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best rose buddies moment is the end of episode 47 where they’re both making up & impersonating fake bachelorette contestants who are only there to cause drama and rachel cant think of a plausible fake bachelorette  contestant name so she just says “hi, my name is grandpa”

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I'm imagining the faces of all the ex-Imperial agents when Luke and Leia are joking around with (they're trying to help him keep his mind off Things) Anakin in the mess hall and Pooja jumps in, calling him Uncle Ani. The Imps really don't know how to react. Hearing Leia call him Daddy once was freaky enough (Bail was Papa to her, Anakin moves from Dad to Daddy, depending on her mood) and sometimes Luke makes these expressions that are a dead ringer for his father's...Now there's a niece too?!

Tbh I can’t imagine Leia calling Anakin “Daddy” myself - it doesn’t seem like either of their styles.

But she definitely calls him Dad. Initially, she called him Dad because Bail was and always will be Papa, but as it turns out Anakin wanted to be a Dad anyway. In the same way, Breha is Mama, and Padme was initially Mother (when all Leia knew of her was her dreams), but as she learns more about her, Padme becomes Mom.

Luke calls Anakin Dad most of the time when other people are around, but when it’s just family he’ll use Ipa or Ena (Amatakka words for father and parent respectively) just as often.

Then there’s Ahsoka wandering around calling him “Skyguy.” And Needa’s daughter Anwen, who calls Anakin by the alternately adorable and terrifying nickname “Mr. Torhu.”

So when Senator Pooja Naberrie shows up and starts calling their resident former Sith Lord “Uncle Ani,” some of the newer defectors are shocked, but most of the older ex-Imps just shrug it off. Apparently the galaxy is full of people who have affectionate nicknames for Darth Vader. It was surreal at first, but you get used to it.


i hadn’t drawn anders in an AGE so I scribbled a fast baby. I expect in a modern au his little hovel is liable to be furnished entirely with hideous second-hand furniture. also he’s probably reading chicken soup for the cat lover’s soul it might be his favorite book 

You’ll want to get your good hand on this.

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Clary x Isabelle + 60′s AU

Inspired by Gfriend’s MV, Navillera, which ya’all should watch because it is beautiful and hella gay.

While she tried to catch her breath, she raised her eyes to look at Isabelle. Her lips were reddened because of the kiss, and a furious blush had extended across her tanned face. Her eyes shined with a light clary had never seen before, and she told herself she had never witnessed so much beauty. 

Desperately, her mind looked back on time, searching for the first moment she had seen her face in the school hallways, without succeed. She had never noticed her, never looked her twice. In that moment, it seemed like madness. How could she have ignored such perfect creature for so long? Once she had dismissed the first idea, her brain chose to go back to the day in which, for the first time, her eyes had met, still ignoring what fate had in store for them both.

It all started at the rollerskating ring. How appropiate, given the fact that there’s where they would send the most time together. Clary saw Isabelle, moving in a zigzag across the crowded ring. A trail of girls as graceful as her followed her, but Clary was hipnotized by the dark haired girl. She followed her, her movements agile in comparison with the unexpert skaters around her. She must have forgotten to look where she was going, because, in a matter of seconds, Clary’s body crashed against her’s, sending them both to the ground. 

It took her a few seconds to get out of the shock, and see the beautiful extranger standing in front of her, lending her a hand. Clary took it and stood up.

- Thank you - She said, awkardly.

- I’m Isabelle - The other girl said, giving her hand out for Clary to shake.

- Clary - Was all she could answer, before she heard her cheerleading team calling her. They were leaving.

Waving goodbye, Clary hurried to catch up with her friends, never expecting to see Isabelle again.

The next day at school, Isabelle approached her in the hallway. Clary was both surprised and happy to see her, but before she could say anything, Isabelle spoke.

- Do you want to join my rollerskating team? -

- What? - Clary replied, confused at the rushed offer.

- I’m in a rollerskating team. We are five, but we need to be six for our choreography to look good in the next contest. Do you want to join? - Isabelle’s voice was calm against the sound of the bell ringing.

