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Sorry that I haven’t been so active since my ask blog opened. I thought I might as well post this little thing for you guys that I forgot I did. Would you guys believe that these originally were my designs for Bendy and Alice? I decided to change them for my fanart as an exercise to draw outside of my comfort zone and it’s really helped me improve. I personally think I made the right choice to go with the rubber-hose look.

Anyways I’ve decided to make a schedule that may or may remain for the rest of the summer (if I get that job). I have commissions and that Benlice comic that I want to finish so I can focus solely on the ask blog. Which has been a blast so far you guys are awesome! I’m planning out how the comic will wrap up - with two more parts. As for my askblog I’ll say more on the actual blog.

Welcome to EddTober 2017!

I literally just made this list up two nights ago and I’m rushing to get this out in time soooo yeah

It’s been a long long time since anybody’s taken notice of me in the Eddsworld tag, but I’ve been in this fandom since early legacy days, so hello, you new people who have never seen me before - call me Panda. 

I know what you’re thinking: What the hell is EddTober? Well, it’s a list of prompts made by yours truly to have others draw and/or write more Eddsworld-related stuff during the month of October, including some things that haven’t been recieving much attention and to add a bit of flavour to the usual stuff that’s in the tag! 

So without further ado, let’s get to the prompts!

(Featuring my personal commentary. Some useless, some useful.)

  1. Draw/Write about Edd
  2. Draw/Write about Tom
  3. Draw/Write about Matt
  4. Draw/Write about Any pre-legacy season episode, except WTFuture. (I mean, you can do WTFuture if you want, but seeing that much of this fandom is made of people who came in after The End… I wonder if any of you have truly witnessed the beauties that are Moviemakers, Ruined, and so forth.)
  5. Draw/Write Something about the symbols of the crew. 
  6. Draw/Write about Superhero Alter egos! (It doesn’t have to stop at the PowerEdd canon, either! Go nuts! Give Edd and his friends new superhero alibis and outfits!)
  7. Draw/Write about Supervillain Alter Egos! (It doesn’t have to stop at the ‘Green/Blue/Purple/Red Leader’ scenario also! Have one of them as an evil scientist, a general anarchist (oh wait, isn’t that Tom already around Christmas?), or even a cosmic entity that plans on remaking the world…literally. Sorry, was that too far?)
  8. Draw/Write about minor characters of the show. It doesn’t have to be just the one.
  9. Draw/Write about descendants of the main four guys. (Sure, you can make it about the love children of your favourite ships, but the point of this prompt specifically is to not be ship-related. See if you can come up with descendant characters from the bloodlines of the main 4. If they ever do cross over into the one great-great-grandchild that relates to all four… that’s up to you.)
  10. Draw/Write about Tord. (He’s late in this list for a reason. Trust me.)
  11. Draw/Write about the neighbours of 29 Dirdum Lane. What are those guys like, since Kim and Katya moved out a while back?
  12. Draw/Write about the neighbours of 25 Dirdum Lane. 
  13. Ooh, October has a Friday the 13th this year!  Draw/Write about something unlucky happening to the guys, or one of them. Feel free to go as dark or as humourous as you like!
  14. Draw/Write about the genderbends of the guys - if you were the one who had to choose the names and designs. (Or you can stick to canon. Up to you.)
  15. This prompt is a wild card. Go whole hog on this!
  16. Draw/Write about your crew. Whether you’re the main character with your friends or have OCs taking that place or a mix of both, up to you!
  17. Draw/Write about a Fantasy-SciFi AU for Eddsworld. (Okay, this was just my personal indulgence of a prompt. I’m a sucker for those things. This prompt can be just about coming up with an AU.)
  18. Draw/Write about Eddsworld as a video game. Whether it’s concepts and covers for your own ideas or fanart for @eddsworldarmageddon​, it’s all up to you. 
  19. Draw/Write about Todd, or whatever the name is for the Tord figure of the neighbours of 25 Dirdum Lane!
  20. Draw/Write about a Saloonatics-WTFuture Crossover. (Seriously. Time Travel. The Wild West. HOW COULD ANYBODY MISS THIS BEAUTIFUL CHANCE TO MAKE SHENANIGANS HERE. H O W.)
  21. Draw/Write about the future selves of the main guys - or, if you want to take things up a notch, make up your own versions of them! Have them all be hobos, or have cola not be banned and let Edd have a warm, happy future, up to you!
  22. Draw/Write about how you would end the Eddsworld Legacy season if The End never happened. (Would Tord even return? Who knows.)
  23. Draw/Write about Zanta. (I honestly was stuck for a prompt idea here, but I settled on him because he’s a niGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS -badum-tish-)
  24. Draw/Write about an Eddsworld movie. Whether it’s stuff for @the-eddsworld-fan-movie​ that’s currently in the works, or your own ideas, up to you!
  25. Draw/Write about what you think the deal with Tom’s eyes is. 
  26. Pick a song, any song, and put it on repeat. Use this as inspiration to draw/write something in relation to Eddsworld.
  27. Draw/Write about The Man, The Myth, The Legend behind it all: Edd Gould.
  28. This one was obligatory even without EddTober: Draw/Write something for Edd’s birthday. 
  29. Draw/Write about someone in the fandom who inspires you - even the small artists and writers who are just starting out!
  30. Ooh, we’re close to the spoopiness now… Draw/Write about monsterous things happening to the guys. Interpretation is up to you. 
  31. Happy Halloween! Draw/Write about the guys on that specially spoopy day. Interpretation is up to you. 

