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Okay so I made a post yesterday with just a casual reminder that Margaret was in fact a well loved, philanthropic, helpful, intelligent, charitable person and so many people have reblogged it and I’m looking at tags and there’s so much love for the real Margaret Beaufort, not the Gregory Demon and it touches my heart! 

Beaufort Hi-Five to y’all

‘she’s mine’

a/n: so I’m not 100% about this, especially the ending but I hope you guys like this. Trying to get better at updating. Much love.
also thinking about possibly starting a fanfic once I get all these imagines caught up…yes? no?


I had just finished my hair and makeup and was checking it all over in the mirror when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“damn Ma, you sure we gotta go out tonight?” Sammy asked, his voice husky in my ear. I smiled and turned around to face him.

“yes Samuel. It’s my brother, and also your best friends, birthday.” I replied.

“can’t we just celebrate with him tomorrow baby?” Sammy whined, his lips on my neck now.

“Sammy, we can have sex tomorrow, tonight’s Nate’s birthday.” I replied, managing to control my little whimpers from him sucking on my neck.

“tomorrow!?” he asked, eyes wide.

“When we get home Sammy. But we really need to go.”

“but babe, you just look so good, I just don’t want every guy all over you.” He sighed.

“well that’s gonna be hard when I’m gonna be all over you.” I smiled, only to be returned with Sammy’s lips on mine briefly.

“I love you Ma, let’s go.”

Sammy always got worried when we went out that some guy would come in and sweep me off my feet and steal me from Sammy. Sammy doesn’t realize, even after 3 years in a relationship, that I didn’t want any other guy. I was just all about Sammy.

Yeah it was cute that he got all worried about losing me and it was also hot as hell when he got jealous. Sammy and I trusted each other, which is why when we would go out, we wouldn’t be attached on the hip the whole entire time. He’d let me go out and dance and go get drinks. But there were times he would come find me at the bar and some guy would be a little too close or be a little to friendly. He would get mad that they were flirting, and I just let Sammy do his thing, cause I really couldn’t say anything.

It took Sammy two years of relentless flirting for me to finally ask him one day ‘did you just flirt with me’ only to get him to reply with a small chuckle and ‘I have been for the past two years, but thanks for noticing’ for us to really start our relationship. And here we are 3 years later, happy as ever. I’ve also gotten better at this whole flirting thing, and telling when Sammy was being flirty, but everyone else I was just so clueless.

We pulled up to the club, getting out of the car and immediately being mobbed with paps. Pros of having such a well-known brother, and boyfriend. We smiled and posed for a few pictures before finally entering the club. Instantly hit with the smell of weed and alcohol, and the lovely smell of sex.

Sammy grabbed my hand and we made our way through the crowd to the vip section specifically for Nate, Swazz, Sammy, Johnson, G, Madison, Emily and I. Only arriving to find G, Madison and Johnson.

“what’s up guys.” Sammy smiled, releasing my hand as he went and bro hugged Johnson and G while I said hi to Madison, immediately getting into a conversation.

“oh my god, (y/n) you look hot as fuck tonight.” Madison smiled.

“me? Look at you? You literally look like a goddess.” I complimented back.

Madison and I were pretty close, and she came to me a lot whenever her and G had problems, or fans started causing problems. She was like my little sister.

“Yeah, but you’re definitely getting laid tonight.” Madison said, causing both of us to burst out into laughter. Sammy and I didn’t hide our sex life at all. At this point pretty much everyone knew when we had sex, when we were going to have sex, everything.

“but I mean, G can’t keep his eyes off you, so I won’t be the only one getting lucky tonight.” I winked, causing Madison to flush a little.

“anyway.” Madison giggled out, sipping her drink, “you need to catch up, and I need another drink.”

“I couldn’t agree more.”

“let’s go get you caught up then.”

Madison and I stood up, telling the boys we were going to get some drinks, and eventually come back, but only to get the guys out to dance.

We were at the bar and I just had 5 shots of tequila in a row, trying desperately to catch up to Madison, and at this point, my head feeling dizzy, I think I was there. I ordered a mixed drink, along with Madison and we headed back to the vip area to find Sammy and G gone, but Nate was there with Swazz and everyone.

“Happy Birthday lil bro.” I giggled, stumbling over to him and giving him a hug.

“god, you’ve always been a lightweight, but thanks.” Nate laughed, hugging me.

Madison and I stayed and talked a bit longer, catching up with everyone, but I was hoping Sammy would come back. When I got drunk, I got horny too. Well, Sammy always made me feel horny, but when I was drunk I was the ‘bend me over the table and fuck me until I can’t walk’ horny, not the normal ‘hey you’re hot and you’re good at sex and I like you a lot, let’s have sex’ horny if that makes sense.

“OHMIGOD” Madison screamed, over the thumping music, “this is my favorite song, can we go dance?”

“hell yeah, let’s go.” I cheered, waving to everyone and heading down by the dj, the man himself Dillon Rupp. Madison and I started dancing, pulling our best moves. We started facing each other, just having the best time swaying to the music, and then, it being one of Dillon’s mixes, it switched, which made me start grinding on Madison.

Of course though, we just couldn’t enjoy ourselves. And it’s not because our boyfriends weren’t there, it was because every time we went out, there were drunk guys who just didn’t get what the word ‘no’ meant.

“hey baby.” The tall lanky blonde breathed in my ear, wrapping his hands around my waist, since his friend had taken away Madison, who looked a little uncomfortable.

“I have a boyfriend.” I muttered, trying not to move, but the guys grip was just so strong, he basically was moving me.

“it’s just one dance baby.” He smiled a toothy grin at me.

“yeah b-“

“I don’t see him anywhere? It’s fine.”

I rolled my eyes, allowing him one dance. I knew Sammy would be pissed, but he knew I would never do anything. And I knew when he heard everything I said, and the guys actions, he wouldn’t be pissed at me, just at this asshole, and himself, for not being with me the whole night.

When the song finished, I pried out of his grip and grabbed Mads hand and started to walk away. Making it to vip section to find no one Madison and I just sat and ranted about those guys. Guys are always so sleazy, and I hated going out like this. And I just wanted Sammy, not seeing my boyfriend in like 2 hours since we’ve got here.

“hey, I’m gonna go get some drinks and I’ll be back.” I smiled and Madison nodded, pulling out her phone, no doubt texting G.

When I got to the bar it took a while before I could make it up to the counter to actually order. I asked for just a bottle of sour apple vodka, and then another thing of tequila. I was waiting for the drinks when I felt a pair of hands wrap around my waist.

“hey baby.” Said the same voice from earlier, and I rolled my eyes, turning around to face him.

“please leave me alone.” I sighed.

“baby, why don’t you and I get outta here.” He slurred, leaning in and he started kissing my neck. I was appalled by his actions, and also the fact that no one around wanted to step in and help a girl. I pushed him back a bit.

“I told you, I have a boyfriend.” I said, more stern, any buzz I had, fading away as my anger and disgust started to sober me up.

“well I don-“ he started but was cut off when he was pushed out of the way, and I was wrapped up in someone else’s arms, their lips immediately meeting mine. I smiled as I felt their hand go down to my ass, giving it a little squeeze.

“she’s mine.” Sammy said, wrapping his hand around my waist and pulling me into him. “and I’d appreciate if you left my girl alone.” He finished.

We started to walk away, but Sammy was yanked back.

“hey” the same guy now yelled as Sammy faced him. The guy went and threw a punch, striking Sammy in the left eye, causing him to stumble back. Quick to compose himself, Sammy was up and threw a punch, hitting the lanky guy square in the eye, and then another punch, hitting him in the mouth.

Soon it was an all out fist fight in the middle of the club, people forming a circle, recording it as I tried to break it up. Terrible idea (y/n) really. Because I managed to pull Sammy back off the guy, and I turned to tell him to leave and he ended up punching me on the side of my face, causing me to be thrown to the floor. And unlike the guys, I’d never been in a fight, or punched by a guy, so it fucking hurt like a bitch.

I was surrounded by Johnson, G and Madison who helped me up and I saw Sammy, who was destroying the drunk. He was on the floor punching the guy over and over in the face while Nate, Derek and Swazz tried to pull him off.

