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Eyeshadow Technique For Hooded Eyes

Hooded eyes can be a tricky subject when it comes to makeup, but it doesn’t have to be! With just one simple sweep this technique can give your eyes lift, and definition whilst making them appear more elongated.

Step 1. After prepping the eyelids and tightlining the eyes sweep a shimmery, pigmented shade over the eyelid

Step 2. With your eyes open work a matte dark brown shade through the crease and blend

Step 3. Taking a darker shade than the one you originally used, hold the brush at the outer corner of the eye

Step 4. Gently drag the brush upwards towards your eyebrow to create a winged shape

Step 5. Blend out the eyeshadow following that same shape

Step 6. Take the same matte dark brown along the lower lash line

Step 7. Smudge a dark, black eyeshadow along the upper lash line as an eyeliner

Step 8. Smudge that same dark black shade along the lower lash line

Step 9. All that blending can take away the first shade you apply so reapply it to the center of the eyelid

Step 10. Curl your lashes and apply mascara to both top and bottom lashes.

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75/86 with Calum

Here you go!! Sorry this took me actually 98 years to get to you. Most of this had been sitting in my drafts and I honestly forgot about it until I came across it rn. So I finished it up and here it is! Some angsty calum for you! I hope you like it!!

Calum let out a loud groan when the rays of sunshine from his hotel window pulled him from his deep drunken slumber. He had been awake not 30 seconds and was already plagued with a headache from his heavy drinking the night before. He had no desire to get up from the comfy bed to deal with anyone in the world so he rolled over and pulled the pillow onto his face attempting to block out the persistent sun. His mind was slowly slipping back to sleep when the memories from the night before came crashing into him like a two ton truck.

“Calum don’t you think you should maybe take it a little easy on the drinking?” (Y/N) asked softly, from her spot on the bed. She had been in her pajamas for hours now, chilling in the hotel room alone, again. He had abandoned her once again to go to another club, or house party she couldn’t keep track at this point. She understood sometimes being alone was part of the deal when she would visit on tour, the boys were busy doing promo, interviews, their job. What she didn’t understand was her best friend, the person she came all the way here to see, seemingly insist need to leave her behind. But even all that paled in comparison to her actual concern about what the media was starting to say about him. Horrible things about how all he did was drink now, the party boy who caused trouble, started fights. She was terrified those things were becoming true and she never wanted him to become that person.

“What are you talking about? I’m fiiiiiinnne,” He slurred, still making his way into the room wobbling with each drunken step.

“I don’t think you are. You should probably tone the partying and drinking down a bit. Maybe take a rest from the whole scene for a while,” She suggested.

“Just because you are a dud doesn’t mean I should have to be,” He said offhandedly, starting to attempt at taking his shirt off. All he managed to do is get tangled and frustrated in his drunken stupor.  

“This isn’t about me, Calum. This is about your health for one, this can’t possibly be could for you to be spread so thin all day doing promo and shows every night then partying and drinking out until,” She quickly checked the clock, “4 in the morning when you have to get up again tomorrow to do it all over again. Also its bad for your reputation. Do you really want to be known as the party boy who can’t handle his alcohol and starts fights?”

“Who the fuck said I can’t handle my alcohol?!” He asked, ignoring all the concerns (Y/N) had just voiced.

“That’s not the main concern here,” She said, pushing up off the bed in frustration. “You need to make serious changes Calum, I’m worried about you.”

“Well, stop worrying. I’m fucking fine. Stop trying to tell me what to do, I didn’t fucking ask for your opinion,” He said beginning to wrestle his shirt off once again. This time succeeding. “Everyone wants to offer their fucking opinion when no one asked! I didn’t ask, (Y/N)!”

Do you even realize how much stuff like this hurts me? I hate seeing people say disgusting things about you Calum! You’re my best friend! I want people to see you as the caring thoughtful person I know, not this drunken fool you are being,” She said.

“Maybe you don’t know me as well as you fucking thought! Why are you even here?! All you do is bitch at me. ‘Don’t do this Calum. Don’t do that. Smoking is bad, watch your drinking.’  Why the fuck do you care? You’re not my mom, and you sure as hell are not my girlfriend so leave me the hell alone.”  He exclaimed before he plopped down on the bed, shoving his face into one of the pillows obviously too drunken or too pissed off to care about continuing the conversation. But it didn’t even matter at that point. Before his face even hit the pillow (Y/N) was already gathering her things, packing everything back up into her suitcase. She was ready to leave within minutes, pajamas long gone regular street clothes replacing them. Calum was right, she wasn’t his girlfriend. No matter how deep her feelings for him were or how much she loved the idiotic boy she wasn’t his girlfriend and wouldn’t ever be. So she picked up her bag and left Calum in the dark room, snoring oblivious to the mess he had caused.

He bolted upright, his eyesight going spotty for a second from the sudden movement. The bed next to him was empty, his chest tightened, what the hell had he done?! He swung his legs to the floor getting up to look for her luggage, but it was gone. All that was left in the room was his duffel. Forgoing shoes and a shirt Calum ran out of his hotel room making a beeline for Michaels. He refused to stop knocking until the blue haired boy answered the door.

