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First day at my first full time job as an on site makeup artist at Face Thyme! An all natural, holistic skin care and beauty line boutique and the only US retailer for Living Natural cosmetics, based out of New Zealand! Had a great day making people feel naturally beautiful!

Roommates : Jack Maynard Smut

(basically y/n and jack are roommates but one day jack really needs y/n to help him out)

You had just got back from a busy day at work, feeling strained and frustrated. Don’t get yourself wrong, you loved your job - being a make up artist had been your dream since you could imagine. But, living in London means you’re always non-stop busy at work and it was even worse when you had to work on someone fussy.

As you got your uber home, you looked out the window whilst thinking about what your plans were when you get home. Currently, you shared an apartment with your best friend Jack - who you had known for years. It was a Friday night so the chances were Jack was going to drag you out with him and his friends. You didn’t mind though, you always had fun with them.

Grabbing your bag off of the seat next to you, you thanked your driver before heading up into your apartment. When you unlocked the door, you couldn’t hear or see any sign of Jack so you guessed he was at his brother’s - who lives just around the corner.

As you took off your coat, you heard a strange noise. It kind of sounded like a whimper, coming from Jack’s bedroom. When you realised it was a moan, you started to panic - was Jack with a girl right now? Your heart started to tug in your chest.

The thing was, you liked Jack. You always had liked Jack. Ever since you were little, it started off as just a little crush that you thought was going to pass. But no, as every day you spent with him you felt yourself falling more and more for those beautiful blue eyes and messy blond hair. The way his eyes would light up when he laughed and the way his eyebrows would furrow when he was concerned. He was the mot beautiful person you had ever known.

Not just this, but the way he acted towards you also made you like him even more. Always harmlessly flirting, and he would always get protective if any guy tried to hurt you, or even try to get to know you. He was always making sure you’re OK and always cheered you up when you were down. Jack had helped you through some of the hardest times in your life, yet you had both had the best times of your life together.

Yet, even through all of this, you had to suffer whilst Jack always brought home random girls to fuck. Or even in the club, when he would kiss them right in front of you. You couldn’t say anything - if Jack knew that you liked him, your friendship would probably be destroyed from awkwardness.

You heard it again - a low moan from his bedroom. You were waiting for the dreadful moment that you hear a random girl moan out Jack’s name, but it was weird, you couldn’t hear one. Jack wasn’t that bad in bed, was he?

“Ohhh… Y/N.” Your eyes widened as you heard Jack moan out your name. OK< now you were confused. Jack probably was with a girl that had the same name as you, right?

But then why couldn’t you hear anyone else?

You creeped over to his door, which was cracked open a tiny bit. You felt rude and sneaky and a bit weird about spying like this, but you were confused.

You looked through the crack to see Jack with his head back against the headboard, eyes screwed shut as he slowly pumped himself up and down. You felt yourself grow wet at the sight.

Jack was huge, to say the least. He wasn’t wearing anything, his hair was down, sprawled over his forehead. You could see the veins in his biceps pop out as he picked up the pace with his hand.

“Fuck, Y/N…” He moaned.

You gasped as you realised he was thinking about you. You were extremely turned on already, just from the sight of Jack in this state, but now - knowing he was thinking about you was making you ache for him.

“Y/N?” Jack’s eyes shot open as he heard you gasp. He looked over to you, still pumping himself.

You were expecting him to stop and cover himself up in shock, but no. He hummed in pleasure as he looked at you, still touching himself.

“Jack.” You breathed out, rubbing your legs together to try and get some friction to your core.

“Babe…” He moaned, his hand sliding up and down on his length.

“Were you…” You didn’t really know how to word it.

“Thinking about you?” He grinned. “Yeah.”

You swallowed.

“Can I…” You were nervous, scared you were going to go too far. But as Jack was sat there, jerking off whilst watching you kind of broke all the boundaries.

You looked at his member, trying to get the message across to him.

Please.” He cried out.

You didn’t waste any more time. Walking over to him, you kneeled on his bed before situating yourself so you were straddling his thighs. You had imagined a moment like this for so long, you couldn’t quite believe this was happening.

You wrapped your hand around Jack’s length as your licked your lips. His tip was bright pink, obviously very sensitive. Your thumb brushed over the tip, making him squirm.

“What… What was you thinking about?” You asked him as you began to pump him up and down.

Both of his hands went to the back of his neck, showing off his biceps as he bit on his bottom lip.

“I was imagining what it would be like to fuck my best friend on our kitchen work top.” He breathed.

“Is this weird?” You asked, trying not to show him how much you were turned on even though continued to pleasure him with your hand.

“No, is it?” He asked. “I’ve wanted this for so long, I’ve just been a pussy.” He admitted to you.

“Same.” You breathed.

Suddenly, Jack grabbed your wrists, stopping you from touching him.

“Y/N,” He looked at you with warning. “I need you so fucking bad right now, but if this is actually going to happen, I need you to promise it won’t ruin our friendship.”

“I promise.” You said immediately before leaning forward and crashing your lips onto his.

He kissed you hungrily as he attempted to get your clothes off. He started to undo your shirt but as he got to the third button, he realised it would take long. With skilful hands, he yanked at it, ripped all the buttons off.

“Jack!” You squealed, leaving you in just your bra.

“I’ll buy you a new one, just get your fucking clothes off.” He growled.

You stepped off of the bed, deciding to tease Jack as much as possible. You turned away from him as you pulled your trousers down slowly.

You heard him groan as you were only in your bra and underwear. When you got rid of your underwear, you still didn’t turn around. As you unclipped your bra, you felt Jack’s hand slap your bum harshly.

“I’ve always loved this pretty little ass.” He growled into your ear, pushing you up against his bedroom wall. You could feel his hard length against your thigh, making you moan.

Jack helped you out as he yanked your bra off of your body, throwing it the floor. His lips went right under your ear, sucking at your neck. His hand trailed down, rubbing at your bum before going further down, his fingers lightly dragging along your soaked centre.

“Fuck, Y/N, bet you never thought that your best friend could get you this wet, hey?” Jack laughed.

You could already tell, Jack was quite rough in bed. The way he handled you - even though you could tell that he knew what he was doing, he was being quite rough.

Jack went to his knees behind you, making you whine as he was no longer touching you. However, he grabbed your waist, pulling you back a bit before pushing your back forward, making you bend over. You were totally exposed to Jack right now as you were bent over in front of him.

