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“Break free from your chains… GANDORA! The dragon of destruction!” Heba shouted as the beast roared, its body aglow by the dozens of red gems that covered it. The chains shattered, dropping to the ground.

@celepom already did a fabulous rendition of a certain drabble/scene from @riyuyami‘s Millenium World au, but when inspiration slaps ya in the face then you don’t turn it down

wanted to draw something dynamic ish and used the excuse to play around with CSP stuff as usual! I like how Yugi turned out =w=

axiom: ii

read part one here,

chapter ii: i’d stay, always. 

“Oh, fuck me,” I groan, clenching my eyes shut.

“Can’t get enough of me?” Harry’s voice chirps up beside me.

I gasp at the closeness of his voice and roll over to face him. “Why’re you in my bed?” I croak out. 

I’m in desperate need of water and a fry up and effective immediately, I am banning alcohol from this house.

“You practically dragged me up here,” he smirks, nudging my shoulder.

I open one eye to peek at him and close it just as quickly, hissing at the brightness that seeps through the windows.

“’M going blind,” I yawn, “Was drunk.”

I get no response for him so I assume he’s fallen back asleep until, “That made absolutely no sense, love.”

I nestle my head further into the pillow. “Sun’s too bright.”

“Are you going to utter more than three words at a time today?”

I sigh. “Harry, mate, I love you but if you keep talking, I will feed you your own nuts.”

He lets out a boisterous chuckle – one way too loud considering how much we drank last night. “A’right, for the safety of yourself and everyone around you, I think it’d be best if you got some more sleep,” I feel the bed move as he sits up. “Though if you did want to wake up properly, I could fuc-,”

I cut him off with something caught between a laugh and a cough. “Snog my arse, Styles.”

“’M just being helpful.”

“No, what you’re being is a pest,” I say, my lips stretching into a tired smile, “Trying to make me so uncomfortable that I’ll get out of my own bed.”

He tugs on my hair.

“Fuck, alright, I’m getting up.” I toss the covers from my body but remain laying down.

“You do know that to actually get out of bed you have to…get out of the bed, right?” I shoot him a glare. “I guess that ‘break up drunk’ mantra wasn’t such a good idea, hmmm?” Another tug.

I slap his hand away. “I know that your mum taught you to keep your hands to yourself.”

“Yeah, yeah. You can’t really be annoyed with me today seeing that I stopped you from drunk-dialling Daniel last night.”

“You did what now?”

He runs his fingers through his hair whilst trying to stifle a yawn. “Emphasis on the part where I stopped you, love. But, yeah. You said something about needing to call him to let him know that he was missing out.”

“Well…that’s not a bad reason to drunk dial someone. Why didn’t you let me?”

“Because I pitied the lad,” he shrugs.

“You pitied him?!” I screech, “I’m the one who got dumped!”

“Exactly. So, clearly he’s a bit,” he twirls his finger by the side of his head.

“How are you so happy? It’s too early to be talking so much and tugging on my hair and smiling –.”

“I kind of expected you to like hair pulling - rough sex and all that,” he says, his voice void of humour.

I narrow my eyes at his chest, reach over and twist one of his nipples. “Is that all you got from what I’ve just said?”

“What the fuck, Josie?!” He rubs his hand along his chest, laughing, “Are you a five year old? Who does that?” 

“In case you haven’t noticed, my brain’s only half functioning. I couldn’t think of anything else.” I shrug my shoulders.

“Don’ be upset if I decide to return the favour.”

“Yeah, yeah,” I roll my eyes. “Since you’ve forced me to stay awake, you get the pleasure of making me a fry up.”

He flinches as I lift my hand again but relaxes when I bring it to gently pat his cheek instead.

Harry holds on to my wrist, keeping my hand on his cheek. “Are you forgetting that I drank almost as much as you did last night?”

I snort, pulling my hand from his grip. “I was almost finished a bottle of tequila when you got here, don’t even try it.” I swing my legs over the side of the bed. “I’m going to shower; I expect breakfast once I get out.”

“Do you know how much work that is?” he sighs melodramatically.

