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if the senate invalidates you, just say the omens are bad and that the whole senate session ought to be forgotten and cancelled. now you are valid again.


Sophies meme | 5 of 9 scenes
6.20 - Super Cool Party People

Hella Date Ideas for Hella People

- video games
- laser tag (annihilate ur date)
- go shopping or find a novelty store and buy really weird/cute trinkets and shit
- stay in and watch disney movies cause who wants to do stuff?
- fort
- make food eat it and make more to eat later
- draw each other very badly (or try ur best if u want it’s ur decision)
- (film ur punk edits)
- be as childish as possible in a toy store
- place flowers on really old headstones bc everybody deserves a flower now and then
- go to an art museum
- read a book to each other or go to Barnes and Noble
- tie dye everything
- play monopoly and possibly hate them afterwards
- take a shower together i mean
- mini golf
- watch horror movies and then watch romantic movies and then sit in darkness and make out
- give each other hickeys
- do each others hair and makeup really badly and take pictures
- (make sure to cover up hickeys)

When anybody says “schools today are just too ‘PC’!”

✨ “Boys Will Love Me” Romance Spell ✨

Hello darlings! This is my own romance spell that I made and decided to share it! It’s use is for all genders, and you can use a specific person if you want! I hope this is helpful to you guys! 

What You Will Need: 

- Red/Pink/White Candles, you can use 1 or 3. Choose the colors that you relate to Romance

-Amulet/jewelry (It’d be a good idea to consecrate the item!)

-Objects that remind you of romance/attraction. (roses, rose quartz, hearts, doves, colors, incenses, make up, fragrances, etc. use whatever items you want- they don’t have to be these!) Also, if you can’t have this– it’s not necessary! 


1.) Light your candles and, if you have it, incense. Get all the objects that remind you of romance and set them up around the candles. 

2.) Hover your amulet over the first candle. If you only have one candle, keep it hovering over that candle for the whole entire duration of the spell. 

3.) While it’s hovering over the first candle, say:

“Boys/Girls/All/Name will love me, and my features.”

Move it to the next candle, or keep it at the one candle you’re using, and say:

“Boys will love me, for me.” 

Move it to your third, final candle and say:

“Boys will love me, for everything about me, my flaws and all.” 

4.) After that you can just sit there with the candles, or blow them out. At the end of all my spells I like to say “Mote it be.” But it’s not a requirement. 

You can also adjust the part of the spell, “Boys will love me, ….” and fill it in to however you want it. I hope this helps and you all like it! 

                                                                                       🌙 Amphitrite


a fine dapper tailor with a yard in his hand did proffer his service to be at command. he talked of a slit i had above knee but i’ll have no tailors to stitch it for me 😘

Help A Guy Out

Summary: Reader rescues Dean on a hunt but he doesn’t get set free right away…

Square Filled: Duct Tape

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word Count: 1,400ish

Rating: explicit (smut (bondage), language)

A/N: Written/created for @spnkinkbingo

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Interest Check: Homestuck Harlequin Challenge

This is an interest check for a potential fanwork challenge! After some discussion within the Discord, a few of us are interested in running a Harlequin challenge.

What is a Harlequin challenge?

The name of the game is Harlequin AUs, in which your faves are transplanted into a ridiculous romance novel, the type that only comes in paperback from lines like Harlequin and Mills & Boon. Extravagant drama, a forest-worth of pining, agonized proclamations of love, making out in the rain– all your favorite and dreaded romance tropes, shovel them in!

Shorthand: the kind of stories that Karkat Vantas would love to read.

Rose moving to a small town to escape her Tragic Past and meeting a lovely horned fashion designer, and falling in love! Karkat writing the Next Great Novel and finding inspiration in his muse, a mysterious nighttime DJ he listens to, and falling in love! Jake needing to get married to appease his old gran and stay in her will, and his best bro Dirk volunteering to tie the knot with him, and them falling in love! John weathering his first job as a paralegal for terrifying hotshot lawyer Terezi, and falling in love!

Sensing the trend?

Is this for writers or for artists?

Potentially both. This is what the interest check is meant to ascertain: the structure of the challenge. There are a few options– a straight up fanfic challenge, a more loose “make whatever you want” fic/art/other fest, or a Big Bang.

A Big Bang structure sort of requires us to have about the same number of writers to pair with artists and fanmixers and graphic folks. We’ll only go with this direction if the numbers are right.

What timeframe are you looking at?

Tentatively, a two-month period with a check in halfway through to make sure things are going smoothly.

I’m interested in participating, but don’t know much about Harlequin-style work. Can I get a prompt?

Again, tentatively there is a plan to handle this.

For people who know how this works and know what they wanna make, you’ll have a basic guideline of what to create, just some thematic stuff to keep you skewed close to the challenge. Everything else is up to you.

For people who want a little more guidance, we can offer a list of commonplace tropes and narratives for this genre, or even a sampling of book-style summaries that you can use as your basic plot.

Any restrictions? Pairings? NSFW?

In the event of a challenge that isn’t pairing people up, we probably will let you create whatever you like. For a Big Bang-style challenge or similar, we’ll ask for your age and what pairing you think you’ll be doing so we can pair you up with similarly-minded folks.

All of this is subject to change. Right now, we simply want to know if anyone is interested in doing this, and if so, what they would like the make.

