make up yo minds

I just spent an hour watching Ziam proof videos on YouTube, and I already thought something happened between them, but now I’m like HOLY SHIT THEY TOTALLY FELL FOR EACH OTHER, TOO.

i know, I know, I’m absurdly behind the times. Like, I always thought they were cute together. I liked their chemistry. I figured they’d at the very least had some drunken hookups (you don't “accidentally” kiss people, yo), but I could never make up my mind as to how serious I believed they’d been. 

Now, I’ve watched these videos, and I’m so sold. The amount of moments I saw in those videos that reminded me of moments I saw in Larry videos that helped make me a Larrie is ridiculous.

I also feel really, really bad for Niall for being stuck in the middle of so much sexual tension for so long. Haha, what a good friend he is. What are the odds he’d get put in a band with four strangers who would end up forming couples? Three cheers for Captain Niall. Our Irish sunshine is a gem.

Liam said he would be the most likely to do a collab with Zayn, as their music tastes are the most similar, and whereas before I was like “Oh, that would be cool,” I am now like, “Oh God, please, yes, do it! Pronto!”

It’s 2 am. I should probably sleep. So ends my Come to Jesus Ziam moment.

teen wolf things I will NEVER get over or forget
  • what the fuck is stiles’ real name
  • stiles’ sexuality: we all know he is bi can you please stop being so gross and “baiting” it seriously 
  • why are all the scenes darker than the nogitsune’s soul
  • pls make tw brightly colored again
  • pls my eyes hurt
  • the berg that is green
  • isaac randomly leaving
  • derek randomly leaving
  • wtf was season 4 and who was the benefactor lol
  • the lack of humor after 3b
  • is malia a feral child or not?? how is she doing advanced math when she lived in the woods for 8 years with no education?? not hating but idgi
  • killing allison and erica. pls resurrect 
  • so for 5 seasons have stiles and lydia been friends or hated each other make up yo damn mind jefferey before the stydia fandom kills u
  • just tell us who greenberg is please

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((YOOOO THAT MERMAN MAKE UP! Would yo mind doing a tutorial??))

[The look in question]

((I would absolutely love to since it’s actually super easy and fun(though it’s one hell of a mess trying to get it all off) and actually I’m already making it. So you all can be excited about that. I’ll be posting it on my Denmark blog @askthedenmark​ but I’ll reblog it to here as well for those of you that don’t follow my Denmark blog))

[And here’s a sneakpeak to the derpiness that was happening]

No but what about Thranduil being scared at the prospect of falling in love again (especially since he’s falling fast for a mortal), so Bard tries to help him see that love is a beautiful thing. Terrifying? Yes. But beautiful all the same.

Thranduil slowly starts opening up, but ofc he’s gonna have relapses where he goes into “isolation mode”. It’s what he’s comfortable with. What he knows. So he shuts down for a while. Bard lets him be because he knows he’ll thaw out soon and rejoin them again.

Oh and Bard teaches Thranduil that human life is so so short, so unlike the elven lifespan. That basically, it’s “make your mind up or yo you’re gonna miss out on stuff”. And he shows Thranduil how to truly live in the moment

the same people saying “desexualize the female body” are the ones supporting strippers and sex workers? lmao bitch make up yo damn mind

also, the imperium is xenophobic, not bigoted. You can’t say that sexuality and gender is irrelevant and doesn’t matter in the grimdark universe - that the Imperium treats all citizens equally worthlessly as meatshields and brainwashed war machines, that they can’t let a single soul go to waste fighting the endless horde of chaos and aliens, AND THEN say that having the Imperium be homophobic, transphobic or racist makes sense in a grimdark context.

I think the thing that pisses me off about Hannibal Lecter is that he likes to pretend he only goes after the unpleasant members of our society, but he doesn’t think twice about flat out murdering the people who accidentally get mixed up in his shenanigans. You aren’t some goddamn special snowflake Lecter. You’re just another average, plain, boring serial killer. the only thing “special” about you is that you’re a liar and a hypocrite. Just fuck off.

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I know I've been shipping swanqueen too but I can't tell anyone in real life bc they'd say "make up your mind yo" :/ but god I really think Emma is better with Regina and it scares me

Yes, thank god someone understands. I had shipped Captain Swan as endgame and OTP since we first met Hook in 2x02, and I thought that would never change. But 4b has seriously changed my entire viewpoint, and I began to ship Swan Queen. Then I went on tumblr and looked at people’s theories on SQ, and people were saying about how A&E have inserted flat characters as dull love interests for Regina and Emma to cover SQ up and I started to believe it. Not fully, because both Robin and Hook have places on the show, but I shipped SQ more with every post on the tag. 

And then I watched these:

Not in order, and they are all part of my YT playlists, ignore that. 

I shipped SQ so much more after watching those, even the AUs and the movie trailer.