still right by his side even though he still refuses to speak to him, and Steve’s barely through the door when the gunfire starts. He takes cover behind a forklift, seeing Danny and one of the SWAT guys dive behind a stack of crates. The rest of the SWAT team retreats and regroups outside the doorway, waiting for a lull in the shooting to try their entry again.

He shoots at the smugglers, giving the SWAT team enough cover fire to make their way into the warehouse. He’s forced to duck down when the smugglers reload and start shooting again, but he hears at least one guy go down and a couple others start running away. Chin, Kono, and Lou should be around the back, cutting off their only other exit to the building.

He’s reloading when he sees someone climbing up onto the gangway above the warehouse floor. The higher vantage would make them all sitting ducks and he’s moving on instinct, climbing up the ladder after the guy and praying that he doesn’t get shot in the process. As soon as his feet hit the walkway he’s running, bringing the guy down in a full body tackle before he can get a shot off. The guy struggles and manages to hit him in the face with the butt of his gun, more by luck than actual intent, but he’s no match for Steve’s training and the resulting fight is quick and easy.

He disables the gun and zip ties the guy to one of the railings before making his way back down the ladder. He has to wipe blood out of his eyes on the way down, the hit may have been a lucky shot but it still did some damage, and no sooner have his feet touched the ground than Danny’s in front of him.

“Come on,“ Danny growls at him, grabbing by the arm in a bruising grip and dragging him out of the building. There’s a couple ambulances waiting just outside and Danny forces him to sit on one of the bumpers, ordering him to stay. A few seconds later, he returns with a wet towel and a bandage and starts wiping away the blood from his face.

Steve’s not sure how he manages, but somehow Danny gets his wound cleaned up and covered without actually looking at him. It’s killing him that this is the most intimate Danny’s been with him for almost two weeks. “Danny,“ he whispers, not caring how desperate he sounds. He’s tired, and he aches, and he just wants Danny to talk to him.

He reaches out, grabbing Danny around the waist and pulling him closer. Danny stiffens, but he doesn’t resist so Steve keeps pulling him close until he can wrap his arms around Danny’s waist and press his forehead into Danny’s bullet proof vest, just above his heart.

“I’m sorry,” he whispers, his voice cracking, and he surprises himself with how broken he sounds.

“People will see,“ he hears Danny says coldly like he’s daring Steve to pull away.

“I don’t care,” he admits and is surprised to find that it’s the truth. What does it matter what people think about him when the only person who’s opinion he cares about is Danny’s? He was so stupid to fall into those old habits of constantly denying who he was. Now, seeing the consequences of that, seeing how alone he is without Danny in his life, in his home, he can’t bear to lie any longer. He’ll shout it from the rooftops if he has to, anything to make Danny happy again.

He dares to look up and sees Danny staring down at him softly, his blue eyes full of relief. There’s a smile starting to pull at the corner of Danny’s mouth and Steve can feel the tension leave Danny’s body as he accepts Steve’s words as the truth. Danny’s so close that Steve can see the faint freckles spattered just under his eyes and he can’t resist. He reaches up and pulls Danny into a kiss, right there in front of the team, SWAT, HPD and their perps and for the first time he doesn’t give a second thought to what their reactions will be.

“You still have a lot of making up to do,” Danny says, breaking the kiss but not bothering to move away.

“I look forward to it,” Steve says and kisses Danny again.

dontaskmehowiam  asked:


v“Wait a minute. Are you jealous?”

McCree thinks, at first, that something is wrong with their mission, that their cover has been compromised and they are in very real danger at the event where they are currently digging for information, but he dismisses that theory as quickly as he thinks of it. Hanzo would not wait if he thought they were in trouble. But there’s something wrong, because Hanzo is not even looking at him, but every line of his body is straight, tense, muscles ready to snap at the slightest touch. His face in profile is set in a deep, bitter frown.

“’Scuse me a minute, darlin’,” he says to the woman in front of him. She smiles and brushes a piece of hair out of her eyes. Definitely interested, which had been the point–a little bit of Southern charm and he could get almost anyone to tell him what he wanted. And sure, she was pretty enough, but … well, even if this wasn’t about a mission, he’d rather talk to Hanzo any day. Today, his interest in her is only for information.

