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why did marvel feel the need to make a tv show about white guy using a gun and "taking the law into his own hands". as if white men need another reason to think that its okay to go around shooting people

Just in case no one knows what you’re talking about it’s the punisher. And we hella don’t need this.

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the office ( 2005 - 2013 )
— ❝I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you actually left them❞


I have wanted to be an investigator for as long as I can remember. It’s the whole reason that I studied psychology in the first place. And then… for years I felt like that had been taken away… but now I’ve got a chance.


…would you like some toast and jam, george? your favourite is apricot.


everyone is a monster to someone. since you are so convinced i am yours i will be it

if you insist in making me your villian i’ll play the part


If I’m on that list, you’re on that list.

You know what trend I hate lately? Great OTP’s being kept apart too long because writers fear the dynamic will dull out & the show will get bland.This happens on like every great show I watch. This is why we can’t have nice things!
35 signs you suck at social justice

(All of these examples are 100% genuine.)

  1. You think it’s ableism to give mentally ill people help that they desperately need.
  2. You use the word “trigger” about anything that makes you even slightly uncomfortable.
  3. You claim to support women’s right to choose in matters like abortion, being housewives, and wearing a veil, but harshly criticize women making the “wrong” choice.
  4. You think it’s cultural appropriation to enjoy anything at all from another country.
  5. You don’t accept that it’s possible to simultaneously support feminism and acknowledge that toxic behavior in the feminist community exists.
  6. You make up a word for some minor sexual preference you have and claim this makes you as oppressed as LGBTQ people are.
  7. You insist that it’s oppression when people won’t use your nounself pronouns.
  8. You make a long post about why a TV show or movie is sexist, but you don’t write the people who made it to tell them about your complaints.
  9. All your info about cultural appropriation comes from Tumblr posts, because you can’t be bothered to read a single book about it.
  10. You consider it “bodyshaming” every single time anybody has the slightest sexual preference in body shapes.
  11. If people follow a religion from a foreign culture, you accuse them of cultural appropriation. Even though a religion’s teachings are considered facts by its followers, and facts cannot belong to a specific culture, let alone be appropriated.
  12. You’re eager to find reasons to call somebody problematic, so that you can gleefully throw them out of the figurative Club of People Who Are Not Problematic.
  13. You act as if acknowledging the fact that that men face gender-based discrimination is the same as denying that women have any problems.
  14. You think movies must be sexist if they don’t pass the Bechdel test.
  15. You won’t for a second consider that you might be wrong about something.
  16. You’re more interested in punishing people for being bigoted than in making them see why they’re wrong.
  17. You treat real-life gay people as if they were puppies to squee over.
  18. Unless a character is a gay Texan in a cowboy hat (or equally stereotype-defying) you accuse them of being “too stereotypical.”
  19. Every time somebody has any interest in a foreign culture, you accuse them of fetishizing it.
  20. You think shipping a straight couple is homophobic.
  21. Your idea of how people should behave in order to avoid cultural appropriation is the same as how segregationists from the sixties wanted the world to be.
  22. You call people racists for not loving a character who happens to be POC.
  23. You think it’s homophobic to have no interest in yaoi.
  24. You regard Christians as one homogeneous and homophobic whole.
  25. You’ve diagnosed yourself with some mental disorder or illness, but haven’t bothered to see a professional for an educated opinion.
  26. Whenever allies make any posts supporting LGBTQ people your only response is to accuse them of “talking over LGBTQ people.”
  27. You hate it when people objectify women, but you gladly objectify men.
  28. You genuinely believe that otherkin are oppressed the same way POC or LGBTQ people are.
  29. You hit people with a ton of rage for being ignorant about some social justice fact, but when they ask you to explain it to them you yell “It’s not my job to educate you!”
  30. No matter how many swears, slurs and insults you hurl at people, you still think it’s “tone policing” anytime people ask you to take it down a notch.
  31. You create a label for your sexuality that’s so narrow it includes 10 people on Earth at most, and then you complain that it’s “underrepresented in the media.”
  32. You respect everybody’s religious faith… unless they’re Christians.
  33. Your trigger warnings are needlessly personalized, like using “cynophobia” instead of “dogs.”
  34. If someone is an active ally in a place where that will get you ostracized, you still never thank them for anything they do for you.
  35. You shout “Oppression!” whenever somebody’s not attracted to you.
What about a Hamilton TV show?

Guys! I just had this crazy idea. Hamilton is set in such a long time period, that if a movie should ever come out, it might be hard to make very great. But what about a historical TV show?

We all know and love these historical shows, like The Borgias, Reign and Tudors, to name a few. Hamilton would make an awesome TV show that would teach us about the American Revolution.

The show could for example have two or three seasons. Either act I and act II or like season one: before the war, season two: during the war and season three: a-after the war. Every episode could represent one song from the workshop?

I mean, we need more information. We want flashbacks to the Caribbean. What about Burr, sir’s family and Theodosia sr? Valley Forge? Jeffersons’ time in Paris? Ben Franklin?

What do you think? Is this idea completely stupid?


5 Things To Enjoy In Moderation 

It’s been said that too much of anything can be bad for us, hence why it’s wise to use everything in moderation. Self-love is all about doing what makes us happy, however we must keep in mind that some of these things may have to be enjoyed in moderation.

1. Video games - playing video games can be a great way to reduce stress and has some beneficial effects for the brain, however playing for hours on end has a detrimental effect on the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). When we are controlling avatars inside a virtual world our PNS absorbs those actions of jumping, shooting & fighting but does not experience the physical outlet of these sensations. This can lead to involuntary muscle twitching and a restless mind.

