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What She Says: I’m fine.

What She Means: Jason Todd was the “Robin Who Died" and when he came back as Red Hood (Under The Red Hood 2004-2006) he was after Bruce for not killing the Joker and revenging his death. Bruce, after Jason’s death just metaphorically shrugged and walked away as he moved on to Tim Drake (No hate towards Tim, love that boy). But when Damian Wayne (Also love that boy), as Robin, died (Issue #8 of Batman, Inc. 2013) Bruce went mental and did nothing but search for a way to bring him back and revenge. Bruce was unwilling to accept the death. The only thing that stopped him from killing Heretic (Damian Wayne’s killer) was his resemblance to Damian. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK. Jason begged his father to revenge him, just once, but Bruce is willing to lose his sanity and entire code of conduct for Damian. Jason, being apart of the batfamily probably watched in absolute horror, as his own father choose his biological son over his adopted son. By now he probably has realized the wrongs in his past concerning trying to force Bruce to kill. Not to deemphasize Jason’s violent story, as he was acting as a sort of villain in the Under The Red Hood arc and forcefully tried to get his father to kill, but in Damian’s case, he would have done it without a second thought. Not only is this a major blow to Jason, but it is a poor representation of families with both biological children and adopted children, or even families with just adopted children, I’m sure. In short, the writers say that Bruce loves his biological son more than his adopted which is UNACCEPTABLE. Despite all of this, the writers did not exhibit how Jason was feeling during said arc which just isn’t fair to the readers OR the actual characters and their dynamic.

Just a little Andreil Drabble ! X


Neil’s head lolled against Andrew’s knee, bone knocking bone hard enough he felt his eyeballs rattle in their sockets. For somebody who had considered himself an excellent liar, it had become increasingly difficult to make up excuses to avoid Dan’s mandatory team-bonding movie nights. It wasn’t that he didn’t enjoy spending time with the team; over the past year he had grown closer and more intertwined with their lives to the point he ached when separated from them for too long. It wasn’t a hummingbird beat of anxiety, or the burn of grief, more of an acute tightness in his stomach. They were his family and he would do anything for any one of them… with the occasional exception of Aaron. But movie nights were when he truly regretted that closeness. For a high-strung runner and a paranoid renegade with a short attention span, sitting for hours watching films was not Neil’s idea of a good time. His legs itched with restless energy, his butt was numb from sitting for so long, and he was becoming increasingly irritable at the foxes stolen glances.

One of Andrew’s hands absently ran through Neil’s hair, tugging out stubborn knots and twirling lazy auburn curls which had recently began to develop sun streaks - much to the other foxes delight. The first time Allison noticed the lighter strands she had squealed so loud Neil had thought his stomach was going to drop right out of his ass. It was just another thing the foxes were adding to a bemusing list of his traits. The sun had also brought out a scattering of freckles across the bridge of his nose, interrupted only by scar tissue. The foxes had been slightly obsessed, to the point where Neil had to snap at them when Nicky tried to trace the dots. He had found more than one of the team with a stray piece of paper covered in his doodles, but chose not to confront them. He would never admit it out loud, but it felt..nice to have so many people intent on learning little bits of Neil, and keeping the stray castaway moments. He was beginning to feel like a real person; he felt known.

“Refreshments?” Matt queried as the end credits rolled onto the TV screen.

“I think we’ll need to go to the store,” Dan answered, standing stiffly and stretching her arms above her head, laughing and jerking away as Matt slid cold hands up the back of her shirt.

“I’ll come with, you guys never get the right popcorn.” Allison said, pulling Renee up with her and grabbing her purse from the table beside the door.

“What film do you guys want on next?” Nicky asked, throwing pretzels at a dozing Kevin. “We have some back in our dorm.” he offered.

Neil let his cheek rest against the inside of Andrew’s knee, one hand curled around Andrew’s ankle, thumb smoothing circles on the inside cuff of his sweatpants. The entire exchange went in one ear and out the other, eyes drooping at the soothing feeling of Andrew’s hand on his scalp. It was worth a numb bum from sitting on the floor between Andrew’s legs, and the only thing stopping him from drifting into sleep was the sudden slam of the dorm door as everybody emptied out leaving just Andrew, Neil and a sleeping Kevin Day.