Phew! That was a lot to type out. Now, there’s a few rules to abide by when doing these prompts - don’t worry, they’re not too much. 

  1. When posting prompts, always tag it with #Eddtober. 
    1. Gore and NSFW is allowed in the challenge, but please tag it as #Eddtober gore, #Eddtober porn, etc. Also, no shortenings or reimaginings of those tags, so the minors on this site don’t find it on accident. I myself am just under 18, so please keep these sorts of things in mind. 
  2. Keep it chill. You can draw one prompt for Eddtober, some of the prompts or all of them - up to you!
  3. Spread the word. This is less of a rule and more of a personal request from me, but since I don’t wish to use a facebook or instagram and I don’t have those accounts, please tell your friends on there and other sites of Eddtober so they can join in the fun too! Reblogging this list doesn’t hurt either!
  4. Sharing is caring. Reblogging from your fellow creators doing Eddtober would be great to give them a motivation and confidence boost!
  5. Go beyond your boundries of imagination. The whole purpose of Eddtober is to promote new, fresh things to come up in the Eddsworld fandom and break a cycle of the same old that’s been there for a while. Take a leap, spread your wings, do your best, and go have fun. 

If any of you have any questions about EddTober, send them to me and I’ll answer them under a cut of this post. Otherwise, good luck! 

Better than Bullets

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Pairing: Moxiety (platonic or romantic, though intended as platonic), brief mentions of Logince (also platonic)

CW: Startled response, horror movie mention, horror movie plot mention

Categories: Fluff, humor

Notes: A quick lil’ thing before I head off on vacation. I’ll probably have time to write while I’m there but just in case I wanted to get one more quick story up. 


The good news was he’d gotten Virgil to agree to a movie night, just the two of them, in honor of the anxious side’s upcoming favorite holiday: Halloween. 

The better news was that Virgil was feeling so relaxed with Patton these days that, halfway through the evening, he had drifted off, curled up with his head on Patton’s shoulder and his arm draped over his waist. 

The bad news was that the nonstop Halloween specials that were currently cycling through the TV in the commons had taken a turn, and instead of the relatively benign features like Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas, the TV was now showing Child’s Play

And the worst news of all: the remote was out of reach, and Logan and Roman were having a bonding night of their own, immersed in strategy games and well out of earshot in Logan’s realm. 

Which mean that Patton had two choices: he could shift Virgil away from him in order to get the remote, risking waking him up and ensuring that their cuddling would be over for the night–unthinkable–or he could…could…

Watch Chucky. 

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Come Cuddle

Prompt: “Come cuddle.”

Logan walked down the stairs on his way to the kitchen.  He’d been up late working on an efficiency plan for the next month.  He had tried to keep each of the sides’ priorities in mind and Thomas’s limitations while writing it and he thought he’d come to a perfectly reasonable plan to help maximize productivity.

Logan paused on the bottom step when he saw the other sides piled on the couch. He had missed movie night in order to complete his project and Patton, Roman, and Virgil were cuddled up on the couch fast asleep, the menu screen for The Nightmare Before Christmas still playing on the tv.  The changing lights from the screen illuminated Roman’s arm around Virgil’s shoulders, the little smile on Virgil’s lips, Patton’s fingers entwined with Virgil’s. They were precious, and the sight made his chest uncomfortably tight.

