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This Malaysian Artist, Known As “Queen Of Luna” Transforms Herself Into Disney Characters Using Only Her Hijab And Makeup

So, I don’t know how many of you know this, but the Nightmare Before Christmas originally started as a poem by the same name.

I bring this up, because I just remembered in the poem, one of the verses is:

He took lights and ornaments and a star from the tree, And from the Christmas Town sign he took the big letter “C”

So, one of the pieces of evidence that Jack brings back home, is the giant ‘C’ that’s on the Christmas Town sign.

I don’t know what makes me laugh more. That Jack somehow ripped off part of the sign and was able to carry it back home(along with all the other stuff he stole), or the fact that he wasn’t caught tearing off part of the sign.


So, in order to make a little bit of cash for Christmas I decided to crochet a few things with my limited supply of yarn. One of the things I whipped up with was jack skellington lovey. It could have been a tiny bit better, but this was my first lovey and I figured out jack, his eyes, and his neck piece without a pattern! Im pretty pleased with how he turned out even though I haven’t found a buyer yet.

concept: drarry being each other for halloween (after harry had to lengthily explain the concept of the holiday to draco)

draco wearing circular, wire-rim glasses and painting a lightning bolt on his forehead, purposely messing up his hair and making snarky comments like: 

“rah rah, I’m Harry Potter, here I come voldy-voldy!”
“ooh, look at me, with my broomstick, and my scar.”

harry gelling his hair up, standing straight, and always looking disgusted with everyone, saying things like:

“have you heard about my blood? yeah. it’s pure.”
“mmm, potions sure do turn me on.”

and at the end of it all, draco is snuggled up to harry asking a thousand questions while they watch the nightmare before christmas.

“Sally, can we talk?”

“About what, dear?” Sally said with her usual, dry callous of suspicion.

“Well….what are you making?”

“If this is about that ‘poison thing’, the answer is: of course not. I’m making chamomile.” The red-haired ragdoll stuck up her nose in a confined but all-too obvious frustration. Nothing bothered her as much as her sweetheart inquiring about her old cooking habits.

“It’s not that I don’t trust you,” Jack said. “I know you would never poison me on purpose. I’m just worried that you may have a…bad habit?”

“Bad habit?”

“I’m starting to worry about you, that’s all.”

“Jack! Being keen on toxins doesn’t mean I use them willy-nilly. You know me! I always look at what I cook with.”

“Is that the chamomile you’re adding?”

“No. It’s-” Sally gasped and choked on her own words. The bottle in her hands read anything but chamomile. She felt awfully faint, as if she was ready to collapse headfirst into the cauldron. She thought she outgrew it! She thought she could tell the difference between Jack’s house and her old kitchen. Somehow or another those thoughts didn’t occur to her when peaking through cupboards, any cupboards, to find the right ingredient. There was always one ingredient that just looked right when she lost track of what she was getting. 


“I need to sit down for a day.”


Once again its time for Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 5/??

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Christmas Headcanons for Yoosung

- he will get holiday themed couple sweaters for himself and mc

- the limited edition holiday themed game items and skins? yoosung and mc are spending lots of holiday time trying to get the items from the event [though yoosung plays the game longer than mc, somehow mc gets the items first ???]

-  yoosung and mc like to go shop for the scented candles and end up just smelling the candles until their noses get numb 

- there’s those super soft fuzzy socks that people wear to sleep? yoosung wears those all the time with cute little animal patterns on them [which mc chose for him]

- yoosung and mc watch the nightmare before christmas every year, and yoosung is still creeped out by the claymation

- mc and yoosung make christmas cookies together every year, there is always some kind of disaster involving the smoke alarm or food fights [the cookies might turn out terrible but they will still eat them! as a punishment for the loser of their challenges ofc (yoosung always ends up eating it because mc pulls the puppy eyes trick)]

- yoosung learned knitting so that he could make everyone scarves for christmas! [they ended up being too long or too short for the receiver, but V’s was purposely poorly made]

- yoosung and mc used to decorate a christmas tree together but they stopped because they broke too many ornaments

- yoosung and mc cuddle up together on the couch surrounded by body pillows blankets and stuffed animals and marathon christmas movies and sappy romance movies, eating store bought cookies [because their own attempt didn’t end too well] and dunking the cookies in milk (mc gives yoosung chocolate milk ;) )

Boo! - Damian Wayne x Reader

Prompt: Nightmare before Christmas au? Like Gotham is Halloween town (for obvious reasons) and reader is from Christmas town but Damian makes friend with her and everything else is up to you c: I just love this movie so much

You sat on the forest sobbing to yourself. You were somehow lost and you didn’t know how to get back home. You had decided to go for a walk and didn’t realize how far you had traveled until the snowy cheerful landscape turned into an unfamiliar forest. You didn’t even know which direction to start traveling back in so you opted to sit on the forest floor and wallow in your misfortune in hopes that someone would come across you and point you back in the right direction back towards Christmas town.