“Wow, you look rough,” Michael snorted, but Calum didn’t even take notice he pushed right past the pale boy into his room.

“Where is she?” There wasn’t much room to search in the tiny space. Luke and Ashton were occupying a bed together passing a phone back in forth laughing at whatever was on the small screen. There was only one other bed in the room and (Y/N) was not there, she wasn’t in his room, she was gone and Calum was struggling to breathe.

“Where IS SHE?! Where is (Y/N)!” He shouted, as if the boys could just pull her out of thin air to calm his racing heart.

“She fucking left, mate,” Michael said crossing his arms, obviously pissed off at Calum.

“Wha-what do you mean she left? Like left to go out and explore the city or..or left..” He didn’t even want to finish asking. He didn’t want to believe he had been such a horrible dick to her to make her leave the country to go back home. He would never forgive himself.

“She went home, Cal. We took her to the airport this morning,” Luke said quietly, obviously sensitive to Calums distress.

“Well, why the fuck would you do that!!!” It wasn’t a question, it was a demand.  

“Because we aren’t a bunch of shit heads! We weren’t going to force her to stay! She didn’t feel wanted here Calum and it wasn’t because of any of us. We love (Y/N) and we told her so, insisted we did want her here. It wasn’t anyone but you who made her feel unwelcome! I can’t even believe you’d treat her like that! She does so fucking much for you! She’s been there for you through it all! Always defending you always standing by your side and how do you repay her? By being a major dick,” Michael was infuriated.

“She really left,” He couldn’t breathe, really couldn’t. His chest was impossibly tight and all he kept thinking was don’t cry, don’t fucking cry. “I really lost her.”

By Night ~ Taehyung x Reader

Rated: M (thigh riding, daddy kink)

Genre: Smut (some initial fluff)

Word count: 1,286    

This is my first BTS fic ever, I hope it’s ok please don’t judge too hard! Xx I’ve been inspired by a lot of videos of sleepy Tae from Bon Voyage! 

You’d just finished brushing your teeth. It was the end of a long day’s work, and you were so incredibly ready for a good night’s sleep. Carefully placing your toothbrush back in the cup holder, you waddled out the bathroom door, switching the light off as you went.

It was quiet.

Unusually quiet. However, you could make out a large lump under the tangled crisp white bedsheets. Curiously stepping nearer this figure, you began to hear noises.

‘Hmph…… er mmmmm’ almost a moan. You could hear the clicking of saliva as a tired boy pursed and un-pursed his lips repeatedly in an evidently deep state of slumber. Finally reaching the figure, you could see the mop of tousled, sandy brown hair sticking in various directions just above the top of the sheets.

Ever so delicately, you smoothed your hand lightly into this bushy but fluffy caramel mess, until you picked up a pace and began to rake your hands continuously through the luscious locks. The boy’s eyebrows began to knit together and furrow. Could it be….. a nightmare?

As if in a struggle or through irritation, the boy restlessly shifted, tossing and turning in his warm cocoon. More of his facial features came into view. This was the angel you knew laid so vulnerably before you.

In that moment, his lips looked so peach pink, plush and temptingly kissable. His long, feathery lashes, which gave his face a youthful look fluttered like the tiniest wings of a butterfly. The side profile view did wonders to show off his accented jawline, and his honeyed skin glowed under the soft amber bedroom lighting.

He still had smudges of eyeliner, the remains of make-up he had failed to wipe off in a hurry to fall into the cushiony nest.

Not only this, but his neck was also in perfect view, stretched out before you.

What you could only dream of doing to this boy right now….

Part of you wanted to start gentle, be soft and playful. Pepper light kisses starting at his nose, being sure to kiss every beautiful feature. But then again, that sinful, manly, vein covered neck. Those pouty, pretty lips. What would It be like to scatter hickeys all over that neck? Mark the territory? Mark what is yours and will only be yours? Lick a long, wet stripe up it?

You were torn.


“Jagiya please…”

A deep, throaty and guttural moan echoed off the bedroom walls.

“H-hnnnnng please I’m desperate… so-so desperate…. I-hnn”

All of a sudden, a pair of firm, strong hands gripped sharply, digging into your hipbones. The next minute, you were flopped the other side of this boy held in a tight embrace, staring into the deep, sparkling almost lustful orbs of….


“Jagiya….. you finally came.”

You were so confused, you had been here all this time. He must have been deeply dreaming. Your head was whirling and you couldn’t think straight. You could only focus on the jewelled beads of sweat pouring down this prince’s face, threatening to spill into his smokey eye make-up, framing the hooded cat eyes.

The boy man pulled you in harshly, making you gasp in shock. You could feel a wetness closing around the fleshy shell of your ear as sucking noises filled your surroundings. A deep, yet whispered moaning groan flooded your senses:

“Don’t you ever think about leaving me this way again…”

The man proceeded to nibble and bite down on the lobe of your ear as he gripped you increasingly tighter and tighter.

“Mmmmmm you don’t know how long I’ve waited…”

The man flipped you over as your blurred, lust cloud vision tried to make out the swirling patterns of the ceiling above. He had pinned you down, his thick thighs straddling either side of you. He tilted your chin up, staring face to face with this sinful angel. His look was challenging and cocky. He smirked and ran his tongue teasingly slowly over his bleeding bottom lip, from where he had obviously viciously bit down a little too hard.

