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Bihh tbh thats why i only read yoongi smut bc even his stans know he a headass and rarely make him a fuckboy in fics tho a lot of di time its complicated relationship type fics 🤔 but hes always so soft. He fr the type to be in love with someone he cant have. Also stop tryna make fuckboy dom!jk a thing, he a true sub bihh

“He fr the type to be in love with someone he cant have” this is fr yoonseok if i had to describe their natal chart compatibility. it’s literally in the stars,, , like i always say , yoongi is/would b wayyy more in love w hoseok than hoseok would b w him ☕️ also … exactly fuckboy and dom jk really isn’t a thing like this boy is way too sub i’m hollering. like i said, jimin is more dom than jk tbh

Taehyung is the type to catch a butterfly because “look, pretty” but would forget to make holes in the jar so he just ends up showing you a dead butterfly.

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man


skydive!yongguk got me like “whoa who is you” so this happened

Yongguk knows there are words for it—what he is. Knows his fascination with fire would be considered sick in most people’s eyes.But in this gang, this group of youths society turned its back on, he’s considered normal. He’s not in it for the money like Youngjae and Junhong. Not for the killing like Himchan’s stray.

They’re an odd couple—Jongup and the boss. But there’s no denying Himchan is the only one who’s got some level of control over the boy. They’re constantly at each other’s throats, the danger in Jongup’s eyes like hot flames, but Himchan always knows how to put them out. Yongguk wonders if there’ll come a day when he won’t anymore.

He’s an observer; prefers to follow rather than lead. Quiet. Not charismatic like Youngjae, lively like Junhong, arrogant like Jongup, or loud like Daehyun.

Daehyun. The pretty one. He is fire embodied—warm, bright, and wild. They’re each other’s opposites on so many areas, Yongguk sharp and edgy where Daehyun is soft and smooth. His smile can light up a whole club, making heads turn the moment he walks in. He doesn’t look dangerous, but Yongguk knows better.

Yongguk knows he still feels it, every time he pulls the trigger, but he does it nonetheless. There’s so much emotion left in Daehyun, while Yongguk’s burned out long ago. Maybe that’s why he likes to watch the man. Maybe that’s why he must keep his fingers occupied, flipping his lighter back and forth, to keep his destructive fire from spreading.

frick I can’t draw backgrounds or proper anatomy

Ok so a certain fic dragged me into terumob hell… and that’s @uncannycookie‘s awesome fic And Nearly Letting Go.  I was tricked by the Mogami angst and now I’m a shipper oops… (I rarely ship anything but terumob is so cute).

But anyways, this thing here is from Mob being a bit of a dumby and going out in a snow storm with no shoes. Like dude, people lose toes that way.

I bet Dex named the dryer.

At first out of annoyance.

The dryer breaks. He’s already having a bad day and dealing with Feelings™ for Nursey. Angrily, he kicks the dryer, muttering something about Derek.

Still, he fixes it best he can.

And he’s feeling a bit better about life now he’s accomplished something with his day


The dryer a few more times. He’s not always grumpy doing it, and often works in silence.


Dex thinks as he works. It helps him organize his thoughts to be busy.

And whenever he’s fixing the dryer, his thoughts turn to Nursey

He mumbles “Derek” under his breath so often he associates it more with the machine than his (crush) friend


Okay so he didn’t HAVE to fix Derek the Dryer, as he taken to calling it in his own head. But he needs some time to think about Nursey. And this is the best place he’s got.


He didn’t expect Nursey to wait upstairs for him while he fixed the dryer, but he does. Dex tries not to read too much into it.


He’s weirdly grown attached to the machine, but that’s probably more to the time it gives him alone to think.


He’s sorry to see it go in a sense.

Still, it gives him more time to focus on the real Derek.

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3

I was thinking, maybe omegas don’t go into heats when the environment they are in is toxic and unhealthy. I’ve read somewhere about female cats not going into heats when the weather is really cold because their body is telling them their litters will only die from the coldness. So what if omegas are like that? Especially if an omega is in an abusive relationship, they won’t get pregnant because their body is telling them that they are not compatible with their mate and the environment is toxic and unhealthy. Since they can’t have a child, there is nothing bonding them to their mate and thus won’t have difficulties looking for a better mate who won’t hurt them.

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12? why not? pls & tysm??? ^__^

12: We were pretending to be lovers but I’m not pretending anymore and I have to know if you feel the same way

It started with we need a way into this group and Jesus announced he had a plan. It was a shitty plan, he admitted, but it was a plan nonetheless and it was the only one they had.

It involved Jesus and Daryl infiltrating their base because they had the skills to do so, as well as the capability to get themselves back out of the situation should it turn south.

But as Daryl watched Jesus sweet-talk their leader and introduce him as his gruff and disheartened partner, something inside him ached and he wanted it. Jesus sold it with casual touches and gentle eyes in his direction and he wanted it, maybe even needed it, and the intensity with which he craved startled him at best.