He ducks away and makes his way over to Hanzo. “Hey,” he says. “Somethin’ up? You look like you’re gonna blow a fuse any second.”

Hanzo glances at him from the corner of his eyes. He has a complimentary drink–something clear with a mint leaf in it, McCree can’t tell what from here–in a white-knuckled grip. “I am fine,” he says, and takes a deep drink from his glass. 

“You sure? You don’t look fine, and you’re supposed to be my back-up.”

“I am backing you up perfectly fine. We are not currently in any danger.”

McCree bites the inside of his cheek, unconvinced. “Well, somethin’s got you all riled up,” he says. He drops his voice low, for Hanzo’s ears only. “You know you can tell me, right? If something’s going on? I can’t have you distracted while we’re out here.”

Hanzo glares at him from the corner of his eye. “Are you doubting my performance?” he asks icily. “We are fine. I am doing my job. I simply did not think I need to stare while you flirted with some random woman.”

“I wasn’t just flirtin’, I was–” McCree cuts himself off, realizing. Hanzo’s face flushes red, and he quickly turns away again, downing the rest of his drink as he does.

“Wait a minute,” McCree says. Hanzo does not look at him, and crunches down angrily on an ice cube from his drink. “Hanzo, are you–are you jealous?”

“Of course not,” Hanzo snaps, too quickly. “Don’t be ridiculous.”

“You are, aren’t you. You saw me flirtin’ for information and you got jealous!”

“That is not it at all.”

But McCree can see it written in Hanzo’s body language like words on a page. His own heart skips a beat as he thinks it to himself: Hanzo’s jealous because I’m not flirting with him.

Holy shit. 

McCree forces himself to play it cool. He takes a deep breath. Lets it out slowly. Looks over his shoulder to make sure the woman is still there and isn’t getting too suspicous. 

“Listen,” he says. “You ain’t got a damn thing to be jealous of.”

“I have told you, I am not–”

“’Cause I’ve only ever had eyes for you.”

Hanzo stops mid-word. His jaw works like he’s trying to find something to say, but no sound comes forth. He stares up at McCree, pretty dark eyes gone round with surprise. McCree huffs a laugh as he leans in closer, brushes his hand against Hanzo’s. 

“Here’s my idea,” he murmurs. Hanzo swallows hard, but his gaze never wavers. “We got a job to do here. But after we’re done here, in a couple hours or so … lemme show you why don’t gotta be jealous.”

Closer (Hercules Mulligan x Reader)

Time Period: Modern 

Word Count: 2,949

Warnings: Smut. Language.

A/N: Super cliché teasing/jealousy leads to smut, but there just aren’t enough Hercules Mulligan fics out there dammit. This is the first time I have ever written smut and I’m very nervous aahh. Feedback would be appreciated. 

Tags: @avengershavethetardis @bjwrites


It had been a long, long day. Work had been difficult, your boss had been a bitch, and all you wanted was to do was curl up on the couch with your boyfriend. 

“Hey babe,” you heard Hercules call as you entered the apartment. “How was work?”

“Uuugghh,” you groaned loudly, kicking your shoes off by the door. You shook your jacket off and hung it up in the closet. 

“That bad?” He had poked his head into the entry way. You said nothing, but nodded your head feebly. “Aww, c’mere.” In two long strides, he crossed the room towards you and captured you in a tight hug. “Sorry to hear.” 

“S’okay,” you mumbled. You hugged him and let out a sigh. “You smell nice,” you muttered, inhaling his cologne. You felt his body shake as he let out a chuckle. 

Hercules pulled back and kissed you lightly on the head. “Do you want to have dinner now or grab something when we get there?” 

You tilted your head. “When we get where?” 

His shoulders dropped. “You forgot.”

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Wing Woman

Pairings: Mentioned Steve x Reader (Bucky and his niece, Isabelle Rogers)

Warnings: Fluff 

Word Count: 913

Summary: Bucky spends the day at the park with his niece 

Bucky looked down fondly as little Isabelle Rogers - the exact replica of Steve in every way - pushed herself up onto her knees, reaching for the zip lock bag resting in his lap, using her other hand to brace herself on his leg. The two of them were sitting in the park, each sharing one side of the hot pink blanket Izzy insisted they bring with them, a position Bucky would definitely not have found himself in except with the five year old beside him.

