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Soft Rose. 

All of this moving and adulting has really drained me of my creative energy! Ugh.. anywho… I enjoyed this look because it’s super soft and wearable. normally my makeup is extra intense- so this was a nice change. Also stay tuned for a special announcement later!!!! :D

The Look:


1) Prime eye with white eye shadow primer and follow up with applying a light coat of white shadow

***Tips*** Applying a white or skin tone colored shadow on the lid will help you blend your shadows more easily.

2) Apply “Cake” from the UD Alice Through the Looking Glass palette on the crease of the eye.

 3) To add depth, add a small amount of “Jezebel” from Juvia’s Place the Nubian II palette to the crease of the eye- focus this darker shadow more on the outer v portion of the crease.

4) Lightly dab “Luscious” from the Too Faced Sweet Peach palette on your lid using a flat shadow brush.

5) Using your finger, apply Nyx Ultra Pearl “Mania” Loose shadow on the center of the eye.

6) Apply liquid eyeliner to the top lid and pencil liner to the lower lid.

7)  Using a smudge brush, smudge “Jezebel” into your lower lash line.

* On my lips I am wearing Nyx Lip Lingerie in Exotic

* Face: Nyx Eyebrow Gel- Chocolate, Black Radiance BB Cream in Honey Amber, Face Studio Master Concealer in Medium 40, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Laura Geller Gilded Honey Illuminator, and Black Radiance True Complexion Contour Palette (Medium to Dark)

Review:  Physician’s Formula Cushion Foundation

Physicians Formula Mineral Wear All-In-One ABC Cushion Foundation

What it is:  A compact sponge soaked in lightweight, mineral based foundation
What it does:  Provides convenient, portable packaging for a liquid foundation with protective SPF 50
What it costs:  $17
Where to get it:  Drugstores or online

See my YouTube Review:  HilTalksBeauty



- Portable and extremely convenient packaging

- Lightweight, natural-looking formula

- Broad-spectrum sun protection

- Free of parabens, gluten, and fragrances

- Hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (does not contain pore-clogging ingredients)


- Very limited shade selection

- The packaging is bulky

- Pricey for the drugstore

Would Recommend to:

- People with a medium skin tone

- People with normal-to-dry skin, or people who prefer a natural finish

- People who want a “barely-there” look, light coverage

- People who are looking for natural SPF all in one

Would NOT Recommend to:

- People with fair or tan-to-deep skin tones

- People who require a matte finish

- People who desire medium to full coverage

- People looking for a long-wearing foundation

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Hair Growth!

This post is like a day late but better late than never. Am I rite? So I thought I’d finally do my first hair care post, and start it off with how to fasten hair growth. You will definitely be seeing more of this; posts such as how to keep hair healthy and so on. Now being Pakistani, oils have been common to me as my mum would massage it in to my hair for healthy hair. Growing up I discovered different types of oils and their individual benefits.

Castor Oil! 

This oil has recently been added to my oil essentials! If you’re regretting a short hair cut or simply want to grow your hair out, massage this on to the roots of your hair. You will see a difference. Castor oil tends to get rid of weaker hair so don’t be alarmed if you see your hair falling out because it’ll most likely come out thicker and healthier. You could leave it in over night, the more you use it the faster the results.


Castor oil isn’t only good for hair on your head, it’s great for eye lashes. I’ve been putting a little bit of castor oil on my lashes and have seen the difference when I apply mascara. Others have noticed it too.

Now be careful when applying as you don’t want to apply too much and irritate your eyes. You want to lightly coat your lashes with enough, preferably at night time as this is the best time to put it. You’ll notice results within weeks. 

(Note: My eyelashes have fallen out cos of this but I’ve noticed they’re growing back thicker, and you can’t tell!)


I’m not done raving okay. It’s good for eyebrows. Especially if you’re someone like me who maybe stupidly over plucks by accident. Or if you wanna grow them out completely. Yes girls, say good bye to expensive brow serums, because castor oil is just as good for the fraction of the price.

I put this in my eyebrows overnight and it’ll be gone by morning, this has helped my eyebrows come back to my desired shape. I feel like they just look better on their own.

Castor oil is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the seeds of the castor oil plant (Ricinus communis)… Castor oil is a colorless to very pale yellow liquid with a distinct taste and odor once first ingested.

Source Wikipedia

I got mine from a local shop for £2!

Yes £2.

Get it from Amazon 

Castor oil feels a bit sticky on the fingers and is thicker compared to some oils.

The colour doesn’t really show when you put it on. Or as you can see in the picture.

I have nothing bad to say about it, my only concern would be putting it on your eye lashes. (Be careful) I apply it both on my brows and lashes everyday!

Hope this helps a few of you beauties who struggle with eyebrow or lash growth!

NOTE: When I mean eye brow fall out it isn’t noticeable, one or two hairs, they’ll grow back stronger. 

- A xoxo



Finally back with a breakdown of the look that I created using the Desi X Katy Collection. Follow the steps below to recreate this look:

  1. Apply a clay colored transition shade all over the eye using a fluffy blending brush (mine is from the NYX birthday palette)
  2. Using a smaller blending brush, apply the lime green from the Morphe 12P palette into the crease
  3. Taking the light blue and a pointed blending brush, apply the shade into the crease to deepen the color.
  4. Apply the navy blue from that palette to the lid, making sure to blend the green and blue shades with a blending brush.
  5. Apply Harpoon from the Desi X Katy collection to the lid
  6. To finish the look, apply the dark blue and lime green from the Morphe 12P palette to the lower lash line.

To watch my full review on this collection click this link:

I’ve gotten sooo many inquiries about my ColourPop eyeshadows and what their names are, so I did some swatches. I just made another order lol I want to own them all. Also the camera does these no justice. They’re so sparkly and pigmented in real life and they stay put and do not budge! 

UNDER HYPED: Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Cream Blushes

These creamy, beautiful blushes don’t get anywhere near as much hype as they deserve, they blend beautifully into the skin almost creating a “second skin” look that appears dewy and youthful. The colour pay off is ideal , not too pigmented, but not too sheer which means you get the perfect blush application every time. Since I first tried it, Nectar has become a staple in my makeup bag, it’s the perfect shade for my fair skin and can be worn with natural makeup or heavy smoky eyes.


Purple Reign.

I purchased a bunch of glitters from Violet Voss a while back and this is  my first chance to actually use them. I was amazed at how easily the products applied! I didn’t use very much product and I didn’t have a panic attack because I was getting glitter all over my room, so that’s great.

The Steps:

1)  Apply ‘Tangerine’ from the Lorac Mega Pro 2 palette to crease (or you can use  any orange)

2) Follow with ‘Saddle’ from the same palette (or any brown) 

3) Cover lid with Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow stick in ‘Blackmail’ 

4) Get rid of harsh lines using ‘Black’ from Lorac Mega Pro 2 and a crease brush

5) Cover lid with Violet Voss’ ‘Brooklyn’ Glitter Using adhesive

6) Draw line as shown using Color Tattoo by Eyestudio in Painted Purple

7) Apply Nyx Eye Pencil in ‘Purple’ to waterline

8) Smudge ‘Deep Purple’ from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Self- Made Palette into lower lash line to get rid of harsh lines

Additional Products Used:

Face: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow- Ebony, Mac Studio Fix Foundation NC45, Face Studio Master Concealer in Medium 40, Ben Nye SK-3 Shadow Wheel, Ben Nye Banana Powder, Black Radiance Pressed Foundation Powder- Rich Mahogany and Ebony, and Mac Soft & Gentle Highlight

Eyelashes: Andrea 45 Black

Lips: Nyx Liquid Suede in ‘Amethyst’ , Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in ‘Abu Dhabi’ , and Nyx Eye Pencil in ‘Purple’ to create the perfect ombre

imlydiaa  asked:

Hi! 😊 I want to try out eyelashes and i just want to know where i could find some cheap/affordable lashes that looks real?

Hello!  Falsies are one of my biggest beauty guilty pleasures!  They’re the easiest way to take your makeup up a notch… from basic to BAM.  All it takes is a little practice, and soon it will be second nature to apply lashes and will only take a few moments in your routine.

When you’re first starting out with lashes, I’d say the best ones to pick up would be Ardell lashes.  They’re definitely the easiest brand to find (you can get them at pretty much any drugstore, beauty store, or supermarket) and they’re excellent quality for not much money.  They cost about $5 depending on where you get them (I can usually get them in my area for $3.99).  I like Ardell because they have TONS of different styles, and they’re really easy to apply because the lash band is flexible and never too thick.  The lashes themselves never seem to shed on me and as long as you take care of them and clean them after each use, you can use them multiple times.

