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…and now for something completely different. This is the movie event of the millennium, the highly anticipated sequel to the smash-hit action drama, SPACE DOG. 

I was the resident cinematographer, my brother @nealdanderson plays the ever-intimidating Cyclopticus, with @tuhlohr and @sadcentralstation as the conniving villains, guest-starring youtube sensation Steve Kardynal and a special appearance by @mollyillustrates as the Princess of Space, and last but certainly not least, starring, and directed, written, created and edited by mastermind @joeofnash

Check out the Intergalactic Video 2000 channel for more out of this world videos! 

IV2K logo animated by the impressively mustachioed @artscotthoch 

Go forth and REBLOG this everyone, SPACE DOG 2 needs your help becoming best doggone video in the galaxy!

Important announcement for short boys:
- y'all are ok
- you shouldn’t be taller
-not every guy is gonna pick on you because of your height
-and even if they do just kick them in the balls
-you are attractive
-yes there are plenty of boys and girls that don’t care about height
- usually they are the taller ones btw so don’t get scared to talk to them
- actually don’t get scared at talking to any girl/boy at all
- cuz you are all valid
- you are handsome
- you are cute
- and you are all hot
- y'all are ok just the way you are
- keep rockin'





WOW!!! I have no words!!
This is so disgusting. I’m so heartbroken.
I’m so ashamed to even say I went to this school with teachers like this .
Just wow!! What a disgrace.

It may be gone now but ladies and gentlemen l I present to you our beloved teachers from Rubidoux high school .My heart is so broken , I loved these teachers and this is how they feel about us and our people ? I understand you don’t agree with the protest or the way it’s being done but to just openly say those comments about students I can’t even be angry my heart just hurts . We all looked up to people who think of us as lazy drunks .. man Rubidoux you hurt your people ..

Email the administration

Instead of #SikhLivesMatter, use #SaveSikhLives

Instead of #MuslimLivesMatter, use #JusticeforMuslims

Instead of #AsianExcellence, use #AmazingAsians (I created this but it hasn’t taken off)

Instead of #AsianLivesMatter, use #AsiansDemandBetter or #AsiansDemandJustice (I also just made these up)

Instead of complaining that #*insert group*LivesMatter is well known when an issue needs attention, use these hashtags and make them go viral so they BECOME well known. 


This is literally the cutest thing I have ever seen! @_sweetest_poison your baby is so cute and smart!!!! Let’s make her go viral yalll!! #frobabies @theshaderoom @balleralert @frobabies

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