Finally managing to get him off the guy, Nate helped the other guy up and helped him find the exit. Once the excitement died down, everyone went back to partying except us. Johnson was running his thumb over my cheek, checking it, and I kept flinching, cause like I said, it hurt like a bitch.

Sammy ran over and, as politely as he could, shoved everyone out of the way, and gently held my chin, turning my head to look at my swelling cheek.

“babygirl” he sighed “I’m so sorry, we gotta get you home and get this taken care of.”

“me? Sammy it’s just a little bruise, ice will fix it, we gotta get you all cleaned up.” I said, noticing the several cuts he had on his face.

“oh, does this mean we’re going home and you’re gonna be my doctor” he smirked, his hands finding my hips, as he got closer to my face.

“Sammy” I warned, as our friends were all around.

“you promised me sex when we got home.” Sammy whined, causing me to laugh as I gently met his lips, pulling back and smiling at him.

“yeah okay, let’s get you cleaned up first though lover boy.” I said, and with that we said our goodbyes and headed home, for what would hopefully be, a great night.


Request for this scenario:

Can you write a Jonghyun smut based off his new mv?

A/N: If you meant like a fantasy type of thing, just inbox me! Plus, I’m not sure if you know how hard this was for me: writing a smut scenario about the hubby… for another person. Smh. *clears throat* But inbox me!

Group: SHINee ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Pairing: Jonghyun x Reader 

Genre: Smut

He looked so sexy, the light shining on his shirtless torso, a gas mask on his face. Earlier they’d had him in chains and now he was standing in front of you with his muscles on full display. God; and that goddamn gas mask. Why did that just add to his attractiveness?

You crossed your legs in your seat, your dampening panties becoming uncomfortable. The music played dully in the background and he mouthed the words. His gentle falsetto voice teased your eardrums and your face warmed immediately. Jonghyun made the mistake of glancing at you, only to see you nibbling on your bottom lip with legs crossed. You moaned lightly, despite yourself just as the director yelled ‘cut’.

“Girlfriend, could you grease him up a bit more?”

Jonghyun smiled lightly, watching as you jumped from the words. He stepped off of the platform and walked over to you as the staff touched up the background. You grabbed the oil and put a little in your hands. This was your only condition for the making of this MV. He was not allowed to touch the video girl too much and you were the only woman that would be rubbing anything onto his body. “How am I doing?” he asked, watching as you rubbed the oil on him.

“I don’t understand why you have to be half-naked” you mumbled. Jonghyun leaned into you a bit with a smile.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it” he said. Your hands froze over his pecs and he moved back with a grin on his face. How did he-

“You shouldn’t have came here. It’ll be embarrassing to get a hard-on up there, thinking about how wet I’m making you” he said calmly.

“Shh!” you said quickly. He smiled and began singing the words to his song as you rubbed the oil over his chest. Your hands slowed as you reached his nipples, tweaking them with your fingers. Jonghyun looked down at you, watching as your eyes transformed into lustful pools. Your hands were doing more than rubbing in oil; they were massaging his abs, your fingers tracing over every fold.

“She’s making me crazy~” he sung along, looking you over.

His penis became hard as your hands moved lower, touching the top of his pants. You were lost in your own world, thinking only of his hardening member as you looked into his eyes.

“Are we almost ready?” the director called out. You jumped back and put your hands together, feeling the oil between your hands. Jonghyun looked down at his erection and raised his eyebrows. “Give me five minutes” he said while grabbing your hand.

The director sat, speechless, in his chair and watched as Jonghyun dragged you off. “Just five minutes?” you questioned. Jonghyun was never the type for a quickie. He liked to slowly drag you to the brink before finally letting you explode. He said nothing, only smiling as he dragged you into his dressing room.

After locking the door, the first thing he did was to remove your clothes. He picked you up and placed you on his make up counter. He wasted no time, his tongue immediately attracting to your mouth. His fingers snaked between your legs and you moaned as they brushed your inner thigh. He moaned as his fingers moved over your lips, feeling the pool of wetness. 

His pointer and index finger were on either side of your clit, and moving in a circle. You moaned and grabbed his head with both hands, putting more effort into the kiss. Jonghyun slipped his two fingers into you and you broke the kiss, falling back against the vanity mirror. 

He watched your face as his fingers forced you to breathe in quick gasps of pleasure. He felt honored and proud, watching as he brought you to an orgasm, your legs wobbling. You sat against the mirror, your chest rising and sinking in. Jonghyun immediately moved between your legs, his lips kissing your outer lips before licking them. 

“Baby, you only told them five minutes” you reminded him, breathlessly. He ignored you, tasting your fresh juices. He used two fingers to part your lips and slid his tongue over your slit. Your breath caught as his tongue laid flat over your clit. He ran his tongue over the hard, slippery bump and you moaned loudly. There was no use in arguing when his infamous tongue came into play. 

Even his fans knew that he had a problem with keeping his tongue in his mouth. His lips wrapped around your clit, sucking on it roughly, making your thighs close in around his head.  “Oh fuck-” you breathed, “oh, oh fuck.”

You moaned, shoving your fingers into his perfectly done hair. Despite being suffocated by your thighs and having his hair ripped out, Jonghyun didn’t let up. He inserted two fingers into your hole again quickly shoving them in and out as he sucked hard on your clit. “You’re so good” you cried out. Your eyes were squeezed together so tightly that it began to hurt as you came over his face, a whimper leaving your body.

You breathed in shaky breaths as you struggled to open your heavy-lidded eyes. He slid his pants off, his underwear going with it. You were exhausted and he knew that. He lifted your almost lifeless body from the counter and carried you to the sofa. He ran his dick over your overly-sensitive bud and your hips jumped, a strange noise escaping you. Jonghyun slid the head of his penis to your opening before slowly sliding in. 

“Damn, baby” he cursed, working up a steady rhythm. You were practically vibrating, your body shuddering every time he slid into you. Never had you been so sensitive to him in your life. Then again, he’d never tried to fuck you after you’d already had two mind-blowing orgasms. He thought that it felt amazing but was also concerned that you may be in pain.

“Does it hurt?” he asked carefully, stopping the movement of his hips. You shook your head ‘no’ and he continued. Truthfully, it didn’t hurt, it was a strange mixture of pain and pleasure. He continued, moving his hips faster, trying to spur on his orgasm. Your nails dug into the couch and your back arched.

Jonghyun moaned your name as he gave you one final thrust. His cum shot deep inside of you and you came again, a tear leaking from your eye. He bent to kiss you, his lips gently pressing against yours. “Are you sure it didn’t hurt?” he asked, wiping away your tear. You nodded again and kissed him.

“I’m exhausted” you breathed. He smiled and sat up. He went across the room to grab your clothes and dressed you. By the time he was sliding your shoes on, you were pretty much lost in space. “Aren’t guys supposed to be the ones falling asleep after sex?” he joked. You smiled and he kissed your lips.

Vitamin T

Genre: It started out as Fluff, idk what happened?

Pairing: Taehyung x Reader

Length: 8056 words (longest bloody thing I’ve written in ages!)

Summary: To you he wasn’t an idol, he was just someone who tried to underpay.

Part: 1/1

Note: I wrote this because myself and @isaynevermind were joking about it after I posted my Yoongi drabble a while back and I really liked the idea of doing it🙌 So this is for you lovely😘 (and every Taehyung stan who follows me🌹), I hope you like, I tried. Next request will be up soon along with the next Heartbreak Girl update💫

Please just bear with me because I haven’t had the greatest start to 2017 in my family and that’s why things might be a little slow😔🙈

Also, a special thank you to the girl who’s always there for me, @minthusiast!🙌👑 Thanks for giving me your input and your never ending support!💞 This is for you too because I know you are Taehyung wrecked😏😉

Enjoy though!😘

~Mini CJ✌


“How you doing?”

“No,” Yoongi groaned, tiredly rubbing his hands over his face for what seemed like the millionth time since sitting down, “don’t say it like Joey from Friends. Girls will think it’s creepy, and weird.”