Izzy looked up to Bucky as she struggled to reach the piece of cut up carrot inside the bag, her blue eyes wide and her bottom lip pushed out into a pout. Bucky chuckled, shaking his head as he pulled the vegetable out, placing it into her open palm.
“I bring candy and all you want are the carrots.”
“Dadda say carrots are good for you,” Izzy replies.
“Of course he did.”

As Isabelle crunched happily on the carrot Bucky reached into the second bag on his lap, taking out one of the gummy snakes he originally thought he’d be sharing with his niece and popping it into his mouth. He lent back on his elbows as he watched Izzy next to him, her blonde hair a wild mess of curls around her face, an open picture book lying in front of her.

You and Steve had gone away on a three day mission, leaving Izzy under Bucky’s watch. He’d been a little unsure of the whole thing when Steve first asked him to watch her, he’d never had to look after someone that was solely dependent on him, but now that they were two days in Bucky was more than comfortable being with her every minute of the day. So far they’d watched movies, had pizza, and made forts out of Bucky’s couch cushions. The picnic had been next on their to do list.

As Izzy continued reading her book Bucky looked around the park, his attention being drawn to the woman jogging past them, earphones plugged into her ears. Bucky kept his eyes on her as she slowed down towards the edge of the duck pond, stretching her arms up above her head.
“Hey Izzy,” Bucky said, grabbing her attention. “What would I have to give you in order for you to go tell that lady over there that she was pretty?”

Bucky knew it was probably not a great idea using his niece as a way to talk to a woman, especially if it ever came back to Steve, but he’d hit a dry spell lately and he was all for trying to break it. Bucky looked back down to see that Izzy had crossed her arms over her chest, her cheeks puffed up as she shook her head.
“Mumma said you’d try and use me to - to woo,” Izzy stated, catching Bucky completely by surprise. “Why can you not tell her she pretty uncle Buck?”

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Accidents Will Happen (Part 2/?) (Stark/Avengers x reader)

Part 1

Within about the first month after surgery, you could pick up a glass to drink from it all by yourself. Within three, you could hold your gun fairly steadily, but your aim was still leaving much to be desired.  Tony was proud, of course, but you were frustrated. You weren’t frustrated with him or at the idea that he had created to help you, but more at the situation in general. Between the therapy sessions to learn how to move your new limb, the work with Bucky to see this as a part of yourself now, and the nearly constant reassurance that you had to give Tony that he hadn’t made this worse, you were completely exhausted.  You had wanted to give it all up so many times, but the look of hope in that stupid, beautiful face of his kept you going.

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bkwrm523  asked:

Personal headcanon: in a Leonard/reader verse, M'Benga is the most patient doctor/person in the universe. Because if Leonard's significant other was in the medbay for something, Leonard really really CAN'T be the person helping them, but you can bet he'd be breathing down M'Benga's neck and being the most annoying person ever.

Len’s a control freak. 

Len is meticulous about all of his patients. 

But when he’s personally invested, when it’s someone he loves on the biobed - 

Len retreats.

He doesn’t say a word, but his presence is heavy in the sickbay, an ever-watchful observer breathing down the back of M’Benga’s neck. He’s professional, almost detached, even, but his gaze is dark, and his eyes flash dangerously. M’Benga keeps his tone soft and his attention on his patient, and he’s abundantly relieved when it’s appropriate to turn care over to Nurse Chapel. 

It’s much the same in the operating room. Len is the only board-certified trauma surgeon on the Enterprise; emergent cases belong to him, ethics be damned. He sheds the role of Len, of Bones, of the unassuming country doctor, of husband and lover. Here, he is Dr. Leonard H. McCoy, pioneer of his field, finest surgeon in the ‘fleet. Here, he is in his element. He is poised, controlled, his hands steady and sure, his movements confident and calculated, precise like a scalpel. He pushes it all aside, all the fear and doubts and what-ifs, because he must, because he is a surgeon, because this is what it takes to save a life.

