make us shirts please


To clarify, i have no problem with Bigby and Were-McCree looking so much alike.
(idea of Han-Snow from @welcometoicee‘s tag on the post)


So idk if anyone remembers this, but two years ago, for the first fanart day I posted these pictures of a m*a*s*h sweatshirt I had made and offered to make a little tutorial for how to make your own. I got lots of comments and tags and a a few asks saying “heck yeah make a tutorial!” and I uh… proceeded to never do so.

Recently however I made a new m*a*s*h shirt and decided to take pictures of the process as I went along so I could make it up to you all by putting together a nice visual tutorial.

And so, after 2 years, I finally bring you my tutorial on how to make your very own M*A*S*H t-Shirt for pretty darn cheap and using materials you probably already have. I’d say all things considered this probably cost me less than $8 including the paint and t-shirt, and that’s a high estimate. It also only takes like an hour to do.

Here’s the template I made and used! And if you do decide to make a shirt using this tutorial then please feel free to post and tag me in it, I’d love to see your shirts! Heck, you could even do this on a field bag, that’d actually be really cool!


What would a suit CF look like with Sunggyu, Woohyun and Hoya?



I think we can all agree that beautiful people shouldn’t wear gray shirts, it gives them too much power…


Q: What do you normally wear during recording, I heard that Lady Gaga likes to be fully naked, and she said that made her voice come out better. So I’m very interested in this.

Giru: As long as my right hand can move easily. For example when I play acoustic guitars, I like to wear the ones without any belt, without anything bound to me, or short sleeves.

Hoshino: you like light armors. What about Karyu-san?

Karyu: Eh.. Normal ones.

Hoshino: what do you mean by normal?

Karyu: My daily cloths.

Hoshino: Can you be more clear?

Karyu: What can I say?

Hoshino: What type of cloths?

Karyu: T-shirts.

Hoshino: What kind of T-shirts?

Karyu: What kind of T-shirts? The kind of T-shirts that make me feel good.

Hoshino: Please, let us know!

Kirito: You! Again talking about nonsense! *jumps on Karyu*

Karyu: *embrace Kirito’s body*