And when Jesus dropped the charade in the evening, when the sun fell behind the horizon and they were granted their space by the new group, it made him ache in the worst kind of way, but when he opened his mouth to speak the words died on his lips.

Jesus seemed to smile at him knowingly, though, an understanding in his eyes, and after he knotted his hair at the top of his head he padded over to where Daryl stood.

“It’s alright,” he said softly. “We have time.”

And they didn’t, not really, but it let Daryl’s shoulders drop and he dipped his head down to press his forehead against Jesus’s shoulder.

bucky writing to his ma during the war and rambling about steve in his letters, answering her arsenal of questions about the two of them like “nah he can keep himself warm now,” “yes we could use more socks” “I’m fine, yes I’m getting enough rest” and “you should see steve, he’s massive.”

also getting steve to do a quick sketch to send so she’ll know they’re ok and together bc of the odds of that were slim and everything bucky is saying sounds so outrageous (tho he makes sure to hold back the grimy stuff like almost dying with steve on purpose)

Title: Common Ground
Fandom: Game of Thrones
Word Count: 1,735
Characters: Jon Snow x Reader
Reader Gender: Female
Warnings: Swearing, a hint of NSFW
Notes: Request from anon for “Could I have a request where Jon and the reader switch bodies because they pissed Melisandre off? :D” // Honestly, this isn’t the next one on my list to do, but I’ve been doing Harry Potter constantly (98% Draco Malfoy tbh) and I wanted to switch it up a bit. ☺ (And I know that we don’t know whether or not Melisandre can make people switch bodies, but hey, she brought Westeros’s sexiest man back to life, so it’s really not all that far-fetched.) Anyway, enjoy Jon Snow gettin’ Freaky Friday’d. 😂

Originally posted by gameofthronefannn

       “You are a self-centered jackass, Jon Snow!”
       “And you are a shallow idiot!”
       You and the former Lord Commander had been at each other’s throats since you arrived at Castle Black. You were a skilled assassin, known as Lady Red, as when most men saw you, you were already covered in blood. Your life had been saved by Brienne of Tarth, so you vowed to follow her and help her protect Sansa Stark. After making it to the Wall safely, you were met with the human embodiment of annoyance, known as Jon Snow.
       Not a day passed without at least one or two rude exchanges between you and Snow. It was inevitable. One particular day, you had had more than enough. You had been training since dawn, and you were far from being in the mood to deal with Snow’s attitude.
       “That’s it!” you hollered. You stood from the table at the same moment Jon did, both of your chairs slamming to the floor loudly. “To the yard. Now. You and me. Hand to hand. If I win – which I will – you shut the fuck up and never speak to me again.”
       “And if you lose – which you will – then you shut the fuck up,” Jon shot back, venom dripping from each word.
       The two of you began storming off towards the yard, glaring at one another. You didn’t even notice Melisandre entering the dining hall, a bottle of ink and a quill in her hands. You both slammed into her, causing her to spill the ink all over her dress. With agonizing slowness, she looked up at the two of you. If looks could kill, you were certain that you would have both dropped dead.
       “I have had enough of this fighting, Lord Snow and Lady Red, as has everyone else at Castle Black,” Melisandre said, her voice frighteningly calm. “Neither of you are certain of the true cause for your hatred for one another, but I am: it is because neither of you have taken the time to try to understand each other. That is the root of your quarrel. We need you both in the battles yet to come, so I will ask your forgiveness in advance for what I am about to do.”
       Before you could take a step back or ask what she was planning, she had touched yours and Jon’s foreheads. That was the last thing you remembered before everything went black.
       When you awoke, you felt as if you had been trampled by a stampede of giants. You gradually sat up, and found that your surroundings were entirely unfamiliar. The room was larger, and more homey than yours. Suddenly, you remembered that Melisandre had done something to you, and you were filled with rage. You stood, and immediately knew something was off. You felt… wrong. Your entire body felt heavier, as if your limbs were weighed down. You looked down in an attempt to determine what was wrong. That was when you screamed.
       Even your voice wasn’t yours; the scream that left your lips was a deep yell. You reached a hand up to your mouth to find it surrounded by coarse hair, and the panic began to set in. You stormed out of the room and stomped your unusually heavy feet down the hallway, and nearly slammed into – yourself?
       Before you stood your own body, in a nightgown with a wild look in her… your eyes.
       “What the fuck?” both you and… yourself said.
       “Why are you me?” the person before you said.
       “I could ask you the same damn thing!” you retorted, then your eyes widened. You realized whose voice was coming from your mouth. “Oh Seven Hells, I’m Snow.”
       “Yes, thank you for pointing out the obvious,” your body said. “But you’re not Jon Snow. I’m Jon Snow. But apparently, you are in my body, and I’m in yours.”
       Your eyes widened slightly, staring down at the pair of large hands below you. You could see scars that seemed to be from burns on one hand as you observed them.
       “Well don’t just stand there,” Jon snapped, drawing your attention. Hearing your own voice was far beyond strange. “I know you are just dreaming of all the possibilities while being in my body, but I would rather get this matter resolved immediately.”
       Jon then turned and began walking briskly to Melisandre’s quarters. He beat his/your knuckles against the door, and it didn’t take long for the Red Priestess to open the door, entirely nude and holding her ink-covered dress. You didn’t miss Jon look her up and down, his mouth slightly agape. Rolling your/his eyes, you were the first to speak.
       “What the hell did you do to us?” you asked. The unfamiliar, deep voice that left your lips was dangerously low.
       “As I said, you two need to understand one another so that we can carry on without your constant bickering,” she stated simply. “This is the best possible method for achieving that goal. You each have access to one another’s memories, and you will live in each other’s bodies until you reconcile your differences.”
       You grabbed her arms and slammed her back against the nearest wall, glaring at her.
       “Change us back. Now.”
       “I couldn’t even if I wanted to,” Melisandre scoffed. “The only way to break the spell is to resolve this silly little feud. Once you both forgive and accept one another, the spell will be lifted, and you will both go back to normal.”
       You growled and released her.  
       “I would recommend locking yourselves in your rooms, and working towards understanding why you hate one another, and glimpsing into each other’s memories. Only then will you be able to rectify the relationship between you both,” Melisandre said, then ushered you out the door. She then added with a hint of bitterness in her voice, “If you’ll excuse me, I have an ink-covered dress to tend to.”
       The door was slammed in your faces, and you were both silent for a few moments. Then, like the absolute idiot he was, Jon punched the hard, wood door in a fit of rage.
       “That’s my hand, you ass!” you hissed, smacking the back of his/your head. He winced, then shot you a glare, before you both returned to a momentary silence.
       “What should we do?” he asked quietly.
       “We do what the bitch said,” you replied, already walking off. “And don’t you dare do anything you shouldn’t with my body.”