Slowly, he began to run his large palms up and down, up and down feverishly at the sides of your body. It was slow. So, so slow. You were a shivering mess, the electricity had ignited within you, a burning fire sending tingles all over.

He placed a long finger abruptly against your lips, regaining your senses.

He bent down towards your neck……

“Shhhh, don’t tell.”

He licked a long, wet stripe up your neck and blew hot air across the large surface area. You closed your eyes, as your breathing became more rapid and irregular.

He then proceeded by pulling you into a deep and passionate kiss, It was very rough and it was as if you could feel the sexual tension burn between the two of you, sparks flying. He didn’t hold back, sucking on your fleshy bottom lip and biting down ravenously like a vampire trying to draw blood. 

It was hard to hold back your moans as he went to nibble on your collarbones, beginning to grope whatever he could get hold of, your breasts and sometimes even your ass. How could this man be as sweet as one of heaven’s angels but as devilish and horny as hell?

“Mmmmmmm you’ve been a naughty girl.” He purred seductively, his voice dripping with hunger as he chuckled smugly.

You began grasping his large, meaty thighs, kissing the inners, getting closer and closer to your prize. But a husky honey voice interrupted your actions. 

“Did daddy say you could touch? Does baby want a punishment?”

You remained silent, simply opting to bite your lip and continued to stroke this man who had been sculpted by the gods. 

“Touch without permission one more time and you’ll be in for a spanking kitten - don’t test me, you don’t know what I’m capable of.”

“Now, if you’re so obsessed with my thighs, why don’t you show daddy what you can do…” 

You wasted no time in stripping down to just your underwear and clambering on top of Tae’s thigh, bouncing up and down in anticipation.

You slowly started grinding smoothly over the man’s leather clad thigh back and forth, shivering from the pure pleasure it sent straight through to your core.

Your whines combined with Tae’s animalistic groaning, panting and grunting was simply orgasmic. You knew it wasn’t long until you would reach climax.

“Ugh… oh my god….. Jagiya…. p-please don’t stop angel you feel so wet, I’m so hard fu-”

That was the final straw, with a deep drawn out sigh your legs spasmed uncontrollably as you rode out your orgasm.

“Y/N, touch me…. touch me right now.”

You palmed his rock-hard cock through the material of his black skinnies before reaching into his boxers, spreading the precum before licking the head.

With just a few strokes, Tae was shooting his load over his golden chocolate abs with whispers and promises of forever, the lust still laced clearly in his voice.

The room was once again silent, only small whimpers and tiny pants reverberated around the suite.

Opening your eyes, you were met with the elusive Kim Taehyung once more. This was in no way a dream. He greeted you with a boxy smile, a faint pink blush tinting his cheeks, planting a single chaste kiss on your forehead. 

“So up for another round Y/N? I still think your spanking is in order for waking me from my beauty sleep.” Tae lowly whispered as he innocently ran his long fingers through your disheveled mess of hair.

The duality of this man…… if one thing was for certain, you knew you were in for a long night for sure……

I have sinned, and I am so so sorry. Thank you so much for reading though! I hope it didn’t suck too much! Remember my asks are open if you have any questions at all or if you want to request a BTS fic! I’d consider doing ships too! I love Jikook and Sope ♡

The Summer 29/33

The Summer (29/33) | Dan Howell has spent the last three summers at Camp Bergamot, but it’s never been quite like this before. This year, he faces a summer full of new friends, a new relationship, and an entirely new view on his own sexuality. Perhaps Camp Bergamot should be renamed camp self discovery for all the changes Dan has gone through, but one thing’s for sure - despite all the hiccups and the drama, he just might have found the love of his life. | Phan | Mature | Smut, Misunderstandings, Insecurity, Panic Attacks, Bullying, Minor Violence, Physical Fight | 300,000+ Words

Disclaimer: In no way do I claim that this is real or cast aspersions on Dan or Phil.

This Part: 14,383 Words

For reference, @botanistlester is Dan, @snowbunnylester is Phil.

(Previous) (AO3) (Masterlist)

Warnings: blowjobs, body worship, dirty talk, penetrative sex

A/N: Just a reminder that we have moved our updating schedule back to wednesdays and saturdays! If you haven’t read the last chapter (ch 28) then make sure you go do that :D

Chapter Twenty-Nine

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Search the Galaxy Ch.1

“Twenty one. You have until your twenty first birthday to find your mate. If you haven’t found him by then you come back to me. Not a minute after twelve. When that clock runs out you either come back here with a mate or you’re mine. That’s the deal woman. You don’t find a mate and you don’t come back I will kill every last man, woman and child in your pack you understand me?” Ekon said with venom in his voice.

Looking at the male you couldn’t help but whimper. Ekon was a alpha male. He was strong and terrifying to say the least. His pack lived far away from yours and were much more malicious than your own people. The two packs had never gotten along but your fathers had made a treaty with one another. Now your father was dead and the councils had suggested a union between you and Ekon to unite the packs. Ekon had been all for the deal, after all the chance to add more men to his army and claim an omega was a great deal. You on the other hand had not been one for the deal. You did not love Ekon. He was cruel and cold. No, you desired to find your true mate like all others of your world. So far you had not found anyone that called out for your heart. Many said it would never happen for you were not a pure blood of your race but a half breed. Your Father a strong and proud alpha male had taken a terran for a mate. Your mother was caring and thoughtful of all others no matter how much everyone seemed to dislike her. She and your father had raised you to be like them, even if you were a mere omega your father had raised you to help lead your people. Growing up you watched as your friends found their true mates and settled down, some of them even starting families of their own. It was all you wanted to have that bond with another. To feel loved and connected but it had yet to come. When your father and mother had died they had told you that he was out there somewhere, waiting for you. 

Meeting Ekon’s glare you nodded and saw him snarl. Holding your ground you watched as he let out a growl before turning on heel and walking out of the council room with the other members from his pack. Feeling someone touch your should you jumped and looked behind you to see your uncle. He was a beta and looked much like your father. Seeing him give you a reassuring smile you returned it.

Everything was ready. You had a small ship with everything you would need in the time you would be gone. Letting out a shaky breath you saw as your aunt came up to you and wrapped her arms around your neck. One after another each of your close friends said their goodbyes. When it came time for your cousin he handed you a pocket watch. Opening the gold watch you looked to see it counting down and closed your eyes. one year, four months, six days and thirteen hours.

“What if I don’t find him? What if I have to marry Ekon?” you said as tears began rolling down your cheeks. 

“you will find him y/n. Just relax and don’t bite your nails.” Your cousin joked with a reassuring smile. With one last hug from your most dearest friend you got aboard the ship and started it. Looking out the front glass you saw your whole pack watching as you pulled back on the thrusters and took off. You felt a pain in your heart as you watched your home become further and further away.

It seemed to take a lifetime before you reached another port. Looking down at your watch you popped it open, ‘zero year, seven months, zero days and fifteen minutes. Letting out a sigh you grabbed your bag and put it on your back, tucking the knife that had been in your family for generations into your waistband. Getting off the ship you looked around at the small planet. Walking around you saw many people of different races walking around. None seemed to pay you much mind as you wondered around. Seeing what looked to be a pub up ahead you went towards it ready to get anything to eat. 

Making your way to a booth you kept your hood pulled up as your eyes scanned the pub. Being an omega your father had made sure to teach you to always keep a look out for danger. When a waitress came over to take your order you smiled but saw her just look at you like she was annoyed. Biting your lip you quickly told her what you wanted and watched as she walked away. While waiting for your food you watched the people around you, looking for any male that may call out for you. When your eyes landed on a small group in the corner you couldn’t help but smile at the odd looking group. A woman with green skin and black hair. A man with pale skin and curly brown hair. A grey man with red etching on his skin. A small animal looking creature and a tiny looking tree. They all seemed to talk about this and that as they ate their food. Before long your own food was sat in front of you and you gave the waitress a small thank you only for her to hold a pad out. 

“Right sorry.” You mumbled as you scanned your card, paying for your meal. As soon as the transaction was through she went to walk away “Thank you. Have a nice day.” you said softly and watched as she turned back to you with a shocked expression.

“You too.” she said before turning to go back to work.

Eating your food you looked over a map, trying to decide where to go next. When you heard yelling you looked over and placed your hand on the hilt of your knife. Seeing the people from earlier standing you noticed another group of people holding up guns to them. Your heart felt as if it was going to beat out of your chest. Before anyone could move the two groups were fighting. Ducking down under your table you watched as people ran around the pub. The sound of gun fire made you jump and you looked to see the little tree dodging as a man with red skin and many arms tried to stomp on him. Knotting your brows you jumped out form under your table and ran over to the man. 

“Hey leave him alone.” you yelled, shoving him away. 

When the red male turned around he snarled at you with sharp teeth. You couldn’t help from tensing at first but when you looked down to see the little tree hiding behind your leg you matched his glare and gave a small growl. Taking your knife from your belt you waited for him to attack. Seeing him go to attack you you readied yourself but a gun shot made the male fall to the ground in front of you. Looking down with wide eyes you looked over to where the gun shot had come from and saw the pale male from earlier coming towards you. The rest of the opposing group layed around the pub while he and his started towards you. Coming to stand in front of you he looked at your boot to see Groot beside it. 

“You saved our friend, thank you.” he said. “My name is Peter Quill. This is Gamora, Drax, Rocket and that’s Groot.” Quill said as he pointed out each of the people around him. They all looked you over, making sure you were not a threat.

“Well I wasn’t about to watch him get killed. My name is y/n, y/n l/n. Nice to meet you.” you said giving them a soft smile. Bending down you held out your hand for the tree, Groot to hop in it. When he did you smiled and carefully handed him over to Quill. “If it’s not to much and you don’t mind me asking what race are all of you?” You asked looking down in hopes they would not think ill of you. 

Knotting his brows Quill looked to the others and saw Drax crossing his arms over his chest. “Why do you need to know that?” he asked.