Postoperatively, when care is turned back over to M’Benga, Len slinks to the edge of the room. He doesn’t pace, he doesn’t mutter, he doesn’t fidget. He watches. He waits. He holds stock still, and his face is made of stone. His sharp gaze follows Christine Chapel as she makes her rounds, and he corrects M’Benga’s pain management orders with a clipped word. He keeps his hands held stiffly at his sides, fingers twitching just slightly when M’Benga pulls back the covers the assess the surgical site.

Chris keeps waiting for him to break, for the inevitable moment when the acclaimed Dr. Leonard McCoy’s walls to come crumbling down. 

Hours pass, then a day, then two, and it never happens. 

On the third day, Chris shows up early. It’s hours until alpha, but sleep’s alluded her, so Chris gives it up for a lost cause and makes her way to sickbay. 

She ducks her head around the curtain of bay two, meaning to get a head start on shift assessments, and stops still.

Len’s slumped in a chair next to the biobed. He’s got his left hand clasped tightly around your right, his other cupping your cheek gently. His face is buried in the crook of your neck. His eyes are shut, lips parted just slightly.

Chris thinks, for half a second, that he’s sleeping. She takes a little step back, rustling the curtain softly.

Len stirs, craning his neck just enough to look Chris in the face. 

Chris feels her breath catch.

Len’s eyes are shining and red-rimmed. The glittering focus is gone now, leaving an empty devastation in its wake. His face is pale, still expressionless, but softer now, etched with something that makes him appear as if he’ll crack to tiny pieces at any moment.

They look at each other for a long moment, and Chris realizes, for the first time in her life, that she cannot find the right words.

Len huffs a deep, shaky sigh through his nose and stands slowly. He bends over you, thumb still rubbing tiny circles at your temple, and presses his lips to your forehead in a gesture that’s not quite a kiss, but more somehow. His eyelids flutter shut, and he pauses for a moment, as if to breathe you in, or to gather his resolve. 

Chris feels suddenly that she should avert her gaze.

Len straightens abruptly. “Page me with any changes,” he says tonelessly in a voice that is not his own. It’s dry, brittle, harsh in a way that is wholly removed from his usual rancor, devoid of any emotion other than bitter acceptance.

He brushes past Chris, nearly shoulder-to-shoulder, without making eye contact, without another word.

anonymous asked:

“Would you mind if I kissed you?” With Jungkook pretty please? (I'm just imagining sweet lil baby kook being all blushy and shy and I just 😭)

Pairing: jeon jeongguk x reader

Genre: fluff

Word Count: 762

The cloud shifts slowly away, your lips still smiling at the turtle-shaped figure you and Jungkook had been laughing for a full three minutes as it drifted above you in the sky. You turn trying to find other shapes in the sky, your hand mindlessly searching beside you on the blanket you lay on the grass, finally finding its target by Jungkook’s thigh and tangling your fingers with his.  

Comfortable silence stretches between you as fingers wrap tightly around each other, his thump running circles over your skin giving you a tingle of goosebumps to run up your arm. 

“Did you like the lunch?” he finally asks, his voice low and practically a whisper beside you. You see his face turn from your peripheral vision, his hot breath hitting your cheek when he speaks again. “I remembered you said you liked sliced cucumber with lemon and salt.”

With a wide smile on your face, you turn to look at his dark sparkling eyes, your chest fluttering at the soft look on his face. He looks so warm, so inviting. Scooting a little closer to him, you nod, “I loved it. Thank you so much, It was very thoughtful of you to make foods I like.”

His wide smile appears, his large teeth staring back at you as his eyes sparkle further. “Welcome, beautiful.”

Your stomach churns at his words and you suddenly have to look away from his face, your cheeks flushing as you lean your forehead on the top of his arm. 

“Next time I will make your favorite foods,” you whisper, which causes his hand to tighten on yours. 

“I’m glad there will be a next time,” he croaks in a low voice. 

Finally looking up at him, you find a serious expression his face, his dark eyes search your face. You look at him, really look at him. Eyes drinking in his raven black hair, his eyes, the small scar by his cheekbone, the small mole on his nose, his full bottom lip, the mole by his chin, and back up to his lips again. They spread into a side grin as you continue to stare at his mouth. 

“Of course there will be a next time… if you wanted there to be.” 

