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But like listen my dude , in this Percy Jackson AU, think about mutual pining shance! Shiro pining for Lance in the post-Zarkon. Loving how Lance is more carefree, Shiro definitely not minding the death aura he releases. Shiro hesitant to tell Lance his feelings because of the Journal incident. Shiro giving Lance longing glances and lingering touches, having long meaningful talks by the lake. Lance having a bashful smile. People just wonder when will they just start dating. That mutual pining.

So this is like ten times longer than i inteneded it to be and also not super great but enjoy some pinning Shance with a sprinkle of miscommunication!

Everyone at camp was getting sick of it. Sick of the ‘innocent’ brushes and ‘accidental’ touches.  Sick of fluttering eyelashes and the longing sighs.  Of Shiro teaching make up tips and sword techiques to Lance because he was a ‘friend’ and for no other reason, the demi-god swore!

It was enough to make a lesser camper puke.  The time the hunters visited they certainly weren’t shy about gagging at the obvious displays of affection. 

And they were obvious, very obvious.  Even Shiro’s fanclub of admirers and (again, not very) secret admirers had to admit the two were head over heels.  And yet neither Lance nor Shiro seemed to have picked up on the mutualness of their pinning.

Lance everyone could understand, Hade’s son had little experience in platonic relationships and none in romantic relationships (no one counted Nyma, and no one wanted to think about why Lance lacked such experience).  So maybe it could be excused that he was clueless.

But Shiro had no excuses.  Takashi Shirogane was literally the son of romantic love, so how in the Hades was he missing Lance’s romantic feelings towards him?  No one knew but everyone was determined to get them to just date already.

“Hey uh, Shiro.”  Lance said, breaking Keith and Shiro’s practice.  “I know you’re doing swords and stuff but would you mind giving me some tips?”  He asked, rubbing the back of his neck with a bright blush.  “In um, in archery.”

“Sure Lance.”  Shiro smiled, giving Keith an apology before leaving the arena.

“Are you kidding me?”  Keith groaned, joined by the others training in his eyerolling.  

“What I’d miss?”  Pidge asked, appearing from no where as she often did (many were convinced she had Athena’s invisability cap).

“Lance just asked Shiro for help with Archery.”  Keith stated.  “Lance.  The only person at camp who can out bow and arrow the fucking huntresses just asked for help!”  He groaned and went to grab a drink, frown still on his face.  

“And Shiro said nothing?”  Pidge frowned.  “Seriously?” 

“Seriously.”  Keith huffed.  “And now I’m down a sparring partner.  Come on.”  He decided, ignoring Pidge’s protests.

“Your eyeliners on point Lance.”  Shiro complimented as he walked past to get his breakfast.  Lance choked on his spoonful, blushing fully red.  

“T-thanks Shiro.”  He stuttered.  “Yours is still better though.”  Shiro gave him another dazzling smile before joining his siblings at their table.  Lance sighed softly, watching Shiro sit down, face still red.

“You should just ask him out already.”  Pidge complimented, watching the son of Hades jump as the sound of her voice.

“Why are you sitting at my dad’s table?”  Lance asked, wanting to avoid the topic.  

“Because we both know I’m the favourite.”  Pidge rolled her eyes.  “Hunk agrees with me that you should ask Shiro to the fireworks.”  Lance looked back to find Hunk’s eyes, giving him a glare that the other pointedly ignored.

“I’m not going to ask Shiro out.  He doesn’t like me back.”  Lance huffed.

“Of course he doesn’t.  That’s why Shiro, son of the godess as vain as she is known to be pretty, complimented you on your make up.”  The younger rolled her eyes.  Lance would never dare say that (as much as he believed it) but Pidge was mortal, the goddess probably hadn’t even noticed.

“He’s just being nice.”  Lance mumbled.  “He’d say it to you, or Hunk or Keith, if you guys wore make up.”

“Uh-huh Lance, keep telling yourself that.”  Pidge rolled her eyes and rose to give her offering to the gods (Lance still wasn’t sure who she prayed to anymore, it had been Athena before Matt had been found but Matt was happily chatting with his siblings just a few tables over).

“Stop.”  Keith sat the moment Shiro walked into his cabin.  “I don’t want to hear it.”  

“You don’t even know what I was going to say.”  The elder commented, walking further into the cabin to sit with Keith.

“You’re going to talk about Lance.”  The younger stated.  “About something he did or said or some bullshit about how smitten you are and I’m going to tell you to suck it up and kiss him and you’ll dismiss my advice like always.”

“I only dismiss your bad advice.”  Shiro stated.

“It’s not bad advice.”  Keith agrued.  “What’s the worse that could happen?”

“He could freak out.”  Shiro stated.  “Or only date me because he doesn’t want to ruin our friendship.  Again, might I add considering the journal thing was at least partly my fault.”