He grabbed your legs, making you open them a bit. Without warning, you felt his mouth go to your soaked core, sucking harshly. You moaned, the feeling of Jack’s mouth was incredible.

You could feel Jack’s hair brush against your skin. His tongue entered you, Jack performing wonders, making you moan out his name. as he continued to tongue fuck you, you were impressed by what this boy could do with his mouth.

“Jack…” You cried. “I need you inside me.”

Jack heard you, pulling away from you as you turned around. He was still on his knees, looking you up and down as he grinned.

“You’re sexy as fuck.” He licked his lips.

“Jaaack.” You whined, stepping forward and putting your hands on the back of his head, pressing a quick kiss to his lips.

“Against the wall or on the bed?” He asked you as he stood up.

“Take me wherever you like, Randy.” You grinned at him, calling him by his nickname.

“How the fuck do I deserve this?” Jack breathed out with a smile on his lips, running a hand through his hair.

He walked over to his bedside table, opening the top drawer.

“Babe, i’m on the pill.” You told him, realising how weird it is that your best friend didn’t know that.

“Why?” He asked you with his eyebrows furrowed. “Who have you been fucking?”

Was he really jealous right now? Here you were, against the wall, naked and ready for him. Yet he’s worried about who else you’ve been sleeping with.

“Jack… Really?” You crossed your arms.

“Well, what if you’ve been fucking around?” He asked.

“Are you fucking serious?” You asked in disbelief. Jack sleeps with a different girl almost every week.

“You tell me.” He shrugged.

“You’re a fucking dick head! You know i’m not like that!” You raised your voice at him before walking out of his bedroom.

When you were almost at your bedroom door you felt Jack as he grabbed your hips.

“I’m joking, baby.” He laughed before kissing you desperately and pushing you against the wall in the hall way. You were still angry, but that just made you want him more.

“You’re a dick.” You mumbled against him lips but you couldn’t help but smile.

“You want my dick.” He said back.

“Mmh… True.” You laughed.

“Jump.” He told you and he caught you as you wrapped your legs around his waist.

He kissed you eagerly as he pressed into you. You moaned at the feeling as your arms wrapped around his neck.

“Fucking hell, you’re tight.” Jack said as he broke the kiss.

“Fuck!” You hissed at the pain. “Jack, you’re too big.”

You were honestly convinced that he was way too big to fit inside of you without ripping you open.

“Sorry.” He laughed, moving slowly. “Are you OK, babe?”

“Yeah,” You breathed out, resting your forehead against his. “Go.”

Jack started to move in and out of you at a steady pace, the pain soon disappearing as the feeling got a lot better.

“Babyyyy.” He moaned into your neck.

“Randy baby.” You giggled.

Jack laughed as he picked up the pace soon slamming in and out of you.

Your grip got tighter around his neck and your whole body moved up and down as he fucked you like this.

“I’ve waited so long for this.” Jack admitted.

“Me too.” You told, breathless.

His hands gripped tighter onto your bum. Jack Maynard fucking you against a wall of your shared apartment was way better than you imagined. His length filled you up and hit you in all the right spots, making you cry out in pleasure.

“This is so embarrassing, Y/N, but i’m about to cum.” He told you.

“Don’t worry, me too.” You told him.

As Jack moaned your named into your ear, you hit your high.

“Jack, that was so hot.” You moaned right as he released inside of you, within seconds it was running down your leg - it was so dirty but just turned you on even more.

You bit down on the skin of Jack’s shoulder as he made you orgasm. Jack hissed but he head already told you before that he had a pain kink, so you knew he liked it.

“Y/N fucking Y/L/N!” Jack breathed out as he put you down.

“Randy is good at fucking, i’ll give you that.” You admitted, patting Jack on the chest as you tried to catch your breath.

“Good luck walking tomorrow.” He laughed as he pressed one last kiss to your lips.


OK I REALLY WANNA DO A PART 2 TO THIS !!!!! send in your requests of what you want me to write next xx

“Admit it!” - Thomas Doherty - Disney´s Descendants Cast

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(gif isn´t mine. Credit to owner) 

request:   Could you do a Thomas Doherty imagine where him and the Reader worked on a project together in the past and he started to develop a crush on her so on the set of Descendants 2 the rest of the cast is trying to get them together. I love your work so much 💕💕

requested by: anon
A/N: A sweet idea! It was hard to write this one. I hope, you guys enjoy.  
summary:  Afraid of being turned down, the co-stars are taking the destiny of two lovebirds in their own hand. 
warnings: cursing 
wordcount: 495

tagging: @nachorebelion

fandoms I write for



“You really need to talk to her, Thomas!” He shook his head. What if she doesn´t like him the way he did? What about their friendship? How would it affect his work? What would happen, if they came a couple? What about the press? And many other questions raced through Thomas´ mind, when he looked at her. His friends weren´t the perfect help.

The guys groaned annoyed and left. Thomas didn´t know why, but just accepted it. His friends called him a chicken. Maybe he was. Maybe he was not ready to admit his feelings. He sighed and walked to the make-up trailer, to get ready for his character.

 At the same time, Y/N stood together with her female co-workers and talked. “Admit it!” China shouted and threw her arms up in the air. The young girl shook her head. “I can´t. What when he…” Dove rolled her eyes. “Stop being a chicken. Trust us.” Y/N wasn´t sure, if she could. Questions raced through her mind. “But.” “No buts, sweetie.” Sofia said and patted her shoulder. The girls decided to let Y/N on her own. The young actress sighed and made her own way to the trailer, where her make-up should be done.

 Thomas heard familiar footsteps and his heart stopped for a moment. “Hey Thomas.” Her voice sounded like soft violins in his ears. He had lost his words. A blush creeped on his face. He lifted his hand and smiled slightly. She giggled. She took seat on the chair beside him and the make-up artist began to make their job.

 Meanwhile their co-stars and friends made up a plan. “Does somebody know, how we can steal Thomas phone?” Dove asked and looked around in the small group. “I don´t want to steal his phone.” Dylan stated. “What about, two of us, each one girl and one boy, says to Y/N and Thomas, that the other needs help at the ship?” Of course, BooBoo always came up with the best ideas.

 “Thomas!” Cameron called. The Scottish young man stooped on his track and waved. “What´s wrong mate?” “Y/N. She needs your help.” He quirked an eyebrow. “Why…” Before he could ask, he was cut off. “She has lost her phone and really needs your help.” Thomas nodded. “And where?” “The ship.” Thomas stormed off.