My favorite lashes from Ardell are the Wispies and the #120 Demis, but if you want a natural look I’d recommend the #110s as seen above.  They’re nice and short but still give pretty volume, and the staggered lash length helps them to blend in with your natural lashes easier.  Plus, the lash band is clear (see how they look like little bunches at the roots?)  which makes them so easy to wear - you don’t need thick liner to hide the lash band with these!

As for glue, most Ardell lashes come with a little tube of glue that will get you through a couple of uses.  If you wanted to invest in a big tube that will last you a long time, I’d recommend these:

LashGrip Eyelash Adhesive - $4  This is very similar to Duo Lash Glue but isn’t as expensive.  This is also made by Ardell.

Revlon Precision Lash Adhesive - $4  I was recently turned onto this via YouTube, where I saw tons of people using this little cheapie that I had hidden in my lash drawer for who knows how long!  This has a brush applicator which is SO easy and quick to use.  Just remember to wait about 20 seconds for the glue to get tacky on the lash before you stick them on your eyes!

I hope this helps you!  Have fun playing with lashes.  For more tips and related posts, check the tags below.  

Find all of these products on <– Take advantage of 20% off the Beauty Department now through 8/8/15


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Battle of the BBs!

These are three BBs I’ve been using.

I really like the Garnier one, I just wish it didn’t have pink undertones. I think my skin looks better with yellow undertones in the foundations I use. But its very nice and a go-to for me.

The Loreal Anti-Fatigue..I don’t know, it looks so great on other people but on me it’s just super orange! I don’t know if I like it. I know some people just love it. I’ll have to keep using it I think..

and the Maybelline I love. The color is perfect on me, love that it has salicyclic acid in it to treat breakouts while wearing it. It gives a smooth finished look on the face. Only thing I hate about it is that it feels so sticky to the touch. Like I’ll set it with a powder and it just feels gross to touch your face. If you can get past that, it’s a great BB cream!

What’s your favs?!

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Reader's Choice - February '14 Beauty Hits & Misses!

I’ve always thought of DrugstorePrincess as a sort of beauty community - slash - online magazine, through which we could learn from one another.  In an attempt to get back to my blogging roots, I thought, “what better way than to get my amazing readers to give me some of their thoughts?!"  So much of DSP is myself giving you MY thoughts, and to be honest, my thoughts bore me sometimes.  YOUR thoughts on the other hand, are exciting and brand new and fascinating to me.  So thanks to some really amazing, kind, thoughtful readers of mine (who you will be able to meet later in this post), I have created this treat of a post for you.  This Hits and Misses post for February 2014 is filled with YOUR thoughts on some of the hottest, newest, and coolest beauty products of the now… good AND bad!  Enjoy, and look for MY Hits and Misses to come later!

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Make Up For Ever Smoothing Primer + Loreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation

I love using these two together.  Because the foundation is sooo matte, I feel like the smoothing primer really helps it lay beautifully on the skin, especially over dry areas. 

Lights:To Accept

 He doesn’t know how to feel.

He vowed to himself that when he’s out of here he needs to be with you,that somehow you’ll end up with him again but that’s too impossible now.

He can feel the anger in his chest and it’s like a molten rock burning and making him go out of his car,but then his mind would interfere that he should’ve known better.

She smiled when the unnamed man waved at her.He wanna cry and scream and trash his car out of anger but he doesn’t know why he can’t move.

But when he did,his mind is floating somewhere else because he doesn’t know what he’s doing,his mind is out of his body.

He slammed the door against the grey wall beside it making Y/N jump up.

“Nate! What the hell?!”

“Who is he?!”

She had never seen him like this.

She thought she did when she decided to dance with someone at a club,trying to get Nate jealous and somehow pour it out on her in many rounds,which she actually succeeded in after Nate ranted about him not wanting her get close with any guys besides the OGOC.

“He’s just a friend.”

She kept her voice at a low volume,probably because he is already a  steamy dish and she doesn’t want to rile him up anymore,she just can’t imagine how far he would go to make her his again.

“Oh really? Then why are you all fucking rosy cheek? Huh? FUCKING ANSWER ME!”

“What the fuck Nate?! It’s fucking fine if I get all bubbly and shit to another man,I’m not your anymore!”

