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Instead of copying & pasting toothless unverified ICE rumors, call your Sheriff’s office and demand that they not enforce Trump’s policies targeting undocumented immigrants! Details and script below. 

I’m calling Cook County Office of Sheriff Thomas Dart: (312) 603-6444

and Cuyahoga County Office of Sherrif Pinkney: (216) 443-6000

But you can google “ [your county] Sheriff’s Office” to get a website and phone number. 

Below is a script courtesy of 

Hello, I am calling to see what Sheriff [______]’s position is on supporting the Trump Administration’s policies targeting lawful undocumented immigrants. Who can I speak to in your office to ensure Sheriff [_______] receives my message?

[make sure you get to the right person]

Is Sheriff [____________] voluntarily making the decision to enforce Trumps new policy of targeting lawful undocumented immigrants? I wanted to make sure that the sheriff is aware that local law enforcement is not legally required to assist the federal government in enforcing  federal law. In fact, the principle of Separation of Powers in the US Constitution makes it clear that the sheriff can decide whether or not to enforce federal law and policy. What is the Sheriff’s position on this?

If planning to cooperate with enforcement of Trump’s new policy say this:

I oppose my local taxes being used to enforce federal immigration law. The enforcement of immigration law should be left to the federal government and not transferred to local law enforcement. The costs are a drain on local resources and divert funding from more effective safety and crime prevention methods. By eroding trust and cooperation between local law enforcement and immigrant communities, public safety is also undermined.

If planning not to enforce Trumps new policy say this:

Thank you, for making the decision to not enforce Trump’s policies. Many members of our community support your decision.

Americans had one job. Trump, the racist, sexist, homophobic, insulting man; the world urged you to make the right decision. Because at the end of the day it won’t just affect you, but everyone around you.

It takes just 4 minutes to launch nuclear weaponry.

Trump mocked a disabled reporter; promoted rape as a joke, which is now spurring men on to treat women like objects - something we’ve worked hard to remove from society; laughed about not paying taxes; continuously insulted people of different races, religions etc.

We all laughed about it months ago but who’s laughing now? People are at home crying; fleeing their sexuality and religion in the hopes of survival; Families scared of deportation. The only people laughing now are the people who don’t know this struggle.

People wonder how trump won this election? White supremacy.

88% of black people voted for Hilary in Florida alone. White people vote for trump because of Hilary’s email scandal? You’re lucky you don’t have to endure the pure anxiety that a poc has to as they await their fate.

You want your children to grow up watching this man? Who could very well take back the legalisation of gay marriage? You want to show your kids that rape is okay and it’s perfectly acceptable to call a woman whatever you want, it’s not like women could ever be highly educated, right? You want your children to grow up watching a racist?

Hilary might not of been perfect but I know for sure that people around the world would not be crying in despair if she was elected. She promoted something so promising, equality for all. Statistics have shown that of the millennials that voted, almost all of the map was covered in blue. Trump voters were of an older generation with old fashioned ignorant views.

Women who voted for trump? I pity you. You accept a man who shames our bodies, calls us ugly, sees us as objects…and many more offensive comments. If you accept this, then I really, really pity you and your view on women in society.

And to those who wasted their vote? Shame on you. 18,000 votes were wasted on Harambe. It’s all fun and games, but when you have the privilege to vote, you use it. People give out that 16 year olds would be too immature to vote, yet adults are a lot worse.

I’m disappointed in you America, allowing an anti-Muslim fascist, whose views are similar to those of the past, in hitler. You should of learned from the past. I’m still with her. I’m with Hilary. I’m with basic human rights. I’m with freedom.

(Michelle Obama 2020🙌)

When I say I am 100% pro-choice, I mean it.

I support a person’s right to make their own reproductive decisions.

Any person.

Any decision.

At all times.

I will support you if you decide to continue the pregnancy, if you decide to terminate, if you want to parent your child or put it up for adoption.

My support and respect is unequivocal, unconditional, and unwavering.

Mystic Messenger
  • what they say: You stumble upon a mysterious app full of pretty boys who need you to help host a party!
  • what they mean: you stumble upon an app full of pretty boys with abusive pasts, emotional instabilities, and club conspiracies who hopefully protect you from being kidnapped or murdered by a cult. Make the right decisions or you'll wind up breaking them even further, if they survive you at all. And there's a party I guess.
I wonder if you ever felt like I abandoned you….  
If you ever thought I should have fought for you…

The truth of it is I never left.  
I’m still here.  
And I do fight for you - every single day.   
Not to win you…. not to trap you or cage you…  
But for your happiness.

I wage war on myself day in and day out for you.  
Tearing strips off myself, swallowing hatred and tears….  
So if you hate me because I abandoned you…. don’t worry…  
….. I hate myself for it too…
—  Ranata Suzuki

“We spoke to Charlie Day, who’s in the middle of a press tour for Fist Fight, about the decision to finally resolve this for Mac and Day says a big reason for this episode is because they knew it disappointed fans of the series when they did something similar last season, but then took it back.

“Well, I think the season before we had him have that moment and then quickly take it back,” says Day, “and I think there were maybe a lot of people who were sort of disappointed by that, which makes sense. That’s what our show is. You know, these characters are out to disappoint you.”

But, in the end, what was better for society won out even over characters who never stop disappointing us. Day explains, “But I also think with what the sort of message is behind him making that decision, I think it actually does more sort of societal good to finally have Mac make that decision. So we decided, all right, let’s find a way to actually have that happen.”

