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How to make thin lips look fuller

This ten-second trick instantly but subtly makes any-sized lips appear fuller using a concept from Basic Art 101: you add dimension by playing with shadows + light. If you want to bring a feature forward, you make it lighter, and if you want to push something back, you shade it darker. So to make the lips appear more voluminous, simply outline the top lip + the philtrum (the two midline grooves that run from the top of the lip to the nose) to highlight it. It’s a lot safer and less expensive than fillers and looks more natural.

If you have fair to medium skin, use NARS Larger Than Life Liner in Rue Bonaparte like I used on my assistant Carissa above. If you have tan to dark skin, use Stila Kajal Liner in Topaz.

  1. Start by tracing the two lines of your philtrum from your nose to your upper lip. Then trace the cupid’s bow (the area between the lines) and from each point to the outer corners. Only line the upper lip (leaving the lower lip natural).
  2. Lightly blend the line with your finger to make it undetectable but enough to still do its job.
  3. Finish by filling in your entire lips with a color/finish of your choice. We used Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb but you can use a liner + lipstick, just lipstick, just gloss or a tinted lip balm… whatever you are in the mood for that day!
For all my ladies who are part of the dark under eye circles club, I have a trick for you.

Take red or orange lipstick and put it where the dark circles are. Blend it so its almost sheer, don’t just leave a line of lipstick on your face. The red/orange cuts out any blue. Believe me it works. I have the worst dark circles under my eyes and I can so tell a difference when I don’t use the lipstick! Try it!

Trick To Make Your Lip Color Last Longer - Eye Gloss!

Trick To Make Your Lip Color Last Longer – Eye Gloss!

External image

External image

MAC Studio Eye Gloss in Pearl Varnish provides high shine and can be used to enhance pigments or provide a wash of gloss and a hint of color when applied by itself.

Its great for the eyes, but its also great applied to your lips before lipstick, gloss, or liner. It has a slight shimmer and is a little sticky in texture which is way lip color adheres so well.  You only need a dab on your lips,…

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aw man why do people have to be such dicks to Suzy??? she's one of the sweetest people on the internet, she really doesn't want to hurt anybody and thanks to her I learned a lot of handy make-up tricks. she inspired me a lot and seeing so much hate towards her is just sad, she didn't hurt anybody :/

I know right? Exactly!! I’m glad Suzy can handle such stupid comments and I really hope she knows that it’s a small portion of fans who are like that (*coughassholescough*). There’s a huge difference between not liking someone and being straight up RUDE to them and I don’t like the way some people treat her. Suzy knows that the majority of fans love her, though. She’s too tough to let the haters get to her.


Home made brush cleaner.
I’ve came across the fact that brush cleaner (the cheapest) is at least 16 dollars. THAT’S TOO HIGH. So here is a formula to help clean your brushes & assure you won’t be putting bacteria on your face anymore.
Ingredient number one: Dish soap of your choice. Very good to clean the bacteria and germs off your dishes, your brushes too
Why I chose this ingredient?
It had components in it strong enough to clean and be safe for your skin, also its cheap too!
Ingredient number two: Olive oil.
Why olive oil? You need to have oil in your cleaner so your brushes don’t dry out. Isn’t oils bad for skin? Yes essentially you do not want to put oil on your skin, but most brushes are made with hair, hair needs to have oils in it.
Optional ingredient number three: argon oil.
Why argon oil? Very old trick, it’s very good for hair, skin, and nails, essentially you can either use it or olive oil. Both works just fine.

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You go boy! I had an almost boyfriend once who was very aware of his skin (even if it was just fine) and he got really happy when I showed some make-up tricks to cover up imperfections. I wish we could all fast foward into a future where this gender stuff doesn't really matter anymore. Think about all the problems we have today that would just disappear if people regarded each other as... people!

Well done you! That rules.

I’m quite lucky with my skin usually but when I do have marks there I’d love to be able to makeup them over… Don’t know how, though, exactly, and I don’t even know what to own, lol. You see, I was never educated about it because it’s not considered a boys’ thing.

*sigh* ;P

seeing ppl do fancy make up tricks is a like seeing people fix their own cars. like its really neat that you can do that, but i will TOTALLY pay you to do that for me before i wanna do it myself.