To that end, if you are interested, please:

1. Reblog this post.
2. Tag it with what you are interested in doing. Let us know if you want to write fic or art something up or make a fanmix/soundtrack for a fic, or anything else.
(Or, you can just signal boost it, that is very helpful too!)
3. If you want updates, please follow @hsharlequin, where we will be sharing info as it becomes available, including organizational news.

Monsta X: Would he make your relationship public?



He values communication in your relationship, about? Not so much.  He can easily imagine his future with you and talk about it, but he’s very clear about putting Monsta X before you… If you are comfortable with that, you can take for granted Shownu will not talk about you two. You both need to be independent for this to work, since he hates being confined or stuck. He’ll keep imagining catastrophic scenarios where you’re horribly exposed and this causes him anxiety. However, your boyfriend is adaptable and smart and if that happens, he will react in the best way possible.

Verdict: He will probably not tell… The fans will catch you dating after a year, but Shownu will be very chill and seems unfazed by it.


This sunshine is fearful of losing you. He’s romantic so he wants you to believe he could yell about your love on every rooftop, but… In reality, he wants to keep you locked away. The first few months, he wouldn’t even tell his members about you. He’s more afraid of the consequences the exposure could have on your life than on his career. Minhyuk’s obsessed with your well-being and would frankly go nuts if you ended up bullied or hurt by jealous fans. No one hurts his love one and goes on like nothing happened. Your boyfriend would press charges against anyone spreading hate about your couple on internet.

Verdict: One could think he would end up telling by accident, but Minhyuk is scary good at keeping secrets. You will end up in relationship rumors because he’s forcing you to wear matching accessories and do cliché things together.


He doesn’t even think about it. For him and his career, dating you rhymes with perfect secrecy. When you bring up making your relationship public, he promises whatever he thinks you want to hear. In fact, he’s only lying to himself with those promises, since you know he has no intentions of doing so. Kihyun would never ever had committed to you in the first place if he wasn’t crazy in love. He’s optimistic and tries to see the fun in every aspect of your relationship, especially the furtive dates and undercover moments he spends with you.

Verdict: He’ll never tell and you’ll never get caught. However, if he got ask directly he would give an honest answer.


He made it very clear it was not in his plans to date anybody. Yet, this man is a pure lover and when he fell for you, he fell hard. He’s worried you’ll end up hurt because of his career and wants to protect you, but he can’t lie. Wonho is honest and mostly transparent with his fans and he wishes for them to respect him as a man more than an Idol. You both know you’ll end up telling the world before you get caught, but there’s no rush.

Verdict: He will come forward with the news of your relationship at some point. The trust he puts on Monbebes is touching. So even though your relationship will be shocking, the support you’ll receive will be overwhelming.


Your boyfriend is possessive and very protective of you. There’s no way he’s putting you in danger by telling the world about your love. No way. Don’t ever try to discuss it with him, this is never happening. In fact, you know better than to discuss this since it leads to a fight. If you decide to live with the secrecy, you’ll have to truly commit to it. Hyungwon plans every secret hide away and dates and there’s no room for mistakes or miscalculations.

Verdict: Never ever in a million year. I hope you don’t mind secrecy, nobody will ever find out about your relationship… until your marriage!


He will not take this decision himself. He’s pretty indecisive and likes to see both sides of a situation, so you’ll discuss it with him a lot.  At the same time, he expresses his thoughts through his raps and music and it is very difficult for him to never say anything.

Verdict: The fans already kind of knew he had a girlfriend, but he ends up making the official announcement through Starship for your 1st year anniversary


Will Changkyun be telling the world about your relationship? HA. HA. HA. Not happening, you’re not even asking. You date him and you barely get a glimpse of his mind and feelings. He will not get out of his way to keep your relationship hidden either. You’ll get coffee together and go picnic by the Han River. Eventually, a rumor will grow after people keep spotting you two.

Verdict: NOP. The boy doesn’t even warn Starship, but the press catches on after a few months of open dates.


My Guide to Being an Exclusionist

So, I’m not actually an exclusionist myself, but I wanted to help newer exclusionists get the hang of it- so I made a simple, step by step guide. You’re welcome in advance!

Step 1: To start, you’ll need a tumblr account. You’ll probably want to choose something along the lines of “aphobic______” or “______isanaphobe” (ironically, of course, because aphobia isn’t real)

Step 2: Now that you have an account, you can set up your bio! You can put in various information about yourself, such as pronouns, gender, age, and orientation. The most important part, however, is making it clear you’re an exclusionist. You may want to do this subtly, by just adding “exclusionist” in, but chances are, you’ll want to make it as obvious as possible. You can do this by adding something like “cishets aren’t lgbt”, preferably in giant letters at the top.

Step 3: If you’re here, you’ve probably already built up at least a resistance to actual facts. It’s time to make sure you have- and turn it into an immunity, if it’s not already.

Step 4: Now it’s finally time to start posting! Find pretty much any post by an inclusionist that you can even vaguely relate to asexuality. Here’s where you’ll need the immunity to actual facts- ignore any and all valid points, in favor of posting “cishets aren’t lgbt”.

Steps 5-50: Repeat step 4. If you want, you can vary slightly- try substituting in phrases such as “cishet aces aren’t queer” and “aces aren’t inherently lgbt”.

