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Honestly I’m so fucking sick of people saying the sidemen are problematic. Yes they make jokes but every normal friend group makes jokes like that. That doesn’t mean someone is fucking problematic. It’s not like they’re gonna play that one song every time they see an Indian walking by just because they do it with Vik. They’re not gonna make gay jokes to every guy on the street just because they do it with Ethan. Just learn to take a fucking joke and stop trying to be so damn politically correct all the fucking time. Like I for example laugh at the most harsh jokes in my group of friends but at the same time I’m the only one of my friend group who fights for equality for everyone. Whether that’s sexuality, skin colour, religion, sex and so on. I’m the only one who actually goes to protests even tho I make the ‘worst’ jokes out of them. Your humour, the jokes you make with your mates and your actions towards others are very different things and not at all related. Did you all suddenly forget about how much money they raise for charity, how nice they are to fans, how much they appreciate us? And yes they have young people watching them but it’s not their job to raise those kids. That’s what parents are for. They’re not some sort of role model for how to live your life, they are just some guys on a screen. Now calm the fuck down everyone 🙄

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I feel like Doppio would have one of those mom plaques that says "if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my best"

Nah. The boss does though.


the normal  rate  of  a  petal  dropping  from  the  rose  is  once  every  two years  ;  however,  it  begins  to  lose  its  petals  much  faster  if  the  beast  begins  to  fall  in  love.

but  the  rose  she  had  offered  was  truly  an  enchanted  rose.  if  he  could  learn  to  love  another,  and  earn  their  love  in  return by  the  time  the  last  petal  fell,  the  spell  would  be  broken. if  not,  he  would  be  doomed  to  remain  a  beast  for  all  time.

and  so  it  remains  :  the  mystery  of  the  rose’s  enchantment  !  how  long,  really,  would  it  take  for  the  petals  of  the  rose  to fall  off  ?  in  the  movie,  it  took  a  matter  of  weeks  before all  the  petals  fell.  this  is  my  estimated  timeline,  which  i treat  truly  in  any  narrative  portion  when  related  to  time: gaston  relays  to  maurice,  after  he  leaves  maurice  for  dead, that  he  spent  five  days  looking  all  over  for  him.  assumably, it  took  them  half  a  day  to  get  to  that  point  in  the forest,  then  half  a  day  to  return  to  the  village.  seeing  as they  were  only,  let’s  say,  halfway  to  the  castle,  i’m  going to  wager  my  bets  that  it  would  take  two  to  three  days,  at most,  to  get  to  the  castle  from  the  village.

this  will  come  into  play  soon,  i  promise.

as  days  bled  into  years,  the  prince  and  his  servants  were forgotten  by  the  world,  for  the  enchantress  had  erased  all memory  of  them  from  the  minds  of  the  people  they  loved.

that  being  said,  i  also  entertain  the  notion  that  only  two  or three  rose  petals  ever  fell  before  belle  arrived,  given  the short  glimpse  of  what  we  see  in  the  movie  when  belle infiltrates  the  west  wing  and  discovers  the  glass  and  flower. during  the  course  movie,  obviously,  the  rose  drops  all  of  its  petals                      but  there  were  a  lot  of  petals  on  that  rose  when  belle  found  it.  

but  if  " days  bled  into  years “  with  the  prince  captive  in  his castle  as  a  beast  with  all  of  his  servants,  that  would  mean that  the  rose  mostly  retained  its  petals  during  the  curse.  in  order  to  rectify  this  anomaly,  my  headcanon  is  that  the  rose  has  a  petal-drop  rate  of  about  one  petal  per  two  years, dating  the  curse  at  around  4-6  years  old  minimum (  perhaps  more : i  forgot  how  many  petals  already  dropped  by  the  time  belle  got  there ).  the  reason  they  drop  a  few  days / the  week  after  belle  arrives  is  because  he  begins  to  fall  in  love                     and  what  better  way  for  the  enchantress  to  shove  thorn  in his  side  then  to  force  him  to  watch  the  rose  wilt  as  he loves  someone  who  will  never  love  him  back  ?

that’s  partly  of  the  reason  why  my  beast  is  so  quick  to  dismiss those  people  who  come  to  the  castle.  he  knows  exactly  what the  curse  entails  if  he  begins  to  fall  in  love,  and  that’s why  it  takes  goading  from  his  servants  to  get  him  to  try. otherwise,  he  would  likely  live  out  the  rest  of  his  days  in doomed  despair.  it  takes  him  a  while,  but  …  he  still  has love  in  him.  he’s  always  had  love  in  him,  but  his  fright and  overprotectiveness  of  the  wilting  rose  stops  that  from showing.


The remains of the South Korean ferry “Sewol” began to emerge three years after the dramatic wreck that caused the death of 304 people, mostly students. The images show the rusty flank of the helmet of this ferry of 6,825 tons emerging between two huge rescue barges. This complex maneuver, one of the most important operations undertaken to reflate a ship, takes place almost three years after the anniversary of the tragedy. The ferry sank on April 16, 2014 on the shores of Jindo Island (southwest), making it one of the worst maritime catastrophes in South Korean history. The “Sewol” carried 476 people.

the actual worst thing on the planet is people who are obsessed with certain historical figures. i don’t even mean “is kin with them”. just saying “daniel webster is my smol lawyer boy” makes you immediately the worst


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Forduary week three: Support
At least he’ll always have his brother there to support him, right?

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Mob Psycho 100 AU where everything’s the same except Teru wears the Generic 90’s Cup Design™ at all times