“If you fall asleep before they get back I’ll skin you.” Andrew threatened, tugging sharply on Neil’s hair.

“M’sleepy,” Neil mumbled back, turning to curl against one of Andrew’s legs.

“I let you drag me here, I’m not watching this shit while you get out of it.”

“I’ll make it up to you.” Neil smirked, nuzzling his face into the crook of Andrew’s knee. A moment later he was face down on the carpet, a dull throb between his shoulderblades from where Andrew had kneed him away.

“You’re such a child,” Neil grunted, rolling onto his back and bracing himself on his elbows to meet Andrew’s bored gaze. The other man stretched his arms out on the back of the couch, an almost imperceptible twitch of his eyebrow the only evidence of his thoughts on that statement. “Would you rather be playing Exy? Because I could wake Kevin up and we can do down to the court.” Neil said, suddenly a bit more awake.

“I’d rather snort golf balls.” Andrew retorted after a moment’s silence.

“Nice visual threat,” Neil smirked, pushing himself up onto his knees. “I could make it worth your time.” he coaxed, resting his hands on the edge of the couch either side Andrew’s knees and leaning forward with a challenge in his eyes.

Andrew’s fingers itched for a cigarette, his eyes were tired and his contacts were becoming uncomfortable, his muscles were tight and he needed to walk out a bad case of pins and needles… but seeing Neil between his knees with heat in those damn blue eyes pushed all those concerns to the back of his mind. He still wasn’t sure how this runaway with a duffel bag of secrets and a body mapped with hard ridges of scars had gotten under his skin. He was the sharp blade of a knife, lethal enough to slice through armour and slip almost unnoticed under flesh. Some days Neil was an open wound; left untreated it could be fatal. Other times he was the needle and thread sewing Andrew back together. He was a skydive without a parachute, the more time he was around the higher the plane was going and the more deadly the fall was becoming.

“I’ll get you a family pack of Oreos, ten Reese’s and a tub of Double Chocolate Fudge… and marshmallows?” Neil offered, and Andrew regretted not leaping when they were only a few feet off the ground.

“Two tubs, and I want Lucky Charms as well.” Andrew agreed, pushing Neil’s face away as that stupid shit-eating grin split his face.

Neil caught Andrew’s hand as he went to bat at him again, linking their fingers together and leaning forward between his thighs. “Kevin will kill me if he finds out.” he murmured.

“He can try, but you’re noticeably difficult to murder.”

“Maybe I’m a cat - nine lives and all that?”

“You used up all nine about five lives ago.” Andrew said, watching as Neil turned their hands over and brushed his lips along Andrew’s healing knuckles.

“Come up here,” he said, tugging Neil up from the ground and nodding at Neil’s unspoken question. Neil clambered up into Andrew’s lap, knees on either side of the other man’s hips and hands resting on the back of the couch.

“Where can I-?”

“Head and shoulders,” Andrew cut in.

“Knees and toes?”

“Get out,”

“Couldn’t resist,” Neil admitted with a self-deprecating smirk, hands moving to cup Andrew’s jaw as their lips met. The kiss was slow and languid, wet and increasing in deepness as Neil’s thumbs slid along the arch of Andrew’s cheekbones and he fought against the urge to grind in Andrew’s lap. It was only when Andrew’s hands moved to cup the back of his thighs that he allowed his hips a startled snap.

“‘Drew, yes or no?” Neil panted, pulling back to press sloppy kisses along the underside of Andrew’s jaw, one hand bunching the soft fabric stretched taut across Andrew’s shoulders, the other tracing the strong line of Andrew’s jaw.

“Yes,” Andrew answered, hands gripping Neil’s thighs tight enough to leave bruises as he pulled the other man closer.