Wow i cant believe all my posts from last year where i threatened to murder RCG for putting Mac back in the closet worked??? Direct Action works kids 

don’t talk to me about even meeting isak in that locker room after taking the courage to break up with his four year girlfriend for this boy and then having to hear from that same boy that he decided his life would be better off without mentally ill people around him,,, dont fucking talk to me about even realizing what that meant. about him having to make a decision right there, for both his and isak’s sake. don’t talk to me about even looking isak in the eyes and saying “i think they would love you” while knowing that might be the last time they ever spoke to each other

Well, I finally got the second Viz Media translations for ORAS and it certainly cleared up a lot of things.

Important thing to note ~ Ruby himself was afraid of the asteroid and wished that he also did not know about it.

The thought that after the plans he and Sapphire had made and after the travelling they had done together an asteroid would just wipe out the Earth and vaporise them had frightened him. This is what had led to him avoiding Sapphire believing that she would “see the fear in his eyes”, and he wouldn’t be able to keep those fears from her.

He didn’t tell Sapphire about the asteroid because he believed that if they were going to die anyway they may as well enjoy there last days together. Which is the meaning behind this quote ~

In fact he wasn’t going to tell anyone he cared for about the asteroid, Sapphire was just the first he thought of. Also to note ~ Emerald didn’t want to tell Crystal or the Trick Master either in fear of worrying them (and I doubt he underestimates Crys’s strength).

Contrary to popular belief (and Sapphires belief of feeling useless/helpless again ~ like with the aircar, salamence, Mt Chimney etc..) it had nothing to do with Sapphires skill and him not thinking that she was strong enough to handle it. After all she was still helping Steven with the “Draconids” threat.

After almost getting hit by one of the smaller meteorites the reality of the situation sinks in and he realises that he will need Sapphires (not Emeralds or anyone elses) help to stop the asteroid. So again, he doesn’t doubt her strength at all nor does he not trust her.

It may have been wrong for him to not tell Sapphire about the asteroid but it definately was not a completely irredeemable act that so many people make it out to be.

It was just Ruby letting his fears get the best of him again ~just like with the aircar~ and him making decisions based on his emotions rather than what seems logical (Which is what Jaun pointed out as something he would do in dire situations during the clearing of the mind test).

Unfortunately it did inadvertently feed Sapphires insecurities of not being strong enough and feeling useless/helpless but that’s an analysis for another day.

Women’s March 2017

Despite the outcome of this mess of an election, the marches really show how galvanised people are against everything Trump represents.

All around the world, we are against sexism, misogyny, sexual assault, racism, homophobia, transphobia, ignorance at its most basic level.

We are fighting for women to be treated with respect and dignity, to be lauded for our accomplishments instead of demonised for our gender.

We are fighting for the independence of women and for access to Planned Parenthood, for sex education, access to safe medical procedures and counseling, for the right to make decisions for our own bodies.

We are fighting for the safety and rights of our gay brothers and sisters, for our friends and families of colour.

We are fighting for the rights to be returned to those whose rights have been taken away or compromised.

We are fighting to show girls around the world can be strong and have the same opportunities as the boys. 

We are fighting to show that boys can be compassionate and sensitive and still be strong when supporting the rights for girls.

We are fighting to show that all women, no matter our age, ethnicity, religion, appearance, sexuality, and abilities, are important and valued, and we are worth so much more than we’re led to believe.

We are fighting to show that despite the obstacles and the struggles, we can’t and won’t be held back from protecting others who suffer in silence.

We are all fighting for a better future, where feminism and basic human rights are embraced, because we are all on the same team.

It’s 2017, why are we still having to fight for this? We are fed up and tired. We may be Nasty Women, we may be loud, and crude, and Nasty enough to pop the cosy bubble of those sitting in privilege, but the truth is,

nothing is nastier than power in the hands of the ignorant.

i feel like jason’s one of those people that doesn’t know what to say when you ask him to dirty talk so if he knows for sure you don’t understand spanish he would be all like whispering in low tones how to make a cheese and tomato sandwich but his lover would still be like yeah baby keep going that’s hot

Can we just

Bucky Barnes is an adult who spent a good 2 years probably wandering around and remembering stuff and probably being really skittish but generally looking after himself and remembering how to be an autonomous person who can think for himself and make his own decisions and just wants to have a quiet time and try in his little way to rebuild his life.  He doesn’t need Steve to tell him what to do; he doesn’t need to replace one form of supervision with another.  If you honestly think at this point in his narrative that he can’t be trusted to make his own decisions and needs Steve to discern right and wrong for him, or tell him what to do, it squicks me that you ship it.

He’s been surviving on his own and ostensibly not killing anybody or doing anything other than living a low-profile gentle life piecing his memories together and eating fresh seasonal fruit for two years.  He’s getting his shit together.  He’s an autonomous grown-up who can do things for himself.  Just… let’s not diminish that, it’s icky.

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SNL 42x05 Cold Open Discussion

Ok this sketch started funny but as soon as Alec said “Kate…” I knew it was gonna get real and I’m actually in tears. This is Alec and Kate (who was almost in tears) telling us to go vote and to make the right decision because it’s no coincidence that they mentioned conversion therapy. Kate is openly lesbian, is Trump wins, she is in danger. We are all in danger. Minorities are in danger. Women are in danger. Our country will be in danger. Please, if you are 18 or older, vote. I wish I could vote, but I can’t, so this is my contribution to my nation. Please.