make up brush

allvatan  asked:

I have an oily t-zone and then my cheeks are red and bumpy from keratosis pilaris and rosacea. I am currently using Mary Kay moisturizer (just bought Aveno daily moisturizer that helps with redness in 2 weeks), Mac Pro long wear and applying it with a dense brush, then air spun powder with a smaller somewhat dense make up brush. My nose gets oily but not too oily but my face does look cakey after awhile. Is there any tips or products I should try out? Please let me know!!

The Aveno Calming is great, I use it daily before makeup for my rosacea as well. If you like the Pro Longwear, after applying it with your dense brush for coverage, go over it with a damp Beauty Blender or Real Techniques sponge to absorb any extra foundation, especially in your t zone. You can also dust the air spun over your face with a fluffier brush in the places your not as oily. Take that same damp beauty blender to apply the air spun to your t zone, then dust off the excess with the fluffier brush too. And finally a setting stray will help lock it all in and settle the powder. Hope this helps!

Favs: Tapered highlighter brush, used to highlight cheekbones. Tapered kabuki which I use to set concealer. And flat kabuki, I use this to apply foundation.