“I’m sorry it’s just well I’m looking for someone and now that I know it can be none of you I would like to cross you off my list.” you said pulling out your map and looking over it. There were only a handful of races in the galaxy that had the Alpha, beta or omega trait and only one of them could be your mate.

Seeing the map Gamora knotted her brows, it was an odd map, showing all the planets known. Looking back to the girl she saw her to be looking down at it and glanced at Peter. “He is a terran, I am a Zehoberei and Drax is from a race of primitives.” She told the girl and watched as she typed in the races in her map before some more of the planets turned red. Going to talk she was interrupted by the y/n talking.

“Thank you. I have to be going now.” you said with a smile before grabbing your bag and making your way out of the pub. Getting to your ship you looked up from your map to see a bunch of people around your ship, “Hey…NO! That’s my ship…please!” you yelled and ran towards it when you realized that they were in fact trying to steal it. Pulling one of the men away from it he quickly shoved you off of him making you land hard on the ground. Letting out a cry you looked down to see your knife had cut open your stomach some when you fell. Holding your hand over the bleeding wound you looked up to see the bandits open the door to your ship and get inside. Stumbling to your feet you tried to stop them, “NO! STOP PLEASE!” you yelled when the engine started. Seeing it lift off the ground you hit against the side of the ship and felt tears roll down your cheeks.

After their little encounter with the girl named y/n Quill had become worried about her knowing their races. It was strange to say the least and it made him nervous. Convincing everyone that they at least needed to find out why she was looking for said person they followed after her. Getting to the ports Peter had heard screaming and looked to see y/n yelling for someone to stop. When the ship she was hitting took off he watched as the girl dropped to her knees and began to cry. Looking to Gamora he saw pity on the woman’s face and led the way over to the crying girl. “Hey um y/n what’s wrong?” he asked in as gentle voice as he could.

Moving your hands from your face you say the people from earlier standing above you. “My ship. They stole my ship.” you cried, looking up at where your ship had been.

Quill knotted his brows at the rest of the group before looking back down at the girl they had just met. She seemed so innocent and kind and he felt bad for her. Biting his lower lip he thought for a moment. “Do you know they identification number for it, I may know a guy that could help us find it. He won’t do it for free though.” Quill said and saw as her tear filled eyes met his.

“I would pay handsomely for it’s return. It was my fathers.” you told the man. 

“y/n are you okay? You’re bleeding.” Gamora said when she noticed the girl’s hand on her stomach was covered in blood.

Looking down you pulled away your hand and saw it was covered in red. “My knife just knicked me when the thief shoved me is all.” you said but saw Quill’s look concerned. 

“Well how about you come with us for a little while until we can find your ship.” Quill said not wanting to leave a small woman such as y/n injured and ready for anyone to take advantage of. He saw her look hesitant at first but with a sincere smile she gave a small nod and took his hand.

Letting Quill and the others take you to their ship you made sure to keep your wits about you. Although these people seemed nice you knew all to well how easy it would be for them to sell you on the illegal market. Omegas went for a pretty high price, especially ones that were unclaimed like you. Arriving at their ship you looked around and saw no cages or anything they would be able to lock you in. Gamora had led you to a chair and you watched as Drax laid your bag beside your feet. “Thank you.” you said and saw him nod. 

While Gamora patched Y/n up Quill had managed to get them off the planet and into space. Turning on his transmitter he waited for an answer.

“Whatcha want boy?” Yondu’s voice rang.

Explaining to him the situation he gave Yondu the ID number of the ship and told him what it looked like, “It’s a small shuttle, blue…you know like you.” Quill chuckled and heard Yondu growl. “She says she will pay good for it to be returned." 

"Fine. I thought I taught yous better than ta fall fur damsels in distress.” Yondu said.

“She needs help Yondu, I don’t know there is just something about her. Something different.” Quill said and heard Yondu sigh.

“Yea yea. Just make sure she got that money ready.” Yondu said before hanging up.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to the comic books or the TV series. I am merely borrowing the characters. And all I own is my imagination and the laptop I wrote this on.

A/N: One more story to tide us all over until the next episode. I really hope you’ll enjoy it. I also post on Archiveofourown so if you have the time, please find me there and review. :)


And despite his bad reputation, he will be the one that makes her feel safe.

Betty had seen him. She had witnessed him slip away when he thought no one was paying attention and walk away as if he had a secret to keep. Instinctively, she had followed him, both surprised and curious when he had led her to the Twilight Drive-In and disappeared inside through the backdoor with his employee key. Jughead hadn’t come back out and not knowing quite what to make of it, she had left.

Yet, a couple of days later, on a Sunday morning, Betty couldn’t fight the urge any longer, the feeling that something wasn’t right. She traced his steps back to the movie theater. It was one of those quiet and crisp mornings on which most people were still lounging in bed or out for a late breakfast with friends. Her restlessness had woken her early and she had left the house swiftly and thoughtlessly in the slightly cropped flamingo pink t-shirt she had gone to bed in over a pair of baggy gray sweatpants and white sneakers. Her initial intention had been to go for a walk to clear her mind, but instead, her feet had carried her with a destination in mind and brought her to the same door Jughead had slipped through a few days before.