“Right, got it, creepy and weird is a no no.” Taehyung nodded enthusiastically and actually wrote it down in the little notebook he had sitting in front of him.

“When I said ‘take note’ I didn’t mean literally pabo.” Yoongi looked beyond tired and you couldn’t help but giggle.

“Shame man, he’s trying Yoongi-ah. Give him a break, you’ve only been here for 20 minutes.” You playfully scolded him and he looked at you where you were standing behind the counter before rolling his eyes.

“It’s Yoongi oppa to you Y/N.”

“I’d rather not.” You cringed.

“I thought you said this friend of yours was respectful Tae.” He grumbled and Taehyung looked up from what he’d been writing to shoot him one of his boxy smiles.

“She is, she just hates the thought of calling anyone oppa. Says it’s embarrassing or something and would actually rather use hyung.” Taehyung winked at you when he was finished and you just rolled your eyes and laughed.

“Besides,” you added, “I’m not Korean and I’m actually one day older than you Yoongi.”

“How do you know that?” Yoongi said looking slightly shocked.

“She’s an ARMY.” Taehyung stage whispered, making sure you could still hear him.

“An ARMY hey,” Yoongi smirked, “am I your bias?”

“No, and I am not an ARMY. I looked you guys up when I started speaking to Tae. Everyone made such a huge fuss the first time he came in here so I wanted to know what it was all about.” You huffed, shooting an annoyed glare at Taehyung who just grinned at you.

“Wait, so you didn’t know who Taehyung was?” Yoongi looked confused and that made your annoyed glare slip slightly.

“No, what happen–”

“No hyung she had no idea!” Taeyhyung cut you off excitedly and that made any chance of you staying mad (even though you were just pretending) flee for good. “I came in here to get coffee like normal because at least the other barista’s had gotten used to it, and while some of the customers were freaking out I saw her standing behind the counter and realised she was new. So I’m busy trying to walk up to order and when she looks up to see what the fuss is all about, sees me and the people trying to crowd around and just shrugs and carries on working!”

Yoongi now looked at you shocked and you shrugged like you had back when you had first seen Taehyung, nearly 3 months ago.

“So you had absolutely no idea who he was? At all?” Yoongi drawled, raising an eyebrow.

“None whatsoever,” You retorted and motioned to Tae who was basically bouncing in his seat to finish the story, “continue Tae.”

“Thank you,” He grinned at you, “so I finally make it up to the counter and pretty much all the barista’s here know all of our orders right? I figured she would know too even if she was new, so I go up and she asks what I want -no screaming or blushing or anything- and I tell her I’ll have my regular and she just looks at me with a blank expression and says ‘okay I can’t read your mind, you’re going to need to tell me what that is’.” At this point Taehyung had full-blown giggles and Yoongi just looked dumbfounded.

“You did not?”

“Oh, but I did.” You laughed and shook your head, moving out from behind the counter to start wiping down the tables.

“Hyung, that’s not even the best part!” Taehyung was now excitedly slapping the table to grab Yoongi’s attention again and was on the verge of collapsing in tears because he’s trying so hard not to laugh properly.

“Okay, so what happened next?”

“Once I had told her my order and she made my drink and stuff I take out my cash to pay, and I already had the exact amount in my hand because it makes things so much easier, so I give it to her and I’m about to walk away when she calls me back. Obviously I go back to see why and she says–” Taehyung turned to look at you as if that was your cue, which only made you laugh some more.

“Sorry but you underpaid.” You pipe up and Yoongi’s jaw is practically on the table.

“She didn’t even give me the discount!” Taehyung had finally given in to the hysterics and was shaking because he was laughing so hard, while Yoongi looked back and forth between the two of you like you had just told him he actually had six toes on each foot.

“Yeah, I swear the whole café collectively gasped when I said that but all Taehyung did was start laughing.” You giggled, grabbing one of the chairs next to you to put it on top of the table.

“Wait, so how did you become friends then?” Yoongi asked and when you looked at Taehyung he gestured to you to speak.

“Well after I said that he came and paid the rest of the full amount and just left all smiley and giggling, so I asked my manager who he was and why all of that happened and she looked at me like I had asked the dumbest question. After she had made sure I wasn’t just joking with her, she explained who he and the rest of BTS are and then scolded me for making him pay full price.” Grabbing another chair, you lifted that one on to the table near you too before turning to face them both.

“So when I went home that evening I did a bit of my own research to see what all the fuss was about, and then the next day when Tae came in I thought ‘what the hell, let’s see what happens,’ and purposefully made his order slightly incorrect and gave him a Caffé Mocha instead of a Caffé Latte and made him pay full price again. He didn’t even complain and just left grinning like he had the day before. Every single day that week I did the same thing, made him a slightly different order and made him pay full price, and every single day he left grinning like a child who just got told they can have ice cream for dinner.” You were finally done stacking all the chairs around you except for the two that were currently occupied by 2/7 of BTS and two of the extra ones at that table, one of which you promptly fell into with a sigh.

“So you became friends because you kept giving him the wrong thing and made him pay full price?” Yoongi looked like he was trying to understand but also like he thought the two of you were crazy.

“Basically yes.”

“Not really.”

You and Taehyung said at the same time which just made you both laugh.

“So which is it?” Yoongi asked and it was your turn to gesture at Taehyung to speak.

“Well I say not really because it wasn’t that she was giving me the wrong thing or making me pay in full, but rather that she was treating me like any normal customer. It was so refreshing hyung, to come to a place where not once did she ever freak out when she saw me, except maybe on Halloween.” You covered your face and groaned, mumbling out a ‘you said you wouldn’t talk about that’ while Taehyung just chuckled, “And even though she purposefully gave me the wrong order rather than accidentally, it was still so nice and some of the things she made were really good!”

“Wow, okay, I guess that does make sense.” Yoongi murmured. “I can’t believe I’ve been coming here with Taehyungie for 2 weeks and you only told me how you became friends now.”

“You only asked now.” You grinned cheekily and that made both of them laugh. “But I’m sorry boys, you have to go now so I can lock up.”

“I’m not a boy, I’m a man.” Yoongi retorted, puffing his chest out playfully.

“Sure you are.”

“I am. Yah, don’t roll your eyes at me Y/N-ah!”

“Ahh don’t worry hyung, you’ll get used to it.” Taehyung laughed and you poked your tongue out childishly at Yoongi when he glared at you.

That of course only made both of them start laughing before you started trying to shoo them out of the café.

“For real guys, I have to close up now if I want to beat the traffic home.”

“But I haven’t paid yet?” Yoongi piped up and before you could respond Taehyung just waved away his comment.

“Don’t worry Yoongi-hyung, I’ve got it this time.” He smiled and Yoongi shot one back before motioning outside.

“I’ll wait for you in the car.”

It was just you and Taehyung now in the quiet café and you smiled at him, but as you reached to stack one of the chairs at the table they had been occupying, you found that it was quickly out of your reach and on the table before you could do it yourself.

“Tae, not this again,” You playfully scolded, “let me do my job.”

“I’m just trying to help and make your job go faster Y/N-noona. You go ring up mine and Yoongi-hyung’s last order and I’ll finish the chairs for you.” Taehyung smiled sweetly at you and you listened to him for once instead of arguing some more, making your way back behind the counter.

“How many times have I told you not to call me noona? But also, thank you Tae.”

“At least 50 by now? I’m not sure, I stopped counting after 35,” he joked and made his was up to the cash register after stacking all the chairs, “but it’s a pleasure and how much do I owe you today?”

“Right so that is one regular coffee for Yoongi and regular one Berry Dairy (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries, banana, frozen yoghurt, honey and milk) smoothie for you.” You rattled off and Taehyung took his card out to pay this time. “By the way, how was that? I’ve only ever made it for myself so I was wondering what you’d think?”

Taehyung gently took the card machine from your hands to enter his pin, only answering once he had handed it back.

“It was actually really good! I’d say put it on the yes list. You should ask your manager-nim to put it on the menu like that other smoothie you made me.”

“Really, you think so? Cause I wasn’t a 100 percent sure.” You trailed off uncertainly while focusing on cashing up but stopped when seeing Taehyung’s hand reach over and cover your seemingly tiny hands compared to his, getting you to look up at his smiling face.