Step 51: Now, this is going to be a bit harder, but you have to find at least one post where someone talks about their personal experiences of aphobia. Again, you’ll need to use your immunity to actual facts to ignore any actual points, and respond with something simple like “aphobia isn’t real” or “that’s just misogyny”.

Step 52: Now, it’s time to post condescending, mocking versions of all the basic phrases you’ve been taught so far.

Step 53: As a warmup for step 54, you’ll be messaging people anonymously. Suicide bait, demonize, dehumanize, insult, threaten, invalidate- whatever you want! If you’re comfortable enough, you can post these things off anon- or better yet, on your own blog!

Step 54: You’re finally ready for the positivity tags! Post negative things about aces- remember, they’re just a bunch of whiny oppressors, so there’s no need for even basic human decency. If someone criticizes you for violating the ToS, act like they’re the unreasonable ones.

Step 55: Start and/or join an unfounded smear campaign attacking someone, conveniently right after they state they’re an inclusionist. Deny any relation whatsoever.

Step 56: Make up some history! Say whatever you want to have happened/best supports your argument. History doesn’t need a factual basis!

Things to remember:

1. It’s never a bad time to add in “lol” or “lmao” to convey how silly and ridiculous inclusionists are

2. You don’t have to justify your responses with actual true, related facts, but inclusionists always need explicit, unarguable proof- even if they literally just say that they like pizza(if they actually provide the requested proof, tell them it’s not good enough)

3. Always trivialize the impact of verbal abuse, as well as mental health- adopt “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” as your personal motto

4. Oppression only shows up as murder- if you’re not being murdered at a significantly increased rate, it doesn’t count

5. The split attraction model is ridiculous- so make sure to conflate aromanticism(and celibacy, for that matter[basically just misdefine it any way you can]) with asexuality. For example, “aces and aros think they’re so special for not having/wanting sex”

6. You are the victim. You can do no wrong- you’re just protecting yourself and your community from being invaded by evil cishets trying to steal your stuff(resources, space for flags, your headcannons, the color purple, the letter a, dinosaurs, the moon, all of space, etc)

7. All inclusionists are cishet aces- make sure to assume this, and call them cishets without actually checking, because they obviously are

8. You are not using terf(or biphobic, etc) rhetoric- vehemently deny it, no matter how many bi people, trans people, inclusionists, or literal terfs tell you otherwise. Accuse them of comparing you to your oppressors

9. Asexuality(and aces wanting representation) is inherently homophobic

10. You are doing this for the good of the lgbt(pn) community. Any people from this community who object are just silly, brainwashed idiots. You’re making things better for everyone!

11. The murder of lgbt people exists only for your use in discourse arguments- so feel free to use it as leverage however you like, with no respect for the dead

Congratulations! You’re now a full exclusionist!

Disclaimer: In case it was unclear, this is all satire. I believe aces and aros are inherently lgbt(qia+), and that aphobia is real. I do not condone any of the behavior I suggested in this post.


@princessvionnet said : Heyyy! Can I request a “Dating Namjoon but being friends with BTS” list thingy? <3

  • it was actually Hoseok who introduced the two of you
  • like one night Hoseok was skyping you and Namjoon happened to walk behind him and see you and he was like “oh my God love at first sight is real”
  • the two of you hit if off right away and started dating
  • although Namjoon texted Hoseok about what kind of food you liked and what kind of stuff you liked to do like would you die of boredom if he took you to an arcade for the first date???
  • and Hoseok was like,,, calm down dude,,, y’all are so in love it’s Nasty you’ll have fun together I promise
  • … Hoseok was right you two had way too much fun
  • you kind of met the other boys by accident
  • you and Hoseok were playing video games and getting really into it when the others came back to the dorm and Namjoon kissed his head as he walked by and the other members were like ????? whom’st the fuck???
  • and Namjoon was like “this is Y/N, the person I’m dating” and Hoseok was like “Y/N’s also my best friend”
  • ?????????
  • but Taehyung just said “sweet I’m Taehyung and I call playing the winner at whatever game you’re playing” as he sat down on the couch beside you
  • and Jin would shooting Namjoon looks like “you really scored man”
  • Yoongi would surprised, but pleasantly
  • Jimin would secretly proud of Namjoon and will congratulate him later
  • and Jungkook would just kind of be in shock he’s like??? Namjoon??? wow???? when did this happen???
  • as Hoseok’s friend their first question is “do you dance?”
  • it doesn’t matter if you say yes or no they just want to see you dance
  • applause you even if you’re really bad
  • they turn into your hype men
  • you are in a group chat with them where they tease Namjoon about how much he talked about you and how much he loves you and he’s like “sTOP OH MY GOD”
  • Hoseok teases you two the most, but Yoongi teases you on the downlow all thE TIME
  • “so how many times did you tell Y/N ‘I love you’?” “cute…”
  • shopping with Namjoon
  • listen,,, he’d love to pick out clothes for you
  • and you see some of the stuff he picks and it’s like….. okay…………
  • but you try it on nonetheless
  • he’s super supportive
  • you don’t like it? no problem
  • you love the outfit? hell yeah and you look good as fuck too
  • the biggest supporter of whatever you want to do basically
  • late night dates with the entirety of BTS
  • like it was only supposed to be you and Hoseok but suddenly Jimin’s there because he heard you were going out to do fun stuff and Jin wants to go and then Jungkook’s wandering out of him room in a nice outfit because suddenly he’s going and Yoongi wants to get to know you better so he’s tagging along and Taehyung doesn’t want to be left out and Namjoon figures now’s as good a time as any to tag along
  • taking real candid photos of each other late at night
  • Jimin knows all of your good angles, but Taehyung’s more creative about capturing them
  • Jungkook likes to buy you snacks but he doesn’t buy any for Namjoon who’s literally standing RIGHT BESIDE YOU
  • so you’re like “oh no, guess we have to share” and suddenly Jungkook’s shoving his food at Namjoon because he really doesn’t want to see that
  • Jin is the main culprit of taking couple photos of you two
  • especially when the two of you fall asleep together during movie night aslas;lkdf what a snek
  • he’ll use them as blackmail too he will send them to Jimin and Taehyung
  • Hoseok sometimes gets a little sad when you spend all of your time at the dorms with Namjoon so you make it up to him by doing whatever he wants to do the next time you’re at the dorm
  • and you make a conscious effort to spend more time with him at the dorms because he is your best friend
  • dating Namjoon means gaining six other best friends
  • you already have Hoseok, but you also gain everyone else, Namjoon included
  • Namjoon likes to whisper that he loves you in your ear and usually it’s Yoongi who’s around to hear it and he gets that gummy smile because it’s cute… their leader’s in love
  • seriously… Namjoon would love you so much his heart would feel like it was going to explode because it would hold so much love for you
  • the other boys also love you, especially Hoseok
EXO’s Reaction to Finding Out it’s Your Birthday the Day Of


