make them pay

let dan and phil make money without complaining 2k17



klance family life
  • The great ‘naming children referendum’ of ‘27
    • the name ‘Voltron’ is on the table, Keith also sort of just wants to put their names together and call it a day (baby Leith)
    • Lance looks up words in the dictionary and thought ‘Cannibus’ was almost a pretty name, he is stopped
    • end up just calling it ‘baby’ for first three weeks of adopted life
    • settle on naming them after galaxies like ‘Andromeda’ and ‘Sunflower’ (after the sunflower galaxy), it’s kind of sweet
      • they stop when they get to ‘Large Magnetic Field’ and ‘Cartweel galaxy’
  • The ‘wake up tax,’ both of them have bad sleep patterns so they’ll keep the other in bed by making them pay ‘the toll’ (in kisses) when getting up
    • it doesn’t really work but Lance likes lying on top Keith with a gleeful vengeance
  • No one knows how to cook, Lance tries but doesn’t have a lot of patience, no one taught Keith to cook except Shiro- who ate like a college student trying to win coupon wars
    • they make a lot of crock pots
  • They’re very affectionate with their kids, though Keith wins the affection-off as he tries to make up for his own childhood with Hyper-Love™
    • all their kids are big huggers as a result, but also ready 2 go at any moment from training; at 7: (ง'̀-‘́)ง

🕊Emoji Protection Spell🕊

❌Keep all bigotry at bay❌
🚫May hateful eyes look away🚫

❤️May love speak louder, today❤️
✂️May homophobia stay away 📌

🕯May acceptance light our way🕯
🚷May racists live in shame🎯

🕵May sexists be put on display👠
💋Make them known, make them pay💄

👹May those who stigmatize💩
👀Feel watched by knowing eyes👺

🙊May transphobes be silent👂
💯May us witches remain resilient🔥

🕸May bigots be exposed and caught🕸
🕷May us witches feel strong and fear not🕷

(I purposely used a lot of red to enhance the power of this protection spell)

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❤️Reblog to cast❤️

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Yooooo what if the family Reaper is watching from afar in the Christmas comic is Reyes' ex-wife and son? They now believe him to be dead, but he can never reveal himself because of the monster he's become. All he can do is... check now and then, to see that they're alright without him.

Oh boy, going straight for my feels without hesitating, don’t you?

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People are so pressed about Cheritz making them pay for things...

Y'all know Cheritz is a company right? A company that has been really nice about giving free content for way longer than they have to. The game dropped in July, a many companies would have ended these freebies by the end of August. They keep gifting us and improving their system.

Like if y'all want the V and Saeran route so bad, you have to give Cheritz the funds. If they aren’t making money they can’t pay people, and if they can’t pay people then they can’t make content. This is a company y'all.

Make Them Pay (A Bellamy Blake Imagine)

Could you do a Bellamy Blake imagine where he’s in the control room and mount weather and he sees them on the monitor extracting your bone marrow and he’s desperate to save you but he knows he can’t so he has to watch you die and he can never forgive himself for it x

I hope you like this and that it isn’t too short. This one is also in Bellamy’s POV. Please let me know what you think! :)


Bellamy was sat in the control room, an absolute wreck. He was beyond exhausted, and couldn’t concentrate for the life of him. He sighed, watching the monitor half heartedly. He was almost dozing off, when he looked up and saw…no. How? His heart leaped into his throat.

He watched as he saw you being held down and prepped for bone marrow extraction. His breath caught. He felt like he was hyperventilating. Not Y/N. Anyone but Y/N.

Of course, he didn’t entirely mean that. He wouldn’t wish bone marrow extraction on anyone. But it had to be you of all people?

He felt his legs give out and he collapsed to the ground, sharp sobs ripping through his chest. He wished with all of his heart that he could save you, but he knew deep down that it would be a lost cause. No one could survive - let alone be saved - from bone marrow extraction.

He would never again be able to tell you how much he loves you. He would never again hear your voice or your laugh. Or see your stunning smile that made his heart jump in his chest. He didn’t even get to say goodbye.

This was all his fault. If he had just tried a little bit harder to get you to come with him. If he hadn’t believed you so easily when you insisted that you would be fine.

With his head in his hands and his heart in pieces, he cried. He cried for you, for the hundred, for his mother and his sister. But most of all, he cried for himself. He had just lost one of the few things left in this world that he loved.

If he didn’t know that there were people out there depending on him, then he would have just stayed there, crumpled on the ground forever. But he knew that he couldn’t, so he stood up. He wiped his eyes. And he felt more determined than ever. He would kill those bastards. He would make them pay for what they had done. He would put an end to all of this. Even if he had to do it alone.

Just you wait.


If you’re like me, you’re sick of legislators offering “thoughts and prayers” after a mass shooting and then doing nothing to fix the problem. It’s no secret many of them have been bought by groups like the NRA. It’s time to #MakeThemPay. 


Miranda watching the two men she loves more than anything fall in love with each other ( ಠ◡ಠ )

OTP template (i guess)

So imagine your otp. Person A is an assassin, they lost their (mother, father, loved one) in the hands of someone bad, but then they went to court, the bad guy got away with it, or the bad guy didn’t get enough time, so person A decided to kill all the bad guys to make them pay for their all the bad they’ve done. Person B is a detective, they also lost their (mother, father, loved one) in the hands of someone bad, however, they did get justice, so person B decided to become a detective to track down all the bad guys and do them justice. Person B falls in love with Person A, but also hates them at the same time. Eventually, one of them finds out what the other one does (person B finds out about Person A’s killing or vice versa) and now they are torn between what they stand for and their true love.

what ppl think hearing voices is always like: kill your family…make them suffer….all must pay….kill yourself….hail satan

what hearing voices is often like: uptown funk gonna funk you up!! (repeat 16 times) *internal squabbling* shut the fuck up and give me the remote

“Ecbert is handing me over to King Aelle, who will kill me.”
“If this Aelle is going to kill you, then me and all my brothers will seek him for revenge, and you know that.”
“Yes. Oh, you must seek revenge.  But not on Aelle.  On Ecbert.”

“Everyone will always underestimate you, you must make them pay for it.”
“I will, Father.”
“Be ruthless.”