“No! No, no, no!” Kevin’s voice exclaimed, startling the two men. Neil was unceremoniously dumped on the floor, disorientated and panting, grasping for leverage. “For fuck’s sake!” Kevin stood, stumbling a bit under the influence of a half bottle of vodka. “You couldn’t have done that somewhere else?!”

“Kevin,” Andrew warned, watching as the larger man gestured wildly.

“Did you just forget I was in the fucking room?”

“You looked dead, we thought we’d celebrate your life rather than mourn.” Neil said as he finally managed to regain his balance and climb to his feet. In all the time he had spent with Kevin, sharing a dorm and long bus rides, it was possible he had never seen the other man wake up and become so alert in such a little amount of time. He would be trying to get video footage as evidence if the current exchange wasn’t happening.

“By fucking next me?!”

“If you think that was fucking, I feel bad for Thea.” Andrew said, watching as Kevin made an unintelligible noise and stormed from the room, shaking his head and muttering, too focused on putting one foot in front of the other to notice the dorm door swinging open. He hit it with a satisfying thud, followed by a dictionary of swears and Nicky’s surprised shouting.

Neil grinned as he heard Andrew exhale through his nose in what could have very easily been a laugh.

“Shut up,”

“Make me.” Neil countered, a noise slipping from him that he didn’t think he had ever made before as Andrew made a grab for him. It was possible there was going to have to be another tub of ice cream added to that list.

Love at First Video Part 40: Marry Me

Misha Collins x Reader

1300 Words

Story Summary: You were a babysitter, but you wanted to be more. Deciding to create a cooking video, you were shocked when it garnered the attention of a well known actor. Soon the attention becomes something neither of you can ignore.

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“So, will you marry me today instead of three days from now?” Misha asked you, gently grasping your hand. You stared at him, wanting to say yes in the worst way, but your fears holding the words back. “Listen, I know I was the biggest jackass not too long ago. And I wouldn’t blame you if you said no, and turned your back on me. But I love you, more than I hate normalcy, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you.”

“Misha, I love you too. But I don’t want you doing this because you’re guilty, because you think what you did was wrong.” You told him, watching his face closely for a sign of what he was truly feeling.

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‘she’s mine’

a/n: so I’m not 100% about this, especially the ending but I hope you guys like this. Trying to get better at updating. Much love.
also thinking about possibly starting a fanfic once I get all these imagines caught up…yes? no?


I had just finished my hair and makeup and was checking it all over in the mirror when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“damn Ma, you sure we gotta go out tonight?” Sammy asked, his voice husky in my ear. I smiled and turned around to face him.

“yes Samuel. It’s my brother, and also your best friends, birthday.” I replied.

“can’t we just celebrate with him tomorrow baby?” Sammy whined, his lips on my neck now.

“Sammy, we can have sex tomorrow, tonight’s Nate’s birthday.” I replied, managing to control my little whimpers from him sucking on my neck.

“tomorrow!?” he asked, eyes wide.

“When we get home Sammy. But we really need to go.”

“but babe, you just look so good, I just don’t want every guy all over you.” He sighed.

“well that’s gonna be hard when I’m gonna be all over you.” I smiled, only to be returned with Sammy’s lips on mine briefly.

“I love you Ma, let’s go.”

Sammy always got worried when we went out that some guy would come in and sweep me off my feet and steal me from Sammy. Sammy doesn’t realize, even after 3 years in a relationship, that I didn’t want any other guy. I was just all about Sammy.

Yeah it was cute that he got all worried about losing me and it was also hot as hell when he got jealous. Sammy and I trusted each other, which is why when we would go out, we wouldn’t be attached on the hip the whole entire time. He’d let me go out and dance and go get drinks. But there were times he would come find me at the bar and some guy would be a little too close or be a little to friendly. He would get mad that they were flirting, and I just let Sammy do his thing, cause I really couldn’t say anything.

It took Sammy two years of relentless flirting for me to finally ask him one day ‘did you just flirt with me’ only to get him to reply with a small chuckle and ‘I have been for the past two years, but thanks for noticing’ for us to really start our relationship. And here we are 3 years later, happy as ever. I’ve also gotten better at this whole flirting thing, and telling when Sammy was being flirty, but everyone else I was just so clueless.