 He arrived. But he didn´t saw any Y/N. “Y/N?” “Here you are, Thomas!” She appeared right behind him. “So, you need help?” He furrowed his brows. “I thought you needed help.” They started to put one and one together.

 They sat beside each other and looked at the green screen in front of them. “I like you.” Those words just came out of his mouth. “Like, like-like. You know?” She smiled and laid her head on his shoulder, pressing a light kiss on his jaw. “I like-like you too.” She laughed. A soft laugh escaped from both. They were grateful, that their friends made this plan to get them together.

Marichat May Day 8

Prompt Calendar hosted by yours truly and @marinette-sky

Day 1: Milk Day 2: Purring Day 3: Homework Day 4: ‘Romeo, Romeo…’

Day 5 The Baton Day 6 + 7: Game Night and Happy Pawing

Day 8: Fashion

“What’s up, princess?” Chat Noir asked. Marinette was all by herself, quite late at night in the park. She was listlessly kicking her feet back and on forth on the swing, not quite creating enough momentum to move.

“Oh, chaton,” she said, looking up. Her eyes were red, as if she had been crying. “Nothing much…”

“Come on, you can tell your friendly neighbourhood cat boy,” he winked. “Need me to beat someone up? Cataclysm a pretty face?”

“Nothing like that,” she sighed. “It’s just…we had a ballot today in class, to decide who goes to Paris Fashion Week, and I missed out again. That’s been the last three shows! I’m starting to think I’m cursed…”

“Is that it?” Chat laughed, ruffling her hair. “That’s an easy problem to fix!”

Marinette blinked at him. “Poor art student, Chat.”

The black cat tapped his head. “Ability to scale walls, princess…”


And so, they found themselves pressed against the glass ceiling on the night of Paris Fashion Week, a bird’s eye view of all the newest styles. Marinette sketched furiously while Chat took pictures on her phone.

“Do you want to go mingle?” Chat asked, once the catwalks were finished. “I can sneak us in.”

Marinette looked down at her outfit in dismay. “I can’t go like this!”

“No problem,” he winked. “I know where they keep the good stuff.”

And so they wandered around at the after party, Marinette in couture Gabriel, Chat Noir, de-transformed, but wearing large oversized black aviator glasses. She clung to his arm, gasping at seeing everyone and all the outfits up-close.

He was just preening at a job well done when his make-up artist walked right up to him.

“Nice disguise, Adrien,” she giggled, loud enough for Marinette to hear. Said girl gripped his arm tightly and squeaked. “Adrien???”

He swallowed. Busted.

Tear in My Heart

Requested by anon:  If your taking requests can you please do one where your tylers baby sis and your secretly dating joah and he catches you making out and you fight and tyler say some things to you and makes you cry please and thank you

You, Tyler, Josh, and Jenna were all sitting on the bus as it sped down the highway to the next venue, the boys were playing Mario Kart whilst you and Jenna sat at the table talking. Most of the time you were staring at Josh but trying not to be too noticeable in front of Jenna since no one knew aboutyour relationship with Josh and you wanted to keep it that way till you both felt like it was the right time. 

“(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” You were snapped out of your daze to see Jenna and your older brother Tyler standing in front of you. “Huh?” You asked and Tyler laughed. “I said, we’re at a gas station if you wanted to get some bits. Jenna and I are going to grab some groceries since the cupboards are empty.” He asked and you nodded. “Alright, I’m just going to stay here, I’m too lazy.”  You mumbled and laid your head in your arms on the table, from where you were sitting you could see Josh smiling at you from behind the couple. “Okay, we’ll be outside if you need anything.” Jenna said before they walked off the bus. 

You and Josh instantly made eye contact as soon as the door closed. “I thought they’d never leave.” Josh said jokingly as you got up and made your way to the couch. “I know, we never seem to be alone now.” You pouted and wrapped your arms around his shoulders as you sat next to him. “I know baby but this is our little secret, I don’t want anyone finding out just yet encase you get attacked for it.” He said softly as he tucked your hair behind your ear. “We’re alone now and that’s what matters.” He mumbled and kissed your forehead as he wrapped one arm behind your back. “Yeah, for ten minutes.” You sighed and looked down. You felt him put two fingers under your chin to lift your face up. “Better than nothing.” He said cheekily before pulling your face to his. 

His lips were soft and warm as he kissed you sweetly, you kissed back and placed one hand on his jaw. Slowly the kiss grew into a make out session and you were straddling his lap with both hands on his face whilst he explored your mouth with his tongue and his hands rested dangerously low on your back. Both of you were too engrossed in making out with the other to notice the door open and only separated when you heard Tyler yelling. “ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME!?!” You quickly slipped off Josh’s lap and you both stared at a red faced Tyler in shock. “H-Hey Ty.” You said awkwardly as you stared up at him. “Don’t ‘Hey Ty’ me.” He snapped, catching you off guard. “My best friend, are you serious (Y/N)!” He yelled using a tone that he had never directed at you before then glared at Josh. “My sister are you fucking serious.” He growled. “Wait, no you’re fucking her.” He yelled with a scoff. “Look man, calm down and we’ll explain.” Josh said calmly as he stood up to (almost) meet Tyler’s height. “No, you’re fucking my sister behind my back, I have every right to be mad. How long has this been going on!?” He asked angrily, turning to you for answers but his glare made you shrink. “A-Almost a year.” You mumbled but he managed to hear it and lost it again, yelling at both you and Josh. 

“Is he the only reason you came on his tour!?” Tyler spat at you which made you get angry. “Of course not Ty, I came to support you as well and to do my job!” You snapped, you were their make up artist and that was pretty much the only alone time during the day you got with Josh, at night it would be 3am cuddle sessions when you’re both half asleep. “Sure, and you just so happen to be fucking my best friend whenever you get a chance.” He spat and glared at you again before scoffing and looking away as he shook his head. “Who knew my little sister was such a slut.” 