“I bet Niall wouldn’t complain if I asked him to make me a fry up,” I say, struggling to keep my face straight. 

His lip juts out petulantly. “You’re only using me for my skills,” he accuses. 

“Mhm, and you’re the one to blame. If you hadn’t spent the last three and a half years bragging about how good you are in the kitchen, I would still be making my own fry ups.” I stretch my arms above my head and continue, “Besides, your eggs are crackin’.”

A smirk creeps over his face but he remains silent.

“Are you egg-noring me, Harry? You’ve got nothing to say about my egg-celent jokes?”

“You’ve been waiting to use these, haven’t you?”


“Don’t quit your day job, I don’t think anyone would stick around to hear what else you’ve got in store.”

“You’d stay though, wouldn’t you?” I ask, glancing back at him.

“Yeah, Josie. I’d stay, always,” he whispers. “Go – I’ll get started on breakfast.”


I walk into the kitchen and am met with Aida perched on a chair, flipping through the newspaper.

“Well, what do we have here?” She asks, glancing up at me.

“What?” I huff, making my way directly to the kettle. I take out a mug for Harry and place it on the worktop.

“Oh, I’ve already got one.” Her eyes are fixed intently on my face as she raises her mug.

“It’s for Harry.” I suddenly notice his absence (and the fact that there’s nothing cooking on the stove). “Where is he?”

“Where’d you sleep last night?” She completely ignores my question and lifts a perfectly arched eyebrow at me.

I open the fridge and stick my head in to grab what I need. When I stand, I notice that her eyes are still trained on me.

“In my bed, Mum,” I narrow my eyes. “We’re out of milk.”

“We’re always out of milk. I’ll do the shopping today.” She takes a sip from her mug. “And where did Harry sleep?”

“Where else would he have slept, Aida?” I ask, irritation coating my voice.

Her eyebrow raises even higher, waiting.

“He slept here. Where is he?”

“Ran out to take a call or summat; I wasn’t paying attention,” she shrugs. “What’d you get up to after Jax and I left?”

“We watched Masterchef, got plastered and went to bed. What’s with the twenty questions?”

“Just curious.”

“Whatever it is that you want to ask Aida, just come out with it.”

“Nothing happened? No…I don’t know, ‘I feel bad for you so let’s shag’ sex?” She watches me over the rim of her mug.

“Sorry, what? No. Harry wouldn’t…No.” I fumble over my words.

“Harry wouldn’t what? Sleep with you?”

I clear my throat, flustered. “I don’t have enough energy to – wow. It’s too early to be this confusing.”

“It’s too early to be this dense. Go get dressed,” she says waving me off and bringing her attention back to her paper.

I grab my mug and rush past her. “Let Harry in when he’s finished, please?”

You let Harry in,” she grumbles quietly.

I glance back at her, puzzled and annoyed. “I can’t. I have to get – just open the bloody door, Aida.”

I throw on socially acceptable work clothes and go through my morning routine. Once finished, I hurry back to the kitchen, hoping to be greeted by Harry and breakfast. I ring his phone, sulking further when it goes without answer.

I decide to wait another ten minutes but when I glance at the clock, I realise that I’m out of time. I take the last two pasties from the fridge, mumbling dejectedly about the loss of my fry up before grabbing my bag and heading to work.


It’s almost half twelve when Harry walks into my office, a smile so wide that his dimples are prominent and his eyes alight, an inclination that clearly he got to eat a proper breakfast.

“Hey, did you get the ointment for your rash?!” I yell across the room, causing a few of my workmates to sneak a glance at him.

He saunters up beside me, laughing. “You’re a prick.”

“Me? A prick? You’re the one that stood me up this morning.”

A look of confusion crosses his face before his eyes focus somewhere behind me. He waves and I don’t have to look to know that it’s Jade.

“What did you have for breakfast then?” he asks in a low voice as we walk into my office.

I close the door behind us and make my way to sit behind my desk, busying myself with the papers that lay scattered across it to avoid eye contact. “Oh, y’know…I made porridge and had a variety of healthy fruits and muesli – all things that would make you incredibly proud of me.”