“Of course I’m sure! I mean that is one of the best ones so far! People will love it.” His smiled turned into his adorable box grin and you couldn’t help but return it.

“Thanks Tae, I’ll speak to my manager. You should go now though, don’t want to make Yoongi-ah wait too long.”

“He’ll be fine, besides you’re almost done right?”

“Yeah I am, but I feel bad. You don’t have to wait with me while I do cash up every time you’re here around closing time.”  You softly laughed.

“I know I don’t have to, but I want to. How else would we have become best friends if I didn’t start doing this in the first place?” Taehyung’s deep voice filled the quiet space around you and you walked out of the small staff room just in time to see him ripping open a sugar packet and pouring the contents into his mouth.

“Okay very true, but firstly I thought Jiminie and Kookie were your best friends, and secondly, how many times have I told you not to eat the sugar?” You quirked an eyebrow at his shocked expression, obviously not expecting you to walk out when you did, and laughed when he tried to hide the empty sugar packet in his pockets.

“I already saw you Tae, stop trying to hide it,” You laughed again, reaching over to turn off the lights above the barista bar, “and if you do it again, I’ll tell Jimin and Jungkook the next time they come in that you said I was your best friend and not them.”

To say Taehyung’s next expression was funny was an understatement, although it quickly changed to puppy dog eyes and you immediately covered your face with your hands to avoid being swayed by it.

“I promise I won’t do it again Y/N-noona, please don’t tell Jimin-ah and Jungkookie. Then they’ll get mad and try to steal you away from me as payback and I don’t want that.” Taehyung begged quietly.

A slight shiver ran down your spine which was probably the lingering effects of the air-conditioning which you had just shut off, but you could feel Taehyung’s warm hands wrap gently around your wrists as he tried to pry your hands away from your eyes.

He succeeded in making you move your hands but you kept your eyes shut childishly which only made him laugh softly and reach up with one hand to poke your nose.

“TaeTae, I have to lock up, please stop with the puppy dog eyes and I promise I won’t tell them.” You half joked half begged, and only opened one eye to see if he would comply. You saw him grin and nod before feeling the warmth of his hands leave your wrists, and only then did you open your other eye.

“Thank you Y/N-noona. Come, let’s lock up quick so you can get home safely.”

Your hand not holding the keys to the café was now gripped by his as he pulled you towards the front of the store and all you could do was laugh.


All you could ever do around Taehyung was laugh and smile most of the time because he brought that out in you and honestly, it was one of the things you looked forward to on the days you worked. If you had a morning shift and he came in, he’d start your day with a laugh and a smile that easily ended up lasting the whole day, and if he came in in the afternoon and you’d had a crappy day, he’d make it all disappear just as easily.

He was definitely a patch of sunshine in your everyday life, so when you didn’t seem him the next day, or the next, or the next 5 that followed, you couldn’t help but be a little gloomy and definitely couldn’t help the worry that had started building in the pit of your stomach around day 4.

Sure you could have messaged or called him, I mean it’s not like you didn’t have each other’s numbers, but there was one small problem with that fact. Although you had exchanged numbers a while back, neither of you had taken that first step into contacting the other and even though you would never admit it to anyone, you were basically a giant fucking baby and way too scared to initiate anything.

But as the 10th day was coming to a close, your worry was almost at its peak and you were sitting in the staff room with your phone clutched in your hand, text message staring back at you and your finger hovering over ‘send’.

You: Hey Tae, it’s Y/N. Haven’t seen you in a few days and was just wondering if you were alright? Also I tried this new smoothie combination and needed my guinea pig for a second opinion haha :) x

“Smiley face or no smiley face, kiss or no kiss.” You mumbled to yourself, going back and forth numerous times between no smiley face, a smiley face, a smiley face and a kiss or just a kiss.

The options ran through your mind, one after the next on a constant loop so when one of your co-workers came to tell you someone was looking for you, you pretty much got the fright of a lifetime because you were so stuck in your head.

“Oh my God, you almost gave me heart failure!” You gasped and jumped up with your hand clutched to your chest while your co-worker just laughed.

“Sorry Y/N, but there’s someone out here asking for you specifically, wants to say sorry about something or other?” She explained sweetly, and you just nodded, mumbling that you would be out in a minute once your heart started working again.

But just as you were going to put your phone away you looked down because you heard the distinct beep of a message being sent which was probably the same time your heart stopped again.

“Oh God no. No no no. Why me?” You collapsed back into the chair you had just got up from and were repeatedly banging your head against the table, groaning at your stupid mistake.

Not realising how long you had been sitting throwing yourself a pity party, your head snapped up when you heard a slight cough from the staff room door and you were about to tell your co-worker that you’d be out in a bit- but that definitely wasn’t anyone you worked with.

“You’re not supposed to be back here.” Was the first thing that popped out of your mouth before you realised what you had said and slapped a hand over your mouth.

“I know, but your manager-nim said it was okay and I wanted to speak to you about something Y/N-noona.”

“How many times have I told you not to call me that?” You grumbled on instinct, standing up and pocketing your phone so you could walk over and playfully smack your visitor’s chest.

“A few, but not as many times as Taehyung.” Namjoon grinned, dimple on full display while you laughed.

“I swear, only Jin is older than me yet you are all taller than me and won’t listen when I tell you not to call me noona, why?” You joked as Namjoon pulled you in for a hug that you happily returned, grateful that he had actually come to you because if you were in the front you wouldn’t be able to do it without worrying about rumours, and not knowing how much you had needed one until he held you tight.

After he released you, you gestured to the chair opposite the one you had just been sitting on and he took the hint and sat down, you joining him shortly after going to make his order quickly.

“So, why did I walk in on you banging your head against the table? That’s not good for you, you know?” Namjoon laughed softly before taking a sip of his iced coffee and gesturing to it, “Thanks by the way. You’re the only one who gets it exactly right.”

“No problem, and to answer your question, I was hoping that if I hit my head hard enough it would erase my idiotic mistake.” You took a sip of your own iced hot chocolate and pulled a face, thinking about the text you had sent.

“What mistake?”

“ItextedTaehyungandcalledhimmyguineapig” You rushed out, promptly covering your face after doing so and hoping he wouldn’t make you repeat yourself.

“You texted Taehyung and called him your guinea pig?” Namjoon sounded beyond confused and you chanced looking up to see a matching confused expression on his face. “I’m not sure I’m understanding you.”

Sighing, you pulled your phone out of your pocket and went in to the message you had sent to Taehyung. Putting your phone flat on the table, you pushed it towards him to read while you resumed your previous action of banging your head against the table.

Just as you were about to bring your head down again for maybe the twentieth time, a warm, soft palm was placed between your forehead and the table, preventing the bump and making you roll your eyes up to look at the owner of said hand.

“I don’t see why it’s that bad that you’re trying to injure yourself?” Namjoon finally questioned and you made a noise between a groan and a cry before lifting up your head to face him properly.

“You don’t understand Joon. I basically told him I was worried about him, called him my guinea pig, put a kiss at the end and let’s not forget I. Texted. Him. First.” You face was now back in your hands and you could hear Namjoon chuckling softly.

“I still don’t see how any of that is a problem? So what that he knows you were worried, he worries about you all the time, he’d probably like being called your guinea pig knowing him, the kiss you can play off that you put that at the end of all your texts and texting him first? He’s too bloody scared to do it so fina-fucking-lly one of you did because we’ve all been dying.”

You whipped your head up to look at him so quickly after his little speech and only once he’d realised all he’d said did his eyes go wide.

“He worries about me? He’d like me calling him my guinea pig? He was too scared to message me first?” You rattled off questions and Namjoon looked more worried as each of them passed your lips. “What aren’t you telling me Namjoon-ah?”

“Fuck. Can’t we pretend I didn’t say that and instead just came here to tell you that Taehyungie was sick for a few days and that’s why he hasn’t come past, because he’s been resting.” He looked at you hopefully.

“Nope. You’re going to spill what you know right now or I won’t make you iced coffee again.” You narrowed your eyes at him and he scratched the back of his neck before sighing and nodding.