2. Rest - our bodies & minds need adequate rest to function optimally, but too much inactivity can result in poor physical & mental health. If we are spending a lot of time laying down & indoors this can lead to suffering physical discomfort such as aches & pains and the lack of mental stimulation from the outside world can cause insomnia, paranoia and depression.

3. Food - indeed, eating our favourite foods is a great way to show ourselves some self-love, but if these foods are not healthy and we rely on them to elevate our moods we will soon find ourselves in ill-health. This is why it’s equally important to care for ourselves by restricting the types of foods we eat to ensure that we don’t compromise our physical or mental health.

4. Television - there are some TV shows that can make us laugh when we’re feeling at our lowest (Rick & Morty) or captivate our attention with their incredible stories (Game of Thrones), but centring our lives around what we like to watch encourages us to live through these stories rather than create our own.

5. Alone time - the time we spend with ourselves can be extremely beneficial for reflection & integrating the lessons from what we’ve experienced, however we are social creatures and denying ourselves time to interact with others can result in poor mental health due to the feeling of separation from others. Isolating ourselves from others when we feel misunderstood can be helpful in understanding ourselves, but finding a tribe we resonate with can help us to heal that which plagues the mind because we are all reflections of each other.

Indulging in moderation is a form of self-love.

Peace & positive vibes.

On March 10th Buffy The Vampire Slayer turns 20! 

To celebrate we want you to do a something a little different than making gifs and graphics. We want you to collectively tell us how the television show has influenced or changed your life. Whether you watched it back in 1997, or you are new to the show we want to know your experiences. For more information click on the FAQ.


The Office Questions! 70+

1. Who is your favorite character?

2. Who is your least favorite character?

3. Who’s your favorite couple?

4. Most annoying character?

5. Most relatable character?

6. Jim or Dwight?

7. What’s your favorite prank that Jim pulled on Dwight?

8. What’s your favorite episode?

9. What’s your least favorite episode?

10. Who did you want to be the new boss when Michael left?

11. Who is your favorite non-main character?

12. Whose storyline did you like the best?

13. Which character would you want to live with?

14. What was your favorite part of Threat Level Midnight?

15. Favorite two-part episode?

16. Who would be your Office best friend?

17. Favorite Michael Scott quote?

18. Favorite Pam quote?

19. Favorite Creed quote?

20. Which Christmas party would you rather go to?

21. Who do you like more: Karen or Katy?

22. Who would you want to be your Office girlfriend/boyfriend?

23. What Dundie award would you want to win?

24. What’s your favorite Christmas episode?

25. What’s your favorite Halloween episode?

26. Ryan and Kelly or Kelly and Ravi?

27. Do you think you would hate Toby or like Toby if you worked in The Office?

28. Who was better for Michael: Jan or Carol?

29. Todd Packer or Toby Flenderson?

30. Which team would you rather be on: Team USA, Voldemort, Gryffindor, or The Blue Team?

31. Would you walk across the coals in Beach Games?

32. Did you like Karen?

33. Did you like Roy?

34. Did you like Esther?

35. Live on Schrute Farms for a year or live with single Michael for a year?

36. Do you like Ryan as the youngest VP?

37. Should they have aired Michael’s local ad?

38. Have you ever cried watching an episode?

39. What is the worst part in the entire series?

40. Would you attend a Michael Scott dinner party?

41. What’s the meanest thing one of the characters did to another character?

42. Pete or Clark? Plop or Dwight Jr.

43. Favorite nickname?

44. Favorite Office gif

45. Spend an hour in the car with Michael as he talks about his relationship with Jan, or spend an hour with Gabe?

46. Gabe or Toby?

47. Favorite Michael moment?

48. Favorite Pam moment?

49. Favorite Jim moment?

50. Favorite Phyllis moment?

51. Would you confront Kathy about her advances to Jim?

52. Would you freeze out Nelly like everyone did when she started working in Scranton?

53. Would Michael stress you out?

54. Pay $ for Hank’s blues cd or have Kevin do your taxes?

55. Erin and Pete or Phyllis and Bob?

56. If you started your own paper company, who would be your dream team?

57. Which costume should have won the Scranton Wilkes Barre coupon book worth over $15,000 in savings?

58. Who do you think was the real Scranton Strangler?

59. Would you have tried Kevin’s famous chili?

60. Would you be a passenger in Meredith’s van?

61. Would you want to spend a day with Creed?

62. Would you pay to see Darryl, Kevin, and Andy’s band?

63. Would you go with Erin to her Italian class? (Well, it’s not so much a class as a restaurant)

64. Would you go to Pam’s art show?

65. Would you cat-sit for Angela?

66. Do you approve of Oscar and The Senator?

67. Thoughts on Robert California? Or Bob Kazamakus 

68. Do you think Clark and Erin would have made a good couple?

69. *Kevin giggle*

70. Would you let Kelly take you to the mall?

71. Which era of Ryan Howard do you like best?

72. Do you feel sorry for Toby?

73. Do you feel sorry for Gabe?

74. Would you like to work for Jo?

75. Jim dressing up as Dwight or Dwight dressing up as Jim?


HEY GUYS! Its been a while but omfg I got awesome news! DreamWorks is having a petition to make Percy Jackson into a TV show!! And they’re gonna use Virias art!! But the one problem is, is that they need around 770 more petitions signed. So guys common this neeeeds to happen!