His words seemed to have silenced the bus and froze everything, your heart had stopped and shattered at his words and tears built up in your eyes. Out of all your siblings you were closest to Tyler since you were only a year younger than him you both had two years to bond before Zack came along. Tyler was the one person that you could trust with everything and the one person who had ever seen you properly cry, as in full on sobbing whilst having a depressive meltdown at 2 am. The fact that he called you a ‘slut’ was like knives to your heart. A tear rolled down your cheek as you started to cry. “Tyler Robert Joseph you take that back right now.” Jenna hissed at her husband as she smacked his arm then looked at you worriedly. Josh was shocked but walked over to you to try an comfort you but you pushed him away, just wanting to be alone. You walked back to your bunk and closed the curtain before letting all the tears fall without holding back, you were silently sobbing into your pillow whilst  listening to Jenna and Josh yell at Tyler only to have Tyler yell back at Josh. 

It took an hour for you to stop crying and for the yelling to stop, the bus was moving again but it was silent, you assumed that they were all sitting away from each other, Josh in the front lounge and Tyler and Jenna in the back lounge or visa versa. You heard your certain open slowly and someone clear their throat. “Piss of Tyler.” You mumbled and stayed staring at the wall. “(Y/N) please, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to call you that, I was just angry that you and Josh had been hiding something like that from me for so long.” Tyler said, his voice sounding hoarse. You sighed and rolled over to face him, his eyes were bloodshot and he looked guilty.

 “We did it for this reason exactly Ty, this and the fans would probably try to kill me.” You said and looked down at your pillow. “If you had told me off the bat I wouldn’t have been as angry, we never kept secrets (Y/N), something like this was bound to make me a little angry but I would have been happy for you two.” He sighed. “What do you mean would have? If you want us to break up then you’ve got another thing coming.” You said defensively causing him to laugh softly and shake his head. “No, I’m not going to make you break up. It’s just that I’m still coming to terms with it all and it’ll take me a couple of days to be comfortable with it.” He said quietly and you nodded slowly. “Okay. Just please don’t be a dick about it.” You said and looked back up at him. He nodded and gave you a small smile.

 “Can I have a hug then?” He asked softly as he looked down at his feet. You smiled and nodded before slipping out of your bunk to hug him. The door to the bunk area opened and Jenna popped her head in. “Dinner’s ready if you two want to join us, as long as Tyler promises to be nice to his best friend instead of screaming at him.” Jenna said with raised eyebrows and a stern stare. Tyler chuckled and nodded before running his hand through his hair and walking over to his wife. “I’ll be nice.” He said before walking out into the front lounge, you following close behind. You sat next to Josh who engulfed you in a tight hug. “Everything okay now?” He asked softly and you nodded, curling in closer to him. “Yeah, he’s still going to be tetchy about it for a couple of days though. He apologised for calling me what he did.” You said calmly and Josh nodded before kissing your cheek, you smiled up at him and pecked his lips sweetly. “Guys come on, I’m trying to eat.” Tyler said jokingly with a mouth full of noodles.

MY reaction to: Bangtan Boys! (BTS)

{Y’all seriously liked My reaction to EXO, so how about i give you guys another one? Okay, so these are based on my actual reaction to the Bangtan Boys when i first found them [about two years ago] so, hopefully y’all like it!}

Jin (Kim Seokjin)

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Holy shit, oh..wait…what are you? You look like you’d be a vocalist….Too tall to be a dancer and…too gentle to be a rapper. 

*First dad joke*….jesus christ….get the fuck out ya piece of dad poo. 

*Watches Eat Jin* Jin…what the fuck are you even doing? Hasn’t your mother ever told you not to play with your fucking food? 

*High key thought he was part of the maknae line*

Way i know him: Giant dork with dumb dad jokes

Suga (Min Yoongi)

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WHO IS THE PASTEL PRINCE OH MY GOSH. You’re eyes are funny lookin’ though. They are so tiny. Also, YOU ARE SO SMOL. You seem to always be frowning, sweetie, you’ll get crows feet like that. Smile a bit more. Jesus.

*Watches Agust D*….holy…fuck…..YOU’RE A RAPPER. I NEVER WOULD HAVE THOUGHT OH MY GOSH. You look so gentle, i never would have thought you’d be a rapper. I gotta rethink jin’s position for a sec.  

Baby, you look like you need some serious sleep, i can see bags under your eyes even with the make up on. 

Way i know him: Pastel Prince with an AMAZING smile

J-Hope (Jung Hoseok)

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*Didn’t pay much attention to him at first* Huh, who are yo– 

*Finds he’s a dancer, rapper, and low key vocalist*…W O A H You are just a RAY OF SUNSHINE aren’t yOU? STOP THAT. STOP THAT SEXY DANCING YA PIECE OF SEXY CUTE SHIT.

I feel like you and Suga would be very good for each other. *Watches the face mask live stream* I SHIP IT. 

Also, why the hell is your laugh so contagious?! Why do you fall off your chair whenever you laugh?!

Way i know him: The guy i ship with Suga/ The guy with a long face and high cheeks

Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon)

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That is some serious FIRE you’re spittin’ fam.

Nice lips, they are thick. 100% would kiss, but you got that brother feel to you so nah. Actually, your brother feel is hella strong…stop that. We’re supposed to find you attractive, not hope you were our brother.

Also, i like how low and husky your voice sounds. I’d fall asleep to that. 

Wooooaahhh…you talk about some deep shit. What a great mind you’ve got on top of those shoulders.


Jimin (Park Jimin)

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Wow…just like Rapmon, 100% would kiss the SHIT outta your lips. 

Also, ugh…what an angelic voice…lay me down daddy Jimin, holy shit. 

BOI, WHY MUST YOU BE SO RUDE AND LIFT YOUR SHIRT???? *just finished watching No More dream* THAT IS SO RUDE, SHAME ON YOU. 


(i am not joking, i just made a song just from jimin’s nickname while making this, lord help me)

Way i know him: The cute faced guy with Thick lips and a sweet bod.

V (Kim Taehyung)

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Your smile is really weird, but it’s kinda cute (In a weird way) 

Babe, take me straight to your make up artist. They have done an amazing job with your eyeliner good lord. 

Also, what’s with your EYES??? THEY ARE SO PRETTY OH MY GOSH. Also, Dude, you have a nice long body…like, that is so cool and really attractive (As a short person i appreciate

Also, you got nice vocals my man. It sounds very breathy though sooooo…maybe good for ballads?

Way i know him: The guy with a cute/weird smile

Jungkook (Jeon Jungkook)

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*Watches no more dream* Woah, are you a rapper too? Wait, but you sing…and you’re a REALLY good dancer…WHAT ARE YOU?!?!?!? …Can i actually date you? *Finds out he’s nineteen* HOLY FUCK I CAN.