“Boo!” A voice suddenly cried out, making you shriek in fright. You cowered in fear and began sobbing harder. The boy that had scared you lowered his hood and looked at you with worry.

“Wait why are you crying? I-I’m sorry! I didn’t want to make you cry.” He insisted putting a comforting hand on your shoulder. You shied away from his touch and curled up against a nearby tree, resting your chin on the top of your knees.

“Why did you scare me?” You asked tearfully, wiping away your tears with the sleeve of your holiday sweater.

“I don’t know! It’s what I’m supposed to do!” The boy exclaimed.

“Well it was very mean.” You pouted.

“I’m sorry.” He apologized sincerely again. “My name is Damian. What’s yours?” He asked sitting down beside you on the forest floor.

“[Y/N].” You said holding your hand out to him for a handshake. He looked down at your hand in confusion. “It’s called a handshake, Halloween boy. Do they not have handshakes where you come from?” You asked. He remained silent and shook his head. You gave him a friendly smile showed him how to shake hands.  

“Here like this.” You instructed taking hold of his hand and shaking it up and down in a handshake motion.

“This is weird.” He said.

“Just because it’s not our life’s purpose to scare the living daylights out of people … “ You said rolling your eyes.

“So you’re from Christmas Town?” He asked eyeing the reindeer prancing across your bright red sweater.

“Yeah.” You sniffled looking down at your own sweater’s depictions. “I’m lost actually. I don’t know how to get back home.” You said sadly.

“I know the way back to the portals! I can show you the way!” Damian exclaimed exciting jumping up from the forest floor and extended his hand out to you to take hold of.

“Really?” You asked smiling up at him in relief.

“Yeah! Come on! It’s this way!” He said pulling you to your feet. He took your hand and eagerly led you further into the forest. He seemed to know where he was going so you followed him without worry.

“So why are you out here?” You asked as Damian led you through the forest.

“I like it out here. Halloween Town can get really tiring after while so I come out here for a change of scenery. I’ve never met anyone else from another town though.” He explained.

“What’s Halloween Town like?” You asked, your eyes brimming with curiosity.

“You know … dark, gloomy, all the monsters that go bump in the night roam the streets.” Damian explained.

“Wow.” You breathed just imagining what this world must have been like. It was the polar opposite of Christmas Town. It sounded amazing!

“What about Christmas Town? What’s it like?” He inquired.

“Happy, cheery, very festive, lots of red and green everywhere.” You shrugged like it was nothing. Damian looked at you in wonder at what you described. It was so very different from what he had grown up with.

“That sounds like something from a dream.” He sighed.

“It gets exhausting. That’s how I ended up lost in the woods in the first place. I just wanted to …”

“Get away.” You finished in unison. You blushed slightly and brushed your hair back behind your ear. For someone who’s first instinct was to spook you, he was turning out to be good friend. The two of you continued walking in comfortable silence until you reached a crop of trees aligned in a circle. Each tree had colorful doors with each town’s signature emblem carved into the side of it. You walked towards the one with the bright Christmas tree carved into it.

“It was nice meeting you [Y/N]!” Damian said.

“You too Damian.” You agreed. You hand moved to the handle of the door and froze. You turned back to Damian who was heading towards his respective door. He figured it was time for him to return to his home too. “Damian?” You asked capturing his attention.

“Yes, [Y/N]?” He asked looking at you expectantly.

“Will you come and visit me in Christmas Town sometime? I get lonely there.” You asked hopefully. His entire face lit up like a Christmas tree with happiness at your offer.

“I’d love to! Can I see you tomorrow?” He asked hopefully.

“Sure! See you then Damian!” You beamed brightly and waved at him in goodbye before opening your door and returning home, excited at the prospect of being able to see your new friend come tomorrow.


a little sketch comic i slaved away at, at work, and bothered rendering my own background and did a really good job on I DO SAY SO and then totally forgot to post it cause i didn’t actually finish….

@incurablenecromantic knows whats up. Its Beastnoch, but where they have a nightmare offspring somehow and it grows up to be master of his own realm and a well established fright master. Makes a “papa” so proud~


                            “ You know, we could make one horrifying mash up.”

