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New Header for the blog!

Above is the old one. 

This is the new one, but I’ll have to work on the sizing since Izuru’s dango doesn’t show up. Might have to make it smaller. 

In case you’re wondering, yes, I did these sprites edits and yes, I know they’re terrible. But don’t they look nice??

Also, the background is a screenshot from the anime. I did not make it myself, but I thought it would look cute. xD


who is he tho…


“I have seen her. Walking across the courtyard from her first class this morning, her expression thoughtful, her book bag casually thrown over her shoulder. I had seen photographs, of course; I knew she wore clunky glasses and her hair in a youthful dreadlock style, that her clothes would be dynamic and colorful. I knew she would be 1.63 meters tall, that she would weigh 50kg, that she was coming away from a neurobiology class; I knew what to expect…But I was not prepared for her insouciant manner, the way she squinted and smiled up at the gathering rainclouds, aware of the gray weather in a way that the other students missed, immersed in their phones or conversations. I did not think she would kick at a pile of leaves. She walks loosely, comfortable in her skin, her face as open and expressive as Ms Hendrix’s is closed.” - from the diary of Dr. Delphine Cormier.




this love is o u r s

For every new comment I see about how Bakugou’s horrible and doesn’t deserve love and generally isn’t allowed any room to grow and improve himself my vocalizing of how proud I am of him and how much I appreciate all the work he’s putting in becoming a better person increases tenfold just in the hope that all my love will somehow reach him and let him know that all the effort he’s putting in bettering himself isn’t actually a waste of time

I see you and I appreciate you and I’m so so so so proud of you you slightly-less-angry-and-way-more-caring-than-in-the-beginning dandelion


Twelve Days of Twelve: July 18th: Team TARDIS

A relationship in all its forms, in the combination of a passionate and powerful Time Lord and a young woman so very similar to him.

super duper lazy and short animatic that i may or may not clean up

(SLIGHTLY angsty) Futurama AU where everything is essentially the same, plot-wise, but for one thing. Fry’s appearance is drastically different, thanks to the Cryo-chamber he fell into. Apparently it had some sort of defect or leak at one point, and slightly damaged his body on a superficial scale, and thankfully not on a internal scale. Nonetheless the damage was done, and as the pilot ep’s events unfolded, Fry becomes aware of how his body changed. His overall complexion has became flawed due to frostbite and potentially thanks to the fluids that froze him……….. His skin tone and hair color is ghastly lighter than before, his physical extremities are slightly gray or even pale blue, and his eyes, oddly enough, now have a pale grey iris & pupil. Other than that, he essentially is the Fry we all know and love, but a bit more frozen-like than usual and sometimes Bender likes to mock his appearance. (In typical Fry-like fashion, he’ll actually think his ‘new’ appearance is kinda bad ass and hero-like, but most people think he looks like a day old corpse, but don’t have the guts to say that to him since that does hurt his feelings.)


A bit rushed, but I wanted to post it before Anti kills all of us tomorrow.

Small headcanon about the relationship between Anti and this two.

(Also if you see me drawing Chase with a big scar on the side of his head you know why)