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Sorry that I haven’t been so active since my ask blog opened. I thought I might as well post this little thing for you guys that I forgot I did. Would you guys believe that these originally were my designs for Bendy and Alice? I decided to change them for my fanart as an exercise to draw outside of my comfort zone and it’s really helped me improve. I personally think I made the right choice to go with the rubber-hose look.

Anyways I’ve decided to make a schedule that may or may remain for the rest of the summer (if I get that job). I have commissions and that Benlice comic that I want to finish so I can focus solely on the ask blog. Which has been a blast so far you guys are awesome! I’m planning out how the comic will wrap up - with two more parts. As for my askblog I’ll say more on the actual blog.


“… For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”

Sally making an appearance at Anime Central.

Foundation was blue and white Kryolan aquacolor paints sponged on and then blended, followed by contour with blue and white eyeshadow. Stitches were done in aquacolor and eyeshadow, as well as the eye makeup.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any false lashes to truly complete the look.


This Malaysian Artist, Known As “Queen Of Luna” Transforms Herself Into Disney Characters Using Only Her Hijab And Makeup

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U

Levi Ackerman



MTV Scream Preference: Halloween Together


It’s Halloween today where I am, and I wanted to get more into the spirit by making up some quick headcanons for these characters. Hope you guys like it!

A/N: I know most of the couple costumes include boy/girl (most couple costumes that I looked up are like that. But that doesn’t mean that you dress up in a masculine/feminine way. If I said it’s Donald and Daisy Duck you could easily be Donald in a dress/skirt and vice versa. I feel like al of them would be comfortable with that and wouldn’t question it.

I just wanted to point that out because I know it would mess with me.

Emma Duval:

Originally posted by lunelesbian

  • After everything that happened she DID NOT want to do something scary.
  • So instead you decided to celebrate it with the cheesy side of things
  • You guys had a couple’s costume (Wendy and Peter Pan) and handed out the candy to the trick or treaters
  • You guys were the cheesy ones that the little kids loved because you found something nice to say about all of their costumes and were really sweet
  • “Awwww look Y/N it’s a superhero! Lakewood has to be safe now”
  • In between trick or treaters you guys would be cuddled on the couch watching cutesy Halloween movies
  • Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloweentown
  • All the works
  • You had the volume on high in order to prevent any sounds that might mess with her outside
  • You guys fell asleep halfway through your list of movies
  • Maggie came home from work and had found you two adorable
  • She was really happy that you helped Emma celebrate the holiday even after everything had happened

Brooke Maddox

Originally posted by patrickramoray

  • You think this girl doesn’t want to drag you to a costume party????
  • She invented costume parties.
  • And does it really count as dragging her S/O if it’s her party????
  • No. Not according to Brooke.
  • She threw a costume party the day before Halloween (kept the list pretty small) 
  • It’s actually pretty tame.
  • You guys both dress up as the Incredibles
  • You head over to her house again when it’s actually Halloween
  • She splurges on the Halloween candy for the kids (each one gets like two handfuls)
  • Brooke has to keep herself from squealing whenever she sees someone dressed as a princess
  • She isn’t able to stop herself when she sees an Ariel
  • “Y/N that was my favorite princess when I was younger!”
  • Legit tears up when she closes the door
  • You guys go trick or treating when you run out of candy
  • You don’t get a lot (because it’s really late), but you guys have tons of fun

Noah Foster

Originally posted by cchriscolfer

  • Horror. Movie. Marathon.
  • Sppppoooookkkyy movies
  • You guys set out the candy, head over to where he works (grab snacks on the way) and binge on them
  • You are literally surrounded by blankets on that couch with candy and popcorn surrounding you
  • Oh… and did I mention… scary movies?
  • You better have seen these ones beforehand because Noah is gonna talk to you through all of them
  • “You know there’s actually a conspiracy theory on the internet that this….”
  • You hear that fifty times
  • You don’t care because his eyes light up so much when he talks about them
  • You guys mostly watch supernatural/paranormal ones (avoid serial killers) because… Lakewood….

