make up contest

What I should be doing: finishing a paper

What I am doing: scouring the Internet for videos of the Penguins winning the burp contest at the 2009 KCAs or of the Penguins dancing Bollywood in the 2010 KCAs BUT I CAN’T FIND ANYTHING AND EVERY WEBSITE THAT HAS THE SHOWS DEMANDS I MAKE AN ACCOUNT TO WATCH THE VIDEO AND THAT IS SUPER SKETCHY

Ml Canada AU

Marinette, holding her empty Roll Up the Rim coffee cup: I hope it says “Adrien Agreste”.

Marinette: Dammit.


i hadn’t drawn anders in an AGE so I scribbled a fast baby. I expect in a modern au his little hovel is liable to be furnished entirely with hideous second-hand furniture. also he’s probably reading chicken soup for the cat lover’s soul it might be his favorite book 

You’ll want to get your good hand on this.

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Contest Spotlight: Alpheus Lythcott used the 66 Color Lip Gloss Palette, 88 Color Matte Palette, BH Party Girl Palette, 26 Shadow Blush Combo Palette, Loose Glitter in Mermaid Blue & Silver, Gel Eyeliner, 10 Color Concealer Palette, and BH Liquid Foundation to create her ‘Antartic Fairy Ice Princess goes to Barbados’ Look. Check out all the looks and vote for your favorites here: