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Final chunk of the modern AU fic is up!

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  • merle, externally: what do you mean no one liked my gifts, everyone loved them!
  • merle, internally: well it's pretty obvious no one liked my gifts, but they were shitty gifts anyways so i deserved it
  • merle, in the deepest part of his heart that he tries not to acknowledge: yes they were shitty gifts, but i still tried really hard to come up with ideas for gifts and then make them for my friends! which makes it sting all the more that even though i tried so hard, these shitty gifts were all i could come up with. and yes, they were shitty, but it still hurt when my friends obviously rejected them in front of me :(

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New Video! Mother’s Day is coming up and I wanted to make some DIY gift ideas today! :) <3

Okay alright LISTEN, I gotta get this off my chest and I gotta do it NOW. 

This is a problem that I have with not just the Gravity Falls fandom, but MANY different fandoms.

It’s the idea that a character has to be intelligent or gifted academically to be worth something or be interesting.

Now hear me out,

Stanley Pines is not traditionally intelligent, he is not academically gifted and he is not some kind of  super genius. Stanley pines is not conventionally intelligent.

It drives me nuts when people make posts about how he is secretly highly intelligent and maybe as gifted as Ford. He’s not. 

We see this throughout the entire episode, starting with one of the FIRST scenes of the twins. A bully says that Stanley is just a “sweatier, dumber version of his brother”

And then when we see the  flashbacks to his school days and it is obvious that he has trouble understanding and comprehending the material given to him in school. He does SO POORLY in school, that the principal says he will probably not even graduate. 

And he ends up being right (albeit for different reasons). Stanley Pines drops out of highschool. He decides to take up treasure hunting. 

Thinking that you can make a serious living off of treasure hunting is incredibly naive. It’s something that only a child would think. But Stanley believes it. He honestly believes he can make money off of treasure hunting. It’s not the kind of behavior that would be present in someone who is supposedly a hyper intelligent super genius (according to the fandom). 

So Stanley Pines is not conventionally intelligent. 

But why should that make him any less appealing as a character?

Stanley is clever, charismatic, funny, cunning, caring, protective, creative, resourceful, a good fighter, a good story teller, a good dancer if his own tales are anything to go by, a good salesman and showman and he has more determination and drive than anyone else in gravity falls.

All of these traits are JUST AS VALUABLE as being intelligent. All of them contribute to him being a worth while character. 

So why should people have to make up ideas about Stanley secretly being incredibly mentally gifted? Why is intelligence always equated to the worth of a person or character? 

Now before everyone jumps on this post and says that Stanley was smart enough to build the portal, WELL……..

Stanley is not smart enough to build the portal without instructions. Hell, he’s not even smart enough to understand the instructions. Who would be??? It’s an insanely complex machine. He probably spent years teaching himself quantum physics, advanced mathematics, etc etc just to get the portal running. 

So if he taught himself all these things, he must be some kind of super genius right? Well not necessarily. He’s not a super genius, but he is DETERMINED. He’s DILIGENT and refuses to give up. 

Stanley Pines dropped out of highschool and (imo) had a heavily implied learning disability. But he was determined enough and stubborn enough to force himself through learning all these different types of math and science and reactivate the portal.

He used his own insane drive and love for his brother to bring him back EVEN THOUGH he probably didn’t initially understand a single word of science.

So why is that not enough for some people?

WHY do some people look at his fleshed out, interesting, awesome character and decide that he isn’t good enough to enjoy unless he’s conventionally intelligent? 

Why is intelligence ALWAYS correlated with the worth and value of a person or character.