Jake Fitzgerald ( I l o v e d writing this one)

Originally posted by screamtrilogy

  • You guys dress up as a pair of devils
  • “Jake what’s your costume?”
  • “… A devil? We talked about it Y/N-”
  • “You can’t dress up as something you are everyday Jake,”
  • “…”
  • Cue overdramatic face with a hand on the heart
  • You guys do really really really innocent pranks as Halloween comes closer
  • Like you guys seriously think it through on whether or not it crosses ANY lines
  • You guys play it safe and do things like the shocking ring, whoopee cushion, putting random flavoring in their drinks so they drink their water and spit it out bc now it tastes like cherry????
  • You guys pranked Noah by making up a really really bad rap and naming it as a Morgue podcast draft on his computer
  • “Thiiiiisss is Fitzgerald.” “And L/N!” 
  • “And you better not forget to be sppooooookkkkyyy today…”
  • “Boo!”
  • (Best lines out of the entire thing you dorks)
  • But you changed the rest of the file’s names so he had to listen to them all in order to figure out which one was the draft he had to edit
  • (Realizes that wasn’t the only rap)
  • “Hey Foster you came for our comeback rap!”
  • “We know we’re just that good!”
  • You guys try to make those DIY Halloween snacks while listening to Halloween music
  • End up dancing to the music more than cooking.
  • You don’t finish any of the recipes

Audrey Jensen

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  • You guys are going trick or treating.
  • It’s said. And it’s done.
  • You guys are Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
  • “Oooohhh Audrey can I have that Kit Kat?”
  • “What? No. Get your own Kit Kat”
  • “Auuuuddrreeeyyyy”
  • You have to trade in order to get the KIt Kat
  • Audrey definitely takes her video camera out every once in awhile in order to get clips of you while Trick or Treating because she thinks you are adorable
  • If anything scares you while you guys are out Audrey wraps her arm around your shoulder
  • Mumbles insults to those people
  • “Come near us again chainsaw guy I dare you…”
  • You both go to her house afterwards and dump out your candy on the floor after most of the candy in the blocks around you are done
  • You guys watch the cheesy Halloween specials on TV
  • Munching on candy the entire time
  • You two are gonna get cavities…

Zoe Vaughn (because she’s my babe and why aren’t there more gifs of her)

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  • Took a picture of just the two of you tooOkay but…. I feel like she’s an older sister….

  • So she WANTED to go hang out with you at your house watching a few movies before heading to a costume party

  • But her Mom got sick and couldn’t take her little sister and brother out trick or treating (They were the Tweedledee and Tweedledum)

  • So Zoe called you as she got in her Alice in Wonderland costume (she was not letting it go to waste) to cancel

  • You told her that you’d go with her. Got dressed in your costume (Mad Hatter) and the two of you went out trick or treating

  • Zoe actually had a lot of fun

  • You two would take her brother and sister up to the scary looking houses when they were too scared to go by themselves

  • You guys got candy

  • You both stared at each other shocked when it first happened…

  • … Neither of you thought you would get candy because you were older…

  • You went with them to every house after that because you were gonna get candy if they offered it

  • (Some houses gave you guys extra because you were a group costume)

  • When it started getting later you guys headed to her house

  • The little ones almost fell asleep as soon as they got home

  • Zoe made them take a picture that had all four of you because she thought it was adorable

  • You and Zoe sat in the living room eating your candy and watching the horror movies that were on while you cuddled

Meet the family!  for now I can at least give names

: left to right: 


Vincent Leonard Skellington (I named him  after vincent price and also named after the vincent short by tim burton)

Edgar Allen skellington ( i think this one is obvious LOL this little guy also has a pet raven) 


Bella donna valentine skellington ( family calls her skelly) @skellingtonatyourservice came up with her lovely name which is actually another name for deadly night shade ..could say she got named by jack ;)


Icabod dullahan Skellington ( named after icabod crane from sleepy hollow, his middle name is the Irish myth/word for the headless horseman) 