Not really big into birthday parties either, Xiumin would understand you not making a big deal of it. Nonetheless, he’d still want to celebrate it in some way. He’d take you out to a nice casual dinner and let you pick out whichever movie/show you wanted for that night, showering you with kisses the whole time.


Definitely more of a partier when it came to personal things like this, Chen would be rather upset that you hadn’t told him it was your birthday. “Jaaagi~ Waaaeee?” He’d drag you out of the house and to your favorite clothing store, insisting you pick out whatever you want for your birthday present.


Baekhyun would make up for your lack of enthusiasm about your birthday with all of his hooting and hollering.  He’d would make sure to tell everyone–no matter where you were–that it was your birthday, enjoying your embarrassed reaction. He’d finish your special day by buying you your favorite flavored cake and cheesily singing you happy birthday.


A bit disappointed that you didn’t tell him beforehand that it was your birthday, Channie would do his best to make the rest of your day perfect.  He’d probably end up going over-the-top with his constant cooing and care-taking, but you didn’t mind–it was sweet that he cared so much about making your birthday great.


Lay wouldn’t be able to understand why you didn’t think your birthday was a “big deal”.  “But jagi, it’s your birthday,” he’d say when you insisted you didn’t need a party. He’d still sneak out and buy you a cute gift; he wanted your birthday to be something special no matter what.


Not a big birthday-party-guy himself, D.O would understand that you didn’t need a huge celebration for your birthday. That being said, he’d want to celebrate in some small way. He’d cook you your favorite meal and finish it with a small homemade cake, softly singing happy birthday as he presented it to you.


Suho would be genuinely saddened when you admitted that you didn’t think your birthday was a big deal. “You might not think it’s a big deal, but it is to me, jagi,” he’d reply, gently kissing your cheeks before suggesting you two go out to a restaurant. You’d agree, and he’d treat you like an absolute princess, beaming at you from across the table.


Kai would be more surprised than anything that you didn’t think much of your own birthday. He’d just kind of look at you, not sure how to handle the situation. He wouldn’t drag you out to a restaurant, but would make sure you had a nice evening and made sure to give you a little “birthday treat” in the bedroom.


Playing it off coolly, Sehun would wish you a happy birthday and that would be it…or so you would think. He’d leave for a little while and return with a stuffed version of your favorite animal and a cake. He’d smile shyly, handing you your animal and cheesily singing you happy birthday.

anonymous asked:

wait does keith have nightmares?

He does! Or, well, he has had at least one and I’m not sure whether it’s the first one he has ever had or one in a series of many. Here, let me give you the screenshots from s2e5:

That was the nightmare sequence. So, yeah, there was at least one of them. My personal take is that it was one (particularly bad) example of many, but you could definitely argue that it was the only one. I’ll explain both sides and you can decide for your own^^

Why it could be the only nightmare he has gotten so far: immediately after waking up, he packed his things and and left, scared that Zarkon was tracking him. This is his face after waking up:

Just look at it compared to when he got to sleep:

He is absolutely shaken, his eyes are wide and fearful. The thought of Zarkon tracking him/looking back at him when it should be his own reflection in the blade was undoubtedly what drew him to run away. If it was just one of many nightmares, would he really have reacted that way? Even if it was a really bad one? Keith is, after all, pretty rational in most of his decisions that could affect the team. 

And now to why I think that it was one nightmare of many: Here is the full waking up sequence:

He wakes up, gasps for air and then reaches for his dagger almost hesitantly. Which, okay, that totally makes sense if he is scared of Zarkon looking back at him. However, waking up from an unexpected nightmare usually leaves you confused and full of fear to the point that you act on your instincts or (if it’s really bad) aren’t even completely sure anymore where you are.