Logan shuffled into the kitchen to make himself a cup of herbal tea.  He always had difficulty sleeping after working on a project so late at night.  He’d need adequate rest to function tomorrow, and herbal tea helped soothe him.  Logan poured the boiling water into a plain dark blue ceramic mug and added his teabag.

Unfortunately, the herbal tea often wasn’t enough to get him to sleep.  Sometimes Roman would sing to him when he couldn’t sleep, the creative side did have a lovely voice.  Patton had been known to tuck him into bed and stroke his hair until he nodded off.  Virgil had, on one memorable occasion, had walked him through a breathing exercise while massaging his hand, Logan had never fallen asleep so quickly.

As none of those options were currently viable, the other sides being asleep, Logan reasoned that since the sight of his fellow sides resting peacefully helped soothe him as well he should drink his tea in the living room, indulging in their presence.  Logan picked up his mug and went back to the living room.  He turned the hall light on (far enough away that it wouldn’t wake his sleeping companions, but bright enough that he could see where he was going) and turned the television and DVD player off.

Basic tasks complete, Logan settled in the armchair facing the couch and contemplated the cuddle pile on the couch, sipping his tea.

He would never understand how Roman managed to be so handsome all the time.  Even while snoring, mouth open and drooling slightly, he was a charming sight to behold.  As he watched, Roman muttered “mmm, babe biscuit” and curled tighter around a sleeping Virgil.  Logan would have to ask what had possessed him to create that phrase when Roman was awake.

Virgil was simply heartwarming.  When they had first entered into their polyamorous relationship, Virgil had been careful not to fall asleep around them.  They discovered why when Patton was up late one night, walking past Virgil’s door when the anxious side had awoken, screaming from a nightmare.  Since then, the sides each took turns sleeping with Virgil, sometimes all of them cuddling together, and slowly Virgil’s nightmares had become less frequent.  To see him smiling in his sleep now between his other two boyfriends was beyond satisfactory.

And Patton…Patton was awake and looking back at him, smiling. The paternal side scooted closer to Virgil, making a space on the couch and held out his free arm.  Patton mouthed “Come cuddle”, and how could Logan refuse?  Logan set his empty mug on the coffee table, carefully removed his tie, placing it next to the mug, and crawled into Patton’s embrace.

They all slept well that night.


“… For it is plain, as anyone can see, we’re simply meant to be.”

Sally making an appearance at Anime Central.

Foundation was blue and white Kryolan aquacolor paints sponged on and then blended, followed by contour with blue and white eyeshadow. Stitches were done in aquacolor and eyeshadow, as well as the eye makeup.
Unfortunately, we didn’t have any false lashes to truly complete the look.

Peter In Autumn

A/n: just some Hcs about Peter in his favorite time of the year,

Originally posted by tom-cinnamonroll-holland

  • This boy loves Autumn
  • mean, LOVES Autumn
  • he highkey only wears fallish colors through september and october,
  • also highkey plans his halloween costume months before,
  • only to change it a week before, because he’s a hot mess, we all know this,
  • also can’t sew for shit on a machine (Damn good at hand stitching though) so he ends up taking way longer on the costume than it should take, 
  • Gets no sleep two days before Halloween,
  • makes cocoa everyday,
  • burns it half of the time,
  • becomes obsessed with oversized sweaters,
  • he saves up his money so he can do some thrift store shopping for all the sweaters, 
  • no one take this boy away from his sweaters,
  • Secretly loves pumpkin spice,
  • non secretly loves cinnamon,
  • this dork owns small jars of both cinnamon and pumpkin spice and totally carries it around with him, just in case he needs it for anything,
  • 100% wore a autumn flower crown at one point,
  • marathons scary movies throughout October,
  • okay maybe more like kids scary movies,
  • okay yeah he watched corpse bride and nightmare before christmas,
  • he tried to watch the shining, he really did. He just learned very fast that he can’t handle jump scares or flickering lights. Nope.
  • (Legit, hardly got through Stranger things without having a slight breakdown,)
  • He once found a TV about the size of a computer screen, and recorded a little 
  • homemade tape of a fire, so he could play it in the night, even put some dollar store Spooky stickers on it,
  • Peter’s a BOSS at making pumpkin pieless,
  • basically just the filling. He always manages to burn the crust if he makes a regular pie,
  • hence the pieless,
  • Used to collect Leaves as a child,
  • sometimes still does it,
  • and maybe it gets out of hand,’
  • and maybe he ends up with a whole bag of em’ without knowing.
  • I love peter in Autumn, so should you.