He sits across from me and crosses his ankle across his thigh. “Josephine.”

“Greggs, okay? I had two pasties from Greggs.” He raises his eyebrows at my confession and because I’ve always been a shit liar, I continue rambling. “And by ‘two’ I don’t mean two single pasties, no. I mean two of the cellophane wrapped packages.”

He bites back a laugh. “So, you ate four of ’em.”

“I don’t appreciate the judgement that I’m seeing in your eyes right now, Harriet.”

“It’s not judgment, Joseph. I just don’t know if those can even be considered real food.” He reaches across the desk and I pull back, a natural reaction caused by the previous hair pulling that occurred this morning. “You’ve got crumbs,” he smirks, “Around your mouth.”

Christ, I’ve been here for three hours and the little shits that I work with have yet to say a word to me. I quickly wipe at my mouth and point a stern finger at him. “Don’t want to hear it. What I do want to hear is why I had to go without the wholesome breakfast I clearly need this morning.”

He has the sense to look contrite. “I got a call from Jeff a few minutes after you’d gone into the shower and I went to my car to read something from the contract he’d given me last week but the call took longer than I’d anticipated. I swear to you, I came back in to ask Aida to let you know that I had a meeting with Sony that I had to get to and by the time that finished, I had some errands to run and I forgot to send a text.”

“You know Aida retains nothing before noon,” I laugh, bouncing my leg beneath my desk. “Have you got errands to run over here then?”

“Nope, none.”

“Well, that was a waste of petrol,” I say, furrowing my eyebrows.

“No it isn’t,” he smiles, copying my motions, eyes holding mine. “Anyways, after the texts you’d sent me, I figured you were dying to get some real food in you so, here I am, ready to take you to lunch.”

“What was wrong with me texts?”

“You asked if you should get a water bed.”

“It was – it is a serious question,” I retort. “I’m in dire need of a new mattress.”

“Let’s get you something that’s not doused in a shit tonne of added preservatives,” he says in response, nodding his head towards the door. “I’d feel responsible if your heart gave out at such a tender age.”

“Okay, drama queen. I get off in five minutes.”

“Really?” he snorts. “That’s quick.”

“And here you were thinking you’re the funny one in this friendship,” I tsk with mock despondency. “I’ll meet you in the car.”

He chuckles, standing and rapping his knuckles twice against the arm of his chair. “Right. Think of what you want to eat.” 

Here We Lie, Outstretched by redeyedwrath

Rating: Teen and Up

Word Count: 3455

“I couldn’t sleep,” Stiles says, and he shrugs, twiddling with his thumbs. The moonlight catches in the hollows of his cheekbones.

Derek snorts. “So you thought that if you couldn’t sleep, neither should I?”

Or, in which Derek and Stiles are neighbors and they’re Make Out Buddies

Klaroline Countdown: 88 Days

Something So Precious About This for @ultimaflordolacio

When her grandmother made a deal with the devil, she certainly hadn’t expected that Caroline would be the one to pay the price. Now the young siren is stuck playing dangerous games with a demon and fighting down her urges to devour him.


Liam’s voice in person has the same effect as it does over radio airwaves, commanding and warm like the rich, black coffee Nita grew accustomed to drinking during those late-night study sessions she had in college, and she is unable to look anywhere else but directly at him when he speaks again, asking if she’ll press the button for the floor where FREE 95.1 resides before seeing that it’s already illuminated.

“You work for the station?” he asks, brows arching, and then they pull together as he studies her for a moment. “What department?”

“Mega Morning,” Nita replies, as the elevator lurches to life. She shrugs her shoulders as Liam looks on with interest and takes that moment to burst the bubble of whatever illusion she imagines he’s crafting in his head, of her working in some noteworthy position for the Mega Morning Show instead of filing, answering phones, and making afternoon coffee runs like an average twenty-three-year-old working in this kind of entry-level position. “Nothing fancy. Pushing papers, grabbing coffee, mostly.”

Liam nods, unbuttoning his beautiful brown coat, and to Nita’s surprise, the interest never leaves his eyes. “Have you been here long?”

Picking at her cuticles, Nita shakes her head. “Month and a half, maybe?” Has it even been that long? Even with the work she does being rather low on the scale, radio is a fast-paced world and the time flies in a way that makes it hard to keep track. It’s part of the reason why she loves it so much. As the world changes rapidly, so does the look and sound and responsibility of radio, and Nita finds the effort it takes to keep up the pace invigorating.

“You’re liking it here, then?” he asks, politely keeping eye contact as they exchange words, and Nita grasps at the collar of her blouse beneath her own tan coat like she’s clutching at a string of non-existent pearls. His eyes are far too intense for this early in the morning.

goodnight, good morning // a one-shot; coming soon

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Please share those 10 fics in your bookmarks, , gurl wants to read 😅

Hi anon! 😊 I listed 8 of the longer fics I’ve yet to read down below (All Jikook). Be warned I have no idea if these are good lol but they sparked my interest so I’ll probably read them at some point… :)

A World For Two by Huilen (Soulmate AU)

What The Fans Want by Shealezz (College? AU)

Chasing Broken Dreams by Priska (A/B/O) - [On Going]

After Hours by Pinkmonnie (AU)

Thirst by Pinkmonnie (Vampire AU)

The Bet by Jonghyunslisterine (College AU)

On Patrol by Ragi (Police AU)

On Patrol - Season 2 by Ragi (Police AU) 

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That anon that thanked Gwyn was probably the cutest thing ever, I had to say it lol. Don't think we didn't see the other tags though Pia with the 'big breakdown' and 'evil laughter' because I think most of us let out evil laughs too, we thrive off of his angst and it's horrible, but it's entertaining so I can live with that :D

Ahaha, honestly I am so down for people to be here in the huge whump / angst / hurt-comfort pit, it’s a great place. :D

⇨ Jan. 2018

smut [⚤] ; fluff [☾] ; angst [☕  ] ; mature [ ☂ ] ;

completed [✓] ; ongoing [✎] ; 

Kim Seokjin

⇨ x

Min Yoongi

⇨ x

Kim Namjoon

⇨ x

Jung Hoseok

⇨ x

Kim Taehyung

⇨  Spin the Bottle [⚤] (ft. Jeongguk)  * oneshot

⇨  Morning Wood [⚤, ☾]  * drabble

Park Jimin

⇨  Promise [⚤, ☕ ]  * oneshot

Jeon Jeongguk

✎ 13 Hours [☕  ,  ☂] 

 Preview | Part 1 | Part 2 Part 3 (coming soon!) |

⇨  Spin the Bottle [⚤]  (ft. Taehyung)  * oneshot

⇨  Black Waters [⚤, ☂)  * oneshot

⇨  Paysight [⚤]  * oneshot

* Please do not repost/translate/use my stories without my permission. Thank you.

idk what’s worse.. being in love with someone who will never know you exist or someone who doesn’t even exist

Bet On Me

Reggie x Reader

A/N: This is my first ever fic and I hope you all like it!! Requests for all other Riverdale characters are open!! (This is my first fic because Reggie is bae)

Word Count: 3369

Warnings: Swearing, slight angst, violence, heavy make-out session (is that even a warning?)

Summary: Reggie is dared to date Y/N, the sweet and popular untouched cheerleader. He does so, although not expecting to fall for her in the process.

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I finally got around to draw another amazing scene from one of @crispykrimi ‘s fics !

I definitely didn’t cry reading this

tumblr: plays video games with graphic violence and murder

tumblr: this fic you wrote is going to make people do bad things

Begin (M)

Originally posted by jjeonguk

Series: Seven Chances | 01

Pairing: Jungkook x reader

Genre: fluff, smut, high school romance

Word Count: 12k

Summary: Jungkook is your childhood friend, but a journal full of drawings leads you both to a series of firsts that neither of you expected to share.

A/N: This is part one of a series of interconnected oneshots, each one focusing on a different member. Chapters can be read independently, but are best read together and in order. 

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