He moves your intertwined hands up to his mouth, his lips brushing over the back of your hand, pressing on each of the protruding bones on you knuckles. “Of course I want a next time. And a time after that, and after that… if you’d like?”

You nod without a doubt, a smile spreading over your lips as you reach up to where your hands are by his mouth and kiss the back of his palm.  

Jungkook grins at the act, his cheeks flushing a little as he stares at your lips. 

“Umm… Would you mind if I kissed you?” he asks, his face scrunching at his words and the blush deepening. 

Your stomach flutters at his words, your teeth biting down on your bottom lip as you flush too. “I wouldn’t mind, Jungkook.” 

He props himself up by his arm, his hand never leaving your as he presses it against the soft blanket beside you. Jungkook reaches with his other hand for your jaw, his fingers like light feathers against your skin, already tingling in anticipation. 

Black eyes gaze intently into yours as he reaches down, his noses brushing against each other before his lips press softly on top of yours. With sparking electricity running over your skin, you reach with your empty hand lose your fingers in his hair, consequently pulling him closer to you, deepening the touch of your lips. 

His lips start moving, tentatively at first, as if he wants the feel of your lips thoroughly engraved on his, but when your tongue sneaks out to taste him, his lips immediately part for you. The kiss deepens with his tongue pressing against yours, his hand tightening against yours. The feeling you get by tasting him causes your body to pull him completely over you, his weight and large body engulfing you.

Jungkook’s hand runs over your side to rest by his hip as he starts kissing you faster and deeper, your mouths growing desperate as your stomach churns for him, your skin burning everywhere his body heat is touching you. 

Suddenly, a loud quacking sound makes Jungkook jump away from you. Quite startled, you both turn to the side where the lake is and watch as a duck makes its way out of the water, causing you both to burst into laughter. 

A/N: this went from cute to hot so I had to stop myself lol

Feeling Alive- Part 2

Summary: Dance school!AU (or the Step Up/Pride and Prejudice mash up nobody asked for). Bucky Barnes is forced to take twelve hours of commercial dance classes to pass the year- and that just happens to be your regular weekly dance class.


Part 1 (Slow Hands)


Pairing: Bucky Barnes X Reader

Chapter 3/?: Stay

Word count: 3494

Warnings: Mild physical injury

I’m really astonished by the feedback for this! Thank you to everyone who’s liked so far and/or asked to be added to the tag list. And thanks as always to @systemfailuresunshine for putting up with me <3 See bottom for author notes!

You’re running late, again. Groaning in frustration, you seize your keys from the table and grab your bag from the floor where you’d dumped it on your way in. Trainers, water bottle, towel- all in there. Thankfully you’d packed everything you needed this morning, and, on the upside, at least it isn’t raining. You lock up behind you and check your pockets for change. A handful of coins rattles at your touch: you sigh with relief. You can get the bus to the studio. You heft your bag onto your shoulder and set off in the direction of the stop.

It’s Wednesday, and the weather has, thankfully, done a complete U-turn since last week. The sun has been shining all day, accompanied by the merest handful of puffy clouds. You’ve caught yourself staring wistfully out of the library windows more than once; at least until Nahid inevitably throws a balled-up returns receipt at your head to shatter your daydreaming. Right now, though, you don’t need to hurry- the bus isn’t due until quarter-to- so you take your time to enjoy the walk in the gilded evening light.

That enjoyment is cut short, however, when you round the corner and catch a glimpse of who else is waiting for the bus. You balk for a second, then pull yourself together. You’re just going to walk up to this collection of tall, beautiful dancers and act completely natural. Nothing to worry about whatsoever.

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I’m a Bad Boy (Gray) -Chapter One-.

Originally posted by grayground

Prologue  - Ch 1 - Ch 2

Artists/Characters - Seonghwa/Sunghwa GrayxReader
Jay Park, Loco, Ugly Duck, Simon D, Cha Cha Malone, Hoody, Elo.

Genre - Mafia AU/Smut/Fluff/Angst
Group - AOMG - VV:D
Word count - 1,281
Vulgar language, Mentions of death, Gruesome details, Sexual Harassment. 