Don’t have a whole lot of time for clean sketches, but I may come back to this idea someday. These sketches were actually inspired by a dream I had a few nights ago. Which seems kind of weird to me, since I’m not really a fan of Ruby Gloom. Still, the idea was too cute for me to ignore, so I decided to finally work on some sketches.

At least from what I remember from the dream, it kind of played out like a TV episode. Skullboy finds a really old book in the library that has a peculiar-looking family tree on it. He sees what looks like his name, and another that looks like Jack’s name. This prompts him to make a trip to Halloween Town. After all, who wouldn’t want to find out whether or not they came from a long line of royalty, or at least related to one? The only trouble is both names are too smudged out to confirm for sure. I don’t remember too much after that, but I think the rest of the episode was them looking through Halloween Town’s catacomb/labyrinth-like city archives to find out both who the family tree belongs to, and if they’re actually a part of it.

Don’t know for sure if I’ll come back to this or do much with it, but I may decide to make a few more sketches someday. Who knows? :U

So, many years later, I thought I’d drop in
And there was old Jack, still looking quite thin
With four or five skeleton children at hand
Playing strange little tunes in their xylophone band
~nightmare before Christmas closing
Alright let’s start inktober day 2! Inspired by the closing on the soundtrack, which I think was supposed to be in the movie, but some how didn’t make it.

So sally as a mom…I have no idea how these children came to be, other than maybe sally and jack dug up some bones out of a cemetery? 💀😂

autumn/fall with Ethan and Grayson would include



✰ Apple picking together

✰Tailgating together

✰ Going to Halloween Horror nights

✰ Him constantly pushing you in front of the actors during the haunted houses to scare you even more

✰ and screaming in your ear causing you to jump

✰Hyping about halloween the entire month of October

✰Jumping into leave piles

✰ Bonfires basically every night

✰ Pumpkin picking together

✰ Always ending up in a dispute about which pumpkin you should buy

✰Ethan carving phallic objects into the pumpkins

✰ Saying it was “abstract”

✰Matching Halloween costumes

✰going to tons of halloween parties

✰ Watching Scary movies all of the time

✰ And him making it an excuse to cuddle you

✰ Him drinking way too many pumpkin spice lattes

✰ Apple bobbing

✰saying it was “in his white girl nature”

✰Going to his family’s house for thanksgiving

✰ and eating way too much food

✰making cute fall themed deserts together

✰ and Ethan eating all of the ingredients before you even began

✰ Watching Football together every sunday

✰ Watching the sunset together in his backyard

✰Terrible fall puns

✰”If you’re having fall problems I feel bad for you son”

✰”Ethan no don’t”

✰”I got 99 problems and a witch ain’t one”

✰ Drinking a bunch of hot cocoa together

✰ Having a fantastic fall with the only apple of your eye. (fall pun amiright)


✰ Haunted Hayrides together

✰ Going to pumpkin patches

✰ Halloween baking

✰ Almost always ending up in a halloween themed food fight

✰ Watching Halloween classics together, such as “The Nightmare before christmas”

✰ Gray constantly finding fall themed recipes to cook

✰ And always forcing you and Ethan to try them

✰ Spending a ridiculous amount of time planning your halloween costumes together

✰ Taking his little cousins to kiddy haunted houses

✰ And Grayson some how getting scared when something popped out, even though it was meant for children

✰ Him being the “ken” to your “barbie” costume

✰ But, actually matching halloween costumes, and Grayson not having to give up his humility

✰ Watching scary movies together, and having to “comfort” Gray when he got scared

✰ But the both of you jumping at the same times

✰Cuddling in front of the bonfire

✰ Tons of fall themed candids

✰ And tons of pictures of the both of you in the leaves

✰ Him pranking you and Ethan the entire month of October

✰ Trick or treating together

✰ Four Wheeling in the woods together

✰ Little park picnics on chilly fall nights

✰ Stealing his hoodies during the picnic when you got cold

✰ Acting at haunted houses together

✰ Getting Matching “jack and sally” tattoos

✰ Him using this time of year to cuddle you as much as possible

✰Going on the same walk 3 Saturdays in a row so you can see the leaves change from week to week.