None of this is the case here. Keith is scared of what he might see in his dagger, but he didn’t look particularly surprised to be in his room. He also doesn’t seem to feel threatened, despite the fact that Red attacked him in the dream and he was surrounded by Galra soldiers. If he had felt threatened, he would have most likely drawn the dagger out from under his pillow the moment he sat up, especially since he seems to have slept with it for a long time now.

So yeah, I think it wasn’t his first time waking up like this. He knows that it was a nightmare. It was, however, a pretty bad one - which is why he still checks for his reflection in his knife. His eyes are wide and fearful but as soon as he sees that it’s really him in there-

-he is pretty calm again. A nightmare. Okay. He knows how to deal with those. (Except that this nightmare was special because it directly addressed the fears he expressed just earlier today.) 

I’m not finished yet, though. There are also the scenes that are preceding the nightmare. There is Keith waiting to talk to Shiro about his suspicions about a Galra connection but then thinking better of it - he addressed those before when Allura talked about hers btw, but why he didn’t tell Shiro is a whole other topic - followed by him staring at his dagger. 

3 out of 4 expressions portray sadness, insecurity and inner conflict. And then there is the last frame. He almost looks expectant there. At first I thought that it was part of the nightmare already, but the nightmare starts with Keith in the small ship from the hanger that brings him to Red. It is some kind of transition. However, there were absolutely no transition-like frames from where he left Shiro to this scene, from one part of the nightmare to the other or from the nightmare ending to him waking up. So why include this frame if it doesn’t tell us anything? And what is the only thing he could expect before falling asleep?? A nightmare. Why would he expect a nightmare if he has never had one before? 

So, yeah. I think Keith gets nightmares, plural. All of this is just my personal take though. As I said before, both headcanons of him having nightmares (maybe not regularly but occasionally) and of this being his first nightmare are totally valid. There is so little material to go off that I can’t say I’m 100% confident in my interpretation of it… I’m more, like, 60% sure. If anyone wants to add to it, feel free to do so^^

hello, it is your friendly, neighbourhood australian aka captain boomerang roleplayer. i can’t remember how long i have been here now. like over a year but not yet two years?? so you can make up whatever amount of time you want in between. it has also been a while since i have done one of these things, and there isn’t really any special occasion, i just want people to know i love ‘em. a lot has happened in a year + and i have had a lot of fun. some shitty times too, but #yolo. so why don’t we all fire up the barbie, i’ll shout the vb and youse can all gather ‘round at mine from some humble backyard cricket in a thongs (flip flops you fckin ‘mericans) and boardies. okay okay, time for the shit you’re really here for, the bias list! this is in no particular order or anything, i’m too lazy for that shit. but i honestly appreciate all of you, whether we talk all the time, whether we never talk at all, i hope that we can all roleplay together sometime. 

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youarenewformetoo  asked:

Inspired by the song Somebody That I Used To Know Tony and Bucky dated for a while and then Bucky gets in an accident where he loses his arm and he gets self-conscious and breaks up with Tony, he gets Steve to get his stuff from Tony's house and he completely removes him from his life without explaining anything to Tony, Tony is devastated and doesn't know what he did wrong and after 2 years he sees bucky again

“Bucky?” Tony ripped his sunglasses off and stared up at the man who had just plowed into him. “Buck? Uh, hey.”

“Hey. Heya, Tony.” Bucky ran his right hand through his hair awkwardly. “How are you? Been a long time.”

“Its been two years.” Tony corrected. “Not just a long time. Two years. Where the hell have you been? What have you been doing? Why did you–” Tony closed his mouth and backed up a step, folding his arms. “Hows it going?”

“Its good to see you Tony.” Bucky said quietly, letting his eyes trace over Tony’s heartbreakingly familiar face, the hair he had spent hours running his fingers through, the dark eyes he had fallen in love with. “You look good.”

“You look good too.” Tony nodded, glancing away and clearing his throat. “So. You’re back in town?”

“Visiting some friends. Um Steve is–”

“Steve. Right.” Tony unfolded then refolded his arms tensly. “Steve. How are you guys doing? Still together?”

“What? No.” Bucky shook his head. “Steve and I were never together.”

“What do you mean you were never together? What about when you–” Tony looked away again. “When you moved out. He helped you. I assumed…”

“Oh honey.” Bucky looked sad all the sudden. “No, no Tony. I didnt leave because I was with Steve.”

Then why the hell–” Tony started to raise his voice but he put his hands up peacefully. “Nevermind. You look good, Buck. Glad to see you well. Guess Ill see you around.”

Tony jammed his hands in his pockets and stepped around him, heading up the sidewalk again.

Bucky watched him go, wondering how it could still hurt this bad after two years.


“Tony wait!”

Tony turned around when Bucky grabbed his wrist. “What’s up Buck?” He looked tired, tired and just worn out and way too emotional to be having a conversation in the middle of the street.

“Tony, I didnt leave because I was with Steve, or because I didnt want you anymore.”

“I cant talk about this right now.” Tony tried to tug away.


“No, Bucky!” Tony snapped. “Its been two years! Just let it go!”

“No, no sweet thing, I wont.” Bucky whispered and this time tears made his blue eyes shine. “I left because—”

He held out his left hand, the robotic one and Tony blinked down at it and then up at him.

“I dont get it.”