We pulled up to the club, getting out of the car and immediately being mobbed with paps. Pros of having such a well-known brother, and boyfriend. We smiled and posed for a few pictures before finally entering the club. Instantly hit with the smell of weed and alcohol, and the lovely smell of sex.

Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd to the vip section specifically for Nate, Swazz, Sammy, Johnson, G, Madison, Emily and I. Only arriving to find G, Madison and Johnson.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy smiled, releasing my hand as he went and bro hugged Johnson and G while I said hi to Madison, immediately getting into a conversation.

“oh my god, (y/n) you look hot as fuck tonight.” Madison smiled.

“me? Look at you? You literally look like a goddess.” I complimented back.

Madison and I were pretty close, and she came to me a lot whenever her and G had problems, or fans started causing problems. She was like my little sister.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely getting laid tonight.” Madison said, causing both of us to burst out into laughter. Sammy and I didn’t hide our sex life at all. At this point pretty much everyone knew when we had sex, when we were going to have sex, everything.

“but I mean, G can’t keep his eyes off you, so I won’t be the only one getting lucky tonight.” I winked, causing Madison to flush a little.

“anyway.” Madison giggled out, sipping her drink, “you need to catch up, and I need another drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“let’s go get you caught up then.”

Madison and I stood up, telling the boys we were going to get some drinks, and eventually come back, but only to get the guys out to dance.

We were at the bar and I just had 5 shots of tequila in a row, trying desperately to catch up to Madison, and at this point, my head feeling dizzy, I think I was there. I ordered a mixed drink, along with Madison and we headed back to the vip area to find Sammy and G gone, but Nate was there with Swazz and everyone.

“Happy Birthday lil bro.” I giggled, stumbling over to him and giving him a hug.

“god, you’ve always been a lightweight, but thanks.” Nate laughed, hugging me.

Madison and I stayed and talked a bit longer, catching up with everyone, but I was hoping Sammy would come back. When I got drunk, I got horny too. Well, Sammy always made me feel horny, but when I was drunk I was the ‘bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t walk’ horny, not the normal ‘hey you’re hot and you’re good at sex and I like you a lot, let’s have sex’ horny if that makes sense.

“OHMIGOD” Madison screamed, over the thumping music, “this is my favorite song, can we go dance?”

“hell yeah, let’s go.” I cheered, waving to everyone and heading down by the dj, the man himself Dillon Rupp. Madison and I started dancing, pulling our best moves. We started facing each other, just having the best time swaying to the music, and then, it being one of Dillon’s mixes, it switched, which made me start grinding on Madison.

Of course though, we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not because our boyfriends weren’t there, it was because every time we went out, there were drunk guys who just didn’t get what the word ‘no’ meant.

“hey baby.” The tall lanky blonde breathed in my ear, wrapping his hands around my waist, since his friend had taken away Madison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

“I have a boyfriend.” I muttered, trying not to move, but the guys grip was just so strong, he basically was moving me.

“it’s just one dance baby.” He smiled a toothy grin at me.

“yeah b-“

“I don’t see him anywhere? It’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, allowing him one dance. I knew Sammy would be pissed, but he knew I would never do anything. And I knew when he heard everything I said, and the guys actions, he wouldn’t be pissed at me, just at this asshole, and himself, for not being with me the whole night.

When the song finished, I pried out of his grip and grabbed Mads hand and started to walk away. Making it to vip section to find no one Madison and I just sat and ranted about those guys. Guys are always so sleazy, and I hated going out like this. And I just wanted Sammy, not seeing my boyfriend in like 2 hours since we’ve got here.

“hey, I’m gonna go get some drinks and I’ll be back.” I smiled and Madison nodded, pulling out her phone, no doubt texting G.