- A contest? But I’m not that good, I uh - Clary stuttered.

- Do you want to? I need to go to class -

- Yes - Clary heard her answer before knowing she had said it. But well, she couldn’t back off now, could she? Besides, deep down she knew she didn’t want to.

- Great, thank you! - Isabelle gave her a quick kiss in the cheek before running to class.

Clary just stood there for a second, touching her cheek where Isabelle had kissed it, until she realized the hallway was empty, and she was late for her art class.

It all went uphill from then. Or downhill, depending on how you looked at it.

Clary joined what they called “The roller gang”.

And started disregarding her cheerleading team.

Her new friends were so nice.

And she didn’t spend as much time with her old friends as she used to. She found she didn’t even want to.

She started practicing with the Roller gang. And improved at rollerskating. She got good, Isabelle said, really good.

She got kicked out of the cheerleading team.

She was a little sad, in the beggining. But it was inevitable. And anyways, she had been struggling with cheerleading way before Isabelle had come into her life. Her passion for it had faded, and she couldn’t blame anyone for that.

But joining the Roller gang had been the best decision she had ever made. Even as the days went by, she could tell those would be her best high school memories: Isabelle and her holding hands as they rolled down a steep street, Isabelle helping her stand up after she had fallen back, Isabelle putting band - aids on her hurt knee, Isabelle putting on her make up before the contest.

The contest…

Isabelle had said it didn’t matter if they didn’t win. And they didn’t. They won second place, but, as Clary tilted her head up and raised on her tiptoes to meet Izzy’s mouth again, she decided that  for all she cared, they could have gotten 11º place. She no longer cared about trophies or medals. To her, kissing Isabelle in the dressing room was the ultimate prize.

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Thorin and the boys surviving but Thorin knows he can never live in Erebor. The risk of the sickness is too great. So Thorin and Dwalin travel Middle Earth, (after a drunken victory tour of Rohan. The Rohirrim have always been good traders with the Dwarves and the women often follow the old Rohirrim women's saying 'Save A Horse, Ride A Dwarf') gathering up the Dwarves of Erebor and guiding them home to King Fili. Until LoTR, when the Eye falls, Thorin feels it, the sickness is gone. He is free.


Hi guys! So this is the second YouTube video I’ve ever made and it’s for a make up contest called he NYX face awards. I would really appreciate it if you checked it out and if you like it please give it a thumbs up. It wouldn’t take any longer than 5 seconds and It would mean a lot to me. Also don’t forget to share it ❤❤❤

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So, reader is a YouTuber and does the make-up challenge with Pietro

Writing Contest Prompts: Why are you doing this?, What is that?, His eyes grew dark with lust, “Let me take your picture!”

Note: I didn’t use these lines exact, but you can see how I used them, and I put them in order. I did use the “What is that?”

**Trigger Warnings** light smut (/.\)

Word count: 1,500

“I don’t understand why you do this ‘YouTube’ thing. And, why do I have to be a part of it?” your best friend, Pietro, complained.

“Well,” you started, “Not everyone can be a superhero like you. I also make people happy, and make some money this way.”

“You don’t need to make money, Stark has that covered,” Pietro tried to reason.

“But I don’t want to feel useless. Please do this, for me?” you pleaded giving your best puppy dog eyes.

“Fine,” he reluctantly agreed.

“Yay!” you squealed and ran to your room to get everything set up.

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fun fact: bro and i once cosplayed tulio and miguel from the road to el dorado together at a con, someone asked us to join the cosplay skit competition and not only did we enter with a script we literally spent 5 minutes writing on the spot, but we actually won

Contest Spotlight: Alpheus Lythcott used the 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette, 88 Color Matte Palette, BH Party Girl Palette, 26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette, Loose Glitter in Mermaid Blue & Silver, Gel Eyeliner, 10 Color Concealer Palette, and BH Liquid Foundation to create her ‘Antartic Fairy Ice Princess goes to Barbados’ Look. Check out all the looks and vote for your favorites here: