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Nygmobblepot please :)

  • Who hogs the duvet: Oswald of course
  • Who texts/rings to check how their day is going: OSWALD. We’ve seen how antsy he gets left alone. Before he even liked Ed, he was using condiments as an excuse.
  • Who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts: Ed of course has the most ridiculously elaborate, thought out gifts. Oswald TRIES but, like we’ve seen before, he’ll go for a supposedly difficult puzzle that Ed instantly solves.
  • Who gets up first in the morning: Ed has to wake up and make sure everything’s ready for Mr. Mayor to start his day.
  • Who suggests new things in bed: Ed. I think they’re both inexperienced, but Ed is extremely eager to learn and discover more while Oswald is more bashful.
  • Who cries at movies: OSWALD. He’ll lose it if there’s a sad lonely kid in something.
  • Who gives unprompted massages: Ed. If he doesn’t it will be prompted by Oswald clearing his throat in a ‘um excuse me’ way.
  • How they are when they’re sick: they’re both huge drama queens who are all about lounging around in their pajamas and being attended to.
  • Who gets jealous easiest: both of them get literally– literally– murderously jealous at the drop of a hat
  • Who collects something unusual: Oswald collects a lot of ornate Penguin-themed jewelry 
  • Who takes the longest to get ready: Oswald. I mean, that look doesn’t just happen.
  • Who is the tidiest and organized: Ed. God help anyone who moves the spoons to a different drawer.
  • Who gets most excited about the holidays: At first, Oswald. Ed was never into them, but I think he’ll start being excited about them once he realizes that now that he’s with Oswald, he has a real family.
  • Who is the big spoon/little spoon: Ed/Oswald
  • Who gets most competitive when playing games and/or sports: ED. Oswald gets a little snippy when he loses, which he usually does, but Ed would absolutely melt down especially if it was a logic-based game
  • Who starts the most arguments: n/a because their only speeds are ‘saying weird passive aggressive things to each other’ or ‘turf wore that tears up Gotham city’ and either way they’re always both equally culpable
  • What are their nicknames for each other: I think Ed strokes Oswald’s ego by calling him “Mr. Mayor” long after it’s his actual title. Oswald comes up with cutesy variations like Eddie-Freddy
  • Who suggests that they buy a pet: neither. I feel like they’d both be against the idea of some animal running around the house, getting fur on their all black outfits.
  • What couple traditions they have: I like to think that every year they celebrate the anniversary of the first time they killed a man together by killing a man together
  • What tv shows they watch together: let’s be real Oswald is probably addicted to whatever the DC universe equivalent of the Love & Hip Hop franchise is, while Ed would be super into prestige stuff like Westworld. The rare overlap probably happens when there’s an intricate prestige show that’s also full of juicy drama. They would totally watch Bates Motel together.
  • Another couple they hang out with: Jim finds himself on double dates with them so often
  • How they spend time together as a couple: A lot of snuggling, cooking meals together, singing by the piano. Oswald also loves going out and showing off his trophy husband (the fact that no one seems to think Ed is as perfect and beautiful as he does doesn’t stop his instinct to show him off)
  • Who made the first move: Ed abducting Oswald was a pretty strong opener
  • Who brings flowers home: both
  • Who is the best cook: Ed
  • Who snores: Oswald

Everything is temporary.

If it’s something that takes away from your happiness, it’s okay. Make yourself a priority and move on.

Genji is not naked

So this has been bugging me for a while now, but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it.
But Genji’s model ingame is not him not wearing clothes. He’s wearing full body armour.

Case in point:

This is Genji pre-enlightenment, wearing blessedly sleeveless civilian clothes (or at least Overwatch’s version of it) Note the arms.

This is Genji now. Again, note the arms. 

Conclusion: Genji is not naked, he’s in fact covered up more than on the picture of that celebration.
Which makes sense since the skins are supposed to be what the characters wear in a combat situation. I doubt Hanzo walks around all the time with his tit out.

Presumably underneath the armour is a hell of a lot of tech hidden, together with his (semi?) organic skin that looks from the picture like bare muscles. Maybe synthetic tissue that could be more or less sensitive to touch.

BTS Conversation for the Lunch Bangtan Bomb
  • Seokjin: There's a reason rice noodles have low calories
  • Namjoon: Why's that?
  • Seokjin: Because they're tasty, if you eat something deliciously then it's zero calories.
  • Namjoon: That's right. It's an accurate fact.
  • Seokjin: Do you acknowledge it?!
  • Yoongi: It's zero calories! Bang Bang Bang (sound of gavel)
  • BTS: ...
  • Managers: ...
  • Staff: ...
  • Armys: ...
  • Everyone: Shit... Seokjin's right, rewrite the nutrition textbooks and change the law of nature Seokjin says rice noodles are zero calories !!!!

(Oh dear)

:) next week’s promo makes me concerned that perhaps attempting to trick a genius like that isn’t too clever of an idea, Oswald.
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