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08/21/17: Weigh In.

HW: 203.3 lbs
SW: 200.0 lbs
Last Week’s Weigh-In: 194.6 lbs
Today: 191.4 lbs
Total loss: 11.9 lbs

You guys. 

191.4 lbs.

I’m so!!! 11.9 lbs down!!! Ah!!!

I’m so happy. I’m so close to running out of the 190′s! And I thought I would’ve gained weight this week but I knew I worked super hard last week at the gym to make up for mishaps. I’m just super excited and happy that my body’s changing in a positive way. People at work, who haven’t seen me in the last two months, all complimented me on how much more healthy I look. I don’t always see it but I’m glad it’s becoming visible to at least the outside world. More detailed post about this week will follow after making/eating dinner!

I joined a challenge/community thread on MyFitnessPal called “Thirty lbs by Christmas” and honestly, I can see myself losing 30 pounds by then. I’m just. I’m happy.

Also, if anyone wants to add me on MFP: dawnoflight95

Sakumoto Art in Drawing Shiritori (Anishi 19.11.2016)

So Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is into the drawing version of the linking word game, Shiritori, and here’s what OTP got up to.  Such serious play, these two.

To start, this was Jun’s first go…

… which led to Sho’s first attempt…

… which Keio Chipmunk erased himself and replaced with what looked like a box (hako)…

… causing Kyary-san to draw a kotatsu, but which she erased when Sho-san added details to his drawing…

He decided that adding a stick figure might help.

See the pride he had that he could deliver such an ‘accurate’ drawing…

… though a few more details were again ‘enhanced’ for clarity.

Then OTP decided to kill this shipper’s brain cells with their second attempts, down to one minute on the clock.  

Sho-san’s indecisiveness was obviously rubbing off…

… though Sho-kun was quick to catch on to whatever it was that our youngest had drawn.

In deciphering the drawings after time up, we learn that Jun’s…

‘sou-PU’ was originally connected to ‘PU-oh’ (Pooh) Bear…

… till Sho worried that it would be mistaken for a big-eyed bear…

… so he changed it to PO-ol.

It was the second attempt that made my OTP kokoro squeal a little with…

Jun’s fuE (flute) and Sho’s connection of Entotsu (chimney).  While everyone was trying to figure out what Jun-kun had drawn, Sho happily claimed that he had no problem figuring it out.  That was why he was so quick to fill in his square.

Delusional shipper in me chooses to imagine this… (^_^)

Ahhh~ it’s a fabulous time to ship this revival? pair.

Cr: Arashi ni Shiyagare 19.11.2016

Sakuno is shy. It is one character trait that confines her completely and for some, is her only trait. She hides from attention, she’s overly clumsy to the point of injury, she has no sense of direction and most of all, she has the problematic aspect of being a teenage girl who is trying to figure out who she is, while dealing with people better than her in every direction.

But there is Dan, who is also shy, to the point of being clumsy and surrounded by those better than him, and his sole trait is not shy. He’s cute, adorable and practically stalks the people he thinks are interesting. He is an interesting character. Sakuno is bland and too weak.

Let’s talk about the loyalty of Sakuno rolling out over a hundred good-luck slips of paper for Ryoma. Let’s talk about her quiet skill in tennis, which is very impressive considering she picked up the sport for probably the first time when she came to Seigaku. Let’s talk about her cooking skill and generousity, to the point where she makes food for all of the Regulars, whom she only rarely interacts with. Let’s talk about how she doesn’t feel the need to stalk Ryoma even though she likes him, because she knows he needs space. Let’s talk about how she is not obtrusive in her cheering, and yet manages to lend her caring nature and support to the team. Let’s talk about how she takes in critical advice about her knees and wobbly hips, but always rebuffs and ignores Ryoma’s comments about her hair, because she likes her own hair.

Let’s talk about Sakuno as a strong female character, whose spotlight is not in tennis, but in her quiet steel beyond that. Sakuno is shy, but she is more than that. She’s human.

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Of Umbrellas and Buttons

{In which a simple, kind gesture from the reader evolves into something more}

Features: Draco Malfoy, Madam Malkin, reader
Pairing: Draco x Reader


The first time you saw him was an overcast Wednesday in June. The London air smelled like rain and the dark sky threatened to let loose on the busy shoppers in Diagon Alley.

You had only recently begun working at Madam Malkin’s and were still adjusting to the everyday hustle and bustle. But that was what was so endearing about the British wizarding community. Back in the small country where you had lived before, everything was so remote and rural. That was why, when you decided you wanted to design wizard clothing, you brushed up on your English and moved to London. You knew that the opportunities that you could have in a big city were much greater than if you would have stayed in your tiny village.

That Wednesday had been particularly slow. The impending storm deterred casual browsers and window shoppers from stopping by the store; the looming threat of being caught in a downpour made everyone hurry along. A house elf picking up an order and a red-headed woman wanting her student’s robes lengthened were the only two customers who had visited Madam Malkin’s so far that day.

While Madam Malkin checked on her materials in the back, she had you sorting buttons behind the counter. It was tedious and boring, but you knew that you had to prove yourself to her before she let you work on anything bigger. Plus, the Witch’s Weekly magazine that you kept sneaking glances at helped pass the time.

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Home-made beauty tricks

If you adore beauty and love trying new funky things, here are some home-style beauty tips that you will love - and be able to try for an affordable price and without having to leave the comfort of your home! They are great when you are in need of a quick fix

  1. Toothbrush - This is an old family favourite, and one that I absolutely adore. When applying mascara, you can use an old toothbrush to brush your eyelashes. It gets rid of any clumps as well as lengthening them to give them a nice elegant, long look! 
  2. Talcum Powder - A swear-by by all of my beautiful blonde friends, if you are ever running late and stuck for time to have a shower and wash you hair, just run some talcum powder through it. It has the same effect as dry shampoo, and helps stop your hair from getting greasy! It is also used to add volume and texture to hair.
  3. Toothpaste - Since when has toothpaste not proven to have a gazillion other uses other than protecting your teeth from decay? Tooth paste is a natural bleaching agent and can be used to whiten yellow nails and add extra shine - hello semi home-made manicure! It can also be used to remove small dry stains from items of clothing.
  4. Eggs - Not only are they are brilliat source of protein in your diet, they are also a great hair mask which will help strengthen your hair and replenish natural oils. Just mix an egg yolk or two with a table spoon of olive oil and leave in your hair for aproximately 20minutes, then shower! It may feel gooey at first, it takes a bit of getting used to but I promise your hair will thank you for it later! 
  5. Honey - As well as being a quick-fire metabolism booster, honey also does wonders for your skin - a common ingredient in home-made face masks, a couple of tablespoons honey can be used to to moisturize and soothe sensitive and blotchy skin.
  6. Green Tea - There is seriously nothing bad about green tea! A well-known natural metabolism booster and body detoxifying drink, if you are wanting a nice relaxing end to a stressful week, add 5 - 10 green tea bags to your bath while the water if running. It will not only detoxify your body, it will also relax and soothe your skin, giving it an abundance of minerals.
  7. Talcum Powder (x2) - For thicker lashes, dab a q-tip into some talcum/baby powder and dab onto your eyelashes. Then apply a few coats of Mascara, it will give your eyelashes a thicker, more long-lasting look.
  8. Olive oil - With antibacterial properties and rich in Vitamin E, olive oil can be used as a natural make-up remover. Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe it across your face at the end of the day. Your skin will thank you for it!
  9. Grapes - Delicious to eat, and now an avid weapon in the combat of wrinkles! Crush a few seedless grapes and apply under your eyes and on your forehead for 20 minutes. If you repeat this regularly those insecure lines will have faded in no time!
  10. Potato - Had a few sleepless nights and can literally feel the dark patches under your eyes? Well, no need to fear, potato is your savior! apply two slices big enough to cover each eye and leave on for 15 - 20 minutes daily. After a while those dark circles will be nothing but a horrible nightmare! 

The great thing about home-made beauty tricks is that they have an all-round affect on your health and well-being. They give your skin a well-deserved product free breather, helping it re-discover it’s natural glow. And they can also help you get out of a make-up mishap: hello beauty hack! Print this off and leave it in your make-up draw: you never know when it might come in handy!

xxx Ariana

Do you have a beauty hack that you would like to share?

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I wish you would write me a fic where Eren works at a salon, Levi is his first customer ever & so he tries really hard but he fudges it up & Levi being Levi gives him crap 4 the crappy cut and Eren starts crying and Levi freezes and is absolutely horrified and then works his butt off to try and convince Eren that the cut is "actually pretty cool" and "so neat" and "asymmetry is so in right now" then 1 of them invites the other to dinner to make up for the mishap and really fun times (😉)