                                 “ Oh -I’m listenin’ dear ol’ death.

So I’m slowly getting around to drawing more ‘nightmare before christmas’ AU related things - and though Marluxia and Larxene in the AU deserved some limelight. Not too sure if the duo is up to any scheming  to take over Halloween tow ( it’s a lil’ undecided at this point for the plot ). 

For now, I kinda found this as a chance to update their designs kinda.

So, many years later, I thought I’d drop in
And there was old Jack, still looking quite thin
With four or five skeleton children at hand
Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band
~nightmare before Christmas closing
Alright let’s start inktober day 2! Inspired by the closing on the soundtrack, which I think was supposed to be in the movie, but some how didn’t make it.

So sally as a mom…I have no idea how these children came to be, other than maybe sally and jack dug up some bones out of a cemetery? 💀😂

Preference #6- Halloween

A/N: I am so sorry for not posting lately. I’ve been busy with school, but I figured I’d make a Halloween preference since it’s my favorite holiday, aside from Christmas. Enjoy! 

Scott: Halloween was just about everyday for Scott, so when it came to costumes, humor was always his go to. After spending two Halloweens together, it was finally your turn to pick the costumes and you wanted to do something a little more out there. When you suggested that you two be Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Scott was thrilled. You two ended up winning best couple costume at Lydia’s annual Halloween party. 

Stiles: You and Stiles were both nerds. You were in love with theater, but Stiles was in love with video games. The two of you went back and forth for hours about what you could be for Halloween. It was hard to find common ground. “Wait, I have an idea!” He jumped up from the couch. “Let’s be Mulder and Scully from The X Files. I’m the one with crazy theories and you’re the sane one.” You loved the idea and raided your mom’s closet for the perfect pant suit. 

Derek: Derek didn’t want to do anything for Halloween. He thought it was a childish holiday, but you refused to let him do nothing. You invited him over to your house for Halloween, so the two of you could pass out candy. You did pop art makeup and sat outside with Derek, who wasn’t festive at all. You were upset with him, but you thought of a perfect way for him to make it up to you. For the rest of the night, Derek would hid behind a bush and jump out as a werewolf whenever the older kids came by. 

Liam: Liam wanted to be a superhero this year, but you weren’t completely sold. All of the outfits you tried on were too revealing and not age appropriate. You had almost given up on the entire idea, until Lydia helped you make the cutest Wonder Woman costume. Liam, who was dressed as Superman, was so happy and couldn’t keep still the entire night. 

Brett: Ever since Brett found out about your talent in special effects, he’d been begging you to make him into a zombie. You promised him that for Halloween the two of you would go as matching zombies, so you did. Being regular zombies wasn’t enough for the two of you. After thinking for a while, you decided to be prep school zombies. “That’s true, because school sucks the life out of you.” Brett joked.

Theo: This year, you and Theo decided to do a couples costume for Halloween. The only thing is, you didn’t know what to go as. “Mickey and Minnie Mouse?” You suggested. “No, that’s lame. Let’s just watch a movie and think about it more. What do you want to watch?” He asked. “How about Grease?” Just then, you had a brilliant idea. “Theo, let’s go as Danny and Sandy!” At first, Theo was a bit skeptical, but seeing how happy it made you and how gorgeous you looked with red lips and leather, he happily agreed. 

Jordan: Parrish was never a fan of Halloween. Every year he wore the same costume, his deputy uniform. You told him to switch it up this year, since you were going to a work party. On the day of the party, he showed up in a cowboy sheriff costume. You just shook your head and laughed. He was more than passionate about his work. 

So in the spirit of Halloween, I decided to make a festive icon page! It’s still being updated and will be until Halloween when I’ll start adding Christmas icons, so drop me an ask if you have any requests or anything to add

  • Icons up so far: The Nightmare before Christmas, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, Hocus Pocus, Corpse Bride, Teen wolf, Marvel and Supernatural 
  • Please like and reblog if you take any! (do not steal!)

Icons this way 

Mikhail Kolyada, World Figure Skating Championships 2016 (Free Skate)

I’ll be honest, when I first saw this costume I immediately assumed it was for a program set to Night On Bald Mountain. Which would have been AMAZING.

Nightmare Before Christmas is… also acceptable? I mean, I love Danny Elfman. (Who doesn’t?) But really, it warms my heart to see some DRAMA in the current Russian men’s field, especially when we’re talking like, tree branches and/or veins plus possibly fire? Something that makes me sit up and take notice!

Grade: A