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anonymous asked:

2D and S/O run into Paula Cracker? (I love this blog so much!!! 💕💕)

( oh dear )

  • You and 2D were heading to a bar, wanting to spend some time together without the band.
  • As the two of you strolled down the street, 2D had froze in place. A look of worry spreading across his face. You raised an eyebrow, “2D? You okay?”
  • When you had turned your head to see who he was staring at, you eyes had came in contact with a very tall woman with black hair.
  • “Who’s that?” You asked, not really understanding.
  • “Paula.” he muttered.
  • You sighed. 2D had told you the story of Paula before. She was the guitarist before Noodle and 2D’s girlfriend until Russel found her having sex with Murdoc in the toilets of Kong. 
  • “2D, that happened a long time ago. She can’t hurt you any-”
  • “It’s not that. She will cause a scene if she sees me.”
  • JUst as 2D finished his sentence, she had spotted him. He quickly ducked behind you.
  • “2D!” she yelled, making her way through the crowd and over to the two of you, “I have a bone to pick with you!”
  • 2D squeaked and grabbed your hand, sprinting off into the distance to avoid his wild ex.


trespasser, welcome

Inspired by a chat with lovely @nipuni, about Solas finding something other than lizards in his bedroll.


It’s the end of a long day, and there’s a knot sitting between his shoulder blades that he feels with every breath, reminding him with surprising persistence that, for all his immortal constitution, a whole day of trekking across the Highlands will still be felt come nightfall. And it’s late when he finally retires to bed, the combination of a whole day of walking and one too many of Varric’s fireside tales seeing him properly spent, and it’s with care that Solas picks his way across the camp towards the row of tents that beckon with the promise of sleep.

Tired – he’s genuinely tired, and he can’t recall just how long it’s been since he last felt this particular weight bearing down on his shoulders, quite unlike the one he usually carries. But it’s a strangely welcome thing, allowing himself to seek out the small pains, the little aches and twinges of physical exertion, knowing that sleep will cure the worst of it.

However, there is a drawback to being so keenly focused on his discomforts, however welcome. His exhaustion makes him inattentive, and so it’s not until he’s ducked within the confines of his tent that he’s made aware that not all is as it should be – that there is something in the muted shadows that shouldn’t be there, obscured beneath the pile of blankets on the far side of the cramped space that serves as his sleeping quarters.

It doesn’t take him long to deduce that it’s not lizards that have been left in his bedroll this time. But it takes him a moment to realise just what – or rather, who – it is, the softly breathing creature that’s curled upon his bedding.

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Dude, I’m Gay.

Carl X Sister! Reader (Hinted Enid X Reader)

Plot: You’re Carl’s twin sister and after you guys move to Alexandria he disapproves of Ron, but you admit you have a crush on Enid. (Ron flirts with you and Carl doesn’t take it lightly)

Authors note: This literally took me an hour to write so please bare with me. My first imagine in a long time.

Word Count: 1132

    We’ve been here a week and I can already tell tensions are high with the Andersons. The day we stepped into Alexandria the leader Deanna sent Carl and I to spend time with ‘kids our age’. I’ll admit I was pretty excited. The last people I had met my age were Lizzy and Mika, but they were long gone by now. I know we were supposed to be leaving our guard up, but I just couldn’t manage to do it. Sure the outside world hardened me and it made me more cautious- that did not stop me from wanting to meet a friendly face. Especially after that whole Turminus disaster.

    “I don’t like him,” Carl states as we sit together on the porch.

    “Who are you talking about?” I ask as I bounce Judith in my lap.

    “Ron,” Carl states reaching for our sister who I hesitantly hand over, “I don’t like him (Y/N). Stay away from him.”

     “But Carl I-.”

     “Seriously (Y/N).”

      I nod hesitantly because in this moment I am too scared to tell the truth. I don’t want my brother to know the real reason behind my objection. It’s not that Ron isn’t cute or anything. If I were into guys I’d probably be into him since he’d be my only option. Carl should realize by now that I’ve- for ‘some’ reason- never really had a crush on a guy before.

       I remember when we were back at the prison before Patrick died. A week before he confessed his crush on me. It was pretty awkward since he was my twin brothers best friend. The moment became even more uncomfortable when I blurted out something like ‘Beth is super cute isn’t she? Too bad she’s straight.’

       I didn’t realize that I was coming out by saying that. Though I also didn’t know I was gay.