When I got to the bar it took a while before I could make it up to the counter to actually order. I asked for just a bottle of sour apple vodka, and then another thing of tequila. I was waiting for the drinks when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“hey baby.” Said the same voice from earlier, and I rolled my eyes, turning around to face him.

“please leave me alone.” I sighed.

“baby, why don’t you and I get outta here.” He slurred, leaning in and he started kissing my neck. I was appalled by his actions, and also the fact that no one around wanted to step in and help a girl. I pushed him back a bit.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I said, more stern, any buzz I had, fading away as my anger and disgust started to sober me up.

“well I don-“ he started but was cut off when he was pushed out of the way, and I was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, their lips immediately meeting mine. I smiled as I felt their hand go down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

“she’s mine.” Sammy said, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me into him. “and I’d appreciate if you left my girl alone.” He finished.

We started to walk away, but Sammy was yanked back.

“hey” the same guy now yelled as Sammy faced him. The guy went and threw a punch, striking Sammy in the left eye, causing him to stumble back. Quick to compose himself, Sammy was up and threw a punch, hitting the lanky guy square in the eye, and then another punch, hitting him in the mouth.

Soon it was an all out fist fight in the middle of the club, people forming a circle, recording it as I tried to break it up. Terrible idea (y/n) really. Because I managed to pull Sammy back off the guy, and I turned to tell him to leave and he ended up punching me on the side of my face, causing me to be thrown to the floor. And unlike the guys, I’d never been in a fight, or punched by a guy, so it fucking hurt like a bitch.

I was surrounded by Johnson, G and Madison who helped me up and I saw Sammy, who was destroying the drunk. He was on the floor punching the guy over and over in the face while Nate, Derek and Swazz tried to pull him off.

Finally managing to get him off the guy, Nate helped the other guy up and helped him find the exit. Once the excitement died down, everyone went back to partying except us. Johnson was running his thumb over my cheek, checking it, and I kept flinching, cause like I said, it hurt like a bitch.

Sammy ran over and, as politely as he could, shoved everyone out of the way, and gently held my chin, turning my head to look at my swelling cheek.

“babygirl” he sighed “I’m so sorry, we gotta get you home and get this taken care of.”

“me? Sammy it’s just a little bruise, ice will fix it, we gotta get you all cleaned up.” I said, noticing the several cuts he had on his face.

“oh, does this mean we’re going home and you’re gonna be my doctor” he smirked, his hands finding my hips, as he got closer to my face.

“Sammy” I warned, as our friends were all around.

“you promised me sex when we got home.” Sammy whined, causing me to laugh as I gently met his lips, pulling back and smiling at him.

“yeah okay, let’s get you cleaned up first though lover boy.” I said, and with that we said our goodbyes and headed home, for what would hopefully be, a great night.

Gangsta by Missyswife37

He was powerful, wealthy, handsome and thirsty. The club was noisy, full of people that were giving away five-dollar bills like candy to the pretties up on stage and to the ones serving. Jensen Ackles, leader/King Pin of the finest mob in the East Coast, took off his fedora and pea coat to sit down in the balcony of the Blue Pearl strip club.

Rosey, the owner of this establishment, had encouraged him to come witness his newest act 5 nights ago and Jensen now couldn’t stay away. He was mesmerized by the tall, built like a fucking God, sexy as fuck, young man only known as ‘Jay’. He had to possess the young man, body and soul, or he would go out of his fucking twisted mind.

He watched as the pretties on stage squirmed and wiggled through their routines, not very interested, as a waitress walked up onto the balcony with his usual order of whiskey blue label on the rocks.

Charming, sweet, built like a fucking God, and hung like a damned horse, Jared 'Jay’ Padalecki was due on stage any minute. Nerves ate at him as he pulled the red lace up over his muscular thighs, over his plump ass, trapping his huge cock and rubbing just so against his balls. It always felt delicious and naughty to put the lacy panties on.

Once his tight black tear away pants, thin black scarf, and stylish black fedora were in place, 'Jay’ was ready to perform for the hundreds of people out by the stage to admire his gorgeous body. Only one man had his attention recently. A bright-green-eyed man who had been sitting in the balcony for the last 4 nights peeked his interest.