You look like a little bun with your buck teeth. So cute~ Also, i high key ship you with Jiminie. You’re such a little shit to him though, rood. 


Way i know him: Buff Bunny Boy

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (2 years ago): 


Anyway, i am just glad they are such a small group, still is gonna take me forever to figure out their names. 

Overall thought about the Bangtan Boys (NOW): 

Same thing as up there, except, Now i know their stage and full names. Also, i still love Jimin but Hoseok is my Bias and you can fight me to the FUCKING DEATH if you tell me i shouldn’t. 

Undeniable Heat Chapter 32: Revelations

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1350 Words

Story Summary: You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

Jensen’s P.O.V.

Mixed emotions raced through me as I stared at Danneel. Frustration, anger, and a little bit of sadness at what had been. “Danneel what are you are doing here?”

“This used to be my home too Jensen.” She purred, her tone of voice annoying me.

“Dee, you gave up this house when we got divorced. Now tell me, why are you here?” I asked, hoping I could get rid of her quickly and get back to Y/N upstairs.

“I’ve missed you so much, and you haven’t returned any of my calls. When I heard you were in Texas, I just had to come and see you.” She said, raising her hand and placing it on my chest. Once upon a time her touch would have been wanted,. But now, it did nothing for me.  would have ignited a fire deep within. But now it did nothing but annoy me.

Keep reading

Only you (Jungkook x Reader)

Hope you enjoy!

Pairing: Idol!Jungkook x Reader

Genre: fluff with a little bit of angst

Word count: 1539

Warnings: none

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It happened the third time you were on your friend’s vlog. You two met earlier that day and had breakfast together, during which you decided to tell her that you recently started dating. Despite your efforts to prevent her from drawing attention, she still managed to draw the whole cafe’s attention to you two by squealing and jumping in her seat. After regaining her composure, she threw question after question your way about your boyfriend’s identity, personality and physical appearance. Questions to which you answered that you first met him through you job as a make-up artist for bighit entertainment, your main source of income in spite of your beauty YouTube channel. You also added that he was average looking (average my ass). Noticing your lack of interest in maintain this conversation, your friend kindly switched the topic even tho her eyes still sparkled from curiosity.
It all started when you were both parting ways and she started vlogging again, that, in a rush of excitement, she let slip that you were meeting up with your boyfriend. A little slip up that could have gone unnoticed if your own subscribers hadn’t noticed and gotten mad at you for keeping such a thing from them. Some requested a boyfriend tag, some were just curious about your relationship, other thought that you hadn’t told them beforehand because you wanted to surprise them. In other circumstances, you would have snapped and said that your personal life was no one else’s business, but you were often praised for being so close to your subscribers that they seemed to almost be part of your family, so you had to do something about it, and do it quickly. There was no way you were mentioning your actual boyfriend without causing a whole scandal, and you believed none of you were ready to deal with any kind or shape of drama at this stage of your relationship, for he was an Idol, really famous that is, and belonged to the very well known boy group BTS. And as much as you hated having to lie to your subscribers, you couldn’t tell hem about you relationship with Jungkook, so you did the first thing that came to your mind, and called one of your best friends, Changmo, for help.
Which ended up with you awkwardly sitting on your couch, filming a “boyfriend” tag, if you could even call it that, reciting a bunch of rehearsed sentences where you had to explain that you’ve only gone to a couple of dates and weren’t exactly exclusive; then you had to answer some questions your subscribers left for you on social media and end the video with him cutely kissing your cheek with faked shyness while you smiled so widely that your whole face hurt. You were planning on telling all the people that follow you afterwards that you two didn’t exactly match but decided to stay friends nevertheless. You plan seemed all too perfect, it probably was, if it wasn’t for a small detail; you forgot to tell your actual boyfriend about the whole thing.
The same night the video was out, you were peacefully washing your dishes while listening to some music when you heard the notification signaling that you had received a message twice or trice. You dried your hands and grabbed your phone, checking your messages. They were all from Kook, and a soft smile graced your lips thinking about what the messages might be about. You entered the app and were surprised by the content of the messages “oh I see how it is, never thought you’d be this type of people Y/N. You did it that way so that I would see it? You wanted me to know and break my heart right? Well congratulations, because you succeeded” “have a good life with that dude” “no you know what? I’m coming over rn, make sure to be at home, we need to talk, you aren’t getting rid of me anytime soon”. You were left confused by his messages to say the least. Just as you were about to answer, you heard someone banging at your door, and screaming your name. Already knowing who it was, you rushed to open the door and make Jungkook shut the hell up before any of your neighbors complained from the noise. “Yah, can you tone it down, you’re going to wake everyone up” you scolded, pulling him inside your apartment. He wore an expression that you’d never seen before, and honestly you weren’t exactly sure if you’d ever want to see it again. Betrayal, pain and rage was written all over his face, sure you haden’t dated for over 5 months but since the beginning, you two seemed like the perfect match, so your relationship evolved so much during such a short period of time. Which made you question what you might have done to anger him to this extent.
A look of disbelief crossed his features before he scoffed “is this honestly all you’re worried about”, you didn’t know what you should answer in this situation so you just asked instead “Guk-ah, what’s wrong with you, I’m not sure I understand what’s going on tbh”, “what’s going on? What’s going on is that you cheated on me! How could you? I know I’m not often here but I thought you understood, I thought you were happy, I thought you liked being with me! Why didn’t you talk to me instead of cheating on me? Cheating publicly that is! Have you, at least once, thought about how I would feel, watching you with that guy, getting all comfy next to each other’s, him kissing your cheek. Am I that easy to you? Y/N, why are you doing this to us? what am I to you?” He whispered the last part, tears welling up in his eyes and breath heavy. You looked up at him, flustered, unsure of what to say “um, you began, I’m not sure I know what yo- wait! Are you talking about the video I uploaded on my channel today?” You said, finally seeming to understand what he is talking about.
“What else do you think I was talking about? How can you be so chill about such a thing? Y/N for fuck’s sake! Can you give me a proper explanation, I’m reaching my limits”, he shouted, moving his hands frantically up and down, chest rising and falling. “Ok, ok, baby, can you please just sit down for two minutes, I’ll explain everything. This is all a huge misunderstanding” you slowly said, stepping closer to him, and lightly pushing him towards your couch. Your touch had the intended effect and managed to calm him for a little bit as his expression softened the slightest bit before he sat down, his gaze never leaving you. You sat next to him, and turned around to face him before you got into explaining the whole situation to him “baby, can you remember my friend Changmo, I talked to you about him many times before, remember that day we were eating in that italian restaurant when you joined but missed him by less than five minutes since he had to go……”, without even realising, you spent the following twenty minutes explaining everything to Jungkook, apologizing for making him undergo such a roller-coaster of emotions, negative at that. When you were done, he engulfed you into a tight embrace and delicately stroked the small of your back while your fingers played with his hair and your face was facing his chest. “I was so scared that you would leave me because I couldn’t love you the way you deserve. I know I’m not always here, but istg I love you so so so much” you heard him whisper next to your ear, head leaning against your shoulders, while he was placing small kisses on the soft spot between you neck and shoulders. You pushed yourself away slight to be able to cup his cheeks in your hands and look straight into his eyes, before stating softly but firmly “baby, you know I chose to be with you right, I made this decision, no one ever forced me or pressured me into doing anything I didn’t want to. I knew what I was getting into from the start, yet I chose you. The more I get to know you, the less I care about anything else other than you! And if I had to choose again, I would want you. It would be you. It was always you and it will always be. Because I love you and only you Jungkook”
Jungkook leaned forward and sealed your lips together into a kiss full of emotions, of passion and promises of many beautiful days together. The kiss ended up with you giggling, as you finally let go of his face. Kook took your hand in his larger one and you snuggled into him, his other hand circling your waist, both of your eyes’ closing, your bodies drainded of energy after the tough day, as you drifted off to sleep in the uncomfortably couch, small smiles and content expressions written all over your faces.