       A week and a half. Eleven long, miserable days. That was how long it took the hatred you had developed for Jon Snow to dissolve. You finally understood him, in every sense of the word. You knew every little detail about him, from his earliest memories to the day you switched bodies. You also knew that he didn’t truly hate you; no, he would be kept awake at night, thinking of what your body looked like under your furs, how your face would look as you writhed beneath him, and a thousand other increasingly naughty and detailed thoughts. The sole reason he acted as if he hated you was because you were hateful towards him in the first place.
       The only reason you acted in such a way was because once you began developing feelings for him, you decided that you didn’t want him to interfere with your life in such a way, so you found that the best was was to be coarse to him. You only hoped that he had overlooked all of the times you thought about him in such ways; all of the times you were kept awake imagining similar things, dreaming of taking your anger out on him in a way that would benefit you both greatly. Despite your hopes, you knew in the back of your mind that he had discovered your most well-kept secret. That only increased your desire to stay locked up in his room, avoiding him – and everyone else – at all costs.
       Your revelation of acceptance of Jon Snow came to you shortly before you succumbed to sleep. You drifted off to your dreams with a smile on your face, hopeful for the first time that everything would soon return to normal again.
       You awoke to the sound of the bedroom door being opened, then shut, the creaking of the hinges stirring you from your slumber. You sleepily sat up, half expecting to see Brienne, or perhaps Sansa, but you saw an all-too-familiar figure: the same one that you had been seeing in the mirror for the past week and a half.    
       “Jon?” you whispered softly. Your voice was back to its normal sound, and you quickly looked down to see your own body, clothed in pants and a loose shirt. You realized that Jon was wearing what you had dressed yourself in the day before: comfortable pants and a long-sleeved shirt. He was staring at you with a look you couldn’t place, before a small smile ghosted across his features.
       “That’s the first time you’ve ever called me by my first name,” he said, chuckling lightly. The two of you smiled at one another. After several minutes, you stood, and Jon had crossed the room by the time you were on your feet. Then, he stopped, seemingly unsure of what to do next. Both of your smiles had faded as you grew serious. The stand-off seemed to last an eternity before you became the first to make a move, pulling him down by the back of his neck and pressing a kiss to his lips.
       Jon seemed shocked at first, then didn’t hesitate to return the kiss with incredible passion, wrapping his arms around your waist and pulling you as close to him as he could. Eventually, you pulled away with a smirk on your lips.
       “I dare say that if I had a silver for every time you thought naughty things of me, I’d be richer than the Lannisters.”
       “As if your thoughts are so pure,” Jon retorted, chuckling. He placed another kiss to your lips, before trailing kisses down your neck. His lips hovered near your ear before whispering, “Do you want me to do all of those things to you, Lady Red?”
       “Only if I get to do to you all of the things you’ve imagined,” you replied, smirking as he gave you another heated kiss.

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Minho/Key, The Master Key, PG-13

ft the bff taemin

aka “Oh, so you’re the only one who’s allowed to like stuff shoved up their ass?”

funny thing in which taem discovers key’s box of *toys* ;)))) n they have a no kink shaming discussion

responses greatly appreciated <333333333

warnings: basically discussing sex the entire time, cursing, bdsm mention

(the title,,,, is a bad pun)

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