Casper Mcfadden skellington ( apparently Casper the friendly ghost had a last name…I really need to watch the movie again )


This took way to long to make than it should of, but finally one checked off my list..for the wedding photo

Holiday Things With TyJo and Jishwa

As promised here’s a holiday themed thing to keep you guys entertained a bit! I love you all! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays to you! Thanks for always supporting me. Hope your holiday season is going well.

xx Kylie

Holiday Things with TyJo and Jishwa


  • Hearing Tyler sing Christmas songs all month long because this fucker knows he can sing. He knows it bothers you to an extent but he doesn’t care because he is spreading the “holiday spirit”. So eventually, you give in and sing cute lil duets with him and he is there playing ukulele.
  • After Christmas singing comes Christmas shopping. While you guys are out shopping, he sees things that you’re staring at and instantly knows he needs to get that for you. So after rehearsals one day, he goes back to the stores and gets that beautiful necklace or dress or bracelet you were looking at. Tyler also likes to give a funny present. So he goes to a store and finds something you would find hilarious and decides to film your reaction when you open it. After the look of disappointment on your face, he laughs a little and then stops recording. He puts down the phone and then walks over to you, giving you a kiss BECAUSE HE KNOWS YOU CAN’T STAY MAD AT HIM WHEN HE KISSES YOU. After that he says, “That wasn’t your present. There’s another one. And that one is your actual gift”. WHEN YOU OPEN THAT SUCKER YOU CANNOT BELIEVE AND YOU CRY TEARS OF JOY.
  • Okay okay, so shopping time is over and then comes the relaxation. So instead of going out the two of you decide to drink lots of hot cocoa and stay home to watch Christmas movies. You include things like Elf, Home Alone, How The Grinch Stole Christmas, The Nightmare Before Christmas, etc. You guys cuddle up and make sure to buy lots and lots of marshmallows for your hot chocolate.
  • After the movies, you guys want to make a gingerbread house, because WHY THE HELL NOT? You make your house very sweet but simple, quite realistic if you do say so yourself. You could find yourself living in a house that looks like that. Tyler, being the man he is, decides to make it Clique themed. He has a bunch of symbols on it, and takes a picture to post on social media to wish them a happy holiday. AND YOU SMILE SO BIG BECAUSE HE’S SO DAMN CUTE AND YOU DON’T KNOW HOW YOU GOT A MAN LIKE THAT.
  • After all that gingerbread house making, you decide you want to go ICESKATING. Buuuut both of you can be clumsy on the ice so when you first step in the rink, you fall causing Tyler to laugh uncontrollably. He doesn’t help you up for a good five minutes because he’s laughing so damn hard. After he calms down a bit, he helps you up but you plotted your revenge. You pull him down as he tries to get you back up, and he falls onto the ice too! Then the both of you are laughing and it’s all okay after that. You guys are like the couple that everyone hates because you are too MOTHERFUCKING CUTE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD.
  • To end the year, Tyler and you go to a New Year’s party and drink lots of sparkling cider and play a lot of games. It’s a day filled with family and friends. You have movie marathons, and you eat a delicious dinner made by Tyler’s mother. When the countdown begins, Tyler takes you outside where it’s more private and no one is around. You guys can still hear the people inside counting down so it isn’t too big of a deal for you. He tells you how much he loves you and how he is the luckiest man on the planet. As soon as the clock hits zero, he plants a passionate, fiery kiss on your lips. A kiss that is filled with love and lust. After you pull away, he says, “Happy New Year’s, love”. And YOUR HEART FLUTTERS BECAUSE DAMN TYJO YOU SURE KNOW HOW TO WOO A LADY.


  • So New Year’s is coming up and he plans something super special. You guys go over to his mom’s house for dinner and a small party and you get to see the family. Afterwards, he brings you up to an old treehouse he had as a kid and uses his phone to watch the countdown. He grabs some sparklers and lights then up as the last ten seconds start to disappear. You light them and as the clock hits midnight, he smooches you. He takes a beautiful picture and posts it on social media, captioning it, “With the love of my life this holiday season.”
  • ALRIGHT MOTHERFUCKERS THE FIRST THING YOU AND JOSH WOULD DO IS… DYE HIS HAIR. Since Hayley decided to give Josh a whole box of her new line of hair dye, it was the natural thing to do. He manages to convince you to dye your hair with him, so you do. You both pick different colors, but they are colors that compliment each other well.
  • After the whole dyeing shindig, you guys sit down to read Ashley and Jesse’s new books. You both shed a few tears because you’re so DAMN PROUD. Plus it’s amazing??? Like how is his whole family so talented???? Anywhoooo after you have some emotional reading time, Josh wants to lighten the mood up. So he takes you to his favorite restaurant and you enjoy a lovely meal with each other.
  • Throughout the night, he decides to take A LOT of snaps of you and puts it on his story for the world to see. He gets some embarrassing ones and some really adorable ones too. He would use captions like “She’s such a slob. That’s why I love her.” or things like “Look at how cute she is!”
  • After dinner Josh decides he wants to teach you how to play the drums. At first you’re skeptical, but you end up to be pretty good. The rhythm and coordination came very naturally to you, and it surprised you. He would then make snarky comments like “You’re only this good because you had an amazing teacher!” and you would laugh because you knew it was true, but he felt threatened by your talent??? So you would give him lots of kisses to reassure that no one could ever replace The Josh Dun.
  • Okay so you want to make homemade gingerbread cookies. You get your favorite recipe and you recruit Josh to help you make it, which you will regret later because Josh being Josh, decides to start a food fight with you. He throws flour at you, and decides to make a mess by smashing eggs on your head and the whole kitchen is a disaster. After you both look like cookie monsters, he chases you around the kitchen because he wants to give you a hug, but you run away from him. As he turns a corner, he slips on the raw egg and falls over, knocking the flour bag over and it gets all over him. He coughs and a big puff of flour comes out and you fall over laughing. IT LOOKED LIKE HE ROLLED IN SOME DAMN DRUGS OR SOMETHING.
  • Mishaps happen and so he thought it would be a good idea to go SLEDDING. So you both dress up in your winter gear and you head out to sled. Okay so he pushes you down the hill, but there’s a HUGE ASS BUMP HE DIDN’T SEE SO YOU GO FLYING OFF THE BUMP AND YOU FALL OFF THE SLED AND INTO A BIG OL PILE OF SNOW. Josh rushes down to you and helps you up, worried that he might’ve hurt you. But as you got up, you were laughing your ass off because it was actually kinda fun even though it was scary?? So you recommend that he tries it and YOU PUSH HIM DOWN THE DAMN HILL AND HE GOES OFF THE BUMP AND HE’S FLAILING HIS ARMS AROUND AND SCREAMING LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO DIE AND YOU LAUGH BECAUSE HE’S SUCH A DAMN WIMP AND TEARS ARE NOW FALLING FROM YOUR FACE.
Spoilers for FUGLY Ass Skin

I waited so long for a new legendary 76 skin, and they gave us this mother fucking atrocity of a nightmare. It’s like the skin designers said, “Oh, you think Soldier’s Daredevil outfits are bad, huh? LOOK AT THIS FUGLY ASS SHIT! WOOOOOOO! UGGGGGGLY UP! MAKE SURE HE STILL DOESN’T GET SOMETHING NICE LOOKING!”

I’m so disappointed. Especially because it’ll probably be months before he gets an actually good legendary. They’ll probably skip Summer Games because he’s getting this flaming piece of shit for the Anniversary and he already has a Halloween skin. So it’ll probably be Christmas before he gets the chance at something actually nice or even neat looking.


Once again its time for Disney Villains into Good Guys. My goal is to change their look without changing who they are as characters, leaving in as much of their original designs while still making adjustments to give them a good guy feel. If you want a detailed description of what changes I made and their new role in their movie feel free to click the Keep Reading.

Disney Villains as Good Guys part 5/??

Keep reading

likorys-shimenawa replied to your post “anti-tony meta: tony sTark dOESn’T KNOW what its like,,,,,,,2 be held…”

This makes Tony sudden grief-rage in CW even more hipocrytical, you do realise that?

oh my god, yeah, i’m sure that if you  watched a video of someone who was standing three feet away from you (who you had just broken the law and flown across the ocean to help) beating and strangling your parents to death, and you found out that someone you trusted–who had given you shit for keeping things from you while he Lived In Your Home and let you pay for all of his stuff and let you have his back and handle the fallout from every decision he had been making for months, someone you cared about so much that the thought of losing him was shown to be your worst nightmare, someone who had been held up as a example and something to aspire to for your entire life by your father who you had just watched being murdered a week before christmas when you were nineteen–that guy, That Guy, mister “we’ll do that together too”, had Know About This for Years???

he had Kept This From You Deliberately For Years, had looked you in the eye for years and known that this had happened and had said absolutely nothing even while guilt tripping you for keeping secrets, had said absolutely nothing while you were throwing millions of dollars at tech breakthroughs that might possibly make it easier to process and live with the grief that had been eating you alive for several decades, while you were fucking up your brain and giving yourself migraines just for the possibility of that load being lessened a little and that load was FROM THIS PARTICULAR EVENT, AND HE KNEW the Entire Time, you had been begging and bargaining for more time and more options on his behalf to keep him and the team he led from being shot on sight and he didn’t even give enough of a shit about you to tell you something like this, even while asking you to help the man who had killed your family, even while asking for So Much from you

AND this was happening after All Of That Shit In That Post Also Happening to you in the span of a few years, plus a nonstop barrage of near-death experiences and your father figure lying to you and using you and trying to kill you and nearly getting stranded on the other side of a wormhole on this guy’s call, all of that shit, all of that, and i’m sure that in that moment in which all of the painful ridiculous bullshit of your entire life culminated into one spectacular moment of What The Fuck you would be putting bucky motherfucking barnes’ feelings first and holding his hand and singing him a fucking lullaby

like, was it a good reaction to have? no! but it was a human one! it was the one that made sense for him and his character at the time!! fuck off with this “tony stark isn’t ever allowed to react to the endless stream of toxic shit being thrown his way” bullshit! it was irrational and terrible and he did it anyway because he’s a human being who reacts to things in human ways and doesn’t have the luxury of watching it happen from another person’s distant perspective and having ample time to process that before deciding that he wouldn’t do it like that like holy fuck buddy are you serious

Christmas Party

Summary: Y/N and their friend Tyler are having a Christmas party

Word Count:528

Pairing: Tyler Scheid x Reader

Originally posted by the-rain-falls-on-her-skin

Christmas music played softly in the background as Tyler and Y/N laid on the couch. They both giggled, red cheeked with Santa hats sitting sideways on their heads. Y/N was laying with her back against Tyler as his arm sat loosely around her waist. Their feet were sitting on the coffee table in front of them as she snacked on a bowl of green and red M&Ms. A knock on the door echoed throughout the apartment and a group of people walked in. Y/N looked up and smiled.

“Hey! Glad you guys could make it, I made Jell-O shots, they’re in the fridge. The eggnog is spiked. The brownies, well they’re pot brownies. Everything’s spiked with something. Except the pizza, the pizza’s safe.” Tyler whispered something into her ear. “Oh? Oh, never mind, the pizza’s spiked too.”

One girl pointed to Tyler. “Whose that?”

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows and she turned around, her cheek brushing against his nose. His already red cheeks became a deeper shade but it went unnoticed by any of the others.

“Huh? Oh, yeah, this is my friend Tyler. Say hi Tyler.” Tyler lifted his arm and waved. A couple of the guest raised a eyebrow when she said ‘friend,’ but none voiced their questions. 


“Anyway, so later we’re gonna play 7 minutes in heaven, a Christmas version of True American, I like to call it Holly Jolly Drunk American. Then we’re going to exchange gifts. I trust all of you brought your present. There is mistletoe hanging all over the place, seriously, it’s fucking everywhere. If I see two people under it I will make you kiss. Just a heads up.”

“Hey, Y/N, your cheeks are a little pink, have you been drinking already?”


“Yes.” She glared at him but it broke into a smile when he gave her a lazy grin. 

“Well I got some movies for us to watch tonight, including The Nightmare Before Christmas. If you don’t sing along to "This is Halloween” you will be forced to leave. I’m not joking, I will confiscate your Santa hat and Tyler here will remove you by force if needed. 

“Um, no, I won’t..” His voice seemed unsure as he shook his head.

“Yes he will.”

“I’m not going to force people out.”

“He’ll drag you by your toes.” Everyone looked back and forth at the two and one girl’s eyes widened and she looked down at her toes. 

“No, I won’t be doing that.”

“Yes he will, but let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.” Y/N clapped her hands and sat up, causing Tyler’s arm to fall back to his side. “So go ahead and make yourselves at home, we’re going to start the games soon.”

“Where’s the bathroom?”

“Down the hall to the left. Use the soap with the blue label, not the green, that one isn’t soap.”

“What is it?”

Tyler looked at Y/N who was trying to avoid eye contact until the girl made her way down the hallway. Once the door shut, Y/N laid back down and Tyler wrapped his arm around her again. 

This is my new Tyler Scheid blog, I’ll be moving any Tyler posts I’ve made from idgitimaginer to here

Hamilton characters at Halloween

Alex: likes buying outrageous decorations, plays scary pranks on people (especially Jefferson and Burr)

Burr: not super into it, thought it was fun as a kid but kinda grew out of it and doesn’t really like to dress up/ go to parties

Eliza: makes all those really cute pinterest crafts and treats for all her friends, hosts adorable parties with decorations that are the opposite of scary

Angelica: gets super into dressing up, but refuses to wear any costume that had “sexy” in the title bc she has standards

Peggy: still kinda wants to go trick-or-treating even if she seems too old for it, precious bean

John: doesn’t get super into dressing up or going to parties, but really likes the monster movies that are always on TV and makes Alex watch them with him

Lafayette: literally his favorite holiday of all time, way too into it, needs to bring it down a couple of notches (once he almost got the cops called on him when he tried to have a celebrational “Halloween fireworks show” even tho all of his friends told him that’s not a thing that exists)

Herc: likes to make his own costumes, they usually turn out better than everybody else’s (if there’s a costume contest you already know who’s gonna win it)

Dad™Washington: is super protective of everyone at parties, offers to drive people home if they’re drunk, but doesn’t really like the actual holiday

Jefferson: is that guy™ that sits outside his house in a costume that you know is not an actual scarecrow but you walk up to the door anyway and he jumps out at you

Madison: doesn’t like to go out that much, but watches The Nightmare Before Christmas religiously and can quote almost the entire movie

King™George: says he doesn’t like Halloween bc he’s more into Christmas but really he just doesn’t like it bc he gets scared easily

Maria: is literally that group of people from mean girls who wear normal clothes and some form of animal ears (”What are you supposed to be?” “I’m a mouse, duh”)

Phillip: likes going to haunted houses/ cornmazes/ etc, sometimes he goes part of the way in and then pretends he’s one of the scarers bc he thinks people’s reactions are funny

I am aware that this is a shitty meme page, but major credit to the guys that made this picture (Wil and Tyrine from Musetap studios) Honestly though my favorite part is the face Lewis is making.

When you the only one who can’t speak, and they give you vocals.

When you don’t have a jaw, and you have to sing.

When you see the guy that’s been talking to your gf.

When your friend does something wrong, and you’re still salty about it, but they’ve forgotten.

When you always end up being a push over.

Wen u die.