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JK's hickey (or not?)... What's your take on it? I would like to believe if it really is a hickey then JM's involved in it. But someone mentioned what if it's by someone else and that got me scared, like really?!?!? We know JK & JM like to spend time together even when they don't need to. They even had that flirty convo during soundcheck in Santiago. It has to be JM's doing, right? What happened to me? ;_; [Save me from this ship.]

a hickey is when The negative pressure from suction causes veins to rupture and blood leaks out so it’s visible under the skin as a bruise .its color tends to be a dark shade of red or maybe even purple ,in jungkook’s case the color is not very clear so we can’t’ really tell if it’s a hickey or (idk something else?)

whatever it was , the make up artists did a horrible job trying to hide it , they used a foundation that doesn’t even match his skin tone ! they made it even more obvious ! 

and as hickies tend to last for days or even weeks , unlike simple scratches i think we’ll know for sure if it’s indeed a hickey or not as time passes..

well , wether it was given by jimin or not that’s what remains a mystery ! obviously if you do believe that they’re currently involved romantically (like me) you’d be positive that it was indeed jimin’s work my man jimin couldn’t help it do you blame him  if you don’t , well there is no way for me to prove it to you.

cough except for this cough

Goodbye | Park Jimin

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A/N: I am currently reposting my drabbles from my AFF account. Might be spamming for a while…

Genre: Angst (Oneshot)

Summary: In which a girl moved on from a heartbreak with Park Jimin.

Count: 3071 words

“Let’s break up.”

I widened my eyes.

"Why, what’s wrong?” I asked searching for his hand to hold.

Without saying anything, he slipped his hand away from mine and took a step back.
“I’m sorry, but we can’t go on like this,”

My heart clenched. I didn’t understand where this was coming from. It was difficult to decipher his expression as he looked hard at me.
Where did the all smiles Jimin go? The always happy Jimin I fell in love with?

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Cakes in the Rain - Part One

Words: 750
Tony Stark X Reader
Request: “Can you make one imagine where reader is stark’s fiancé but she stoods her up at the altar bc of a mission so she breaks off the engagement but at the end he makes up! Please.” -Anon

“What is that face?” You looked up in the corner of the mirror you were seated in front of to see your groom’s best man standing just behind the hairstylist.

“What face?”  You asked, watching James Rhodes in the mirror.

“The face that says get me out of here, and quick.” Rhodey snorted.

“I’m fine Colonel.” You disagreed.

“Icing me out?” Rhodey shook his head. “You’ll make an excellent Stark. Excuse me, everyone!” Rhodey turned and called attention to himself. “Sorry, It’s just that I’d like a minute alone with our blushing bride so is there any way we could clear the room?” The twenty or so people around the room stopped what they were doing and looked to you. They were waiting for your approval.

“It’s alright.” You told them before a parade of hairstylists, make-up artists, designers and people who you didn’t fulling understand what their job was, left the room.

“Okay, so what is really going on?” Rhodey asked now that you were alone.

“I don’t know.” You rubbed the back of your neck because it was the only part of you that wasn’t caked with make-up or hairspray. “I just can’t shake this feeling that something wrong. Where’s Tony?”

“He’s fine, [Y/N]. He and Banner checked in at six AM. I’m sure he’ll be here any minute.” Rhodey tapped at his watch a few times before commanding it to “Call Tony.”

“Hello? Rhodey?” Your fiance’s voice came through the watch. There was a soft crash in the background that you chose to ignore. “Now’s not exactly a good time!”

“Well I’m here with [Y/N].” Rhodey told the watch. “You’re cutting it pretty close. The ceremony is supposed to start in less than two hours. We’re getting worried here.”

“Ceremony?” Tony’s voice cracked, there was another crashing sound in the background. “Isn’t that tomorrow? Or next week? I swear its next week.”

“No, Tony it’s definitely today.” Rhodey chuckled. “Quit fooling around and give us an ETA, your bride looks like she’s about to pass out from nerves.”

“Rhodes listen, Banner, Rogers and I are a little bit busy saving the planet so sorry if I can’t be bothered to strap on a choking bowtie and tails right now. We’ll just have to reschedule.” There were now the sounds of explosions in the background. “I gotta go.” Tony hung up and the line went dead.

“Reschedule!?” You exploded. “This isn’t brunch with the president! We can’t reschedule our wedding! Call him back, Rhodey! James, call him back!”

“I’m trying! [Y/N], I’m trying but…” Rhodey said, frantically tapping his watch. “he’s blocking my calls or something.”

“Where’s my phone? Help me find my phone!” You ordered, jumping up from your seat. With Rhodey’s help you found your purse and retrieved your cellphone. You tried calling Tony once, twice and eventually sixty-two times. Every one of those times the call went directly to Tony’s voicemail.