“Right so I shouldn’t be saying any of this but…”


“You can do this.” You repeatedly mumbled to yourself like a mantra, wiping down the tables and stacking all the chairs as you thought about your conversation earlier in the day with Namjoon.

It was quite something to take in and if you were being honest with yourself you really did not expect it, at all.

You especially didn’t expect to have to face Taehyung so soon after everything Namjoon had told you, yet your phone was sitting heavily in your pocket with a message you had received from Namjoon about 10 minutes ago.

Giant-Joon: Just a heads up, a certain BTS member just woke up and left in a hurry with his phone in his hand because ‘oh my God I can’t believe I- I have to- *trips putting shoes on* bye’. So be prepared for a visit sometime soon noona :P x

You had almost dropped your phone when you read that, but after the initial shock had passed you had quickly typed back something along the lines of ‘thanks, and stop calling me noona!’ and pocketed your phone to continue with tiding up.

However when the bell above the door chimed to let you know someone had entered, you could feel your heart pick up its pace and your hands were slightly shaking as you picked up another chair.

“Hi Tae.” You called out, turning to face him once you had schooled your face into a calm expression, a smile playing on your lips.

He stopped dead in his tracks from walking up to surprise you and frowned, “How did you know it was me?”

“Namjoon.” Was all you said and you watched as his expression changed from frowning to one of equal parts shock and worry.

Taehyung didn’t say anything else for a little while so you took that as your chance to approach him and lay a hand on his forehead, checking his temperature and making his expression change to one of complete shock.

“How are you feeling Tae? Better?” You gently asked and he looked slightly dazed before nodding and shooting you a smile.

“Much better thanks. Sorry for making you worry.” He grinned and pointed to his phone that was currently in his hand and open on your text, and it was now your turn to look shocked, not expecting him to be so forward about it.

“Uh yeah, well next time let me know what’s going on before more than 10 days pass.” You tried to cover your embarrassment by scolding him, playfully smacking his arm before turning to continue stacking chairs and so he couldn’t see your flushed cheeks.

“Sorry Y/N-noona, I’ve been sleeping most of the time so I didn’t even think to say something, but I’m glad you messaged me.” His voice was close by and you knew if you took a few steps back, you would most likely bump into his chest.

“Well as long as you’re rested now and feeling better, I can stop thinking you died or something.”

Taehyung chuckled at your obvious joke about him being dead and you knew he was even closer than before because you could feel his breath on your neck and shoulder as he laughed.

“Also I’m glad I messaged you too,” You looked over your shoulder to shoot him a smile, “one of us had to take the first step.” You quietly mumbled the last bit and walked forward to move to the next table, picking up the disinfectant spray bottle and cloth you had set down before greeting Taehyung.

“What was that?”


“Oh, I said I’m glad I messaged you too.” You repeated, biting your lip as you stayed turned from him, knowing that was not all you had said.

“Yeah I heard that, but what did you say after that?” Taehyung questioned.

You heard him take 3 steps in your direction and if it had been anyone else you would probably still have a reasonable space between you, but this was Taehyung, with his stupid long legs that now put him back to being right behind you.

“Are you sure you’re better Tae? Maybe you need to get your ears checked because I didn’t say anything else.”


“I call lies.” You could almost hear the grin in Taehyung’s voice and so you took a deep breath before turning to face him.

“Fine,” You set down the spray bottle and cloth again and looked up to meet his gaze, “I said, one of us had to take the first step. And as much as it was a pure accident that I sent it and I pretty much freaked the fuck out afterwards, I’m glad I did because Namjoon told me that you were too chicken to do it.” With your hands on your hips as you finished your sentence, it only took about 5 seconds for you to realise what you had said and another 5 for your whole body to heat up and your face to flush with embarrassment.

Thankfully though Taehyung looked equally as embarrassed by what you had said, obviously now knowing that Namjoon had given away one of his secrets, which only made him hope that was all he had said.

“Wait, you said it was an accident that you messaged me?” He suddenly queried and you choked out a laugh, looking down at your hands that were now no longer on your hips and instead clasped together as you twiddled your thumbs.

“Uh yeah, about that? You see, I had typed the message and was debating whether to send it or not, when I got a fright and pressed send.” You almost whispered out, not daring to look up.

“So if you hadn’t gotten a fright, you wouldn’t have messaged me?”

“Yes. Wait no. Fuck! Maybe?” You stuttered out all at once, not really knowing which one you meant because if you hadn’t accidentally hit send, you don’t know whether you’d have had the guts to even do it at all.

“Which one is it?” Taehyung quirked an eyebrow, a slight smirk playing on his lips which, as soon as you’d seen it, made your embarrassment turn into something else.

Two can play at that game then.

“That’s for me to know. But one thing I do know is that if I hadn’t said anything you wouldn’t have dared to even try.” You felt your own smirk make its way onto your face and saw Taehyung’s resolve falter slightly.

“Yah, I tried multiple times, but nothing seemed good enough for noona!” Taehyung blurted out but no sooner than he had did he slap a hand over his mouth, his cheeks tinging pink.

“Nothing was good enough for noona you say?” You teased, shaking your head at him.

“Stop it Y/N-noona, leave your guinea pig alone.” He retorted, cheeks still flamed but with a spark in his eyes that wasn’t there before.

“Alright, I’ll stop,” You smiled sweetly, feeling a twinge of something you couldn’t identify in the pit of your stomach, “and instead you can finally taste the smoothie I was talking about that made me refer to you as my guinea pig, which was a joke by the way.”

You made your way back around the counter as you spoke and crouched down momentarily, disappearing from Taehyung’s site, to get out the smoothie you had made for him after you’d received the text from Namjoon.

“What’s in it?” Taehyung now approached the counter and looked at the brightly coloured smoothie, trying to figure out what it was.

“Well just so you know, I was going to call you the only one brave enough besides me to try what I make, but that was a bit too long and guinea pig was easier.” You giggled, pushing the drink towards him and handing him a straw, “But I want you to try this first and guess what’s in it before I tell you.”

Taehyung laughed at your first statement, but you could see the determination set in his eyes once you’d told him to guess.

Confidently, he unwrapped the straw and pushed it into the lid, picking up the smoothie and settling the straw between his soft pink lips, he took a big pull and you watched in anticipation as to what his reaction would be.

Surprise was the first one, followed shortly by confusion, happiness and then a grimace which made you worry.

“What? What’s wrong with it? Why did you pull a face?” You suddenly found yourself back on the other side of counter, now standing next to Taehyung as he slowly put the drink down and turned to face you.

“Nothing, absolutely nothing is wrong with it.” He gently rested his hands on your shoulders and you could feel some of the unknown tension that had been there, leave.

“Then what was with the face at the end?” You questioned softly.

“Oh, that face? That was brain freeze,” He laughed quietly and you found yourself laughing lightly too, “but I’m ready to make my guess.”

“Okay, shoot.”

“Definitely orange, pineapple I’m sure, maybe carrots and something else but I can’t place it.” Taehyung listed off and you couldn’t keep the smile off your face.

“That was literally almost 100 percent right!” You grinned, bouncing on the balls of your feet in excitement. “You just missed out mango and 500mg of vitamin C. But was it really okay?”

As the doubt started invading your mind, you pulled your bottom lip between your teeth, your fingers fiddling with your apron as a frown etched its way onto your face, clearly giving away your worry to anyone who knew you well enough to know your nervous habits.

Taehyung just so happened to be one of those people.

“Hey Y/N, it’s really good, I swear. I wouldn’t say otherwise if I didn’t mean it. What’s got you so worries about this one anyways?” Taehyung moved his one hand from your shoulder to reach under your chin and tilt your head up, his thumb lightly resting under your bottom lip gently pulled down to remove your lip from between your teeth as he stared at you with concern.

“It’s nothing, I just-” You took a deep breath, steadying yourself, “I was worried about you and when I heard you were sick it didn’t really help you know? So, fuck, it seems stupid but I’d made this smoothie for myself before when I’ve been sick and it really helped me, and I had sort of figured you had to be sick if you didn’t come in, so that’s why I hoped you’d like it. This is the first thing I’ve let anyone try that could actually do more than be something that tastes nice to drink, and I wanted your opinion before speaking to my manager about it.”

