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Makeup Hacks / Tips & Tricks For MakeUp Application!

Here are my 12 favourite hacks when when it comes to makeup. Some of them are super easy for those of you who don’t know much about makeup. And then some of them are more indepth and hopefully you may not of heard of them.


Back to the basics: Foundation

With new products constantly being launched into the market it can be easy to get caught up and forget what the basic purpose of a product is.

Foundation should be applied after cleansing, moisturising and priming your skin. It can be applied with your fingers, a foundation brush or a sponge. For best results start off with less foundation than you think you need and gradually add more.

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* the products shown are not necessarily recommended more as a visual*  

Everyone has that part of their make up routine that they are really good at. Some people are great at shadow blending, some are great at liquid liner (god bless those people) and so on. Mine is foundation…skin related make up. It is my strength when I am working on others and it is my favorite part of my own morning routine. 

I am a women of variety, I like choices. This post is to show you how to make a complete face make up “kit” I guess with a varied finishes and products so you can always switch up your look. Call me a nut, but I consider all of these different shades and finishes essential. 

Let me know if you have any questions or need recommendations 

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Totally no filter at all. My makeup is super on point today and I am absolutely in love with it, so let me just post a few selfies before it all wears off with the Singapore heat. Hope you guys don’t mind :)


Le Crayon Yeux

Precision Eye Definer

Limited Edition

Line eyes quickly and easily with an eye crayon that achieves a variety of effects, from a subtle yet precise look, to a more dramatic definition. The built-in smudge applicator perfects a smoky eye look, while a companion sharpener ensures the pencil is always ready for lining.

Shade/Color: 01 Noir/Black

Full size, 1.16g/0.03oz


The actual item is the one shown in the picture with transparent plastic cover, sharpener not included.

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Le Stylo Waterproof

Long Last EyeLiner w/Smudger

Eyeliner that is here to stay.

Formulated to withstand everything from tears to inclement weather, this waterproof eyeliner has a unique twist tip that never needs sharpening. Won’t skip, smudge or streak.

Full Size 0.01 OZ/.28g

No Box
It was so awkward.

So today, I helped this girl apply on eye shadow and I was telling her how to do it. She was using a flat brush and she was pressing the brush onto her eyelid repeatedly and I said to her,

"Yeah, I’d tap that."
BUT I DIDN’T MEAN IT SEXUALLY! I just meant she should be tapping the brush onto her eyelids like how she was doing it.

omg what have I done…


Applying eyeshadow can be pretty difficult specially if you are a beginner and have zero knowledge about it. The reason I made this tutorial is to help the beginners in eyeshadow or make up application. When choosing colors, you can never go wrong with neutrals. They are perfect for everyday wear. You don’t need to be a beauty guru to have beautiful looking eyes. All it takes is a little practice and more practice to be able to get the perfect blend of eyeshadow colors. 

Try these simple steps of eyeshadow application and get on your way to be a beauty of envy.

1. Clean up your face by washing it or by applying facial toner. Professional make up artists prefer to apply eye primer first on their clients eyelid so the eyeshadow can hold for longer hours. But, if you will only wear it on a casual day and you have no problem with retouching your eyeshadow then you can do it without a primer. Apply a concealer on areas with uneven skin tone.

2. Choose three colors from your eyeshadow palette. You must have a light, medium and dark shade to start. If you are not sure about which shades to choose then go for the neutral shades like peach, browns, nude shades or beige. Apply the lightest color all over your eyelid and on your brow bone. Also apply it on the inner corner of your eyes to make your eyes appear fresh and awake.

3. Take the darker shade of the eyeshadow and apply it on your eyelid. This is the most common technique used for those with hooded eyes because it can make the eyelid more noticeable. Make sure to apply evenly and don’t forget to blend.

4. Take the medium shade of the eyeshadow and apply it on your crease. It can help in defining the shape of your eyes. Make sure to cover the whole area of the eyeball. Don’t forget to blend. For hooded eyes, it’s okay to go a little bit above the crease.

5. Line your upper lash line with a dark eye pencil to make an illusion of thicker eyelashes. Just blend them out to make it appear more natural. We don’t want a harsh black line on the lash line. 

6. To make your eyes appear bigger, line half of the lower lash line with dark pencil then apply white eyeliner on the lower waterline for a fresh looking eyes.

7. Curl your eyelashes using eyelash curler. To really open up your eyes you can wear falsies. There are variety of false eyelashes in the market. If you are wearing eyeshadow for a casual every day look you may opt for a not so dramatic eye lashes. For hooded eyes like mine, you can select a pair of falsies that feature long and short strands, with the longest lashes right above your pupil. But, in this tutorial, I opted not to wear falsies anymore.

8. Apply 2-3 coats of mascara and you are done.

9. The effect should be soft and natural looking eyes that you will not be afraid to wear during day time and on a casual day. You can pair it with  earth shades of lippies. You may wear this eyeshadow at night just go a little bolder by pairing it with a darker shade of lipstick.

More Tricks:

- To make eyes appear awake and bigger, apply a white or nude eye pencil on the waterline.
- Put a highlighter shade on your brow bone to add a lift to your face.
- Clean any fall outs using a wet q tip to achieve a clean crisp look.
- Invest in a good eye primer to boost your eye makeup and help keep shadow on for long.
- Brushes are equally important in making a gorgeous eye makeup. So, invest in some basic brushes. 

Please do not hesitate to drop me a line after you tried it yourself.

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