“Anthony Edward What-the-shit-do-you-think-you-are-doing Stark!” You snarled into the phone after your sixty-third unanswered call. “This is our wedding day! Any other day for the rest of our lives I will let you pull this shit, but not today. I don’t care if the whole damn planet burns to the ground you get here within the next two hours.”

The two hours passed and Tony didn’t show. You gave him an extra hour, but when he still didn’t show, you decided it was time to face the music. Your guest were confused, but they handled their exits graciously. Most offered apologies or condolences to your mother and Rhodes on their way out. At least that’s what you’d been told, because you didn’t leave your room. You sat alone for the better part of an hour while your mother, your sister, the bridesmaids and Rhodey got to work downstairs.

No one knew what to say to you. How could they? This kind of thing wasn’t featured in bridal magazines. There was no “what to do when the groom stands up the bride to save to world” section. But you were glad they left you alone, because you didn’t know what to say to any of them either. So you stayed in your room, and stared outside. It was raining now, and you could see the six-thousand-dollar cake getting wet. There would be no saving it, which was all right with you. You wanted as few memories of this day as possible because there would be no saving what was once the greatest love story of all time.

zayn just really wants to bitch about his art and career while doing absolute minimal to actually maintain a career


Group: DAY6

Focus: Park Jaehyung

Genre: Angst, Soulmate!AU

Word Count: 4953

Requested by Anonymous: 29. “You know, it hurt when I realized that you’re not in love with me. But nothing can compare to the pain I felt when I saw you fall in love with him/her.” 30. “I’m not losing you again.” 31. Why do you keep pushing me away?” with Jae please!! I really love your writing!!! <33333

Note: This is my longest piece of writing to date! Please leave some feedback and let me know if you like it!

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Sometimes you really cursed the universe and the whole soulmate bullshit it came with.

Sure, it was cute to know that you wouldn’t end up alone and you’d have someone to love wholly that will love you back the same, the whole concept was nice.

But, of course, it wasn’t all sunshine and butterflies.

While it was true that everyone had a soulmate, it wasn’t guaranteed that everyone would actually meet theirs, even if they did have their soulmate’s name imprinted on their skin in gold.

Some relationships were lucky in that the golden letters would appear upon meeting their soulmate(in some cases, soulmates) others- not so much. It wasn’t extremely rare to hear that while one had their soulmate’s name appear immediately, the other would not receive their golden letters at the same time and so, sometimes the one who was aware of their soulmate would often be subjected to watch the one they love go on with their lives obliviously and pray that their name appears on their bodies eventually.

You supposed you were the unluckiest human being ever to exist in the universe.

Not only did you have to deal with the overwhelming feeling of his name become tattooed to the skin of your collarbone, making you feel complete and whole, so much that left you breathless when you met him but you also had to feel the crippling disappointment when you looked into his eyes and knew that your name was not on his skin.

You remembered meeting the guitarist as clear as day.

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Makeup Fun - Genevieve Padalecki x Sister!Reader feat Jared Padalecki

Written For: @teamfreewill-imagine 21st Birthday Celebration

Job: Make-up artist Genevieve Padalecki

Pairing: Genevieve Padalecki x Sister!Reader

Warnings: none

Y/n parked her car in her sister Genevieve Padalecki’s driveway, Y/n had decided she was suck of her customer service job. So she went to school to become a make-up artist like her older sister Gen. Y/n had big dreams of landing a job as a make-up artist on a tv show or movie.

Gen opened the door meeting her sister at her car, “hi Gen” Y/n said jumping out of the car, “oh hey sweetie” Gen said. Gen grabbed her sisters hand leading her into the house, “thank you so much for helping me prepare for my final” Y/n said. “Of course Y/n, I’m so happy I finally get to show you what I learned from working on tv shows” Gen said.

Genevieve Padalecki had been a make-up artist on shows and movies for almost ten years. Gen met her husband Jared when she was a make-up artist on Gilmore Girls, She’d stopped working after their first son was born. Gen was thrilled her little sister Y/n wanted to be like her and follow in her footsteps. She had so so much fun working on tv and movies, she missed it a little.

“Yeah so my teacher wouldn’t let me bring one of the models, so I guess we can use each other” Y/n said. “The only problem with that is I can’t see what you’re doing on me, hang on a second I’ll be back” Gen said. Gen left the room, coming back a few seconds later, “Y/n, come in the den, I found a model” she said.

Y/n picked her up her make-up kit walking into the den seeing Jared, her husband asleep on the couch. “Oh nice, Gen I love the way you think, but he won’t wake up” Y/n said, “only if you fall on him, he’s dead to the world” Gen said. “So do you know what you’re doing for your final” Gen said. “Since I wanna work in the entertainment industry I’m doing three different faces of my choosing” Y/n said.

“The first is a woman like just a regular going out look” Y/n said, Gen picked up a lip pen handing it to her sister. Y/n put a pale pink shade of lipstick on Jared lining it with a darker pink lip pen. Next they did his cheeks a peachy color, “last are his eyes, they were always the hardest part for me” Gen said.

Once the first look was done Y/n got on the couch next to Jared while Gen took the picture. Gen cleaned the make-up off Jared’s face, “the second face, I wanted to do something like a man with cuts and bruises on his face” Y/n said. “That’s a good choice, something I’ve done often” Gen said, Y/n followed her older sister’s instructions exactly and it was the best cut up face she’d ever done.

Again Gen took the make-up off Jared’s face after she and Y/n took the picture, “so what’s the last one” Gen said. “Scary zombie, my favorite” Y/n said, she with a beige base coat, then she darkened the eyes. Y/n made the bruises with different levels of shading, “here your scrapes and cuts Gen said. "Shit, that’s the best zombie I’ve ever done, he’s so scary” Y/n said. “Great he looks gross, but let’s take the picture before the boys get back” Gen said.

The boys Tom and Shep were dropped off by Gen’s friend Danni and they ran in, “aunt Y/n” they both shouted. They gave her big hugs and kisses, “why’s the make-up in front of daddy” Tom said. “Mommy and Y/n made him pretty” Shep said, Gen and Y/n had an evil idea.

The boys made daddy up all pretty, when Jared woke up he was none the wiser, until he walked in the bathroom. “What the, Gen” Jared called, “oh you look so pretty honey” Gen said, “okay well, since you loom mad I’ll come clean, we used you as our model for my final” Y/n said. Jared looked at the pictures, “wow these are really good Y/n, I’ll pass these to the make-up department on Supernatural” Jared said. “Yay thank you Jared” Y/n said, “yeah then she could come over and practice with me all the time” Gen said.