'Gangsta’ by Kehlani came on, introducing him just like the last few nights. The song was slow and sensual. Jay slowly made his way up to the stage, lip syncing to the song as his bare chest glistened with sweat, his ab muscles rippling with every movement. He bent his head down and off to the side, a hand holding the fedora on top of his head as he rocked his hips forward, thrusting them a little.

He turned around to show off his perky ass in the tear away pants, bending over slightly, thumbs in the waistband of the pants and he tugged them off, revealing the red lace that covered his well-toned ass. He bent down further as he touched his toes and wiggled his backside for all to see. Looking over his shoulder at the balcony, he could feel eyes on him more than he could see them.

Jensen was harder than Fort Knox once those black pants tore from the man’s body. He groaned inward as he watched the movement of those sexy hips and that ass! Oh how he longed to wrap his lips around that ass, tongue it deep and have the man ride his face, wanting to hear the pretty noises he might make just from his tongue alone.

Once backstage, Jared changed out of his costume. He pulled on a pair of tight, worn jeans that had rips down the thighs and in the knees, and were frayed at the bottom. He slipped into an equally worn Batman t-shirt. Removing the fedora and scarf, he hung them in his locker. He grabbed his book bag out of the locker, swinging the strap over his shoulder. Rosey, his employer, came out back looking for him.

“Leaving so soon?” Hissing like the slimy snake he had tattooed around his wrist, as he rolled his maroon dress sleeves up to his elbows.

“I have somewhere to be,” holding out half of the money he’d earned to the sleaze dressed cheaply in his bargain dress pants and button-down dress shirt, right down to his tacky snake skin boots.

“Keep it, you earned it,” licking his lips, looking Jared up and down, tongue slithering out of his mouth.

A shiver ran cold over his skin as the bald perv looked at him like he was a piece of meat.

A throat cleared behind them. Jared turned around to stare into the greenest eyes he has ever seen.

“Rosey,” said the mystery man from the balcony.

“Mr. Ackles. What can I do for you?” asked Jared’s employer with a bit of shock.

Jared stepped to the side toward his make-up counter to grab his brush, shoving it into his bag.

“I was hoping to speak with one of your dancers,” smiling politely, gaze flicking toward 'Jay’.

“Excuse me,” said Jared quietly as he made for the exit, wishing it was him that the green-eyed man, Mr. Ackles, was hoping to speak with.

“Which one would that be? Dani isn’t available, she broke her ankle during a practice,” said Rosey as he eyed Jared walking out the door.

Finally, he could breathe. The musty smell of stale cigars, old booze and sweaty bodies still coiled in his nose, but the misty fresh smell of the oncoming rain was wonderful to Jared senses. He hitched his bag higher up his shoulder as he briskly walked down the sidewalk toward his dilapidated apartment he shared with his longtime friend-with-bennies, Sandy.

As he walked down the street he couldn’t get the green-eyed man out of his mind. Rosey had called him Mr. Ackles. Maybe he was a big important businessman or something. If that was the case, he wouldn’t want anything to do with the likes of Jared. “Dont kid yourself, man. People like him just come for the show.” He said to himself shaking his long hair out of his face as the rain came down plastering it to his forehead.

A sleek, black Jaguar F-PACE 3.0 pulled up to the curb at the end of the street Jared was walking on, just idling. Making it look like they were waiting for someone to come out of the all-night pharmacy. Jared put his head down and continued walking toward home, not really worrying about the car.

The back window rolled down before Jared walked past the beautiful Jag, and a man’s voice, sweet like honey, called out, “You care for a ride?”

Jared shook his head, smiling. The wet tendrils of curls whipping about his head as he continued walking.

The SUV slowly advanced forward to follow him.

Jared smirked, “Seriously, I can make it home just fine.”

“I’m just as serious that you will get sick walking out in the rain,” said the honey sweet voice.

“If you wanted to ask me out, there are better ways than being a stalker!” Coyly, Jared yelled above the sounds of rain as he crossed the street to the front of his neighbor’s house, not wanting the stranger knowing exactly where he lived.

He watched the SUV drive by and smiled to himself as he squeezed through the opening in the fence that separated his driveway and his neighbors yard.

Jensen, in the back seat of the Jaguar, watched the rain come down through his window. The kid was a smart-mouthed, pretty thing that he wanted to claim as his. Jensen wasn’t used to hearing the word 'No’ too often, so he knew he would have to work harder with this one.

Jared never went back to the Blue Pearl after that night. He had made more than enough to cover his last 6 months of college tuition. He, however would never forget gorgeous, green eyes that studied his body from the balcony.

6 months later;

Jensen Ackles sits at his desk, staring at the old flyer of the Blue Pearl that featured a stunning man with long, wavy, chestnut hair, perfect Abs and built like a fucking God. “Jay”, the club’s former star attraction of 5 nights, was a mystery. No one knew the man’s real name. Jensen had everyone on his payroll looking for this extraordinary creature that had captured his interest. No leads so far, all a dead end.

Every time he heard the hit song Gangsta on the radio, it reminded him of Black tear away pants, red lace panties and that perky, firmly muscular ass. None of his visits to the Blue Pearl could come close to the intense lust “Jay” had released in him.


'I’ve wanted you since the first time you touched me….Nothing but dark magic had ever felt so powerful, and when I touch you, its a thousand times worse…’

He stares at the cursor on his tablet, reading the line he just typed for what seemed like the hundredth time. Finger hovering over the delete button. After about a minute, he decides to leave it and let his editor deal with it.

Tristian Ashings (aka Jared Padalecki) is a well-known romance novelist who broke onto the literary scene in just six short months after graduating from a small community college in the East Coast.

After his biggest selling book 'A Soul for My Heart’ hit stands six months ago, he has been tirelessly working on his next big seller.

'A Soul for My Heart’ was about a young man that gave up his childhood dreams of a fairy tail romance long ago. To repay his father’s debts, he’s forced to serve his spoiled cousin, Lady Bea. But Elliott Chambers has devised a secret plan to escape his life as a drudge. A plan that is thrown into jeopardy when he is kidnapped by a mysterious stranger.

It literally flew off bookshelves at the local mom and pop bookstores and mini marts in the first week it was published and available for sale. Tristian Ashings was a household name and readers were demanding more. His publisher was at the top of that list, but unwilling to sell his newest book 'The Beautiful Frost’ at a higher standard than the first.

Jared decided it was time to find a new publishing company. Preferably one he wouldn’t lose his editor to. Sandy was one of a kind when it came to editing. Jared couldn’t lose her now that he was becoming popular with the female 20-40-year age bracket.

'The Beautiful Frost’ would hopefully hit bookstores in late fall. If, that is, he could find the right publishing house. As it was, Jared hated this book. He felt it was forced writing, although his editor and former on again/off again friend-with-bennies loved it. He hadn’t been in a real relationship since… well forever. He felt his real life was stale, and his writing this time was reflecting that.

His secondary character in both books, The Dark Stranger, had green eyes and a smooth whiskey voice. Qualities which he had seen and heard long ago in an amazing dream. A dream he had the pleasure of experiencing six months prior, with those characteristics being the only thing Jared could recall of the man that Rosey had referred to as 'Mr. Ackles’.

Jared never did get around to googling his mysterious stranger from the balcony of the Blue Pearl. Every time the song that he used to dance to came on the radio or his playlist, Jared would change it.

Twice Reaction To Their Girlfriend Teasing Them Backstage

Jihyo: She’d be kinda pissed at first. You would run your hand up her skirt and she’d smack you hand away. Jihyo isn’t the type to forgive things like this easily. Be ready for a punishment. (I couldn’t find a gif to go with this, so enjoy this one)

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 Nayeon: Nayeon gets ‘hot and bothered’ pretty easily. She would bend down to grab her shoes and you would grind against her ass. You keep doing little things of that sort and she would demand a quickie before she goes on but the real show was later that night.