“I felt like half a man, Tony. I was hurt, and you had to do everything for me. I couldnt even– couldnt even hold you the way I used to, the way you liked.”

“I didnt care about that.” Tony brushed a hand over his face, cramming his sunglasses over his eyes. “I didnt care about that.”

“I know. But I did. So I ran away.” Bucky held up his left hand, curling it carefully around Tonys other wrist. “And it was stupid and Ive missed you every day. But I figured you hated me enough for leaving that you wouldnt even give me the time of day, much less…” he motioned between them. “And then after I decided to get the prosthesis, I was worried Id hurt you while I was adjusting to it and–”

“You’re so stupid!” Tony burst out. “Do you really think so little of me that I would care–” his voice broke. “I didnt hate you, but I kind of do now. For thinking we werent strong enough to handle it.”

“I am stupid.” Bucky agreed, and tilted Tonys chin up carefully. “Can we– Can I take you to dinner? Or can I come over and cook you dinner? I still remember your favorite way to cook chicken and—”

“Im a vegetarian now.” Tony sniffed and Bucky smiled slowly, wiping a tear from Tonys face.

“No you arent.”

“Fine, Im not but— but—” Tony took his sunglasses off again and jabbed them at Buckys chest. “Bucky. It killed me when you left. I loved you and I was ready to work through anything wiht you and then you just up and fucking left me! Give me one good reason I shouldnt try to knock your ass out?”

“Ill hold you the way you like.” Bucky murmured, and leaned in close to nuzzle Tonys cheek, knowing Tony had already forgiven him, because the beautiful brunette hadnt stopped touching his left arm, hadnt stopped lacing and unlacing their fingers even as he was yelling. “I remember how to do that too.”

“You’re not as charming as you used to be.” Tony snapped and Bucky finally just wrapped both arms around him and held him tight.

“Ive missed you.”

“I still hate you.”

“Thats fine. I can work with that.”

“Im going to make things miserable for you.”

“Thats fine, doll, I wouldnt expect anything else.”

“You have two years to make up for. Two.”

“Ill make up for every second, and then some. Whatever you want, okay?”

Bucky closed his eyes and tried not to cry when Tony finally put his arms around him.

“The robot arm is a little hot.” Tony admitted, his voice muffled in Buckys jacket.

“There’s my tech genius.” Bucky pulled away only enough to steal a quick kiss. “My beautiful genius. Come on. Lets go start making up for all that lost time.

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Hey, I love your blog!! Could I please get got7's reactions+gif to your "first time", but the next morning they find that they've been too rough and hurt you (like they find bruises and you not being able to walk and stuff, but you didn't say anything)? Thank you!

they’d all feel super bad for being too rough that’s for sure

Mark - Would feel disappointed in himself. You two always gave each other hickeys so slight bruises on both of your bodies wasn’t anything new, and he enjoyed seeing them on you, but to see your body have bruises around your hips and thighs at the moment… it made him feel terrible. Even more so since it was your first time. Mark would blame himself for being too rough and for not controlling himself better. When you woke he’d apologize profoundly while holding you gently and massaging where you were sore. He’d give chaste kisses on your bruises and be so gentle with you as you recovered from the slight pain that still lingered. Mark would vow that from now on he’d be gentle during intimate moments, the way it should be.

Jaebum - He’d feel quite cocky to see his marks on you. The fresh bruises on your body and the scratches on his back would feed his ego nicely. To Jaebum, it proved to him and to you that you were his and he was yours. Of course he’d never want other people to see the marks you two gave each other, he thought it was nice that you two could see them and be reminded of your intimate moment. Then realization would hit him, that it was your first time and he went way too rough on you. Shaking his head, he’d look over at you to eye the bruises on your body once again. He enjoyed seeing them on you, but now he felt guilty. How could he have gone so rough on you? And why did you say anything? Jaebum would beat himself up about it and would make it up to you by cuddling you and doing whatever you wanted.

Jackson - Would feel super terrible to see you have bruises scattered on your body and he’d feel even worse when he saw you struggle with walking. It was your first time, the last thing he wanted was you to wake up with bruises. Immediately, Jackson would be by your side and pepper your cheeks with kisses while mumbling, “I’m so sorry, baby. I was too rough, wasn’t I? Please forgive me.” He’d be confused as to why you never mentioned anything about being too rough and would ask you about it. He’d gently hold you close, making sure to not hurt you even more, and explain to you that when he was being too rough… you had to let him know. Jackson would stay with you the whole day and carry you wherever you needed to go and every few minutes he’d apologize again until you reassured him that it was okay, that you thought you could handle it. Yet next time, he stated that he would be more gentle.

Jinyoung - He’d like seeing the bruises on you, he enjoyed it when you two would mark each other. To him it was something special to remind each other that you belonged to one another. Yet the way you two would do this was from hickeys, not from being too rough. The bruises on your neck, hips, and other places made him cringe, knowing that he was the one who caused it. The bruises were so grand, it showed that he was extremely rough. Jinyoung would shake his head, filled with guilt and immense disappointment. He’d wake you up to apologize and would have a long talk as to why you need to tell him when he’s being rough. Throughout the day Jinyoung would stay by your side and get you whatever you want until you recovered.

