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Growing up sucks.

I think we all know that.

Who knows if I’ll ever actually post this, or if it’ll rot in my drafts for eternity.  But today pretty much marks the end of my first semester at college (aside from my up-coming exams), and I’d like to write some thoughts down.

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i’m looking for more JONGDAE or exo centric blogs to follow (preferably non-multifandom) pls like/reblog/reply to? this post and i’ll check out the blogs later this week~


A cover of the Missy Higgins cover featuring Cam K on vocals and LKP on guitar

Also featured: my awkward attempt to wake the computer up mid-song, my weird laugh at the end

Not featured: Cam promptly bursting into tears the moment the camera stopped rolling

@svlvan yeah!!! >: { i hate that shit tbh?? im sick of homophobes telling lgb people (ESP YOUTH ND MINORS…) to shut up with pda or yelling or sending nasty anons… nd then they call themselves “allies” while demonizing lgb people for their affection


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