“Both of those are bullshit and you know it.  And you can’t keep blaming yourself about the journal.  We all made a bad call, Lance already forgave us all.”  Keith groaned.  “Just ask him out.”

“We were practicing in the arena today, sword fighting.”  Shiro decided, ignoring Keith as he started talking.  The younger groaned but sat down and listened anyway.

“You’re gonna come to the fireworks this year right?”  Hunk asked Lance as they worked Cerberus 1 through the woods.  “I worked really hard on them.”

“’Course I’m coming big guy.”  Lance assured, grinning.  He knew why Hunk was asking though, he rarely went to the event, never wanting to face the other campers.  Now though, things were different.

“Okay, good, and stuff.”  Hunk didn’t seem to relax and Lance was already dreading what was coming next.  “Are you…asking anyone to go with you?”

“Gross man, I love you but not like that.”  Lance instantly joked rather than aknowledging the question.

“Ew.” Hunk agreed, making a face.  “I meant Shiro dude, you know that.”

“I’m not asking Shiro, I’ll just get humilated.”  Lance mumbled after a moment.

“No way, Shiro’s way too nice for that.”  Hunk assured.

“Then I’ll just make everything awkward.”  The son of Hades huffed.  

“That’s not what I meant!”  Hunk stressed.  “Look, how about you ask him as a friend?”  He tried after a moment.  “’Cause like I’m going to be hanging out with Shay so like…”  Hunk trailed off.  Lance sighed.  Camp had gotten really loose with mortals lately.  Zarkon had displaced a good number of them and amoung those were people like Shay, who’d grown up in Zarkon’s camp and knew more about the immortal world than the mortal.  Coran was in the process of finding a way to help them (Lance had heard talk of Pidge’s family maybe starting another camp since they needed mortal lessons but also training, apperently they’d been around demi-gods so much they recked of them) but until then they were staying at camp halfblood. Hunk was probably the only demi-blood thrilled about that.

“Maybe.”  Lance relented, he certainly didn’t want to be a third wheel on their date.

“I’m flattered, really, but I’m sorry.”  Shiro said carefully to the demi-god before him, a daughter of Ares.  She looked up at him with a frown.

“Is it because you’re waiting for Lance?”  She demanded, forceful as all her siblings.  Shiro stuttered a moment.  “He’s got no guts, he’s not going to ask you, so why not?”  

“That’s, uh…”  Shiro stuttered a moment longer before clearly his throat and standing a little straighter.  “I don’t appricate what you’re saying about Lance but it’s, it’s not certainly not because I want him to ask me to go with him.  I just don’t feel the same.”  The girl huffed and stormed off (Shiro got the feeling he’d pay for that in Capture the flag).

From his hiding spot behind a tree Lance was trying not to cry.  For a moment he’d been almost… hopeful.  He was taking Hunk’s advice, to ask Shiro to the fireworks as a friend, when he’d heard the two talking.  Hearing her accuse Shiro of waiting for Lance to ask, well Lance’s heart had soared.  It’d plummeted right back down to Earth (like it was shot be Zeus) when he’d heard Shiro’s response.

Of course Shiro wouldn’t want to go with him, romantically or otherwise.  He was probably only being Lance’s friend because everyone expected him to be.  At the end of the day Lance had still betrayed his trust alot, still hurt him.  He was so stupid to think, for even that second, that Shiro might want him.

“Shiro what the fuck?!”  It was one of the strangest experiences, seeing Hunk angry and swearing, and Shiro had no idea why he it was directed at him.  He frowned lightly, his confusion obvious.

“What’s wrong?”  He asked, turning away from the younger campers whom he’d been intending to teach sword techiques to.

“Why’d you tell Lance you didn’t want to go to the fireworks with him?!”  Hunk demanded.  Shiro’s frown deepened.

“Lance never, Lance never asked me to the fireworks.”  He explained.

“Uh, yeah he did!  He’s currently in his cabin like super upset because he said you said you didn’t want to go with him!”  Hunk agrued.

“But he didn’t ask me?  I wouldn’t’ve said that.”  Shiro frowned.  

“Well Lance heard you say it!”  The shorter huffed.  Shiro thought back before cursing under his breath.

“He must’ve, shit.”  He sighed and ran a hand through his truft.  “Can you handle these guys?  I’ll do talk to him.”

“You better!”  Hunk annouced, watching Shiro rush off before realizing what he’d agreed to.  He turned to the campers.  “Uh… how about we make swords instead of use them?”

“Lance.”  Shiro entered the cabin with a call of it’s only resisdents name.  He watched as the buddle of blankets on one of the bunks got tighter.  Walking over with a sigh.  “Hunk told me what you heard.”

“You don’t have to be here.”  Lance sniffled, voice muffled by the blankets.  “I get it, everyone like expects you to pretend to like me now, as-as a friend, because no one else hates me anymore but like i won’t be mad if you hate me.  I fucked up so bad, I did so many things wrong.”  

“No, nonono Lace that’s not true.”  Shiro assured, sitting on the bed next to Lance’s huddled form and running his hand down the others back (or where assumed Lance’s back to be by the origin of his voice).  “You made some mistakes but you more than made up for those.  You were with us when it mattered.”

“I kept things from you, you had a right to know.”  Lance mumbled.  Shiro bit his lip lightly.

“You had a right to keep those things from me Lance.  You were stuck between a rock and a hard place.”  He sighed.  “I had no right to read your journal like that.”  They were silent a while, Lance wanting to argue but honestly agreeing with that last statement.  it was Shiro that eventually spoke up again.  “Lance, will you watch the fireworks with me?”  He breathed, nervous even now.  He could hear Lance’s breath catch.

“I thought, I thought you didn’t want me to ask you.”  Lance mumbled. 

“Of course I wanted you to ask me.”  Shiro replied.  “I just, didn’t think you would.  So, will you go with me?”

They walked hand in hand to watch the fireworks and when they sat Lance nuzzled his head into Shiro’s shoulder. 

“Fucking finally.”  They heard Keith huff when he walked past.  From where they sat Lance could see Hunk.  He turned back to give them Lance a thumbs up and Lance returned it happily.  Shiro have Hunk a nervous smile at the pointed look he recieved.

Their first kiss was in synch with the biggest of the fireworks, Shiro was the son of romance after all.  Such gestures had to be grand.

And apperently caught on film, according to the flash that caused them both to look towards the Holt siblings, grinning wickedly with two phones directed at them.

“I’m telling Hades~.”  Pidge sang.  Lance’s face went bright red.

“Don’t you dare!”  He shrieked.  Shiro could help by laugh as he watched the demi-god chase his mortal tormentor.  It wasn’t half as funny for him when Matt promised to show Sam.

And thats how i imagine post-zarkon pinning Shance.  Hope you enjoyed man (sorry if you expected a rant i just really wanted to write a Shance fic)

How To Girl: Highlighting and Contouring #HowToGirlNyc

So I tried Elf lip exfoliator and it definitely lived up to the hype!! It’s only 3 dollars and it works like magic. You just gotta wet your lips, and rub the exfoliator in circles on your lips (I pulled mine tight over my teeth to get it better), and then wipe the exfoliator off with like a washcloth and your lips are soft as a baby’s bottom! It’s probably a good idea to put in Vaseline or whatever you use to moisturizer your lips (I live for Vaseline tbh) to lock in moisture and you’re set!! I love that it doesn’t get all over my face like other exfoliators. It’s not messy at all and it works like a charm, plus it’s in like a regular lipstick tube so it’s good for on the go as well!

Hoe Tip

so im not a very big foundation girl, but i just found the BEST drug store foundation. Its the L'Oreal Paris Lumi Cushion. Its medium to heavy coverage, and my Guatemalan ass is in the Shade W 5.5. Its a dewy foundation that can be set with any powder but leaves you looking luminous. Its got very long coverage. i wore it on a hot day, and did not sweat it off; I took my makeup off after swim practice and was surprised to see my foundation was still mostly on. My combo skin did not break out or look to oily (I used a blotting paper once mid day). over all i would 9/10 recommend to any hoe.  

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I'm so happy I can send you makeup and skincare questions XD How do you make the foundation stay so smooth, not cakey, and just not come off? Or is it like that mostly because of the frequent touchups? And how do idols deal with pimples or prevent them? And how do they get that flawless white skin? :)

  • Fortunately, the majority of idols are blessed with that milky pale skin. So there isn’t much, as far as pigmentation manipulation to be done.
  • Breakout prevention is all in the cleanliness. While I’m not there to make sure they wash their faces and take their makeup off before they sleep, most of those who I’ve worked with are pretty consistent with this habit. 
  • Cover ups? Good concealer… a very good brand that I’m a big advocate of is a brand called Derma Blend. I’ve used that brand for blemish cover ups, as well as tattoo concealment. Nars brand has a great concealer as well… 
  • Foundation smoothness is all about PRIMER. Depending on the texture of their skin, different kinds of primers are utilized. For the smoothest, there is a brand called Smashbox that has the best for texture smoothing. Benefit brand has one called Porefessional, and a brand called Too Faced has one that is amazing as well… and also one from an all natural brand called Tarte.
  • Foundation brand is important… for longevity the best is an aerosol formulation by Dior called Airflash as well as one by a brand called HourglassKat Von D has a great longwear called Lock-It, as well as Estee Lauder brand called Double Wear… 
  • Setting and finishing powders and setting sprays are essentials… these are the cherry on top. This keeps the sweat from running and smudging the makeup. Keeps the skin looking matted and flawless as well as super longevity.