Pliroy being nerds headcanons
  • JJ cries on every single emotional scene. It doesn’t matter if it’s for a back ground character, or if it was something stupid or something not really sad in the first place. JJ can bawl over Hachiko then cry over Olaf from Frozen.
  • Yurio thinks he is stupid.
  • But when JJ is sobbing over nothing and everything, his head on Yurio’s lap, he can’t help but run his fingers through his hair and play with them, telling him that he is an idiot with the most calm and sweet voice.
  • JJ loves it so much he sometimes fakes his tears.
  • Obsessed Potterhead!JJ and a very proud Gryffindor on top of that, pleading his boyfriend to take the Harry Potter sorting hat test. Yurio doesn’t want to, but he ends up doing it anyway. From the little knowledge he has, he thinks he’ll end up on Slytherin.
  • Surprise, he gets in Hufflepuff.
  • Once JJ explains the basics to him (while barely managing to hold his giggles back), Yurio doesn’t talk to him for the rest of the day cause “It's  his fault for making him take that damn test in the first place!”.
  • They are both FIRMLY TERRIFIED by horror movies but they watch them either way in a desperate attempt to play it cool in front of the other. After the movie ends though, they can’t move around the house unless they are glued to each other.
  • For example
    -JJ…….wait for me out of the bathroom.
    -You are on your own babe, remember that I love you.
    -Fuck you, you asshat, the fuck am I keeping you around if you can’t protect me from psychotic demonized little girls?
    -Sorry sweetie, I’ll never forget you, bye.
  • or something more domestic if you’d like…
    -But babe, you promised you’d be with me through good and bad!
    -Yeah, but did I fucking promise to save you from a zombie apocalypse?
  • While JJ loves reading books, he can’t concentrate at them for more than one hour so he ends up bothering Yurio who’s reading some deep, philosophical book….or comics.
  • JJ loves Disney. His favorite character is Hercules and his favorite song is “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You” from Mulan.
  • Yurio on the other hand, doesn’t really care about the studio as long as he enjoys the movie. His favorite character is Merida and his favorite song is “Hallelujah” from Shrek.
  • The amount of times JJ sang ‘‘Can You Feel The Love Tonight’‘ for Yurio is way too damn high. The amount of times Yurio punched him for this is, is even higher.
  • Yurio has the most mainstream crush on Legolas from Lord Of The Rings and JJ is so done with that fact.
  • Yurio secretelly loves Anastasia and mumbles the lyrics of every song while he thinks JJ isn’t watching.
  • Surprisingly, Yurio is the one that insists they should watch The Nightmare Before Christmas on both Halloween and Christmas.
  • The character JJ thinks Yurio resembles the most is Tinker Bell so he gets him a costume and he gets a Peter Pan one.
  • Yurio looks so good on his costume though with the little wings and his hair up and the green dress is so short it makes him a mess.
  • (think of them as aged up if you don’t agree with their canon ages) They ended up having hot steamy sex in that Halloween party on Christophe’s house, with Yurio still on that tight, short dress.
Do You Wanna Make A Baby?

Summary: You finally get the gang to watch Frozen with you. Which you then regret as everyone is humming and singing the songs all the time, and drives you crazy. Until your boyfriend gets creative with one of the songs….

Warnings: Language, ruining of a Children’s song (sorry not sorry it’s hilarious) fluffy af, hints at smut.

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Christmas with Evan’s AHS characters

Have a Merry Christmas and a happy new year. Likes, reblogs and comments are appreciated. Gifs aren’t mine.

Tate Langdon:

The pair of you would snuggle on the sofa, all day, eating food that you usually wouldn’t, and watching Christmas movies. Tate would insist upon watching Home Alone and you’d insist upon The Nightmare before Christmas, pointing at Jack and saying that was Tate, making him grin dorkishly. You’d both sing along to the songs, laughing when the other messed up the words, and smiling fondly.

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Kit Walker:

You and Kit would sit by the fire, wrapped in each other’s embrace and a thick blanket, watching the children unwrap presents, grinning ear to ear at what they had been given, before playing for hours on end with them in their own little world. 