2 weeks ago she dropped his heart right on the mat on the front door,the way she walked out on him all of her bags packed.She was ready,he could tell,it’s even like they never happened and she used to say ‘I love you’ to him.It’s even like she never changed him.

And now,after she dropped it off,she stepped on it,no—she wore his favorite stilettos on her,and she brought the guy over,and they slow danced with her head on his chest whilst stepping over his heart.

That’s what he feels like.

He feels like trash.

“That’s him,right? That’s the guy you ran off with?”


“Why?Why the hell not?! All I wanted to know is why didn’t you just leave because you’re unhappy? Why did you need to drag me with you? While you’re fucking skipping around town during the day,holding his hand and coming home to me every night!”

“I didn’t do that!”

“Then what did you do?! You still cheated.”

He’s still fuming,at what she did,and all he wanted to do is to know why,why the fuck did she ran away?

He gave him all of her,he changed,he actually changed for a girl but in the end she couldn’t care less about what he did for her,but he blames himself because she never asked for it,he chose it because he told himself that she didn’t deserve a fuck up.And now he’s back at square one,he’s back at being a fuck-up.

“Nate you’re always away,you were gone with girls,looking at you like you’re a freaking prey and they’re ready to pounce on you and I don’t know if you’re going to run or you’re willing to succumb to their wants!”

“So you wanna talk trust?”

It was the oldest excuse out of the book when you’re dating a celebrity—where you don’t trust them because of all the distance and among other things,the fans that come along his success,but that’s all she can dig up inside her brain because all her mind is trying to tell her is that to just tell the truth.

All she wanted is for him to succeed.

But you can’t really have that while you have a kid.

All he wanted to do is to kiss her lips and say that he loves him although he knows that no matter how far they’d get after kissing,he wouldn’t matter,she would kiss him instead of Nate,she would crawl to bed beside him,not Nate,not ever anymore.

It’s all done and gone.

The love of his life is going to go to another man and he can’t do anything about it anymore than to just let her go and accept it.

“If you really love him,just make sure—make sure that he kisses you when you wake up in the morning,while making breakfast,while you’re talking,when you’re fighting.Make sure that he says I love you every night before you two sleep,make sure that—that no matter how far you two are apart? You two are going to be together at the end.”

“Nate where are you going with this?”

“Just making the love of my life sure that the guy she loves,loves her back.”


“No,I’m not going to say sorry for loving you too much,but  I’m sorry because no matter what I do I always end up making you feel like shit in the end.You may not feel it but I fucking love you so much.And I promise you I will move on,but I’ll always fucking love you.”

When he turned away,now she know what it felt like when she did it to him,she knows how much it hurts when the love of your life walks away without the intention of coming back.

And then and there,she felt like trash.  

I have been a shitty blog last year,not gunna lie, but I’ve got 4 months of summer vacation because our school is going to move the start of the school in august,because our country is trying to sync with America (The schools and stuff).

I’ve got 4 months to make up for the time I lost.I was shocked when I reviewed my blog and the last time I was in tumblr was 3 months ago.

I mean I actually survived not being here for 3 months

I got too caught up with my grades and school.I value my education so fucking much,so I’m not gonna be sorry bc tumblr is not my priority,this is just where I express my writing whilst being undercover by a url.But I swear to you I love every and each one who takes the effort of reblogging my writings and liking them and actually reading them and following me.

Enough with my excuses,I hope you enjoy this shot.Only 2 more and after that this series is done,and there’s gonna be another one,but of course I’d be posting other shots as well in between these series,because as I’ve said I’ve got 4 months to waste in this black hole.

I hope you enjoy this one shot,here are some of important links:


recent shot: [x]

parts 1 and 2



A month ago I bought the Brushegg on Ebay for .99cents with free shipping. After a couple of uses I can tell out that I love this product. I put a drop of dish soup and running the brush through the Brushegg gets the job done.


  •   Cheap.
  •   Easy to clean.
  •   Dries fast.
  •  Comes In different colors.


  • Not big enough for face brushes.
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I picked up a Jordana lipstick because I’ve never tried them before, but I have tried their eyeliners, lipliners, and nail polish and love those. LOVE this lipstick! Only $1.99 (or less, can’t remember) and super pigmented and smells SO good. This is number 181, Strawberry Shortcake. (Smells like it too!)