make up for hooded eyes

Look Behind The Eyes Part Two (Calum Hood Imagine)

Calum x Reader

info: Its been a year since Y/N broke up with Calum but are either of them over it?!

warnings: swearing


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“Y/N we are going to be late for the concert!” you friend screamed to you up the stairs. One of your friends had managed to land concert tickets to some popular band and she showed you a few of their songs and they were pretty good but you just didn’t know their names or what they look like because she didn’t want to tell you. “Coming!” you shout while putting on your shoes properly before bouncing down the stairs. “We are meeting the others there and we are sat in the front row.” You cheered happily but she gave you a small smile knowing that you wouldn’t be cheering when you get in there.

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anonymous asked:

Hi shu Wei !! Are you still having problems with make up in your eyes? I have hooded eyes and I was watching make up videos for that type of eyes and I saw a video of diff eye types and thought of you! Maybe if you see your eye shape it will be easier for you to find make up tutorials that actually work for your eye shape would you like me to send it to you? :)

Aww I will appreciate that!! Thank you so so much ❤️❤️❤️