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mismarvell asked:

for the character ask thing, could you do leia organa and/or han solo please? thank you!!

Send me a character and I’ll tell you what their social media/blog is like! ( omg this was so long ago i’m sorry :/ )

han solo:

blog url: scoundrebel

posts: social justice, cars, dog videos, dumb vines. he vagueblogs about jabba the hutt a lot

first follow: leia and luke

theme: the default one, but somehow it looks nice bc of the colors and icon and such

2 am posts: the aforementioned jabba vagueblogging. conspiracy theories. really shitty poetry about the glint of leia’s hair in the light

leia organa:

blog url: rememberalderaan

posts: social justice, feminism, screenshots of random skype shenanigans w the rebel squad that make no sense to anyone but them. random videos of chewie being dumb. she has a pinterest where she pins hair tutorials and space pics and stuff

first follow: han, luke

theme: she’s really good at coding so she has a custom one. it’s really pretty and it only took her like two hours to make

2 am posts: complaining about anti-feminists, etc. vines of her scaring the shit out of han

this was so fun, thanks for sending!!!