Even though he had lifted your chin, you still couldn’t meet his gaze and instead cast your eyes down to look at his chest when something else he had said registered in your mind.

“Oh my God, that’s the first time you didn’t call me noona.” You had no problem meeting his gaze now and your initial smile turned into a full blown grin when you saw his cheeks tinge pink again.

“Sorry Y/N-noona-”

“No!” You cut Taehyung off, placing a hand over his mouth all while laughing, “I like it. Please rather just call me Y/N?”

He looked like he was considering something before nodding slowly so you’d remove your hand.

“Okay, Y/N.” He looked like saying your name by itself was foreign to him, yet a smile played at his lips at the same time. “What I was going to say was, I understand now why it was important to you and thank you for worrying about me enough to let me try your special smoothie.”

His cheeks were still pink and you could feel your own face start to heat up, hoping he couldn’t feel it too on the hand that was still under your chin.

Please Lord, it’s enough that he’s going to see it, give me this one thing.

“What are you going to call it?” He suddenly asked and you had been waiting for that question since he’d tasted it.

“I want to name it, Vitamin T.” You felt your face heat up even more and knew there was no way he wouldn’t feel it, because he would definitely be able to see it.

“T? Why T?”

“Because,” You bravely looked up to meet his cute, questioning gaze before continuing, “I can’t very well call it Vitamin Taehyung and T sounds like C, so I thought it fit.”

“You want to name it after me? But why?” Taehyung’s cheeks went even pinker and shyly looked away.

“I want it to name it after you because you’re like a vitamin to me. Fuck, that sounds so stupid but you honestly just brighten up my days and always make me feel better no matter what. You’re such a bright, warm, caring, bubbly person and constantly try to make everyone smile and be happy, making jokes and being sweet. So I wanted to do something for you, even if it’s just this and we’re the only two who know the reason behind the name.” You lip was back between your teeth and you were rocking back and forth on your heels, back to not being able to meet his eyes.

“Wow.” Taehyung breathed out after a few moments of silence, “You really think that of me?” His voice wavered and you chanced a small glance up to see what looked like awe on his face, before casting your eyes down again and nodding.

It was quiet between the two of you again and you were just about to step away when you felt the familiar tug of his thumb under your lip, releasing it from your teeth once more. At the same moment he tilted your chin up a little more so you would have no choice but to look him in the eye, and took a deep breath as if he was preparing to say something.

“This whole time,” He started, voice shaking slightly, “I’ve thought you were really beautiful, which is why I didn’t say much at first, because I was too shy. But then, we started talking and you treated me like a normal person and you were kind and funny, and you made different drinks for me to taste and let me talk about my weird ideas and didn’t judge me for them, but thought about them too, and you were sweet and thoughtful and I started to like you. I couldn’t help it. After we swopped numbers I tried so many times to say something, but like I already said, nothing seemed good enough for you. There were days where I would sit with a text open to you, trying to find the right words to say, but nothing came out. Then one day, Yoongi-hyung saw me staring at my phone and came and asked me what was wrong. I caved and told him and he said he’d help me, that he’d help me build my confidence and be able to speak to you like how I wanted to, which is why we’ve both been spending more time here together. Yoongi-hyung said it’d be easier to do it around you for inspiration, which I think was just code for he just wanted to see me get flustered, but that’s not the point. My point is that I really like you Y/N and I swear to God if you keep pulling your lip between your teeth I’m going to kiss you and I don’t want to do that if it’ll be uncomfortable for you.”

You felt as if all the air had been knocked out of your lungs at his confession and felt your heartbeat race even faster as you made your decision on what you were going to do.

Looking up at Taehyung, you made certain the decision was clear in your gaze as you slowly and purposefully pulled your bottom lip between your teeth again, challenge glinting in your eyes as you saw confusion and then determination flit through his.

Your eyes closed as Taehyung brought his lips down onto yours, his thumb pulling your lip free yet again before capturing it between his, the hand on your chin now slipping behind your neck and tangling into your hair as he moved the other that had still been on your shoulder, to rest on your waist and gently pull you closer.

You stood on you tiptoes as you slid your hands up his chest, one arm hooking around to hold onto his broad shoulders as the other reached up so you could run your fingers through his hair, nails scratching slightly at the nape of his neck which made stifle a groan. His tongue lightly swept across your bottom lip asking for entrance, and you didn’t hesitate in the slightest, opening your mouth to let your breath mingle and tongues fight for dominance.

It was not a question who’s won, but you didn’t mind, arms around his shoulders trying to pull him impossibly closer even though you were already pressed up against each other.

The hand that hand been tangled in your hair slowly traced down the side of your neck, across your shoulder and around and down your back to mimic the position of the other one at your waist. And when Taehyung squeezed gently, pulling at the same time as if he also wanted you closer still, you sighed into his mouth, stretching even further up on your tiptoes as if it would help.

He made a sound of annoyance in the back of his throat and the next thing you knew his hands had traced down to your thighs and he lifted you up, placing you on the counter in front of him so you no longer had to stretch to reach him, all without breaking the kiss.

The new position made you basically the same height and as he slotted himself between your legs and they gently hooked around his waist, you tightened your hold on his shoulders so your chests were flush together. His one hand went back to its previous position of being tangled in your hair, thumb gently rubbing the skin on your neck, and the other reached up to cup the side of your cheek sweetly.

Kissing was not new to you, you were a grown up for fuck’s sake and had had a boyfriend before. Yet right here and right now, kissing Taehyung, if felt different. Maybe was his insanely sweet confession before, maybe it was the fact that you had been secretly harbouring a crush on him for a while, hell, maybe it was because he was just so damn beautiful to look at, it made you wonder how he even managed to like someone like you. But one thing was for sure, it was the best you’d ever experienced in your 23 years of life and you couldn’t really find the will to want to stop, even though you needed a breath longer than the ones between kisses.

There weren’t any fireworks or sparks flying to make it great, but rather it made your skin tingle and created an incredible warmth all through your body that you only ever felt when you went to visit your mom and dad.


You were both so caught up in the moment, lost in each other, that when you heard a shout outside, you both whipped your head in that direction to see what it was.

“Yah, all you bastards owe 25 000 Won each, I called it!”

It was Hoseok.

And the rest of BTS.

Peering at you through the window with matching grins on their faces.

“Fuck!” You hid your face against Taehyung’s chest and he chuckled and wrapped his arms around you. “They had to give me heart failure and embarrass the hell out of me at the same time, didn’t they?”

“It’s kind of their thing,” He murmured in your ear, “But it’s a good thing I locked the door from the inside right?” He finished and pulled back to wink at you, making your blush return.

“You sneaky little devil.” You smirked at him and watched in amusement as the rest of BTS tried -and failed- to enter the café, stopping to look at both of you in shock while still holding onto the door handle and trying to pull it open.

“Come on, unlock the door please noona.” Jungkook and Jimin begged from outside and you just looked at them blankly before holding a hand up to your ear.

“Sorry, I can’t hear you, the door’s locked.” You shouted back, laughing when they pulled almost matching sulking faces. “And I told you to stop calling me noona.” You added as an afterthought which Taehyung choke on a laugh in front of you.

“Y/N-ah, please let us in, or at least me. Jin-hyung and Yoongi-hyung won’t stop smacking me for referring to them as bastards when they know I didn’t mean it like that.” Hoseok yelled, rattling the door as if it would help and looking at you with pleading eyes.

“That’s your own fault for betting on us.” Taehyung called back, rolling his eyes for only you to see and you giggled in response.

“Fine, then we’re leaving you here and you can find your own way home.” Hoseok retorted childishly.

“That’s okay, I can drop him back at the dorms later, I don’t mind.” You were smiling at Taehyung as you said this and he looked down at you, his box grin gracing his still swollen lips and his eyes sparkling.

“Really, you don’t mind?” He softly asked and you shook your head ‘no’.

With that, he leaned forward to place another kiss on your lips and you immediately responded, the kiss being something much slower, sweeter and gentler this time. You started softly running your fingers through his hair and he sighed into the kiss, leaning more towards you.