       I haven’t told anybody yet. I mean there really hasn’t been a moment it was applicable. Unless I wanted to turn to my dad as we were putting down a walker and say; “She was probably pretty hot when she was alive huh?” Yeah, total icebreaker.

      I have to tell someone though, and thankfully I finally have someone who will understand, Tara.

       “Hey Tara,” it’s been three hours since Carl lectured me.

        She jumps and swings around connecting her brown eyes with my own, “shit (Y/N), don’t do that.” She breaths, heart on her chest as her hand fondles an invisible knife.

         “Sorry, I just have to ask you something important.”

          She seems choked up and uncertain, probably because I’ve never gone to her for help before. I’ve always gone to my Dad for help and advice before now. This is just something I know he has no experience with.

          “Yeah sure, what’s up?”

          “Um-,” oh god, how do I say this now that I can, “I um- I just…”


          I take a deep breath, “how do I let my dad and brother know I’m gay?”

          Shock crosses her features as she stares at me in silence. I can only hope she gets why I came to her for advice now. I mean I could have gone to Aaron, but I’m not supposed to get ‘too comfortable’ with anyone here. Dad’s orders.

           “You’re sure-?”

           “My first crush was Beth Greene, she was a blonde with blue eyes and Maggie’s sister… My second crush was this girl named Lizzie- she’s crazy though. And now….” My cheeks heat up as I grow silent. I know that Carl has a thing for her, but I just can’t help it. She just my only choice right now. Plus, she’s super cute though I haven’t gone for a brunette before- that’s probably because of the limited options.

          “Oh my GOD, no way! That’s so cute,” Tara gushes walking over to me, “You have a crush on Enid?”

           “Shhh- They could hear you!” I chide, waking at the arm she places on my shoulder.

           Tara’s advice was terrible. There was no way in hell I would just tell them, unless there was no other choice. I have other choices. I can just sit back and let the girl of my dreams slip into my brother’s arms and cuddle her to sleep like we’ve done since we were babies. I’m sure Judy wouldn’t mind laying with me every once in a while. Besides, Carl is usually a giant brat before we go to bed.

             “Hey, (Y/N). What’s up?” Ugh, it’s Ron again.

             “Sorry, Ron. I know you’re into me but I’m not into you.” I walk around him.

             “Oh c’mon, it’s not like you have a lot of options,” he laughs slinging an arm over my shoulder, “I know your brother runs off with my girlfriend all the time anyways. I’m practically single.” 

             “I’ll pass.” I duck out from under him and make my way over to Michonne who stood chatting with Glenn and Maggie. They all held a map with instructions carefully constructed as they stood around the hood of the car. Each one of them acknowledged me with a smile as I stopped to stand beside Maggie.

             “What’re you guys up to?” I ask trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible as I peer over Glenn’s slouched shoulders.

             “Working on a run Glenn’s going on,” Maggie states, “What are you up to, (Y/N)?”

              “Just avoiding Ron… Have you guys seen my dad?”

               Dad was exactly where I expected him. Ron’s house hitting on that chick Jessie. Gross, he should totally hook up with Michonne. Not that I have anything against Jessie, I just like Michonne better. Gulping down the impending doom I tap on the door, only to be greeted by the last person I wanted to see.

               “Decided to reconsider?”

               “Where’s my dad, Ron?” I nudge past him into the house.

               “Garage probably. How about we hang out while they talk?” He had me backed against the wall.

               “DAD, CARL, HELP!” He probably didn’t mean to freak me out like he did, but it was just instinctual to call for them if I felt really unsafe. Ron’s eyes widen as he raises his hands and backs away just in time for my dad and brother to come busting in. Followed by a concerned Jessie and a confused Enid.

               “What did you do to my sister?” Carl snarls grabbing the guy’s wrists as I catch my breath. Ron mumbles something incoherent as he tries to get him to back off. My dad joins them in the interrogation.

               “Wait Carl, dad, stop,” I say loud enough to stop the commotion, “Ron didn’t do anything. He just made me feel nervous.” Probably a poor word choice as the turn to him and start yelling again.

               “STOP! Not in that way. It’s just because I’m gay!” Oh god, word vomit.