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“Some people like to talk, and there are people who simply DO. This guy @neymarjr is a kid, only 24 years and continues to give me life lessons every day living. Me 30 years, I have him as an example, and with great pride I can call him IDOL. Luckily, I still can call him friend. The affection with which he treats his fans, is something out of the ordinary. The way he deals with people who work for him, who is observing forgets for a moment that this is a professional relationship, and suggests being a family relationship. What he does for friends, I have no words. I would wish for every person in the world to have a friend like him. The Neymar Jr. Instituto I do not know personally I have to confess, but I’ve heard a thousand stories of how wonderful the project is. I can not wait to meet and participate. @neymarjr I’m now making it public, but I’ve told you this over and over again, you are a great example for me and my family. GENEROSITY like yours, I have NEVER seen the same. You deserve the world and will. Pleasing everyone is impossible, but I’m sure you get close to it. On children, I have no child yet, but when I have, I’ll tell him early on that I am a friend of a superhero called Neymar Jr. idol Tamo Junto, always. #neymarjrexemplo”

Diogo Canto [used the same video, hence why I’m also posting his caption here]

“Today there was a lackluster and cowardly matter in Globo Esporte saying that @neymarjr isn’t a good example for children. All who are friends or know a little of the human being Neymar Jr. knows his greatness as a man, as a person, a new kid, but with a maturity to envy the very grown man out there. A simple guy, polite, generous and who is always looking to help others.
He himself does not know the size of what he is, because when you live with him, he behaves with the humility of a player of the 4th Rio division, without the least conceit and arrogance. Today I’m proud to go home, live with your family and friends and be a friend of this person ‘gigante’ named Neymar Junior, which reflects positively million children around the world. Oh, if people would stop believing this false media that we have today and could live one day with him and see what he does for his son, for his family, for his friends and the children of @institutoneymarjr! Continue like that brother! I’m your fan! #neymarjrexemplo”

(Translation mostly via Google translate)

Neymar is very happy in Barcelona.

Man United rumors? These are the usual summer rumours. There’s nothing. He has a contract for three more years. English newspapers are very speculative. Barcelona has never considered selling Neymar.

—  Wágner Ribeiro (Neymar’s agent) reacting to the rumors of The Sun today. They had an ‘exclusive’ article about Ney being a target of Man United and that they already had talks with Barca.