✰ Playing hide and seek at the park when it got dark

✰ tons of “fall” camping together

✰ Also resulting in a major consumption of s’mores

✰ Tons of road trips

✰Grayson also consuming tons of pumpkin spice lattes

✰ Spending a wonderful fall with your pumpkin (I’m sorry I had to)

concept: drarry being each other for halloween (after harry had to lengthily explain the concept of the holiday to draco)

draco wearing circular, wire-rim glasses and painting a lightning bolt on his forehead, purposely messing up his hair and making snarky comments like: 

“rah rah, I’m Harry Potter, here I come voldy-voldy!”
“ooh, look at me, with my broomstick, and my scar.”

harry gelling his hair up, standing straight, and always looking disgusted with everyone, saying things like:

“have you heard about my blood? yeah. it’s pure.”
“mmm, potions sure do turn me on.”

and at the end of it all, draco is snuggled up to harry asking a thousand questions while they watch the nightmare before christmas.

🎶How does a moment last forever?
How can a story never die?
It is love we must hold onto
Never easy, but we try
Sometimes our happiness is captured
Somehow, a time and place stand still
Love lives on inside our hearts and always will🎶
~“how does a moment last forever” beauty and the beast
Happy inktober day 4! I’m SOOOOO PLEASED with how this came out ❤️😍hopefully this makes up for the shit of a drawing I posted yesterday….

Mama Sally and her little valentine Skelly matching! The story that popped into my head with this one was jack, Sally and the kids walking to take family pictures, maybe a few weeks after Icabod was born, so jack gets to push the baby carriage and keep and eye on the boys lol as Sally tags along behind with skelly in arms happily singing.

also side note, I have had my lovely skelly cat for a year now ❤️, well she was a year 2 days ago lol and other side note, usually if I post a song with the pic..I most likely had it on repeat for like…10000 hours lol and the live action beauty and the beast soundtrack makes me think of skelly…why? I have no clue lol

Into the Fold

Everyone seemed to see him as something that needed to be fixed, and that irritated him to no end. If they couldn’t accept him for who he was, then Virgil could just leave and not come back, ever. Again.

And yet, when he had indeed tried to leave everyone insisted on coming into his room and making him stay. It was kind of nice to feel needed, but then of course, everything had slipped into a sort of state of perpetual forced civility.

Whenever he went to the kitchen to eat something in the Mind Palace, the others might nod to him, say hi or even smile if he was lucky, but then resumed whatever they were doing. Virgil once tried to start a conversation with Logan while the other was reading a book, which had ended in Logan snapping the book shut rather loudly and saying, “I appreciate the fact that you want to converse, but I am currently busy doing research, so if you still wish hold this conversation at a later time, that would be preferable.”

It was hard not to feel unwanted when no one really did anything besides acknowledge that you existed.

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goodbyetoradio  asked:

What are some of your favourite Halloween movies?

As I am a bowl of old salted and slimed popcorn, I tend to prefer older things. This is not a judgement towards The New, I’m just cranky and like my effects practical and my computer graphics (if present) terrible.

I tend to steer clear of what I like to call “current horror” because it focuses more on gore than I have a stomach for. I love classic horror with the Universal Monsters.

Anything made by Hammer, anything staring Vincent Price or Christopher Lee or Peter Cushing. I try to make it a point to watch Svengoolie on Saturday nights.

Similarly, anything hosted by Elvira, as well as her own movies.

If it has Scooby Doo in it and lacks Scrappy and is at least 10 years old, its probably in my queue. Scooby Doo and the Witch’s Ghost is something I watch often. Damn fine. Zombie Island has a place in my black heart.

13 Ghosts of Scooby Doo is perfectly flawed as it features both Vincent Van Ghoul (Vincent Price) and Scrappy. It makes me want to tear my hair out.

I’d pay a sizable fortune for a spinoff series of Daphne and Velma having their own adventures. Though this brings up the arguments of Scooby Doo universes where ghosts are real versus villains in costumes.

An argument I’ve had countless times.

Sometimes (often) in costume.

I love the older Treehouse of Horrors by the Simpsons, Hocus Pocus of course. Corpse Bride and Nightmare Before Christmas. Watch it all year, there is no need to debate.

Similarly, The Munsters (all of it) and The Addams Family (all of it, sans the 70s cartoon, I can’t stand Gomez’s voice actor’s rendition). He appears very little in Scooby Doo Meets the Addams Family so this is a treat, mind you.

I want the address of whomever is holding up the release of the 90s Addams cartoon because I have strong words to share about the lack of release.

Beetlejuice (cartoon and movie).

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is wonderful.

I’m a big fan of Halloween episodes of shows – Hill-o-ween from King of the Hill comes to mind.

Trick or Treat with Donald Duck is a classic I don’t think gets talked about enough. Similarly, Hair-Raising Hare, Bully for Bugs, Bewitched Bunny, Transylvania 6-5000, and Broomstick Bunny (on Amazon – Season 6 Episode 4, 7, and 8 of Loony Toons) for Bugs Bunny. If you want to cough up another $2 to complete your collection, A-Haunting We Will Go (Season 2 Episode 8) is a re-telling with Daffy. Claws For Alarm with (Season 3 Episode 2) has Porky Pig in a lovely haunted house.

My next Halloween movie night off will be featuring Night of the Comet. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend it.

I’ll soon have a Ghostbusters weekend, playing the cartoons (alternating between the Filmation version and Columbia’s The Real…) I’m not a terrific fan of Ghostbusters 2 (1989), but it’ll be included for the sake of completeness.

I look forward to drawing ghosts with Ghostbusters (1984) and then Ghostbusters (2016) in the background, spookily mumbling “ah has!” as the similarities and differences, finding great joy in the cameos in the latter and quieting a gentle heartbreak when Harold Ramis appears on screen the first time.

Newest Addition To The Family

Summary: Ever since the birthing of Renesmee, Rosalie has been feeling an empty feeling in her chest. Maybe it was due to the fact that she always wanted her own little family, or for the fact that she couldn’t have kids. Her mate decides to do something about his wife’s emptiness, having found an abandoned child while on hunting Emmetts decides that he and Rosalie will raise her as their own. But how will the Cullen’s feel about the newest family addition, better yet how will anyone feel once they find out that the child isn’t what it seems to be?

Chapter 1: Finder’s Keepers


Rosalie sighed as watched Bella and Edward play with Renesmee in the living room, standing from the balcony Rosalie could see the small child laughing at her mother who was making silly faces towards her to make her laugh and a ache was felt in the blonde vampires chest.

Emmett stared at his mate who’s face expression expressed a person who had just gotten their heart’s broken, he knew what was the matter. It had to do with Renesmee, it wasn’t like his mate disliked the hybrid child it was more on the fact he knew Rosalie wanted that but her and him being vampires he knew he couldn’t give her that.

That was why Calirsle had adopted all of them, Esme wanted children but knowing that she couldn’t have any Calirsle and her decided on adopted instead. Emmett got up from his spot on the couch and walked over to his mate, Rosalie, who’s back was turnt away from him.

Wrapping his muscular arms around her waist, he gave her pale cold cheek a kiss, “I know what your thinking Rose, and I want that too.” Emmett said using her nickname, it was true. Emmett had thought about having his own family with his wife but knew it was nearly impossible. “I…Why can’t we just have our own little miracle like them, I want someone to hold, to love, to put to bed whenever they have an nightmare. Someone who will wake us up in the morning on Christmas, someone to call me mommy.“ 

Rosalie turnt around her face now pressed firmly into her mates chest, Emmett heart broke at her words. He knew she always wanted a child but he hadn’t know just from her seeing Renesmee with her parents would make her react like this, "I know babe-”, he confronted before placing a kiss on her cold forehead, “Don’t worry, I’ll find a way. We’ll have a family, our own little Cullen or Hale.” He said pulling back, holding her cold face in his large cold hands. “I promise.”

Emmett had gone off to go hunt for a while to clear his head, Calirsle and Esme had told him to be careful since it seemed that humans were coming more and more into the woods nowadays. Emmett nodded running out of the house but made sure to avoid the peace treaty so that he wouldn’t have to deal with those ‘smelly mutts’ as his wife calls them.