Youngjae - Would be surprised with himself, extremely shocked. Youngjae never would’ve thought that he’d get so rough that it would leave bruises on you. Your first time was amazing to him when he thought back to it. Not once did the thought of, “Maybe I’m being too rough.” came across his mind, it was evident that you were enjoying yourself. Youngjae put two and two together and realized that you mostly likely kept shut, thinking you could endure his roughness. He’d feel bad that he caused you pain during a moment that should’ve been special and extremely gentle. Youngjae would wrap his arms around you, press a soft kiss against your temple, and mumble sorry into your ear. You were still asleep, but he didn’t care, he knew he was going to have to apologize a lot to you once you woke up and make it up to you.

BamBam - He’d feel quite smug that he left you bruises all over your body, but then after a few minutes of feeling smug and admiring his love bites and marks… he’d remember that it was your first time. BamBam would feel like an idiot, how could he have he let it slip that it was your first time? He would think about what he could do to make it up to you, apologizing wasn’t enough. When you woke up, Bam would smother you with kisses and apologize repeatedly. BamBam would promise that next time he’d be more gentle, but also told you to tell him whenever he was being rough because hurting you is the last thing he wants.

Yugyeom - Super shy is how he’d feel. Knowing that he lost himself so much during your first time that he ended up giving you bruises… it’d make him think back to the night before which would make him blush, but after his sheepishness subsided Yugyeom would feel terrible. He would look at the bruises upon your body and would be disappointed in himself. Yugyeom would wake you up from your slumber with a chaste kiss and ask you how you were feeling. When you told him that you were sore and in slight pain, he’d lose it. He’d apologize so much and he’d promise to never get rough with you again until you two were more used to being intimate. Yugyeom would offer to message you whenever you were sore and he’d kiss your bruises, hoping it’d somehow help.

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I'm having an awful month. May I ask for a lot of comforting fluff? MC breaking down after a really hard day and RFA comforting MC after a rough day?

Fluff till the end of times! (I’m sorry you had a bad month, hope you’re feeling better by now, honey)

Hope you like this! ^^

RFA comforting MC


  • Tough day at work
  • Zen knew when things didn’t go as you expected, your frustration was all over your face
  • He plopped beside you in the couch, and you leaned on his chest immediately.
  • He hummed some lullabies, his fingers brushing your shoulder lightly.
  • “Can I do anything for you, babe?” “Can you get me a beer, please?”
  • Oh, okay… yeah, not what he was expecting, but he’d be more than glad to oblige.
  • You two ended up on the rooftop, chilling with the beer.
  • And he listened to all your venting, that was very vivid due to the alcohol.
  • He texted you during your break at your job the next day. “I’m rooting for you, babe! That chilling beer and I will be waiting you to come home <3”
  • Work was incredibly more manageable that day.


  • You had a little fight with your parents
  • Yoosung knew what this was about, you already told him you were meeting them to discuss a few things, he’s so sad to know it didn’t end up well.
  • He’ll do whatever makes you comfortable, whether you want to be alone whether you want to talk.
  • But he’s happy you chose the second option, it makes him feel reliable and mature.
  • “Do you want me to do something? Do you want me to talk to your parents?” you chuckle. “No, just come here and let me stroke your hair.”
  • Okay… though it feels like you’re comforting him, not the other way around, he’s happy to oblige, so he lays his head on your lap and let you do as you wish.
  • And though it’s very relaxing, he’s not sleepy, he’s listening attentively to all your venting. “That really helped me, thank you…”
  • “Don’t mention it. Anything else I can do for you?” “Nah, I’m better now, thanks.”
  • “Are you suuuure?” he asks with a smirk, you sigh “Can you do your omurice for me?” yep, he knew this was coming.
  • So he did the omurice, and wrote “it gets better” with ketchup.


  • College is driving you nuts
  • She gave you some days off the cafe for you to focus on your studies, but you’re still very stressed out.
  • She could make you coffee, but this wouldn’t relax you, much the contraire…
  • So she sits next to you and your pile of books, and takes the one you’re reading from your hands, leading to a glaring protest from you.
  • “Before you say anything, just know you’ve been studying for four hours non-stop now, and I know very well how unhealthy this is. Come on, let’s take a break.”
  • She drags you to the kitchen, and your expression change in the minute you see what’s on the counter: CAKE!
  • “I made it myself. Hope you don’t think this is too sweet…” “There is no such thing as too sweet!” “Well, there is, you could end up in a sugar rush and…”
  • You hug her. Awww, she totally forgot her lecture about the dangers of sugar in excess.
  • So you two sit and eat the delicious cake while you vent a little, but you don’t want to keep talking about it, why not talk about the future? When this cake will be on the cafe menu?
  • “Are you sure it isn’t too sweet?” “I think it’s sweet enough, just like you.” Yep, she’s never getting to that sugar lecture.


  • You argued with one of your best friends
  • He doesn’t really know what to say to make you feel better, doesn’t have good advice either.
  • But your gloominess is hurting him, even Elizabeth seems restless, missing her other owner’s patting.
  • And since he doesn’t really know what to say… he needs to find out what he can do.
  • So here he is with Elizabeth, she wants to know what she can do. At least that’s what he says.
  • You giggle imagining if he tried to do a high voice for her, and though he doesn’t know what he did, he’s happy to see you smile.
  • “Unfortunately, Elizabeth, this is a thing only humans can solve. But you can come here while Jumin stroke my hair?” Yep, will do.
  • So you’re laying on your back with Elizabeth on top of your tummy while your head rest in his lap, his fingers in your hair.
  • He listens patiently and attentively to your venting.
  • “Elizabeth thinks you’ll come through and find a solution, since you’re smart and amazing.” “Why doesn’t she tell me that herself?” you tease “Her throat is a little sore, her voice would sound odd for a lady.” You both laugh, but for different reasons, he’s just happy to hear you laughing.


  • Your family’s dog is sick
  • And judging from how sleep deprived you’re getting because you’re so worried, you’ll end up sick too.
  • There’s nothing much you or him can do but wait. And this waiting is making you very anxious.
  • He’s so worried, it took him all this time to get a normal sleeping schedule, and now it’s your turn to get a messy one.
  • “Hey, why don’t we go for a ride?” he twirls the key of one of his babies in his hand. “I don’t know, what if the hospital calls while we’re on road? I’ll have no service!”
  • “Who said anything about going on road?” he asks with a playful grin. Oh lord, what is he thinking?
  • You go with him because you’re starting to feel curious, you two go inside the car and he proceed to start the car… but he doesn’t.
  • He just turns the radio on.“Saeyoung, what the hell?” “Shhh… that song is my jam! Isn’t it your jam, too, MC?” “Well, yeah, but…” “So let’s sing!”
  • And you two do the cheesiest duets ever, with him always doing the female singer verses and you doing the male ones.
  • After laughing a lot, you sigh. “Ready to talk about it?” he asks, and you nod. This balance between getting goofy and getting serious is one of the best things about him.

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Hey! Could you do a BTS reaction to their s/o breking down because of fan hate they saw on twitter? I no that one a BTS reaction to their 'bigger' s/o feeling too heavy to sit on their lap? Thank you! I love your blog!! 💖

A/N: Hey, so I’m sorry that I went on a small hiatus after I got this, it was most certainly not intentional, but I’m here now! I’m going to split this request into two parts, and the second one will come out tomorrow because I don’t like posting too many things at once. 

This is the first part of the request: BTS reaction to their s/o breaking down because of fan hate they saw on twitter.

Second part here.

Yoongi: Yoongi would feel very angry at the fans, and would act strangely calm towards them, though the disappointment would be obvious. Yoongi would see you crying and wonder what was wrong before seeing your twitter open to hateful commentary. He’d immediately respond to the hate with something like “If you respect me, please respect y/n and apologize for your sardonic comments. I would never treat ARMY in such a way.” He’d then pull you into his arms, and hold you there until you stopped crying.

Jungkook: Jungkook would be really angry. He’d likely want to lash out at the people making such awful remarks, but immediately regret it and apologize, reminding fans to be kind towards people, including BTS and their S/Os. Jungkook would kiss your tears away in attempt to make you smile, and if that doesn’t work he’d do everything in his power to make you feel good about yourself (for example: carrying you into the bedroom and pressing kisses anywhere he can find skin until he gets you to laugh.)

Jimin: Jimin would be the silent angry type where he’d just have this seriously dark expression (remember Hello Counselor?), showing how disappointed he is, so he would likely tell the haters to kindly stop because no one, especially you, deserves hate. He’d hug you and tell you how wonderful and perfect you are, and that the haters are nothing, especially because they don’t know you like he does. He’d kiss your head and rock you in his arms until you felt better. 

Jin: When Jin found you crying, he’d immediately drop everything to ask you what had made you cry. He’d kneel in front of you and take your face in his hands to wipe away your tears, and rub your cheeks gently. Once he found out what ailed you, he would feel awful, and rock you gently in his arms, shushing you quietly. He likely would not say anything unless the hate became too much. Then he would blatantly state that everyone needs to stop, but if things persisted he would go on vlive and ask people to stop.

Namjoon: Namjoon would likely see the comments and posts before you and stop the hate immediately. When he sees you crying, he would know what was up and bring you into his arms, running his hands through your hair softly as your head lay in the crook of his neck, tears wetting his clothes. He’d offer to take you anywhere you wanted for a day or evening, and remind you of just how much he loves you for you - that there’s nothing wrong with you in the slightest, and that you should never think that there is.

Taehyung: Tbh I would not want to be on the receiving end of Taehyung’s wrath. He may seem all sweet and shit, but that kid has a dark side… And I’d hazard a guess a rather nasty one, too. Once he found out, he’d go onto vlive and express how disappointed and upset he is at this development, and that he really hopes that people stop before he is forced to take action. After this, Tae would buy you your favorite flowers (or a teddy bear or something), and kiss you senseless, so that you completely forget about all of the hate. 

Hoseok: Ohh… Hobi’s got a dark side too. He’d be too upset to say anything about it, but you’d know that it had affected him, and that he was about ready to bust a head if it came down to it. Hobi would ignore it, and ask you to do the same because the haters aren’t worth it (man, look at the hate he deals with even now!) He’d sit with you, handing you tissues and whatnot until you stopped crying, then he’d give you whatever the hell you wanted to make up for all of the shit you’d had to deal with, and cuddle up with you until the two of you fell asleep. 

A/N: Please do not be that person - You know, the one that hates and berates people because they can. Just don’t. Control yourselves because no one deserves it. Especially BTS and their future S/Os (’cause God knows they’ll have some eventually.)

*Gifs not mine