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♥ ( bc why nOT )

Send me “♥” to see how my muse reacts when your muse suddenly kisses them.

      She gets it, sometimes villains do weird things, especially Harley Quinn and her, well, bizarre tendencies. But in the middle of a fight? As soon as the woman’s lips touched her cheek, Batgirl grabbed her shoulders and shoved her away. “Yeah—no. Quit your games, lady, I’m not down for the whole kiss-and-make-up tricks. Plus, you’re not even close to my type.”

Meet The 19-Year-Old Co-Founder Of Make-Up Brand Nudestix

Taylor with her sister Ally and her mom Jenny.

What happens when your mother has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry, you’re in business school with prospects of starting your own company and your sister is beauty mad? Well you start your own make-up company of course.

For some people this may seem like a far-fetched dream but for 19-year-old Taylor Frankel, her mom Jenny and 16-year-old sister Ally, that’s exactly what they did, just a year-and-a-half ago.

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Now the unstoppable Toronto-based trio sell their brand Nudestix exclusively to Sephora in Australia and South-East Asia and have also become staples in major retailers American Eagle and Urban Outfitters in the States.

So how did this happen? Well, Taylor’s mom Jenny started off as a chemical engineer with MAC (you can thank her for Lipglass) before she co-founded successful beauty brand Cover FX, while her two daughters were still in diapers.

By the time her daughters were teenagers, Jenny decided it was time to take a break and spend more time bonding with her mini-me’s.

Before long she was “stalking” her daughters’ Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, “being the non-stalkerish creepy mom that she thought that she was not”, desperate to get inside their minds and find out who they really are.

According to Taylor, her mom came from the Sex and the City generation, where more is more when it comes to make-up and was seriously surprised when her daughters defied industry expectations, preferring a holistic approach to beauty.

Nudestix. Photo: Instagram

“She noticed we weren’t following any beauty brands, we were only following lifestyle brands,” Taylor told Yahoo7 Lifestyle at Sephora’s Exclusive Brand’s Showcase 2016.

“So it wasn’t necessarily about the perfect lip or the perfect cheek or the perfect eye, it was about the head-to-toe lifestyle; messy bun, ripped jeans, converse.

“For us it wasn’t about perfect, so she saw that the beauty industry wasn’t relating to how my sister and I saw beauty.”

For Taylor and Ally, beauty wasn’t superficial like many Instagram accounts out there.

They were drawn to real people and stars like Cara Delevingne, who was a major inspiration for their brand.

“Our main inspiration was Cara Delevingne because she was actually the first one on social to embrace her quirkiness and embrace her weirdness and she was like ‘ok this me and that’s it’ and we love that about her,” Taylor said.

During a family holiday to Florida, Jenny revealed to her daughters everything she had noticed while studying their social media accounts.

She observed their lust for a little bit of colour, nude tones, they want to see skin and are all about the whole look - messy bun, ripped jeans, converse.

Taylor and Ally agreed that there was a massive gap in the market for a fuss-free product that does the trick in jiffy time and from there Nudestix was born.

But what about the pencil, as every product in their range is in a pencil shape?

“I’m very practical and for me I was always using my fingers anyway with products I never used brushes because I didn’t like spending the money on them,” Taylor said.

“We went with pencils because they’re very old school, everything’s very techy these days so it’s back to the basics.

Taylor and her sister Ally.

“We wanted something everyone can use.

“You draw and smudge and that’s it.

“Your pencil is your tool and they’re multipurpose so one product does a million things.”

While Taylor, who was studying business before she started up her own business, said she can’t imagine the brand taking on any form other than a pencil, they may branch out to BB creams, so watch this space.

At the moment, they’ve created eight matte shades, which according to Taylor is the must-have look right now.

Five nudes and three reds complete the range, which are super-creamy and really matte.

We can’t wait to see what the future holds for this super-cool brand.

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Makeup Tip -

If you experience the “smile lines” after wearing your makeup for a few hours, apply eye shadow primer in this area (dimple/smile area around mouth) next time. We use eye shadow primer to reduce creasing in your eye makeup look and using the shadow primer will do the same thing for your foundation to help with these smile lines!

Stay Gorgeous x

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