Emmett suddenly froze once he heard a voice a few meter ahead of him, quickly using his speed he climbed up a tree and stood up on a branch as he watched as two humans walked throughout the woods path. Leafs crunched under the human man’s feet as he stomped ahead of his women, guessing from the matching rings they wore he could tell that they were married. “Are you sure, this is safe for the child?” The women asked the man.

Emmett leaned in closer only just now spotting the child that was covered with a white hospital gown in the womens arms, “What we did isn’t even safe. For crying out loud we stole a child from the hospital!” The women seemed to have covered the baby’s ears as her husband yelled, “But it was so that she wouldn’t have to deal with being experimented on there right, Alexander.”

Emmett watched as Alex stopped in a clearing in the woods and turn around towards his wife, “Mary, that child is the devil, I mean what child is born with red eyes. Plus if we get rid of it here then no one would have to let this little demon grow up in society, hmm maybe a pack of wolves will come along and eat the little brat.”

Growling in disgust at the human man’s behavior, Emmett got ready to jump down and snap his neck but he knew Carlisle and Esme wouldn’t like that so he just waited until they left. It didn’t take long for the couple to leave the child in the clearing before they both took off, Emmett waited a few more minutes before he heard the sound of a car driving off in the distance.

Jumping down from his spot up in the tree, Emmett walked closer to the child. From the way it’s red eyes looked up around at its surroundings, he could tell that the baby was up. Stepping closer the buff vampire picked up the new born gently into his arms, making sure not to harm it he bounced the baby a bit pulling it closer towards his body to protect it from the chilled air but he knew that wouldn’t exactly work since his body was a cold as frezzing ice water.

“Hey there cutie-” Emmett smiled down at the newborn flashing his white pearly teeth earning a giggle in response, “I’m gonna take you somewhere safe, is that okay with you?” The baby giggled once more I’m in response it giving Emmett a gummy smile and emmett couldn’t help but chuckle, the kid was adorable.

“I’ll take that as a yes, yeah!”

MTV Scream Preference: Halloween Together


It’s Halloween today where I am, and I wanted to get more into the spirit by making up some quick headcanons for these characters. Hope you guys like it!

A/N: I know most of the couple costumes include boy/girl (most couple costumes that I looked up are like that. But that doesn’t mean that you dress up in a masculine/feminine way. If I said it’s Donald and Daisy Duck you could easily be Donald in a dress/skirt and vice versa. I feel like al of them would be comfortable with that and wouldn’t question it.

I just wanted to point that out because I know it would mess with me.

Emma Duval:

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  • After everything that happened she DID NOT want to do something scary.
  • So instead you decided to celebrate it with the cheesy side of things
  • You guys had a couple’s costume (Wendy and Peter Pan) and handed out the candy to the trick or treaters
  • You guys were the cheesy ones that the little kids loved because you found something nice to say about all of their costumes and were really sweet
  • “Awwww look Y/N it’s a superhero! Lakewood has to be safe now”
  • In between trick or treaters you guys would be cuddled on the couch watching cutesy Halloween movies
  • Nightmare before Christmas, Hocus Pocus, Casper, Halloweentown
  • All the works
  • You had the volume on high in order to prevent any sounds that might mess with her outside
  • You guys fell asleep halfway through your list of movies
  • Maggie came home from work and had found you two adorable
  • She was really happy that you helped Emma celebrate the holiday even after everything had happened

Brooke Maddox

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  • You think this girl doesn’t want to drag you to a costume party????
  • She invented costume parties.
  • And does it really count as dragging her S/O if it’s her party????
  • No. Not according to Brooke.
  • She threw a costume party the day before Halloween (kept the list pretty small) 
  • It’s actually pretty tame.
  • You guys both dress up as the Incredibles
  • You head over to her house again when it’s actually Halloween
  • She splurges on the Halloween candy for the kids (each one gets like two handfuls)
  • Brooke has to keep herself from squealing whenever she sees someone dressed as a princess
  • She isn’t able to stop herself when she sees an Ariel
  • “Y/N that was my favorite princess when I was younger!”
  • Legit tears up when she closes the door
  • You guys go trick or treating when you run out of candy
  • You don’t get a lot (because it’s really late), but you guys have tons of fun

Noah Foster

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  • Horror. Movie. Marathon.
  • Sppppoooookkkyy movies
  • You guys set out the candy, head over to where he works (grab snacks on the way) and binge on them
  • You are literally surrounded by blankets on that couch with candy and popcorn surrounding you
  • Oh… and did I mention… scary movies?
  • You better have seen these ones beforehand because Noah is gonna talk to you through all of them
  • “You know there’s actually a conspiracy theory on the internet that this….”
  • You hear that fifty times
  • You don’t care because his eyes light up so much when he talks about them
  • You guys mostly watch supernatural/paranormal ones (avoid serial killers) because… Lakewood….

Jake Fitzgerald ( I l o v e d writing this one)

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  • You guys dress up as a pair of devils
  • “Jake what’s your costume?”
  • “… A devil? We talked about it Y/N-”
  • “You can’t dress up as something you are everyday Jake,”
  • “…”
  • Cue overdramatic face with a hand on the heart
  • You guys do really really really innocent pranks as Halloween comes closer
  • Like you guys seriously think it through on whether or not it crosses ANY lines
  • You guys play it safe and do things like the shocking ring, whoopee cushion, putting random flavoring in their drinks so they drink their water and spit it out bc now it tastes like cherry????
  • You guys pranked Noah by making up a really really bad rap and naming it as a Morgue podcast draft on his computer
  • “Thiiiiisss is Fitzgerald.” “And L/N!” 
  • “And you better not forget to be sppooooookkkkyyy today…”
  • “Boo!”
  • (Best lines out of the entire thing you dorks)
  • But you changed the rest of the file’s names so he had to listen to them all in order to figure out which one was the draft he had to edit
  • (Realizes that wasn’t the only rap)
  • “Hey Foster you came for our comeback rap!”
  • “We know we’re just that good!”
  • You guys try to make those DIY Halloween snacks while listening to Halloween music
  • End up dancing to the music more than cooking.
  • You don’t finish any of the recipes

Audrey Jensen

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  • You guys are going trick or treating.
  • It’s said. And it’s done.
  • You guys are Jack and Sally from the Nightmare before Christmas
  • “Oooohhh Audrey can I have that Kit Kat?”
  • “What? No. Get your own Kit Kat”
  • “Auuuuddrreeeyyyy”
  • You have to trade in order to get the KIt Kat
  • Audrey definitely takes her video camera out every once in awhile in order to get clips of you while Trick or Treating because she thinks you are adorable
  • If anything scares you while you guys are out Audrey wraps her arm around your shoulder
  • Mumbles insults to those people
  • “Come near us again chainsaw guy I dare you…”
  • You both go to her house afterwards and dump out your candy on the floor after most of the candy in the blocks around you are done
  • You guys watch the cheesy Halloween specials on TV
  • Munching on candy the entire time
  • You two are gonna get cavities…

Zoe Vaughn (because she’s my babe and why aren’t there more gifs of her)

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  • Took a picture of just the two of you tooOkay but…. I feel like she’s an older sister….

  • So she WANTED to go hang out with you at your house watching a few movies before heading to a costume party

  • But her Mom got sick and couldn’t take her little sister and brother out trick or treating (They were the Tweedledee and Tweedledum)

  • So Zoe called you as she got in her Alice in Wonderland costume (she was not letting it go to waste) to cancel

  • You told her that you’d go with her. Got dressed in your costume (Mad Hatter) and the two of you went out trick or treating

  • Zoe actually had a lot of fun

  • You two would take her brother and sister up to the scary looking houses when they were too scared to go by themselves

  • You guys got candy

  • You both stared at each other shocked when it first happened…

  • … Neither of you thought you would get candy because you were older…

  • You went with them to every house after that because you were gonna get candy if they offered it

  • (Some houses gave you guys extra because you were a group costume)

  • When it started getting later you guys headed to her house

  • The little ones almost fell asleep as soon as they got home

  • Zoe made them take a picture that had all four of you because she thought it was adorable

  • You and Zoe sat in the living room eating your candy and watching the horror movies that were on while you cuddled

something that is most definitely canon i don’t make the rules: damien’s tradition w lucien is to watch nightmare before christmas every halloween bc it was lucien’s fave movie growing up and one of the only halloween-movies that didn’t scare him (it was the Catchy Music) and even though damien doesn’t usually partake in halloween itself he once dressed up as the pumpkin king himself while lucien insisted on being Lock (of lock shock and barrel) when lucien was 7 or 8. even as lucien gets older, it’s something he never forgets to do w his dad on halloween