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Walls could talk || Part 3

Pairing: Jaebum x reader
drama, FLUFF
Idea: From Halseys powerfull song Walls could talk
Note: SURPRISE! I had the motivation to write this. :D I hope, you like it.

As you still focused on the bobby pin, Jaebum  took one step towards you with a light smile on his face. Your roommate  watched the scene in confusion, but after you took a look at her, she  made her way in the kitchen. Just as far away to listen to the  conversation.

“I…I don’t even know what I say, but I needed to see you.”, he said shyly. “So you just decided to break in my apartment and scare my friend. Your plans are still perfected.”, you fizzed sarcastically. Of course, you was relieved to see Jaebum and to see that he was healthy and still good-looking. But on the other hand, you still felt anger in your chest which was adjusted towards him.

His face expression changed into hurt, while he began to fiddle with his hands because of nervousness. “I wanted to say sorry again. Now in person. I don’t know why I kissed this girl.”, he stuttered.
“Well, it wasn’t just a kiss, Jaebum. I wish, it was. But you were about to have sex in my bed with her if i wasn’t interrupt you both. That’s the reason why I moved out too.”, you snapped back.

After a few minutes of silence while he didn’t even look in your eyes because of shame, you asked: “How many girls were in my apartment already? And don’t dare to lie to me. Now it’s over anyway.”
“She was the only one, i promise. And it was the first time, we were in your apartment.”, he answered immediately, so you trusted him that it had to be right.

“Why do you still have the bobby pin?”, you asked further. Deep down in your heart you didn’t want to let Jaebum go. Even if it was over after 4 years, when you saw him now you knew why you fell for him.

Still with a hurt expression in his eyes, he took a step towards you, so that you could feel his breath on your skin.
“Because  i still love you. I will always love you and I don’t want to let go the  last 4 years so easily. I know that it’s all my fault and you can’t  imagine how guilty i feel all the time. I  couldn’t even focus on the training. If you say, that it is over now,  then i have to deal with it. But if there is a chance that i can get another chance, then I will do everything better. Please, (Y/N).”

While  you listened to his regretful words, you already knew what you would do  next. After he finished and your heartbeat raise to the sky, you closed  the gap between Jaebum and you. Your lips moved in sync, while you could feel his hand on your waist.

“I promise you, I will give my best.”, he whispered, before you two kissed again.
You hoped so too so that you wouldn’t regret for giving him a second chance.

2 years later

It was the day of the MAMA awards, where you were active as a makeup artist for a few girl groups. After Jaebum  and you decided to do a new beginning, you tried to get in the JYP  Entertainment as a staff member. But after several times, where you  couldn’t get in, you tried to learn how to do make up. Beside your Liberian job, was being a makeup artist a good way to get more money and not being dependent on your boyfriend.

He holt is promise, that he would do his best. You had sometimes the feeling, that everything went too good to even imagine.
One year passed by when he decided to announce your relationship in public. Well, Jaebum said in a live stream, that he has a girlfriend and everyone should respect his privacy.

Fortunately, Aghase were happy when his idol was happy.

Before the awards began, Jaebum came in your room where the makeup of TWICE was made and gave you a kiss before he headed to the stage. “Now I have to have luck.”,  he said, before he closed the door behind him. You wanted to scream: I  love you so much., but you were still afraid of being hated from anyone.

As  the show began you decided to stay beside the stage to look at the  performances and all the idols who sat in your sight. And also Got7.
Jaebum looked gorgeous with his black-white printed blouse, his jacket and jeans. It wasn’t even a high class outfit, but he made it to one.

The actual award ceremony began and various of groups began to get their awards. But suddenly the MC screamed through the mic:“This important award goes to: Got7! Congratulations!”
The  whole arena began to cheer, while all you could do was smiling and  being proud of the boys, because you knew that they worked hard for  that.
The beautiful boys made their way to the stage, while clapping and smiling to the fans. Jaebum, because he was the leader stopped in front of the microphone and began to speak.

“Come and get it, Got7. Hello, we’re Got7! JYP-PD-nim who made this possible for us to receive, Jungwook CEO, Jo Yoosung VP and many others, thank you so much. Thanks to the whole JYP family that who worked hard. Also most importantly, our fans, Aghases, who voted so hard for us and made this possible that we stand on this stage. ”

The whole arena explode and screamed for their idols in proud and happiness.
While all eyes were on the leader he suddenly turned to the right side of the stage, where you stood.
“But for me, who inspired me and comfort me every time, is (Y/N). I know that this isn’t maybe the best moment but i love you, (Y/N). Thanks for being there for me.”, he said with a smile on his face as he spoke to you.

In your mind you were alone, just you two, while he said these heartwarming words.
Then  you saw the other boys beckon you over them. While you were still in   your daydream like situation, you made your way to them on the huge   stage.
You blushed as Jaebum turned his whole body to you and smiled. While Bambam  arranged the microphone beside his friend, you didn’t know what to do.  While you slowly woke up from your daydream, your knees began to tremble  but you didn’t dare to look at the crowd.

“I  will always love you, (Y/N). I want to explore this beautiful world   with you and want to get old with you. I would be very happy if you   think the same. So, please (Y/N), will you marry me?”
The whole world stopped, as well as your brain thinking.

All you could was thinking  that you loved him. That you was glad that you gave him a second  chance. And that you want to be with him, through up and downs. Forever. 

The end

I hope you liked this. Actually, I thought of a bad ending but Jaebum deserves better. :D But anyway, thanks for reading.

I Am Human - Prologue

That’s it! The Prologue to I Am Human - A Jared Padalecki Story!
Read then Summary to the story here

Let me know what you think of this and also tell me what you think of my Jensen Ackles story idea

Pairing: Jared x reader
Summary: He’s one of the two main actors. He’s 28, sexy, charming and funny.
She’s the new girl on set. The new assistent from a foreign country. And she is only 20 years old. She is also the one who stole his heart in milliseconds, just by being herself.  Jared Padalecki and (Y/N) (Y/L/N) are what you like to call starcrossed lovers, two fitting pieces of a puzzle. But we all know love is not easy. So what happens if their age difference becomes a problem? Can (Y/N) keep working for Jared when feelings get involved? And what secret is she hiding from him? 
Warning: None

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