You heard a collective, “Get a room!” from outside and just lifted your hand that wasn’t in Taehyung’s hair, to flip them off.

That just made them laugh and while Jin jokingly called out a “Rude!”

There was also a, “That’s my boy!” from Yoongi to Taehyung.

A, “That’s my girl!” from Namjoon to you.

And a collective, “Bye!” from them all, although you swear you heard Jungkook say “Bye noona!” Which normally would have been enough for you to correct him, but you normally didn’t have Taeyhung’s lips attached to your own so you let it slip, just this once.

All of this went on outside but you and Taehyung ignored them all, rather focusing on each other until you needed to lean back for some air.

“Tae?” You quietly mumbled, forehead resting against his shoulder as he placed soft kisses on you neck.

“Yeah?” He responded just as quietly, his breath against your skin making your shiver slightly and lean into him more, wrapping your arms around him in a hug as you rested your head on his chest.

“Something’s been bugging me about your confession.”

He stopped lazily trailing his hand up and down your spine and leaned back a little, other hand sliding out of your hair and back to your chin to tilt it up.

“What is that?”

You smiled and shook your head at the slight look of concern on his face, moving a hand to smooth out the furrow between his eyebrows.

“Not like that silly, don’t look worried. It’s just, you said you tried to message me loads of times, but nothing ever seemed right.” He nodded at this, about to speak, but you placed a finger against his lips.

“Tae, you were honest with how you felt about me, so I’m going to be honest now too. I’ve had the biggest crush on you and liked you now for ages. Whenever you came in here with Yoongi and I heard you talking about girls, it made me think I’d never stand a chance with you. And I’ve already told what an amazing person you are, which is what made me like you in the first place, but mostly it’s that you make me feel like I can be completely myself around you and not have to worry about anything. So the fact that you were too scared to say anything because you were worried it wouldn’t be good enough? You could’ve just said ‘hi’ and it would have been more than enough.”

You managed to get everything out while meeting Taehyung’s gaze and it was completely worth it as you watched the happiness bloom in his eyes and his box grin claim his face.

Taking you by surprise he leaned forward and once again claimed your lips with his own, kissing you with so much force and passion that it made you gasp and he easily slipped his tongue inside, his one hand resting on your waist as the other wrapped around your back, holding you as close to him as possible.

The hand in his hair tightened slightly when he’d made you gasp, which in turn made him groan lowly into your mouth, while your other hand ran up and down back tracing unknown patterns. Your legs squeezed him closer to you of their own accord, and at some point his lips left yours, only to trail across your cheek and jaw, down your neck and back up as if looking for something. Clearly they found it when you sucked in a breath through your teeth when they landed on your sweet spot, and he stopped to assault the spot until you knew there would be a mark there tomorrow, kissing it softly when he was done before returning his lips back to yours.

Eventually though the kiss slowed down, back into something gentle and sweet, and Taehyung pecked your lips several times -and your nose once- before leaning back to meet your gaze.


A Challenge?

Group: BTS

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Genre: Smut

Award shows. One of the many places that you and Jimin couldn’t be seen together. The place was crawling with fans, cameras, and a ton of idols. Being that Bangtan was a powerhouse rookie group, the media was just waiting and praying that they could find some sort of story. A dating scandal was not something that he needed right now. Either way, he’d somehow coaxed you into coming to the show and sitting a few feet away from him. There were only a few more minutes until the show started and you were backstage, sitting on Jimin’s lap. He hadn’t allowed you to sit anywhere else, even though life would’ve been ten times easier if you could just sit in the empty chair next to you.

Jimin’s fingers played with the fabric of your tight dress and you slapped his hand away. Since he’d picked you up earlier, he’d had a problem keeping his hands to himself. “I told you not to wear this” he whispered close to your ear. Your ‘little black dress’. You knew that Jimin had a weird obsession with this dress but you didn’t have a choice but to wear it. After all, coming to this show was a last minute thing and you didn’t have time to pick up your other outfit from the cleaners. 

This dress, admittedly, was pretty clingy and it came slightly above your mid-thigh but it was still appropriate for this event. “I didn’t have a choice” you said back at him. Jimin let his lips slide over one of your arms and you swallowed, trying to keep a level head. 

“Jimin, don’t start anything that you can’t finish” you warned, feeling your ears heat up. He groaned lightly into your skin and you focused your attention on all of the people walking around, making final preparations on outfits and make up. Jimin rested his hand on your knee and slid his smooth lips over your shoulder. “Jimin, did you hear me?” you asked. Your body felt like live wire as he kissed your neck, his nose brushing against your jawbone.

“You think I can’t finish?” he whispered, the warmth of his breath melting your insides. He’d asked as if you were challenging him and you knew better than to put anything passed Jimin. He loved a challenge, especially if it involved public interaction. His tongue drew a circle against your neck and you held your breath, feeling that familiar wetness forming in your panties.

“Jim-Jimin” you said, your words shaking.

“I can’t finish?” he asked again. He grabbed your slightly exposed thigh and you quickly looked around. No one was looking in your direction, enveloped in their own agendas. You felt his stiff penis pressing into your ass and you tried to harness every desire to rip his clothes off. 

“Alright, it’s time for everyone to start taking their seats” one of the coordinators announced. You sighed in relief and Jimin slowly smiled against your skin.

“Lucky” he chuckled, pulling away. You stood up and he stood up immediately after, making sure that he pressed himself against you before situating his hard dick in his pants. Jimin walked passed you, giving a quick sexy glance back in your direction. You should have never challenged him.

'Don’t start something you can’t finish?’  What were you thinking???

A man escorted you out of the back room and to your seat just as the music and lights started up. Your phone vibrated and you put in your password, already knowing who it would be.

“I miss you” Jimin messaged. You looked to your right to the next table and Jimin was looking at you. His bottom lip slid from between his teeth and you crossed your legs. Jimin smirked and winked at you before slowly turning back around. All you had to do was stand your ground and maybe he wouldn’t win. The only problem was: the more that you resisted him, the more he saw it as a challenge.

Your phone vibrated again and you shook your head, choosing not to look. You placed your phone on the table but you couldn’t drag your eyes away from it. It vibrated again and your curiosity overruled all reason.

“I know you are so wet for me” the first text said. You licked your lips and looked at the next message.

“I want to slide into your sexy tight-”

“Excuse me” someone said, making you jump. You quickly flipped your phone over and slid your chair in so the person could get passed. You ran your fingers through your hair and shut your eyes in frustration. It was way too hot in here. Jimin was getting to be too much and your nether regions were completely betraying you. You took a deep breath and grabbed your phone. You needed to go to the bathroom and clear your head.You stood up from the table and Jimin watched as you walked toward the exit. He waited a few seconds and then stood up.

“Don’t get us in trouble” Namjoon warned him, having noticed your previous exit.

Jimin just smiled and walked out, taking his time. He knew you like the back of his hand. Most likely you’d gone out to the bathroom to try and calm down. He walked passed a few of his sunbaes, stopping occasionally to bow in respect. He was lucky to be in pretty loose dress pants for once. Otherwise, his erection would be close to bursting out of his pants. He made it to the bathroom and waited for you outside of the door.

You took several deep breaths and decided that the only way you would be safe is to leave your phone in the back room. You opened the bathroom door and he grabbed your hand, pulling you down the hallway.

“Jimin, you’re supposed to be out there” your mouth said, the only part of you still resisting. He didn’t respond, pulling you to the room from earlier. He dragged you into the room and shut the door, pressing you against it. He locked the door and, without missing a beat, his tongue pushed through your lips, seeking out yours. 

You didn’t put up a fight, your body wanting this more than your mind could oppose it. He slid his hand between your thighs and you opened your legs for him. He smiled into the kiss, his talented tongue putting you into a daze. His fingers rubbed the crotch of your panties and he moaned as his suspicions were confirmed. 

“I knew you were wet” he said cockily. You pulled on his hair and put your lips back to him, making him shut up. He groaned and scraped his finger over your clothed clit. You mewled in appreciation, your knees buckling from underneath of you. Jimin grabbed you before you could fall and lifted you up. He carried you to the make up counter, giving you a brace. He slid his pants off, his underwear coming down with it. He didn’t want to wait anymore. He just wanted to feel your walls tightening around him.