Betty tried the door, expecting to find it unlocked since there was usually an employee or two around who had gotten stuck with cleaning or preparing for some kid’s party. She had never been inside the drive-in before and found the inside smaller than she had pictured it to be, the short hallway leading to a single room that acted as a storage space as well as held the movie projector. Film reels were everywhere she looked, but scattered throughout she spotted items that didn’t belong: a plaid shirt slung over a chair, a pair of black ripped jeans left on the floor, paperbacks stacked on the bed and empty soda cans discarded on the desk. A bag that had clothes spilling from it sat in front of the bed, the entire room a reflection of the boy who had been calling this his home.

Sadness sunk into her bones, leaving her heart heavy. So many questions filled her head. Betty reached for the cell phone she remembered leaving at home after which she realized that Jughead didn’t carry one anyway. In her current powerlessness, she lowered herself on the cot Jughead had been using as a bed as she looked around the room once more.

On his bed was where Jughead found her. A sudden and vivid pop of color amid the gray and charcoal, an intentional eye-catcher to draw in his gaze. She lay on her back, one hand curled close to her head while the other was sprawled on the sliver of bare skin that peeked out from beneath the ridden-up shirt. She looked comfortable as if it was something she had done before like she had been in his room before when really they had never been close enough. Each being the third wheel in their respective relationship with Archie. He sometimes wondered if she was as aloof as she seemed while she questioned if he was too aware of everything going on around him. But if he were honest with himself he knew that there were secrets behind those beguiling baby blues while she was aware of the fact that his inquisitive regard for others was a distraction, a way to keep the world and its people at bay.

Figuring that she most likely needed the rest, Jughead moved around the room as if he wasn’t there at all, having experience in the act. He considered grabbing his laptop but didn’t want to risk waking her prematurely so he settled on a book. He sat back in the single chair in the room, resting his feet on the table. He was on the 4th chapter when her eyes fluttered open, sleep still lacing her limbs as she sluggishly rolled onto her side, eyes instantly finding him.

You didn’t wake me,“ she said in a tone that was supposed to be accusatory though the sharpness fell short.

"You needed it,” Jughead declared simply. He held up the open book. “Plus, I’ve been meaning to reread this.”

Her eyes didn’t flick to the title of the novel in his hands but remained focused on him. “This is your room,” she stated. “Is it that bad at home?” Betty knew that his father struggled religiously with his sobriety as well as maintaining a steady job. It wasn’t a secret in this town, but it still hurt since Jughead knew that Betty’s source had most likely been a more reliable one and that meant that Archie hadn’t managed to keep his mouth shut.

“Dad,” he started, lowering his eyes to the pages in front of him as if the solution was right there if he only knew how to interpret the words. “He tries. But after so many times, I don’t want to be there and watch him fail over and over. He barely noticed whether I was there or not. It’s more peaceful like this. For me.”

Betty pushed herself upwards and his eyes shot upwards, her intent clear to him before her feet had managed to find the floor. He got up instead, the book already forgotten on the desk. He paced over to one of the many shelves, arms crossed as he pretended to go through the titles on the film reels.

“Juggy,” she said his name softly as she attempted to hand him a lifeline, something to clutch onto so he wouldn’t spiral downwards too far.

He recognized the benign intent behind it, even when he felt the anger flare up inside of him, cracking his outer shell. He lost his hold on it as if it were a rope that was being forcibly yanked out of reach. The emotion was misplaced, an inevitable reaction to all the things he had been keeping to himself. And like an out of body experience, he heard and saw the violent way the words left his mouth. “I’m not looking for your pity or help. You weren’t even supposed to know. I’m doing just fine.” He didn’t know whether he was reassuring the girl on his bed or himself. He turned from the shelf to look at her, features set and hard as he continued. “You tell me who’s doing better, me, who’s on my own or you, stuck in that house with all of your family’s lies and secrets all the while keeping up appearances and feigning as if your life is so perfect. Pretense breeds enervation.” He delivered the final blow by simply nodding his head in her direction. “Just look at you.”

Raw hurt cut through her expression suddenly and sharply and while she attempted to keep it all from showing because she knew this was just him lashing out, a symptom of his pain, the brace face she was putting on was crumbling.

Betty lowered her head, her chest tight and fingers pulling at the covers as she breathed through the tears that were so close to springing to her eyes. “I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” She looked up at him through hooded eyes. “Like you said, you’re doing fine.” She got up, fingers curled inwards. “I should get home. But just so you know, those secrets and lies you’re referring to, they aren’t mine. They’re my mom and dad’s. And Polly’s. I’d like to be free of them one day. Though, I suppose I’d hoped that my friends would already know this.” She tried meeting his eyes once, but he looked at everything but her as he silently came to terms that perhaps he was much more broken than he would like to admit.

Betty took the few steps over to the door, but Jughead was faster. He stood in front of her, fingers on her wrist as he caught her before she could pull open the door. “Betts,” he said her name as if he already knew how futile his words would seem. The damage was done and hadn’t his mom taught him how irrevocable words could be? Still, he tried, pouring all of his regret and dissatisfaction with himself and his situation into the words. “I didn’t mean those things.”