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Jeongyeon: She is usually really good at keeping her cool when shes turned on, but when you two are in the dressing room the thought of being horny on stage makes it almost impossible to keep from blushing. Just remember that she has never been one to let things like that go.

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Momo: YOU KNOW SHE DOESNT PLAY AROUND! You could say the smallest thing before the show and she would edge you until she thinks you’ve had enough.

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Sana: She’d get fed up pretty easily. Smacking your hand away, trying to push you out of the room. Sana wouldn’t bring it up cause she would be sorta mad. Never take her focus from the show.

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Mina: Same as Sana. Though she would act all pissy for awhile, she would definitely make you pay.

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Dahyun: She would be super whiney and wouldn’t stop asking to get her off before it starts. You would whisper things in her ears that make her go crazy and she would have to go on-stage with all of these dirty thought.

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Chaeyoung: Overall she would ignore you. She might be kinda ‘off’ when performing but she won’t let it get to her.

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Author’s Note: Please bare with me, this is my first reaction. I tried.

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Birthday Woman (part 2/2) (katlaska, trixya, vatya, katya/everyone) - Aliena

All Katya wants for her birthday is to make out with someone. Trixie has an idea.

AN: I apologize for the long wait. Thank you so much for the response for the first part! I was frankly a little overwhelmed by the amount of notes and got a bit insecure about the second part. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.

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Hey, can you do an imagine/preference of one of the boys (1d or 5sos) asking you to move in with them? Pleaaasee? :)

Sorry this took so long, I was really busy!  I chose Niall :) Hope you like it!

Your eyes flutter open to see Niall tending to the dull fire in the fireplace, tossing some more wood in.  You watch his face glow, reflecting the flames that start building back up.  Even though the fire has been burning for more than a few hours, your body is cold without Niall pressed against you.  You pull the blanket higher up to your neck and Niall glances over, sensing your movement.

“Hi, princess,” he breathes, standing up, rubbing his hands on his khakis. 

“What time is it?” you rub your eyes, watching Niall come and sit on the edge of the couch.

“Almost 1,” he hums, brushing a bunch of stray hairs away from your face.  Your eyes glance to the window and you see light snow flurries coming down beneath the light of a streetlamp.

“I should get home,” you mutter, slowly trying to sit up.  Niall wraps his arms around your back, holding you up.

“You should stay,” Niall whispers, his lips trailing along your hairline before pressing to your temple.

“That would make five nights this week,” you remind him.  He blinks slowly, his lips pursing together as a smile creeps across his face.

“Why can’t we make it seven nights a week?  Every week?” Niall offers and you freeze.

“Niall,” you breathe and he pulls you into his lap.

“C’mon, it’ll be like a permanent sleepover,” he insists and you can’t help but crack a smile. “We can stay up late and drink hot chocolate and we’ll decorate the place for Christmas together; maybe have the family over,” Niall rants, squeezing your waist.  You grip his sweater, leaning in to kiss his rosy cheek.  His eyes meet yours, wondering.

“I don’t know, Niall,” you contemplate.

“What?  Sweetie, you already walk around here like you own the place,” he chuckles. “I want to wake up with you every morning.  I want to make sausage and mash for you.  I want you to be here to take care of my sorry, hungover arse.  I want to see your clothes hanging up in my laundry room.  I want to see your make-up cover my bathroom counter and your lipstick stain on my beer glasses.  Please…move in with me,” Niall trails off.  You stare at him, your fingers running along his soft cheeks as you think about his words.  How nice it would be to wake up, knowing he’ll always be beside you, tripping over his boxers late at night, bringing home groceries for the two of you.  It’s everything you’ve ever wanted. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m just scared,” you whisper.  Niall frowns and reaches up to squeeze your shoulder comfortingly.

“What are you scared of, sweetie?”

“I’m afraid it will all end,” you shrug.

“Never,” Niall scowls. “You’re mine forever.”

You smile and press your lips to his.

“Is that a yes?” he asks.