He bent you over and you leaned on the make up counter as he pulled your panties down to your ankles. He slowly slid your dress over your ass and watched as your cheeks jiggled. Jimin slid into you and you moaned loudly, the wait finally over. You looked over your shoulder, watching as he admired your ass. He palmed your cheeks, rubbing his hands over the soft skin. He slid out of you and slapped your ass as he pressed back into you. 

You whimpered at the sting but stuck your ass out further, encouraging him to go on. He grabbed your waist, thrusting into you with full force. His fingers tangled in your hair and he pulled it back. 

You were so wet that he was just gliding in and out of you, pulling moans from your body and grunts from his. He pounded into you relentlessly, sounds of immense pleasure leaving both of your bodies.

Your walls tightened, eliciting a needy moan from Jimin, and you erupted. It was a powerful orgasm, a long drawn out moan leaving your lips. 

Jimin pulled out and fisted his penis, eventually erupting over the back of your thighs. You panted, trying to catch your breath, as you felt his sticky cum sliding down your legs. Jimin found something to clean you up with and wiped your legs down. He pulled your dress down and threw your soiled underwear in the trash, under a mountain of the tissues he’d used. You sat down in a chair, finally feeling your breathing return to normal. He pulled his clothes back on and sighed happily.

Jimin sat next to you and you rested your head on his shoulder. “I’m never wearing this dress out of the house again” you said.

“You sure?” he asked, looking down at you. The smirk on his face was full of promise and you sat up immediately. 

“Jimin, stop! One day we’re going to get caught” you said, wagging your finger at him. Not everything is a challenge!

“I can make you wear that again” he said seriously.

“Jimin! I will burn this dress” you said. He smiled and kissed your lips, placing his hand on your knee again. You stood up immediately and Jimin watched as you left your phone on the counter. He was not going to get you again. You sauntered out of the door and walked back through the doors to your seat. Jimin stayed, looking at the door, wondering how he could seduce you one more time before the night was out.

He grabbed his penis through his pants, promising that the night wasn’t over just yet. 


Scene from my fave FFVII fic

Counter Crisis

anonymous asked:

Jay park drabble where your own tour with Jay and the aomg crew teases you about the hickeys Jay gave you

This turned out longer than I expected it to be, but here, hope you like it ! ^^

“Babe did you see that black pullover I was wearing yesterday?” Jay asks from the bedroom. “I could’ve sworn I left it on the chair…”

“I…hung it…in the cupboard,” You mumbled to yourself, each word coming out as a slow reply with every stroke of concealer you applied on your neck.

It had been a super rushed morning, both Jay and you oversleeping by more than half an hour which landed the both of you in a scrambling mess to get down for breakfast with the AOMG crew.

AOMG was on tour with the rest of the Show Me The Money cast in New York and it wouldn’t be at least a month before Jay would be back thus he suggested you tag along with him since you had leftover leaves to clear from work anyway. Despite it being sort of a business trip, there was more than enough time in between to squeeze in a handful of dates together so he thought, why not? Besides, it was a great opportunity for the both of you to travel overseas together – something both of you wanted to try for a while now – away from the scrutiny of tabloids and media.

“It’s not in there,” Jay said, sticking his head into the bathroom.

You sighed, a troubled look on your face as you replied him without even bothering to even look at him, “Then just wear another one, you can look for it again when we get back…we’re just going down for breakfast anyways…”

For a while he stood there, observing what you were doing and wondering why your make up was taking longer than usual and he couldn’t help but laugh the moment he realised what you were doing.

“Man that was some really good loving you got last night,” He said with a mischievous grin, walking up behind you.

“That’s very helpful of you,” You said sarcastically, moving on to the next spot on your neck.

Yes, you were covering up hickeys that he had left on your neck from some, well, night activity the both of you had last night. Sure you knew he’d leave some, but you didn’t realise how dark they were until you stepped into the bathroom and saw your reflection this morning.

He chuckled, wrapping his arms around you and resting his head on your shoulder as he stared at the reflection of both of you in the mirror, “They look cute though.”

You let out a sigh for the nth time, putting down your make up brush on the counter and turned to him, “Jay…we’re already late and I’d appreciate if you could-“

“Okay, okay, I’ll help you with it don’t worry,” He interrupted, amused, before you could even finish your sentence.

But before you knew it, he held you even closer to him, stealing one more kiss on your neck before dashing out of the bathroom, his laughter echoing throughout the room.

“Jay!!!!!!” You whined. “God, you’re so dead once I’m done with this!”

You usually wouldn’t mind or care too much about it, but this time you were the only girl travelling with a group of guys and the thought of a whole bunch of grown men (who’d obviously recognise the crimson spots) staring at your neck was making you paranoid. Yeah, you knew they were his close friends, and they knew the both of you had been dating for a long time, but still… Furthermore, Jay and you weren’t the kind to show affection in public. He’s always been pretty chill in front of them, not explicitly rubbing your relationship in their faces, but definitely a complete sweetheart when it’s time to play the role of your boyfriend. However, he still preferred keeping the part about holding hands, hugging and kissing between the privacy of just the two of you.

Eventually, the both of you decided to just cover up the more obvious ones and be more careful about the others below your ear, covering them with your hair.

“Good morning!” He greets them with a sheepish smile as he pulls out a chair for you. “Sorry for oversleeping, we forgot to set alarms.”

“Nah, its fine,” They assured the couple, gesturing for them to go check out the buffet breakfast spread as they had already started eating.

The two then went around filling up their plates before joining the rest of the crew again at the table, engaging in a chill discussion on their plans for the day since they had some free time in the noon before the concert at night. Despite it being morning, there was never a moment without laughter in the crew as jokes were shared and the boys holding up their phones in each other’s faces, trying to capture all the unglamorous moments on snapchat and it didn’t take long for the worries from this morning to disappear, the both of you completely enjoying your time at breakfast.

However, it came to a point where you had completely forgotten about it, your hand tucking your hair behind your ear as you were starting to get annoyed from how it was getting in the way and the boys started to notice one by one, using subtle eye signals to turn one another’s attention to the hickeys on your neck.

SO,” Ugly Duck started, trying his best to hide his smirk, “Why did you guys oversleep again?”

Jay looked up at them, puzzled by the sudden change in conversation topic.

“I think I heard a workout going on…despite being one level below you guys,” Gray added, the boys unable to hold back their laughter by now.

It was then when Jay caught on, his hand immediately reaching out towards your hair to cover the exposed hickeys below your ear.

Everyone was smirking right now, the guys exchanging knowing looks and raising their eyebrows at Jay, “You could’ve gone a little more easy on her, sajangnim.

Your cheeks turned a deep red, heating up from embarrassment and you kept your eyes on your food, too embarrassed to respond. Under the table you started tugging on Jay’s fingers as a way to ask him for help, and he gave you a little squeeze trying to calm you down.

“Ya…knock it off already,” Jay told them as he stole a glance at you…man he wasn’t even able to hide his flustered expression.

“I’ll-um…go get a drink…!” You said, standing up and walking away in a hurry.

As soon as you left the table, Jay shot a warning look at them, “Guys…what was that for?”

“Sorry man, just thought it’d be cute to tease you guys for a bit…heck, we haven’t even seen you guys kiss for as long as you guys have been dating!” One of them whined. “We were just getting a bit curious since it was so open for us to see anyways.”

Jay paused for a while, but after a brief moment of silence, he said with a smirk, “Of course I do a good jobI always do.

Then, the guys cheered loud ‘WOAH’s and ‘DAYUM’s, causing a huge uproar at the table, until Jay spotted you walking back from a distance, “Okay, okay, keep it down… I don’t want this to be the last time she’s tagging along for a tour hahaha.”

“A’ight, got it,” Loco said with a grin on his face.

Jay shook his head, “Gee, maybe I should change the terms in all your contracts, stating that you guys have to bring your girlfriends along too, then I probably won’t be the only one you guys would be ganging up against…”