make us a tv show


titles of “the get down” - part 2 + the last train


everyone is a monster to someone. since you are so convinced i am yours i will be it

if you insist in making me your villian i’ll play the part


…would you like some toast and jam, george? your favourite is apricot.

What about a Hamilton TV show?

Guys! I just had this crazy idea. Hamilton is set in such a long time period, that if a movie should ever come out, it might be hard to make very great. But what about a historical TV show?

We all know and love these historical shows, like The Borgias, Reign and Tudors, to name a few. Hamilton would make an awesome TV show that would teach us about the American Revolution.

The show could for example have two or three seasons. Either act I and act II or like season one: before the war, season two: during the war and season three: a-after the war. Every episode could represent one song from the workshop?

I mean, we need more information. We want flashbacks to the Caribbean. What about Burr, sir’s family and Theodosia sr? Valley Forge? Jeffersons’ time in Paris? Ben Franklin?

What do you think? Is this idea completely stupid?

On March 10th Buffy The Vampire Slayer turns 20! 

To celebrate we want you to do a something a little different than making gifs and graphics. We want you to collectively tell us how the television show has influenced or changed your life. Whether you watched it back in 1997, or you are new to the show we want to know your experiences. For more information click on the FAQ.



HEY GUYS! Its been a while but omfg I got awesome news! DreamWorks is having a petition to make Percy Jackson into a TV show!! And they’re gonna use Virias art!! But the one problem is, is that they need around 770 more petitions signed. So guys common this neeeeds to happen!

monstermonstre  asked:

yeah, honestly, thank you SO much in advance. i used to make (dvd quality) subs for tv shows and we had a whole team dedicated to it and it still took so much time and effort for free and very little expressed appreciation and you guys are true heroes.

Our team is currently composed of 3 Norwegians translating and 2 Timers timing the script/hard coding so it’s definitely a team effort! The fandom has been very appreciative so far but yes, it’s a lot of work for no pay. Thank you for the appreciation! It makes the work a little easier knowing people understand how much effort it takes.

The Office Questions! 70+

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Who is your least favorite character?

3. Who’s your favorite couple?

4. Most annoying character?

5. Most relatable character?

6. Jim or Dwight?

7. What’s your favorite prank that Jim pulled on Dwight?

8. What’s your favorite episode?

9. What’s your least favorite episode?

10. Who did you want to be the new boss when Michael left?

11. Who is your favorite non-main character?

12. Whose storyline did you like the best?

13. Which character would you want to live with?

14. What was your favorite part of Threat Level Midnight?

15. Favorite two-part episode?

16. Who would be your Office best friend?

17. Favorite Michael Scott quote?

18. Favorite Pam quote?

19. Favorite Creed quote?

20. Which Christmas party would you rather go to?

21. Who do you like more: Karen or Katy?

22. Who would you want to be your Office girlfriend/boyfriend?

23. What Dundie award would you want to win?

24. What’s your favorite Christmas episode?

25. What’s your favorite Halloween episode?

26. Ryan and Kelly or Kelly and Ravi?

27. Do you think you would hate Toby or like Toby if you worked in The Office?

28. Who was better for Michael: Jan or Carol?

29. Todd Packer or Toby Flenderson?

30. Which team would you rather be on: Team USA, Voldemort, Gryffindor, or The Blue Team?

31. Would you walk across the coals in Beach Games?

32. Did you like Karen?

33. Did you like Roy?

34. Did you like Esther?

35. Live on Schrute Farms for a year or live with single Michael for a year?

36. Do you like Ryan as the youngest VP?

37. Should they have aired Michael’s local ad?

38. Have you ever cried watching an episode?

39. What is the worst part in the entire series?

40. Would you attend a Michael Scott dinner party?

41. What’s the meanest thing one of the characters did to another character?

42. Pete or Clark? Plop or Dwight Jr.

43. Favorite nickname?

44. Favorite Office gif

45. Spend an hour in the car with Michael as he talks about his relationship with Jan, or spend an hour with Gabe?

46. Gabe or Toby?

47. Favorite Michael moment?

48. Favorite Pam moment?

49. Favorite Jim moment?

50. Favorite Phyllis moment?

51. Would you confront Kathy about her advances to Jim?

52. Would you freeze out Nelly like everyone did when she started working in Scranton?

53. Would Michael stress you out?

54. Pay $ for Hank’s blues cd or have Kevin do your taxes?

55. Erin and Pete or Phyllis and Bob?

56. If you started your own paper company, who would be your dream team?

57. Which costume should have won the Scranton Wilkes Barre coupon book worth over $15,000 in savings?

58. Who do you think was the real Scranton Strangler?

59. Would you have tried Kevin’s famous chili?

60. Would you be a passenger in Meredith’s van?

61. Would you want to spend a day with Creed?

62. Would you pay to see Darryl, Kevin, and Andy’s band?

63. Would you go with Erin to her Italian class? (Well, it’s not so much a class as a restaurant)

64. Would you go to Pam’s art show?

65. Would you cat-sit for Angela?

66. Do you approve of Oscar and The Senator?

67. Thoughts on Robert California? Or Bob Kazamakus 

68. Do you think Clark and Erin would have made a good couple?

69. *Kevin giggle*

70. Would you let Kelly take you to the mall?

71. Which era of Ryan Howard do you like best?

72. Do you feel sorry for Toby?

73. Do you feel sorry for Gabe?

74. Would you like to work for Jo?

75. Jim dressing up as Dwight or Dwight dressing up as Jim?


So I was bored and decided to make a family tree using pictures of the actors from royal tv shows

Mainly I made this for my mom to see and because Its cool to see connections!

Thanks To my sister for taking the pics for me to upload!!!

The White Queen
The White Princess
The Tudors

The squiggled/jagged line represents the crown/succession pass -NOT A CHILD

Im thinking of making a more modern tree for The British monarchy using The Crown and Victoria!!!


Remember when I made this music video? Yeah me either.


“You can’t love someone, unless you love yourself first.”
I have never loved myself.
But you.
Oh God, I loved you so much, I forgot what hating myself felt like. [insp.]


[friday, december 11th 2015 / 2:27 pm]

it’s been a rough few days and it’s going to be a rough few next weeks because school and ib1 and procrastination but feeling ready to tackle things!

finally got my spare after a week-long “devynn vs guidance” battle and using it to make some tok notes 🤓

also i’m into a new tv show and it’s probably the worst time to get into one because school and ib1 and procrastination but i can’t stop thinking about six flying dragons 🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲
Guys i just thought of the biggest mind fuck

So, in rick and morty, it says that there are multiple universes where anything can happen, so i got thinking, “Oh so now every rick and morty joke au is Canon?” Like for example, my stupid “Thicc Ricc” idea

But that’s beside the point, what i was thinking was, what if our Dimension was just a rick and morty dimension where they are just a tv show for us, therefore making every event canon

In real life


Sweetheart, what have you done to us?
I turned my back and you turned to dust.
What have you done?

Don’t call me lover. 
It’s not enough.
It’s got to be
tough, cynical stuff.
Follow my words
to the end of our love. [x]