What constellations do you see? 🌌 I’m selling prints of this on my Society6 store!!✨
Portrait of my original character Ceres, counterpart of Celeste ✨💙 I’m happy with the result but I need more practice on coloring dark skin tones 💖



Lewys is a super passionate seventeen year old beauty and fashion vlogger. He has found his niche creating beauty looks for boys and has a taste for high end products.

NCS, a government sponsored programme for young adults, has helped Lewys gain his confidence and embrace his passions.

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Makeup artist under fire after transforming a white model into a “woman of a different culture”

  • Scroll through the Instagram account @PaintDatFace, and you’ll see picture after picture of makeup transformations.
  • With more than 60K followers, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. Until just a few days ago, when @PaintDatFace messed up big time.
  • Over Memorial Day weekend, the account posted a before and after makeup transformation that has ignited the internet, with plenty of people claiming that it’s basically glamorized blackface. Read more (5/30/17)

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