Kit would most likely hand you a present sheepishly, even though you had insisted that you wouldn’t buy presents for each other this year and only for the children. You’d unwrap it, scowling slightly at Kit for not listening. Your heart would melt when you opened it to find a locket with a picture of Kit, Julia and Thomas in it. You’d turn to Kit, grinning and pulling him into a long kiss, dragging a groan and gag from the children on the floor, making you both chuckle.

After all the wrappings were thrown away and the children were finished playing for awhile, you’d all sit around the table and have a nice meal. Then Julia and Thomas would disappear into the kitchen to decorate the gingerbread that they had made the night before, leaving you and Kit alone at the table. Kit would insist of cleaning up and you’d follow him into the kitchen. You smiled, watching your children draw faces on the four gingerbread people.
“Look, Mummy, it’s daddy and you.” Thomas giggled, wiggling a gingerbread man that has crazy, swooped back hair. 

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Kyle Spencer (Pre-Death):

Kyle and you would go to see the Christmas lights and skate for a little. It had became almost a tradition amongst the pair of you, since he didn’t want to spend time with his mum and you wanted to spend Christmas with him. You’d probably both fumble and stumble on the ice, Kyle falling over a handful of times and cursing under his breath. You’d skate over to him, helping him up, he’d wrap his arm around your waist, mumbling against your shoulder blade that he wasn’t letting you go.

 After you were done skating, slightly damp and the cold are getting to you slightly. You’d take a seat on a blanket, watching the couples and families skate across the ice almost effortlessly. Kyle would exhale, watching the large Christmas tree behind the ice rink. The bright, colourful lights twinkling in the night beautifully. He’d lean back on his elbows, exhaling and watching his breath disappear into the night sky. He glanced over at you, to find your eyes already on him. 

“Merry Christmas, Kyle.“ 

“Merry Christmas, Y/N, thank you for making this holiday bearable.”

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Jimmy Darling:

As like every year, the people in camp would have a huge feast, laughing and eating, getting drunk and making eggnog. It was tradition in the Freakshow, they didn’t expect gifts nor did they give, because they were just happy to be in each other’s company. The same was with you and Jimmy. 

The both of you would pull on coats, scarves, gloves and hats, before fetching Ma Petite and heading outside to play in the snow. You’d join forces with Ma Petite and hide behind a tree, gathering snow balls and peaking round the tree, watching Jimmy run from tree to tree, trying to get close enough to get a good hit. Just as he was sprinting between trees, Ma Petite would start throwing snow balls, you soon joining in. Jimmy was hit in the head, arm and chest, toppling over into the snow with a poof. Ma Petite, unsuspectingly, would rush out, the crisp white snow crunching under her feet. She sunk onto her knees beside Jimmy, his eyes closed and his tongue sticking out his mouth.

“Jimbo? Are you dead?” She’d squeak, poking his cheek.

You’d come out soon after, laughing at Jimmy’s act. Jimmy’d roar to life, grabbing her by the waist and mercilessly tickling her sides, making her too topple over and giggle hysterically. Jimmy’d finally stop and she’d gasp for air, scowling at him. He lay back down, grabbing your ankle and pulling you down too. You’d lie on your back, staring up at the grey sky, watching the snow flakes fall down. You’d wave your arms and legs, giggling, creating a snow angel underneath you. Soon Jimmy and Ma Petite would join in, laughter filled the air.

After all the fun and games were over, you’d all trudge back to camp, clothes soaked and noses red from the chilly air. You’d then snuggle with Jimmy in bed, drinking hot chocolate.

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James March:

James would host a huge Christmas ‘gathering’ as he would call it, he refused to call it a party. He invited all the guests in the hotel and even the staff, to your surprise even Miss Evers was on the guest list - which you appreciated. He even promised not to kill during the festive day, which didn’t go unnoticed by the people familiar with James. They thought he would’ve gone crazy when they got the invite, before assuming that it was just an accuse to get all the guests in one place to kill and torture them, but they were wrong. Since your appearance in the hotel, James was enjoying the festive season a ton more, as was the hotel.You’d all drink and dance to all different types of music, laughing and talking the  night away.

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