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Skincare routine!

So this one was requested by a couple of friends of mine and well sometimes it helps people figure out their own skincare routine. So the products I use are not super pricey, some are slightly pricey but I’d say they’re pretty average compared to how much others spend. And this works for me. Remember you don’t have to spend a ton to attain perfect skin. So I had pretty oily skin and sometimes dry, it was quite annoying and I struggled with it for a while but with these products the oiliness stopped and the dryness has gotten so much better.

So here’s what I use in order:

Nivea’s Soothing Cleansing Mousse (for dry and sensitive skin) - This was introduced to me by my sister. I could never stick to a face wash, I’ve literally tried way too many. This one I LOVED. This one was soft to my skin, it didn’t leave it feeling dry. And my skin felt super soft and clean as well as looking brighter. It’s a foam wash so it won’t be harsh on your face. I use this in the morning and in the night before i sleep, it take’s off any foundation and product you may have on your face. (not eye make up - that i remove separately. the post before this explains that.)

Seaweed Pore perfecter - This helps blemishes and minimize pores, I use one pump and put it on before moisturizing. It leaves my face feeling cool and makes my blemishes lighter. (Since I had a bad habit of peeling spots..)

Garnier Moisture Nourish - Now this comes in a box, so when you look for it, it’ll be in a rectangle box. I love this moisturizer. It’s targeted at dry skin and what’s even better about this is. Garnier has about 5 of these targeted at different skin types. (Example: Oily skin, uneven toned skin and such) This helped my dry skin a lot. I moisturize twice, once in the morning once at night. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, it takes some time to absorb but it feels really good on the skin. My sister uses it too, and she loves it.

Origin’s Super Spot Remover -

This is a little pricey, £15 for a little bottle of gel.

But Oh My God, does it work. I put this on before I sleep, on my spots and blemishes. If i put this on a nasty spot before I sleep, when I wake up that spot will either be gone or it will have gone down massively. This product may sting a little but it traps the spot so no germs or anything can affect it. Then brings it down. So I wash my wash my face with the face wash, then I put this on at night and the moisturize on top. This was a tip I learnt recently that made a big difference.

Seaweed clay mask - I don’t use this everyday, maybe once or twice a week. This came as a joint pack with the seaweed pore perfecter and was on sale. So this is what I used to fight off the oil. This mask literally sucked it all out. 

Here’s a closer look.

You leave it on until it dries up and then wash it off. It makes your face a bit stiff but all masks do. Remember to only use this weekly or twice a week.

So that’s it. That’s how I try to keep my skin healthy. Although I don’t always stay in routine, it is important you do, especially if you’re fighting acne and such.

And most importantly remember to eat healthy and drink plenty of water. Junk food and such will only cause more spots. More water and fruit will gave you a radiant glow.

So that’s it.

Hope this post helped a few people out there struggling with their skin.

Let me know some of your favourite products!

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