make up for men

draw women in post-apocalyptic world settings with armpit hair, leg hair, bushy brows and pubic hair ya cowards,, draw brown women/women with dark thick hair with arm hair and happy trails and sideburns and mustaches i’m sick of seeing silky smooth soapy clean make up wearing post apocalyptic dolled up women next to stinky sweaty crusty men with dirty nails and sweaty clothes and sweaty greasy hair and 3m long ugly beards

My whole problem with the “I do makeup for ME! I’m EMPOWERED when I put on makeup!” discourse is that it completely erases the fact that women aren’t actually given the ability to MAKE that choice. It’s impossible to say that you’re doing it for self empowerment, or that “if it wasn’t so much fun I wouldn’t do it” because that’s just not true. Women who enjoy doing their makeup and women who don’t enjoy doing it both have equal pressure to wear makeup. Whether you enjoy the process or not, you will be taken less seriously as a woman, valued less, respected less, considered ‘unprofessional’ at work, etc. if you choose not to wear makeup. Men aren’t faced with the decision to get an extra hour of sleep or to be taken seriously. By writing it off as a cool empowering fun thing women do as an exciting entertaining hobby we’re just…. erasing the entire institution of makeup and of beauty standards that seriously harm women. If you enjoy doing makeup that’s great, that’s fine, and you should keep it up! But wearing makeup in the first place wasn’t ever your choice. We don’t GET a choice. I hate people saying “oh you don’t have to wear it! If you don’t like makeup don’t put it on!” As if I’m expected to just be cool with the way the world will treat me if I don’t conform to modern beauty standards! If you’re worrying about your eyebrows or lip plumpness or skin tone evenness that’s not you making a free willed cool decision to feel insecure and concerned about facial features that men never have to think twice about. That’s you thinking in a way you’ve been trained to think! And people wanna pretend that putting on makeup is Empowering… what the hell is empowering about making a choice that’s been forced on us since we were old enough to be seen as sexual objects lmfao… that’s bullshit that doesn’t empower me and having to give up valuable time and money and energy that men are never asked to give up makes me feel like shit!! It makes me miserable! It makes me dread every single morning because I know I’m gonna be putting forward all this bullshit labor just to exist and be taken seriously in my stupid body

As you vibrate higher you attract more genuine people who vibrate higher too.
—  Lalah Delia
The right friends will grow with you and not be threatened by your new frequency, energy, and vibration.
—  Lalah Delia
important/positive reminders

- you are valid

- you are good enough

- your mental health matters: make it your priority. make yourself a priority!

- your body, your choice!

- tell yourself you are worth of happiness!

- self-care isn’t selfish!

- you CAN do it

- it’s okay to ask for help

- put yourself first

- you are NOT your mistakes

- celebrate even your smallest accomplishments!

- you are capable of extraordinary things!

- learn to love yourself. be yourself for yourself!

- spread kindness!

- your weight doesn’t define you! acne is normal! stretch marks are normal! body hair is normal! don’t be ashamed of your body

- women need to support each other

- support people of color

- support the lgbt community

- trans women are women, trans men are men

- make up has no gender!

- men can be feminist!

- stop slut shaming!

- you are loved! you are BEAUTIFUL! you are NOT alone! you deserve to be happy! your opinion matters! your feelings matter! you matter

I dare any of you to imagine a scenario more cursed than Ronan lynch meeting the twinyards

One of my favourite little things about Farah and Amanda being healthy and stable girlfriends (as opposed to the absolute trainwreck that is Dirk Gently and Todd some days) is the fact that they’d end up sharing clothes a lot of the time, so we’d see Amanda vandalising phone boxes while wearing Farah’s crisp brown leather jacket and Farah spending lazy weekends in Amanda’s leggings and old band shirts.

Right but Pining!Stanley

- Stanley getting riled up watching LeFou and Gaston get so close and telling himself it’s just because his boss doesn’t give him the time of day he deserves but does to LeFou

- Stanley pulling a face at the implications of LeFou’s “who’s team he’d prefer to be on” statement but not being able to look away from LeFou anyway

- Stanley focusing on LeFou rather than Gaston when they get rowdy in the bar

- Stanley just being eager to please LeFou when he urges them to sing but claiming it’s part of his job as gaston’s henchman to inflate his ego without being payed off like the others

- Stanley being 100% aware and accepting of his sexuality but still denying it in front of tom and dick

- Stanley just assuming that LeFou is out and proud (which is definitely not the case) and looking up to him in hopes he can one day face his friends

- Stanley going to parties in the city and getting jealous of the rich men wearing make-up

- Stanley getting back and getting envious over the dresses the women in the bar wear to impress gaston

- Stanley wondering what LeFou would think of him in a dress

- Stanley seeing how LeFou looks at gaston and feeling like he isn’t man enough

- Stanley thinking LeFou would laugh at him wearing a dress

- Stanley just wanting LeFou to be happy but not knowing how to help when gaston upsets him

- Stanley seeing LeFou get hurt in the Castle and running to help him in full drag (curtesy of garderobe) and subsequently getting self-conscious about the look he initially embraced

- Stanley not knowing what to do when LeFou compliments him on it and freezing up before he can reply

- Stanley not missing his chance again when he gets to dance with LeFou and leading the dance in full confidence like his heart isn’t trembling in his chest

- Stanley spending the next few nights thinking about LeFou and their dance with a mix of regret and hope

- Stanley finally getting the courage to talk to LeFou and stuttering everywhere but LeFou is a matching shade of red he notices so he just sorta comes out with a “dinner?” And LeFou agreeing before the second syllable is out


- For their first date Stanley considered wearing a dress to because LeFou complimented it in the castle but then realises LeFou might not even realise that was him or might have been joking so he doesn’t. LeFou brings it up over dinner “im almost disappointed that you abandoned the dress” and Stanley ties the table cloth around him and does some poses and it’s the first time LeFou has genuinely laughed in longer than he’ll admit.

unpopular opinion time but the rhetoric painting all men as abusive and/or disgusting was a major factor in keeping me in the closet for years after i knew i was a trans man, because i was living in fear that the second i accepted my manhood, i would become that abusive and disgusting person.

there’s a big difference between separating cis and trans men because cis men are “real men” and trans men are “other” and recognizing that trans men have a different relationship with manhood and masculinity than cis men when they’re younger, closeted, and later pre-transition (or if they choose not to transition). ignoring the fact that trans men were raised differently than cis men ignores reality. we were force-fed the same misogyny as women, and despite the fact that it was misdirected that still affects us. i have many “feminine” mannerisms left over from before i realized i was trans, and later, when i was masquerading as female due to the constraints of my environment.

this isn’t to say that trans men will always experience misdirected misogyny or that this makes us “lesser men”, but when making blanket statements about men it’s important to remember that not all men are cishet white men. it’s not radical to call black men abusive or rapists; it’s perpetuating a dangerous stereotype. in the same way, these statements tell trans men that their experiences are identical to that of cis men, when that’s a ridiculous claim. we have different experiences, and they’re both the experiences of men, but they still have profound effects on who we are and how we interact with masculinity.

the trans male community suffers from a misogyny problem just like any other male community, and exempting us from rhetoric regarding misogyny is wrong. however, there’s a way to do it without forcing us deeper into the closet with toxicity. the male experience is varied, and men can be privileged as men and oppressed in other aspects. stop acting like the male experience is exclusive to those that are in the most privileged of positions.