make this work my man


“That tensile strength is off the charts. Who manufactured that?”

“I did.”


guess who’s reading old kingdom hearts fics again

so now that Iron Fist is out, I just realized how closely the Defenders shows’ release order parallels phase 1 of the MCU:

1. Iron Man/Daredevil S1
Features a hero in a bright red suit, received with enormous immediate success

2. The Incredible Hulk/Jessica Jones S1
Hero whose normal appearance really hides the power they possess. Just wants to be left alone tbh. No costume or armour, they’re just themselves.

3. Iron Man 2/Daredevil S2
Bright red suit hero man is back again, to less critical acclaim, but still pretty good.

4. Thor/Luke Cage S1
Hero whose normal appearance clearly shows the enormous physical power he possesses. Serious brother issues because of paternal favouritism.

5. Captain America/Iron Fist S1
Young guy from New York gets in a plane crash in the snow, presumed dead, returns many years later to everyone’s amazement. Training primarily focused on defeating ancient evil cult (since that’s technically what Hydra was originally, inhuman-wise, in the MCU).

6. Avengers/Defenders
Big song and dance number brings our unlikely team of misfits together in New York where they align under a group name that describes what they do for the innocent/general public.


D.Gray-Man Week || Day 4: By Your Side
↳ Favourite Noah - Wisely Kamelot


↳companion romances | sole survivor x preston garvey

“have you ever thought of us being more than just friends?”
have i… you mean… you also…?

please no character hate or that God Damn Meme™, thank you

Okay so I had another genosai dream last night that I meant to post earlier,

Saitama was going through trouble with his depression and it started effecting his memory and mood, he would just space out more and he’d go through periods where hours passed faster then they seem they should, even during battles and it really worried Genos. So he left home and kinda set out on this journey of “personal self discovery” leaving Genos behind, cause he just felt like it was something he needed to do alone. 

I can’t really remember most of the stuff that happened during that period, but at some point when Genos is on a mission from the HA fighting a sea monster when Saitama shows up and takes out the monster.

And it’s been like months since Genos last saw Saitama. They go back home, Saitama just sits on the floor soaking wet from the battle still. Genos says, “Sensei you should really dry off, you’ll catch a cold”. And Saitama says something like, “Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine”. Genos doesn’t say anything else but gets a towel and just places it on Sai, covering his head and shoulders, and places his hand on Sai’s right shoulder (at this point I was seeing and feeling from Sai’s perspective and things felt so REAL, and I could kinda hear his thoughts). 

And Saitama just said under his breath “Your hand is really warm” and it was true his hand was really warm (I COULD FEEL HIS HAND) Sai’s heart was beating really fast and he was thinking that shouldn’t be right, I mean the guy is made of metal…

And Genos just leaned over and kissed Sai then I woke up.

omg you guys my likes section is almost EXCLUSIVELY mad sweeney

i………………………………love him so much and AG was so satisfying BUT IT TOO IS OVER

that being said, i’m still going to spend most of the summer doing American Gods work, because it was so refreshing. after the wringer spn put me through, i really was trying to make mountains out of molehills. i do have a few spn comic ideas to get to, tho!

SO IN REGARDS TO SPN CONS I’M WORKING! my plans for the rest of the year (which are subject to change, but this is the basic overview!) are:

  • CHICAGO, IL JULY 14-16
  • NEW ORLEANS, LA OCT. 27-29

sanfran might still be on the table, but it’s a bit too far off to tell right now. i love seeing everyone’s faces with my traveling comic show HOWEVER i might need a month to get my bearings at some point :’)

anyway here’s that gif of me with my cat band again


Yesterday was the first day of the laven week! YAY! But since I’m completely useless and I need the stars to align to be able to manage drawing my otp, I’m pretty sure this will be my only contribution o<-<