Betty let out the breath she had been holding, long lashes still hiding her eyes from him. “I know. They still hurt, though.” She mustered a watery smile. “But it’s okay. You’re sad and when people are sad they sometimes pretend they’re doing just fine.” She used his own words against him to prove a point, even though there was only concern in her expression when she finally looked at him. “Where are you doing to stay once the Twilight Drive-In closes?”

Jughead looked young to her as he just shrugged, not having an answer for her. She laced her fingers with his and squeezed. “You’re not alone in this, Jughead. We’ll figure something out.”

“That’s why I didn’t want anyone to find out. Especially you. It would be another thing for you to worry about.”

She used her free hand to lightly shove against his chest, needing a physical release for the frustration she was feeling towards him. “You don’t keep things from your friends just because you think it will worry them. That’s what they’re for. I’m for.”

She tightened her hold on his hand and he smiled. “If I’m the Kettle you’re the Pot.”

“I’m fine,” she told him, not wanting the light to fade from his eyes. She tried pulling her hand free, but Jughead wouldn’t let her. A sigh escaped her. “There’s something going on. My parents are lying to me about something. Something important. I just don’t know what.”

“Yet,” Jughead fine-tuned her reply. “I’ll be the Watson to your Holmes, Cooper.”

He said it in a light way, taking the edge from their words, their secrets. Her gaze roamed over his face: the midnight locks so carelessly shoved beneath the crown beanie, the disarming conviction in his jaw and the kindness in his blue and green eyes. She worried about him. About what would happen to him when he already seemed unattached from the world and too derisive for his own good, cutting down not only others with his humor but also himself. But he was also so many other things that you only managed to catch a glimpse of if he let you get close enough. Unable to help herself, her other hand went up and she touched her fingers to his cheek.

“Don’t retreat too much, Juggy. I would miss you too much.” The words were cryptic but the emotion strong and genuine. It reverberated through him and it compelled him to tug at her hand and pull her against him, holding her to him. Betty’s other hand clung to the shirt he was wearing while she pressed her face against his chest, inhaling him while his arm came around her waist. He wished he could take a snapshot of this exact moment, but he knew the restful feeling would be there every time he thought of it. The feeling of home.

“If I don't—can’t figure out my situation, I’ll let you know,” he promised her. “Okay?” He whispered against her, her very feminine scent of vanilla and dandelions enveloping him, a wildness contained. Beautiful and fragile while simultaneously enduring and free. Her fingers were a slight and comfortable warmth against his chest, the thin fabric in between a nuisance, hindering a carnal connection.

He felt her nod against him. “Okay.”

They stayed entwined for another breath or two, leaving their imprints on one another before disentangling.

“Let’s go to Pop’s. For lunch,” Jughead suggested.

Betty looked down at herself, all of a sudden self-conscious of the bright pink shade of her shirt, the flash of bare skin. It was an insecurity brought on by her mother.

“Hey, at least you didn’t sleep in your clothes.”

Betty smiled at that, not thinking about the words too much. “I look fine,” she agreed with him.

“Some would say more than fine even,” Jughead leaned in and shared recklessly, his lips as close to her skin as they had ever been.

The colors of her cheeks deepened, the tone now closer to the shirt she was wearing. She didn’t know where to look, though he offered her a distraction when he grabbed his denim jacket from a makeshift hook behind him and held it out to her. He had noticed how her arm had crept across her waist despite her words, or his.

Betty shrugged on his jacket without saying anything while he pulled on the flannel shirt he had tied around his waist.

Jughead opened the door for her, waiting for her to pass before he followed.

If people saw them, they would appear mismatched but it wasn’t the external that bound them together, that mattered.

It was more deep-rooted than that.

Across the Hall - an Olicity AU

Words: 2405

Tags: Fluff, Angst, Humour, Feels, Neighbours AU

Summary: Felicity Smoak is used to being alone, used to loneliness. Until one day she doesn’t want to be.

Notes: I woke up feeling sad and miserable and instead of wallowing in it, I decided to channel it into some writing. I’m posting this as a new work rather than sticking it in with my drabbles even though I currently have no plans to write anymore to it, just in case my muse ever strikes and wants me to continue it. I always forget how much I love a good old Neighbours AU until I start reading/writing them. And writing this has left me with only 3.2k words left to hit my Camp NaNoWriMo goal, so yay!

Any words of encouragement are always greatly appreciated! So please let me know what you think of this once you’re done :)

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Friday nights are the worst.

Felicity is used to being by herself, she’s used to the dull ache of loneliness and has grown to just accept it as part of herself at this point. She’s used to doing everything alone and spending entire days in silence, entire weeks without really communicating with anyone besides the cashier at the grocery store or the doorman delivering her takeout or the casual exchanges of small talk with her neighbour who lives across the hall whenever they happen to cross paths every now and then. Sometimes she even enjoys the long, quiet days; sometimes they feel more like solitude than loneliness.

But Friday nights are hard because she’s aware more than usual of now unusual it is for a human being to spend so much time alone.

If she’s really quiet, which she usually is, she can hear people in the apartments nearby all getting ready to go out on Friday evenings. She hears them playing music, singing loudly and out of key as the alcohol they’re consuming starts to take over their body. She hears them greet friends and offer them inside. She hears them laughing and singing some more, together this time. And then she hears the door close as they head out for the night, to bars and movies and dinner dates.

The building is never quite as quiet as it is on Friday evenings, the loneliness never quite as loud.

Felicity knows she’s partly to blame for the way her life is now. She knows she could try harder to make friends, introduce herself properly to her neighbours, even go out downtown one evening and start talking to people in bars. She knows she could look for a job, one in an office building or a store, anything other than one that she does from home, day in day out just sitting on her computer at her dining room table. She knows she could join the gym, go to a class on poetry or pottery, start going running or hiking with local groups. But she doesn’t. Whenever she convinces herself to try, she talks herself out of it in the end. Convinces herself she’s perfectly happy and content being by herself.

And she is.

Until the days where she isn’t.

Until the days where she feels suffocated by silence and wants to stand out in the street and scream and beg for someone to notice her. Until the days where she sits alone and cries into the arm of the couch for what feels like hours. Until the days where she can’t face getting out of bed in a morning because the thought of another breakfast alone is just too much to bear.

She hears her mother’s voice in her head on those days, strong and warm and whole, as though she’s standing right in front of her with her hands on her hips and a stern but soft look on her face. “You need to get out there, Felicity. You need to let people in.”

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chikkachu  asked:

26. never have I ever

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Don’t ever let Cana construct a drinking game of never have I ever, it was probably the worst idea they had have since that incident at Lucy’s house on Christmas. Of course they do not speak of that horrific, unless they want to feel the wrath of Erza. Speaking of which currently Lucy was currently being backed into a corner.

Her guild mates looked at her in amazement as she took another shot, of the rum that Mira had provided them with. The question in particular that set them all off was that their not so innocent celestial wizard, had been involved in a threesome. The question is with who and when?

“Damn, Lucy didn’t know you were that freaky in the sheets.” Cana said as she took another swig of her beer.

Said girl bit her lip in embarrassment as everyone stared at her, her eyes flickered over towards the pink haired monster, whose idea it was to begin with. He just looked back at her a blank look on his face. She sighed, as she caught the look on Erza and Mira’s faces. She was not sure how to take the two blushing girl’s expressions as a good thing or a bad one.

“So tell us, Lucy who we’re the two lucky souls that got to bang the blonde bombshell?” Cana asked yet again a knowing smirk playing on her lips.

Lucy gulped at Cana’s smirk, crap she knew didn’t she the thing is how did she know. Lucy along with Natsu and the other unnamed person, who wished to remain anonymous for the time being. Swore to secrecy after their little rendezvous, last summer they had not spoken of it since. Not that Lucy did not think about it at all, it was because she was afraid of this reaction from her friends.

“Well unfortunately those involved wish to remain anonymous, and when and where it happened is none of anyone’s concern.” She said trying to come the blush that was spreading down her neck.

“Hmmm if you say so.” Cana said as everyone decided to move on with the game.

Lucy sighed as she looked over at Natsu yet again, but he was already staring back at her. His expression was yet again unreadable, which made her uneasy because she wasn’t sure how he would react to her revealing the activities they had participated in. Even if she didn’t say his name, she was sure they were pretty aware he had been involved.

Finally after a while of just staring at each other he finally did something, and it was not what she was expecting. He smirked at her, his eyes narrowed at her as another blush spread across her cheeks. A tingling sensation spread throughout her body, making her shiver at his hooded eyes. As he looked her up and down his gaze stopped on her face once again, before it shifted slightly to stare at something behind her.

Lucy furrowed her eyebrows wonder what could have caught his attention, that’s when realization hit her it was not a what but a who. Natsu’s smile widened as someone landed their hand on Lucy’s shoulder. Moving her gaze slightly she saw the familiar manicured hand of her best friend.

Turning her head she saw the smiling faces of both Levy and Gajeel, as the two dragon slayers shared a knowing smirk as the two girl’s just giggled. She never gave the exact number of how many people had been involved.


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Protect You

Originally posted by ooosem

Genre: fluff, angst; bodyguard au

Featuring: I.M x Reader

Request: for @to-move-on-means-to-grow - I.M is your bodyguard, but falls for you as he’s the one assigned to protect you

A/n: Y’all…I think this is THE LONGEST scenario I have EVER written. Like no joke. But I tried to do something different with this request. And I hope it makes sense and you all like it? I noticed I haven’t been getting a lot of notes/feedback on my scenarios lately, and I’m not sure what I am doing wrong? But yeah, let me know if you like this scenario/style of writing, again I hope you like this one!

Words: 3,210

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Love Game [Jungkook]

Originally posted by jungxook

Genre: Smut


Characters: Jungkook x You (Reader)

Word Count: 2001

Notes: I didn’t really know what to do for this so I just went with an idea I had. Hopefully its okay ^^ 

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Controlling. Demanding. Masculine. Dominant. Those were the only the words you could use to describe him. He was always pushing your limits only to pull you back down and have you begging him for more. He took control over you, and you greedily took what you could get from him which was never enough. Always crawling back for more. Begging for release from this pure ecstasy and hell. 

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